Which comments by brainmouse were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-14Desperately seeking table feet
2018-12-11Looking for animal words
2018-12-11Bitter Tea
2018-12-03How can I remove frozen steak from plate without thawing?
2018-10-15Flower Delivery at the Workplace
2018-10-12Messy crush situation -- feeling confused and so broken-hearted
2018-10-09What is the name for this part of a song?
2018-09-20Why do washing machine timers take longer than is displayed?
2018-09-18Where can I find Aida fabric that is this color green?
2018-09-18Where can I find Aida fabric that is this color green?
2018-08-03Why is IG so creepy?
2018-07-25What device do I need?
2018-07-21How does webmention avoid username conflicts?
2018-07-18Do I still have rights to content I was hired to create?
2018-06-20Are resumes dumb?
2018-06-14GPS app for iPhone that doesn’t need to sync to car?
2018-05-31Show me the money
2018-05-22Who do I send a think you note to after a panel interview?
2018-05-06Why, yes I was watching Harry Anderson videos on YouTube (RIP)
2018-05-01How do dial Metropolitan Police (London) from Canada
2018-05-01How do dial Metropolitan Police (London) from Canada
2018-04-30Emergency gift in San Francisco needed
2018-04-24Email from Facebook: accept new TOS or delete account?
2018-04-22How do the bank loans work on home renovation TV shows?
2018-04-20Looking for an article about how white men can get away with things.
2018-04-06Someone is spoofing my cell number. Should I be worried?
2018-04-02How to add a tip to an Uber ride retroactively? (Czech Republic)
2018-03-26Family tree and geneaology word problem
2018-03-05Why was I cooled down as a newborn baby?
2018-02-18Is this grammatical?
2018-02-04Should I watch Get Out?
2018-01-19Excel: How do I filter records based on criteria across different cells?
2018-01-06How can a mixed race baby have blue eyes?
2018-01-01Gas range electric outlet - converter or replace 'er?