Which comments by Ruthless Bunny were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2012?

2012-12-31Yet another financial advice question
2012-12-28Where can we play slots in our swimsuits?
2012-12-24"Just call me ""Blister Sister"""
2012-12-24What did the landed gentry in Jane Austen's era do all day?
2012-12-21Interesting destinations between LA and San Fran??
2012-12-21Build me a modern small business solution
2012-12-20Gift for couple with everything.
2012-12-19I got a job! Help me be great at it!
2012-12-19Super, you're super. Please take my money
2012-12-19Make payments on a debt about to be settled?
2012-12-18Confidence: Better than Makeup and High Heels?
2012-12-18First trip to a major city since the bed bug armies attacked...
2012-12-18If I'm so strong why are my kicks so weak?
2012-12-18Help my younger cousin learn to love her skin.
2012-12-17What is the TSA stance on cheese?
2012-12-17Why can't I just get over this?
2012-12-14Christmas gifts for an instructor
2012-12-14I won't be home from Christmas
2012-12-14iPhone me--which model do I need 4, 4S, or 5?
2012-12-13My employer stole my money?
2012-12-12Which car should we sell?
2012-12-11Do we need a lease?
2012-12-06My life was ruined by a dollar sign
2012-12-06Three days of the month, I'm not all that fun to be around either.
2012-12-06Buying Dreidels in London?
2012-12-05What do we want? TRANSFATS! When do we want 'em? NOW!
2012-12-05Where can I buy a dehumidifier today in the San Francisco Bay Area?
2012-12-05"Because ""useful"" is not a title."
2012-12-05Need carpet cleaning tips
2012-12-05House is full of toxic fumes from neighbor's renovation -- what to do?
2012-12-05Too scared to work
2012-12-05How to behave around your ex
2012-12-04Special snowflake adventure for the snowflakeless
2012-12-04Help me prepare for this job interview, complication: I interviewed for the same job last year, and was not successful
2012-12-03What does a professional statistician do?
2012-12-03Smelly House, Smelly House, It's Not Your Fault...
2012-11-30Remedial Resume Resources.
2012-11-29Out out damn spot
2012-11-29Beautiful wedding dress/evening gown for a pregnant lady?
2012-11-29A few cheap towns near DC?
2012-11-29SNIP SNAP!
2012-11-28What parts of Oakland, CA are best to settle in?
2012-11-27My cat may have been misdiagnosed. Time to find a new vet?
2012-11-27Please help me brainstorm around this flurry of snowflakey meal requirements
2012-11-26Should I stay or should I go?
2012-11-26Third grade dropout?
2012-11-23How to properly cope with the discrimination and bullying in many of my classes?
2012-11-21Winter Is Coming! but is the train out of Sapporo running?
2012-11-21Can my cheesecake take a bath?
2012-11-20Can you identify this mystery dam?
2012-11-20How to deal with a negative boyfriend?
2012-11-19Because finding a job is a job.
2012-11-16Small town playground politics
2012-11-15Help me not care so much about work?
2012-11-14What can I do for a family member going to prison soon?
2012-11-14Is there ANY reason to go for wall-to-wall carpet?
2012-11-13Making a big move and need to start consolidating possessions to the essentials
2012-11-13Is it too late to order a Volvo C30 for North America?
2012-11-13Should I stay or should I go?
2012-11-12How can I train myself to have an appreciation and eye for the quality of higher-end clothing and accessories?
2012-11-09Anyone Can Cook Anywhere
2012-11-08Handling the stress
2012-11-07"A frumpy ""Devil Wears Prada"""
2012-11-07What do career-minded 20-somethings do to develop friends and community in SF?
2012-11-06The very essence of romance is uncertainty
2012-11-06Situation with work and politics
2012-11-05I know not EVERYONE is a micromanager...help me act like I know it!
2012-11-05More Camp Ivanhoe than Salute Your Shorts
2012-11-04Restrooms in Key West?
2012-11-02Feel like I'm going to lose my marbles!
2012-11-02Personal belongings after a divorce
2012-11-01Writing at the Speed of Light.
2012-11-01What's to do in Austin, TX?
2012-11-01Dog Bites Pants
2012-11-01Deviantart for writers?
2012-10-30Make-up tips for a makeup-phobic manager?
2012-10-26Help me prevent a macaron mess!
2012-10-26Clothing for the Shorter, Wider Male
2012-10-26Went overboard on a personal training commitment, help me be firm in renegotiating!
2012-10-25Why is my family being so cold to my SO?
2012-10-25Bring the spice!
2012-10-24Please help me to see if I'm overreacting or not...
2012-10-24Guidelines needed for troubled youth moving in with heart of gold grandmother
2012-10-24Money Honey If Ya Wanna Get Along With Me
2012-10-24Guidelines needed for troubled youth moving in with heart of gold grandmother
2012-10-24Technical writing for a physicist?
2012-10-23Drowning not waving
2012-10-22How can I fix my credit report if I don't know what's wrong?
2012-10-22How To Use this Big Change/Trip in My Life To Practise Social Skills/Build More Intimate Relationships?
2012-10-22Should I go back?
2012-10-12Techniques for developing a better sense/continuity of self?
2012-10-09Size XL, he likes them baggy
2012-10-09With this BBQ I thee wed...
2012-10-08How to keep my clothing in tip top shape?
2012-10-05What's that Wedding Planning Movie?
2012-10-05It's like cake on a fork!
2012-10-05Help Me Network!
2012-10-04A framer has damaged my beautiful painting. How much discount should I ask for?
