Which comments by Serene Empress Dork were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-25What’s the inverse of a weighted blanket?
2020-09-19cat I eat it?
2020-09-15"Names for mother's boyfriend/unmarried ""father"" in laws.."
2020-09-10Back to Basics 101
2020-09-07Name That Soft-Rock Tune from Early 90s
2020-08-16What can I buy for £200/ $250 that will enhance my quality of life?
2020-08-13Senior Cat Stopped Using Litterbox. Help, Please!
2020-07-30What weird ass supplements are you taking lately and why?
2020-07-28Secret smiles
2020-07-16What grocery products have great reusable foodsafe containers?
2020-05-29"Books for boys that aren't about farts, butts, or ""no girls allowed"""
2020-05-06Ways to use salt and vinegar powder
2020-05-02Any advice for disclosing anxiety disorder at a new-ish workplace?
2020-04-18Shopping During Coronavirus: Best Practices (Snowflakes Edition)
2020-04-04Pandemic Bingo
2020-04-03Online Business
2020-03-15What song does the Cisco hold music remind me of?
2020-01-29Trying to get over astrology trauma