Which comments by jbenben were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-23I live on a busy street. What kinds of plants or walls will help?
2016-12-20Divorced alumni of Metafilter: help a freshman out
2016-12-18Help me make Crock Pot Mac & Cheese
2016-12-08Job quitting anxiety
2016-12-05Bay Area bug identification
2016-12-03Advice for moving on
2016-12-01 ̶R̶o̶m̶n̶e̶y̶
2016-11-25Help me 27F healthily approach sister 20F, Thanksgiving is a shitshow.
2016-11-24Corned beef by the bay
2016-11-15How to navigate a tricky friendship?
2016-11-10Understanding the Trump-Voting Relatives
2016-11-09A Donald Trump Thanksgiving?
2016-11-08Cat driving us batty; we have twins--help!
2016-11-04Question about the end of 'It's Alive'
2016-11-04Question about the end of 'It's Alive'
2016-11-03ISO adults who adult
2016-10-31I feel like I am losing my friend, need advice on how to proceed
2016-10-28Parts is Parts for Thanksgiving?
2016-10-27Boot Issues
2016-10-27Boot Issues
2016-10-26Boyfriend adopted a dog that wants to hunt my pet rabbit. Now what?
2016-10-19Do I want a c-section?
2016-10-07Stay sexy, don't get murdered
2016-09-24Mom's cat has cancer, Mom just had stem cell surgery + can't find out.
2016-09-24Help Us Get an Apartment in LA with No Rental History and Half a Job
2016-09-22Should we name a kid after a dead guinea pig?
2016-09-20Fold away workspace. Does something like this exist?
2016-08-24I'm in a poly relationship with someone whose partner I loathe
2016-08-20Refinishing furniture - mixed woods and carvings edition
2016-08-11MMR Vaccine only partially administered to infant - what next?
2016-08-05Does okonomiyaki sauce go bad?
2016-07-19It Seems to Me that "Maybe" Pretty Much Always Means "No"
2016-07-09Advise me on marriage.
2016-07-05Honeymoon in New Zealand that won't kill me
2016-06-17Name not on the invite, but 99% sure I am invited to the wedding...
2016-06-08Vegan mirror glaze
2016-06-07Please make me feel better about my partner hiking the West Coast Trail
2016-06-07Hack my sangria party!
2016-05-22Help me turn wine into water please!
2016-05-15Should I go to Nantucket? Or to Acadia National Park? No car!
2016-05-15Should I go to Nantucket? Or to Acadia National Park? No car!
2016-05-15Eggs Benedict-related FOMO
2016-05-11What do I feed my first-grader?
2016-05-11He didn't forget my birthday, but it feels like it
2016-05-08Can I still use these? Tampon edition.
2016-04-18House bras!
2016-04-18House bras!
2016-04-13Bug Identification help needed, possible disease vector?
2016-04-10National Sibling Day. But he's a buttmunch.
2016-04-08Get the lead out
2016-03-17Doula for a Medically-Required Induction?
2016-03-17Do you have any staple rice and/or beans recipes?
2016-03-16Doula for a Medically-Required Induction?
2016-03-13Gaslighting or Alzheimer’s?
2016-03-13What arrangement is best for a newborn of parents living apart?
2016-03-13Did we break up, or not?
2016-03-12Duvet or comforter cover help requested
2016-03-10How do I get rid of this very toxic guy?
2016-02-16How should I handle leaving before the end of my lease?
2016-02-06Hell is Wet Socks
2016-02-02Some of my coworkers are incompetent. Help me be less annoyed by them.
2016-01-31Looking for foundation or frame for queen bed that folds or splits
2016-01-27Do I wait for things to get better or is it a bad fit?
2016-01-24Ok to still be friends with someone you have slept with in the past?
2016-01-19US warm long weekend destination in February for solo female traveler
2016-01-17Anxiety + peer + professor = rough last semester of grad school.
2016-01-17Dinner party main dish advice
2016-01-15Best balance of quality and cost in current crop of TVs
2016-01-11Does Sons of Anarchy rebound after Season 3? (No spoilers, please.)
2016-01-09Which social obligation to attend?