2012-10-04To stay or not to stay in Japan?
2012-10-03Where does one start to look for a (trustworthy) part-time personal assistant?
2012-10-02not spreading yourself too thin
2012-10-02An application fee for college?
2012-10-02An application fee for college?
2012-09-29Should I maintain this burgeoning friendship? If not, how should I end it nicely?
2012-09-28the reading rainbow
2012-09-28GOD GOD WHY
2012-09-28Opera for Dummies?
2012-09-28GOD GOD WHY
2012-09-28Good cell phone for a senior citizen?
2012-09-27How can I help my friend?
2012-09-27NYC Discount formal-wear
2012-09-26Los Angeles Life Hacks
2012-09-25What did I buy?
2012-09-24Wow, I've finally found something that was easier to do with the twins when they were toddlers.
2012-09-13Looking for flats in all the wrong places
2012-09-11In search of feline harmony
2012-09-11I'm not trying to be cheap, but our resources are also finite...
2012-09-11What to send to someone in rehab?
2012-09-11What's the best way to sell a lot of stuff online?
2012-09-10Should I return the call from a landlord who ignored my dispute letters?
2012-09-10Is there nothing to do in Paris but eat, drink & look at art?
2012-09-07Excuse me, Doctor... but are All The Drugs right for me?
2012-09-06South Bay mobile carriers: which one?
2012-09-06I want examples of many different fictional companies and products from literature!
2012-09-05Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona with a 21 month old toddler?
2012-09-05Dial the area code or no? Why should it still matter?
2012-09-05Cosmetics 101 help needed - Australia
2012-09-04Does adding vegetables to a roast require more liquid?
2012-08-30Wait until losing last 15 lbs before upgrading wardrobe?
2012-08-29N is for Neville who died of ennui while working a $10/hr temp job
2012-08-28Roam, roam on the range?
2012-08-28Where should a Chicago girl move?
2012-08-28The sweat that killed my pretty
2012-08-27seeking near misses (musically speaking)
2012-08-17Professor Creepy Comes to Town
2012-08-17No really, I need more songs like Call Me Maybe.
2012-08-16I need a time machine
2012-08-16How the hell do I teach sixth grade social studies?
2012-08-16Extra people listed on a foreclosure action
2012-08-16Preparing for an interview with a thin resume
2012-08-14Help settle a theoretical traffic debate
2012-08-14Should we have another child? Two is enough for me.
2012-08-14How to go about getting fired?
2012-08-14I can't think of one, I'm exhausted
2012-08-10Brief solo visit to Seoul
2012-08-10introduction to programming
2012-08-09I'm job hunting again and it isn't going well.
2012-08-09Take my wife, please: marriage advice
2012-08-09How to decline drinking for networking repeatedly while not appearing uptight.
2012-08-09How Do Adults Find New Jobs?
2012-08-09Boilers boilers boilers
2012-08-09Boilers boilers boilers
2012-08-09Boilers boilers boilers
2012-08-09Reclusive mum and family issues
2012-08-08Is it worth attending Minecon?
2012-08-07Please help me negotiate with this family that I am now a part of
2012-08-06Help me find a winter jacket (not a coat).
2012-08-05Bass Aackwards: Dating Style.
2012-08-01What cognitive biases should everyone know?
2012-08-01Thanks Mom but no.
2012-07-31Have some spare money, should we buy a condo to offer as rent?
2012-07-29Employment Doubledown
2012-07-27I love you, now here is all my money.
2012-07-27Baby, you can drive my car, but I have to find one first.
2012-07-27Landlords: What websites get you the best results for advertising room-rentals / shared accommodation?
2012-07-27Will it hurt?
2012-07-27I'm having trouble connecting the dots.
2012-07-26Help me craft a nicely worded invitation for a party!
2012-07-25Do I tell my new date I'm PMSing?
2012-07-25"Or we could just listen to, ""It's a Small World,"" on Repeat"
2012-07-25Is there such a thing as a fun baby shower?
2012-07-24Help me be a typical tourist
2012-07-24Well that escalated quickly.
2012-07-24I don't want to be 25 and toothless!
2012-07-24Well that escalated quickly.
2012-07-20Phone interview on vacation...sounds good but please read.
2012-07-18Need help regarding older guy and my daughter's online 'relationship'
2012-07-18She's so cute! Help me not break her!
2012-07-18How healthy is my seemingly healthy soup diet?
2012-07-17Which History Documentaries are Accurate?
2012-07-17To Sue or Not to Sue?
2012-07-17If I could control your thoughts you wouldn’t be this angry at me
2012-07-16Thanks but no thanks.
2012-07-16Lawyer now or lawyer later?
2012-07-13Pull me out of the water? No, that just won't work.
2012-07-1318 Months Until I Am Fired. What Now?
2012-07-13What do we feed a 10 month old?
2012-07-12How to start using a nickname with people who already know you?
2012-07-11Printing logistics
2012-07-11Printing logistics
2012-07-06Songs that would fit perfectly over a getting ready video montage
2012-07-06Racial Hostility in the Workplace
2012-07-05Short-term (4 month) accommodation in Gainesville, FL
2012-07-04We'd like to blend in like a 6-foot invisible rabbit.
2012-07-03Cats and scalps
2012-07-03Recommendations for Hong Kong hotel for an overnight layover for an exhausted family
2012-07-02What is this painting I am thinking of
2012-07-02Is there a US notary in Paris other than the US Embassy?
2012-07-02There is a wildish animal in my bathroom
2012-06-29Help me sell myself more effectively.