Which comments by something something were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-08-20Funny blog from about a decade ago?
2018-07-03SFO to Yountville - How's my driving?
2018-06-19cookbook recommendation sought
2018-06-07to cancel or not cancel a flight
2018-05-16Husband has kept a journal to prove I am mentally ill
2018-05-09Noob runner needs help
2018-04-27Can I make this mayo-free potato salad the day before a picnic?
2018-04-23[Job] Offer I can't refuse?
2018-04-19A bird may love a fish, but where would they live?
2018-04-17Which is the better flight option?
2018-03-20What to do about this plane reservation mistake?
2018-03-07Treating headaches with radiation?
2018-03-06How to be a prolific writer... at work
2018-02-23BFF's dog died in tragic accident; how to best show sympathy/support?
2018-01-22Travel visa for China, surrender passport?!
2018-01-05How not to freak out