Which comments by BibiRose were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-23Iphone reset conundrum
2016-12-18How would fusilli Jerry prepare this pasta for Festivus?
2016-12-12"He's my friend. We play racquetball together."
2016-12-03Advice for moving on
2016-11-11Toddler car trip audio options?
2016-10-23Loan or gift?
2016-10-20Book or Oral History About Failed Marriages?
2016-10-04Be more chill?
2016-09-22Another grieving process question
2016-09-09Quirky cool things in Portland, OR in the next couple of weeks?
2016-08-31How to encourage a budding artist
2016-08-20Grownup camp care package
2016-08-09Not-quite-Nordic not-necessarily-Noir?
2016-08-02How to forget her... when I see her every day.
2016-07-22Recommend some state-of-the-art mystery novels.
2016-06-29Looking for read aloud chapter books for a 5-year old.
2016-06-15Should I speak up or shut up?
2016-06-10Gifts for my gay husband
2016-06-04French toast recipe that isn't so eggy?
2016-06-04quitting job to day trade for a living, Need Advice
2016-05-29road food near Chicago
2016-05-16I wish to remain vanishing
2016-05-12Help us manage kitty's end-of-life.
2016-04-21What is the weirdest book in the history of English literature?
2016-04-20What is the weirdest book in the history of English literature?
2016-04-20Non-traditional things in Italy that made your trip remarkable.
2016-04-19How can I "just do what I want" when I don't know what I want?
2016-03-28Conservative bloggers/twitter for my elderly father?