Which comments by BlahLaLa were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-14Advocating for My Dying Grandma
2022-11-25When will this awful taste in my mouth after tonsillectomy go away?
2022-11-25"What hip-hop/rap is like Hercules Mulligan's part in ""Yorktown""?"
2022-11-11How to support someone who is dying
2022-11-08Wedding ring wont come off finger…..surgery tomorrow
2022-10-25New kitten peeing in my bed while sleeping - help!
2022-10-22Strange visitor at the door this morning
2022-10-07What to do after COVID exposure?
2022-09-21What should I do with a day and a half in the Bay Area?
2022-09-19YANMD. Did chia seeds and heavy weights do this to me, abdomen edition.
2022-09-15NYC Trip: Where to Start?
2022-09-01What men's hot-weather garment am I looking for?
2022-08-31Somewhere to violin for about an hour close to the montreal airport?
2022-08-31Berkshires in September
2022-08-31Competing Doc Appointments. What to do?
2022-08-24Unexpected Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles - what's to do?
2022-08-23How to get to LAX at an awkward time?
2022-08-22Watching The Red Carpet
2022-08-21What are the pros and cons of wood windows, can I even get them?
2022-08-18Local school that's not a fit, or great school far away?
2022-08-13Thor (plot) point
2022-08-03Help me find an article about housing first and emergency-room vists
2022-08-01Google, show me jewels that will make my jaw drop
2022-07-24Depictions of work as a personal shopper
2022-07-24Come to me! Come to meeeee. No, seriously, come to me.
2022-07-01Podcasts for the Road
2022-06-21Cheese please
2022-06-16What should I watch on Peacock right now?
2022-06-04Gift ideas for elderly father?
2022-05-27Do you recommend Credo Mobile?
2022-05-15California Voter Resources
2022-05-06Why does getting a cold cause me to have an unquenchable thirst?
2022-04-29Is it wrong to use these antique postcards as postcards?
2022-04-20Help me birthday my child from afar!
2022-04-18Just tested positive for covid - next steps?
2022-04-01Best parts about parenting a boy?
2022-03-20Help me birthday my child from afar!
2022-03-16Help me help my girlfriend, a very sweet tax delinquent
2022-03-09Research helper for insurance gap?
2022-02-24How to survive 24 hours in a plane with kids.
2022-02-19experience with JVN hair products?
2022-02-18experience with JVN hair products?
2022-02-12Transport from LAX to the Catalina Island Ferry on Super Bowl Sunday?
2022-02-12Transport from LAX to the Catalina Island Ferry on Super Bowl Sunday?
2022-02-07Capitalization Conundrum
2022-01-25More art = less assholes
2022-01-22Ureteral stent pain: how much can / should I take?
2022-01-08End of life protocols
2022-01-07End of life protocols
2022-01-06"what words or phrases have the name ""joel"" in them?"
2022-01-06high protein meals
2022-01-03What does Ashkenazi Jewish mean to you?