Which comments by brainmouse were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-17Peering into the darkness (of the curtains)
2020-11-18"Can I get a toaster oven 11"" deep or less?"
2020-08-16Android control of Chromebook?
2020-07-30What do I do with vented masks?
2020-06-29Should I stay part time at work, or leave?
2020-06-04Did Rabeprazole pills change their appearance recently?
2020-06-02Help me find this cartoon about privilege - owls reading newspaper?
2020-04-17Why can't I un-archive this Facebook Group that I help moderate?
2020-04-14"""Let's cheers"": is that a thing?"
2020-04-10"iPhone on wifi: browser works, Mail says ""No Internet Connection."" Wut?"
2020-04-06Online band jamming
2020-04-02Can I Go On Unemployment If I Leave Work Temporarily Due To Coronavirus?
2020-03-24Do I need to see a doctor?