Which comments by aimedwander were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-29Vegan AND gluten-free brunch recipes?
2016-12-13I need to make a thing out of LED lights. I have questions.
2016-12-12I need to make a thing out of LED lights. I have questions.
2016-12-08Fantastic Gift for the Entire Family
2016-12-02Starter Toolkit as a Gift?
2016-11-21His ex wants to move in with him. Their bond is emotional but not sexual
2016-11-03BookFilter: DIY holiday party decorations
2016-10-26Online yoga subscription
2016-10-25Got a new harpoon & a clean red bandana. What next?
2016-10-06The Bruce Molsky of Irish concertina?
2016-09-27Dog toys for the texture snob
2016-09-26Do you reckon I drink too much?
2016-09-22Should we name a kid after a dead guinea pig?
2016-09-20How do you move beyond betrayal?
2016-09-04Biographies of interesting women
2016-08-23I need to break up with a friend. How? What to say (or not say)?
2016-08-23Help me find cushioned men's shoes?
2016-08-16Save us from the spiral of defeat!
2016-08-05Delicious, Economical... Portable
2016-07-31How to Talk to Strangers?
2016-07-29How to Decide: Reupholstering Old vs. Buying New Couch?
2016-07-11Custom decals mural for kitchen cabinet doors?
2016-06-29Recursive food
2016-06-28Hottest ginger cordial recipe
2016-06-27You are not my doctor or my ethnomusicologist
2016-06-23How to handle an odd social phenomenon
2016-06-23What kind of company would clean my grimy, dirty basement?
2016-06-17Should I take a big pay cut for a really compelling opportunity?
2016-06-06Organize my Trash!
2016-06-02What non-string instrument should I learn to play?
2016-05-17Sick of missing appointments due to quite Android Calendar
2016-05-17Help me find the perfect Timey Wimey Ticky Tocky Timer!
2016-04-28Excel Question
2016-04-25Help me turn student grades into informative statistics with charts.
2016-04-24Where to get about 40 helium balloons in Cambridge, MA?
2016-04-19Great storage options for pantry staples?
2016-04-11Hair scarf style suggestions?
2016-04-10Hair scarf style suggestions?
2016-04-04programming/curriculum design resources
2016-03-23How to make a group signed shirt look cooler?
2016-03-16High protein, high fat, infrequent effort cooking
2016-03-15Quinceanera hacks?
2016-03-09Help us make a master list of weeknight recipes!
2016-03-04Memory tips for pronouns
2016-03-03Can I safely (for me and the roof) use a ladder on my porch roof?
2016-02-14Tall man seeks extra long handled mop for intense cleaning
2016-02-03Pegboard or Rail + S-hook for Kitchen Pot Storage?
2016-01-25How to fix or tolerate an uncomfortable mattress for two weeks?
2016-01-21How do I maintain healthy boundaries? (grad school + work edition)
2016-01-20How do I maintain healthy boundaries? (grad school + work edition)
2016-01-18Crafting etiquette and intellectual property
2016-01-13Brownies plus ice cream plus cookies equals the best birthday ever!
2016-01-12Handwritten Thank You Note + ... ?
2016-01-08My neighbor's dog hates my dog
2016-01-07Ideas for your (small) dream kitchen