Which comments by BlahLaLa were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-11-12Help me store a lot of CDs, please.
2020-11-03How am I being scammed? (or am I?)
2020-10-29Books Written for Popular Audience Critiquing “Obesity Epidemic”
2020-10-27Emma (2020) and fremdschämen?
2020-09-24Alternative Theories and/or Treatments of simple partial seizures
2020-09-12Where is the fitness tracker that's right for me?
2020-09-12Resources to learn more about my antique apartment heating system??
2020-08-28Feminist revenge fantasy books
2020-08-14Housemate/brother friendship is falling apart... over the cleaning
2020-07-23Car maintenance in pandemic times.
2020-07-07Hand sanitizer keychain that I can order online?
2020-07-03Pithy message can I share with 4th of July parade participants?
2020-06-01Netiquette - Is this term obsolete?
2020-05-31Give me back my name
2020-05-29Proofreading for love and for money
2020-05-28Should I attend a funeral during Covid-19 semi-reopening?
2020-05-27Where can I get really good mangoes from an online order?
2020-04-29Book rec: Magic, female protagonist discovering her power
2020-04-21Can I just do nothing?
2020-04-11I gave myself a haircut last week and now my scalp itches. Help!
2020-04-05Stretching the definition of 'digital nomad'
2020-03-30LF plain cotton plus sized underwear
2020-03-25Fun multiplayer games for the whole family, separated by distance
2020-03-24My ex may got the virus (?) what can I do with my daughter? Complicated
2020-03-22Telecommuting: home desk high, chair low. Seat cushion solutions?
2020-03-04Know of any blogs or books about families who move away from the US?
2020-02-20What's a new baker to bake?
2020-02-14How to save these chairs?
2020-02-12Carpet cleaning?
2020-01-28Lash growth serums for sensitive eyes?
2020-01-26Myy cellphone was compromised