Which comments by jbenben were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-30What is a name for writing that communicates on two different levels?
2017-12-26Unlearning Helplessness
2017-12-21How to stop resenting a wedding
2017-12-17Good apps for kids
2017-12-16Friendship might fail because of second job that’s not going well
2017-12-16What kind of bug is this?
2017-12-09So. Many. Oysters.
2017-12-04How do I approach discussion with a friend who may be white nationalist?
2017-12-03Coping with loss of a significant relationship - how to move on?
2017-11-28Was I unclear or did they act in bad faith? Or alternative explanation?
2017-11-20Last minute non-factory turkey suggestions, Central Los Angeles
2017-11-17What ages is the Adam West Batman series appropriate for?
2017-11-09Sulfur smell in beef ribs
2017-11-04Maybe we'll be in a relationship by the time I'm 800 years old
2017-11-03Removing an unpleasantly fragrant residue
2017-10-24Friend wants to date me, I don't. Should I keep some distance?
2017-10-19Actual best way to clean e.g. extensive tile floors, stone showers, etc?
2017-10-11Why do these ants have gigantic friends with them?
2017-10-11Why do these ants have gigantic friends with them?
2017-10-09How to store a glazed apple cake overnight?
2017-10-05How do YOU meditate?
2017-10-05Pizza stone needed, longevity required.
2017-09-30Was I A Rebound?
2017-09-26Resources for getting enthused about a period of home-making?
2017-09-25Ex why?
2017-09-12This back and forth is killing me!
2017-09-06How to grind pepper?
2017-09-03Cold Brew Coffee for the Lazy?
2017-08-23Make-ahead camping meals/snacks that don't need refrigeration
2017-08-21Talking about feelings with a friend
2017-08-09Best friend is a pathological doormat. Should I give up on him?
2017-08-09Best friend is a pathological doormat. Should I give up on him?
2017-08-02Changing Cell Phone Number, Stalker Edition
2017-08-01Support or Slander?
2017-07-15Clash of the conflict styles: shutting down vs talking it out
2017-07-10What do you do about a yelling spouse?
2017-07-09What do you do about a yelling spouse?
2017-07-03So I signed up with Amazon Prime in May, and promptly forgot about it.
2017-06-25Surprising Things You Enjoy
2017-06-14How to stop feeling guilty about estranging myself from my mom
2017-06-10Pets for family that travels
2017-06-07Should I eat this soft cheese?
2017-06-05Shopping cart meets car
2017-05-29Setting new parent-child boundaries
2017-05-29Lease termination - what are my obligations to the Realty Company?
2017-05-25Thinking of dying hair light blond, what do I need to know?
2017-05-20Screening tenants for a home rental
2017-04-22What was in My Fit Foods' gray box?
2017-04-22CSI this scene of insect carnage please? ("Should I buy it" edition)
2017-04-22CSI this scene of insect carnage please? ("Should I buy it" edition)
2017-04-19Friend needs help with a peculiar rental situation.
2017-04-18What 1 product would you recommend to a pale dude with undereye circles?
2017-04-16Can I get a dog without breaking my needy cat's heart?
2017-04-08Should I choose my boyfriend or parents?
2017-04-06What's your remedy for depression-related fatigue?
2017-03-28How do I get him to finally leave me alone?
2017-03-19How to cope with the pain that comes from my family's abuse/rejection?
2017-03-18New fridge blues - plus apparently I have dog hearing
2017-03-10How to pay someone back when they are unwilling
2017-03-04Fraggle Rock for a 6 year old?
2017-02-13Should I go into dentistry/orthodontist?
2017-02-06Am I ruining my headphones?
2017-01-31Recording noisy neighbour for complaints
2017-01-26Am I being defrauded by my insurance company?
2017-01-16how to leave job without screwing anyone over?
2017-01-13how to ask someone if they're expecting to host you
2017-01-06Home security webcam recommendation