Which comments by tel3path were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-21Can I fake a tuxedo?
2016-12-13How to handle this stupid soap opera scenario?
2016-11-30I can't believe it's not snake oil!!!
2016-11-16I don't know how to dress myself. Please help.
2016-11-14Great but lesser-known cookery books?
2016-10-30The foam still cleans for me, as it does for all those who truly believe
2016-10-27How do I pick myself up during the worst year of my life?
2016-08-20Lodger, drunkenness, unsupervised kids, mess - ok to want him gone?
2016-08-18how 2 marmite
2016-07-29I want to hang a rope swing in a public park in London. Should I?
2016-07-24How are you all, well, doing (this)?
2016-07-19How to be gracious about not owning a house?
2016-07-18Bedbugs: Summer Edition
2016-06-22You can't make me! o(>< )o
2016-06-02Where to find a good semi-formal jacket?
2016-04-13Help me avoid the WASP trap.
2016-03-21Letter of appreciation to teacher with late-stage cancer?
2016-03-14Let's play yurt!
2016-03-06Coming to terms with a messy breakup
2016-03-06Time and Energy to Paint/Craft with a Dayjob
2016-02-20Maybe my scale's broken?