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2007-01-161890tangerine"What's the middle ground between ""F.U!"" and ""Welcome!""?"
2008-04-141521MikoHow do I let someone down easy?
2008-10-221395gariusStanding In Line
2009-10-011253np312Are we too old to trick or treat?
2008-09-041202grumblebeeHow did you find your passion?
2004-06-131092scarabicIf you killed somebody, how would you dispose of the body without getting caught?
2010-03-151027salishseaRespecfully agree to disagree
2010-03-23861decathecting[creepy filter] Is it normal to become this distracted from seeing an attractive person in public?
2006-04-25789cebaileyWhat is a reasonable offer for a new car?
2011-01-25767herrdoktorThis will not stay in Vegas
2007-04-04690lemuriaDirty Words During Sex.
2015-05-13639KathrynTteasing boyfriend just won't stop
2010-07-06622herrdoktorYou were doing it wrong
2011-06-06615TryTheTilapiaCheck yourself before you wreck yourself
2007-06-13614StickyCarpetNo spark, now what?
2012-05-31604rumposincsustainability after death
2009-02-19587pseudostrabismusHow do I deal with a friend who constantly criticizes me?
2007-08-01587ElsaLife gave me bitter lemonade...now what?
2006-10-04569stevewozWoz? More like Was, am I rite?!
2009-11-03549not that girl"What clever relationship ""hacks"" have you come up with?"
2016-08-13544WordshoreFriend acquires a lot of cheese. What to do with it?
2010-05-20503fakeHelp me help my friend in DC.
2011-09-06493NattieHow do I stop judging them?
2011-09-07492jebLet's assume that I am the stupidest person that ever lived. Explain to me what JavaScript is, what it does, and how a moron would go about learning it...
2015-08-31482yankeefogThis One Weird Trick...Marriage Edition
2010-07-07470.kobayashi.How to get excited about picking a dissertation topic?
2009-10-17460grumblebeeDoes math have big scary teeth or something?
2009-06-08450dejah420Party foul, or reason for jihad?
2011-11-08444ottereroticistShe never gets fucked hard enough..
2010-01-13443Dee XtrovertAid agencies sending people to Haiti
2010-07-19418scodyYou're sueing me for WHAT???
2009-01-29415scodyIt's Meep Meep, dammit!
2007-11-25415Dee XtrovertWhere to buy emergency kit items and water rations in Canada?
2017-09-05399restless_nomadHow to find friends when one is gifted and lonely?
2010-12-13394halogennot tonight, headache
2010-05-29394idbhelp me get my fat cat slim
2009-09-16392EmpressCallipygosTell me about a time when you were on the receiving end of a truly romantic act.
2013-04-11389phaedonHow to stop getting angry about the small stuff?
2014-06-26385geek anachronismHelp me clean my cuddly friend, please!
2006-01-15384unSaneInspiration — not motivation — for writing.
2006-07-10383OmieWiseNuts and bolts of effective psychological therapy from a patient's point of view.
2011-01-26361Jane the BrownHow does one go for months without a job and avoid homelessness?
2010-01-21348nickjadloweWhere have all the porches gone?
2009-04-18346MutantWhat do you do, aside from your regular day job, to bring in extra streams of revenue?
2016-06-09345stevewozA poster of Steve Wozniak
2011-09-27344peagoodhelp me get some pearls
2010-06-29339scodyCan a Ph.D. woman be happy with a nonintellectual man?
2018-06-19338a hat out of hellPlease kill the bug.
2012-04-12333jessamynI'm ugly, now what?
2016-04-17331Brittanie"Is ""What's your sign?"" a sign to move on?"
2010-03-19318AchemanPlease don't say skydiving
2021-11-10312aspersioncastFake Vaccine Card..
2010-03-30312ookDesign By Committee Always Works
2010-11-29310MonkeyToesShould I stay or should I go??
2015-10-11300Jane the BrownExamples of surprising aspects of everyday life during past times
2011-11-21300trevynCan you read this number plate?
2011-10-21298MikoHelp me paint like a pro
2004-06-13298Stan ChinIf you killed somebody, how would you dispose of the body without getting caught?
2009-11-03296stuck on an island"What clever relationship ""hacks"" have you come up with?"
2014-02-07290tomorrowShould I continue to date an egregiously bad tipper?
2010-07-06290bagelsYou were doing it wrong
2013-04-18287decathectingWhat does a 9-year-old boy need to know?
2016-02-26286FrownerLike, fifty green-eyed monsters.
2010-09-15285iamkimiamNot-obvious things you shouldn't say to women
2007-12-18285thehmsbeagleTrials of a Responsible Hedonist
2011-09-10284BrendanEichLet's assume that I am the stupidest person that ever lived. Explain to me what JavaScript is, what it does, and how a moron would go about learning it...
2013-01-30283FAMOUS MONSTERHow do you spot Dating Warning Phrases?
2017-10-02281roolya_boolyaHas anyone had to deal with obsessive, intrusive ex-girlfriends?
2010-09-27280julthumbscrewShould I pay to replace a rude guest's shawl?
2014-01-07278overeducated_alligatorWhat's the thinking behind this color palette?
2012-01-09276TomMeleeThe art of the roast
2017-10-30274Iris Gambol"What does he / she is ""not my type"" mean?"
2012-10-10273psoashow to respond to a guy who invites you on a date and wants you to pay?
2015-12-06270Jane the BrownMinor infections in the days before anti-biotics or anti-fungals?
2018-11-23268queenofbithyniaI have a young family and don’t see a future for the marriage
2014-01-20265harperpittDecoding cancer-addled ramblings
2010-09-27262Nickel PickleShould I pay to replace a rude guest's shawl?
2010-05-26261codacorollaWhat tipped off the credit card company for fraud?
2009-05-29261cortexHelp me unlock the power of the four chords.
2013-07-02260Mikowhat makes a journal entry historically interesting?
2015-11-20259listen, ladyBlamed for the death of someone I didn't even know...
2011-09-05259NomyteDoes quality of sleep suffer if you go from earlybird to night owl?
2017-01-13258ShepherdI cannot remember what I bought these food items for.
2016-03-29257JubeyWould she look prettier if she smiled more?
2011-11-15257milk white peacockSexual Abstinence Until Marriage
2016-01-30255amandaShaving every day as the price of admission for sex
2011-08-10255xkcdOh Randall, you do confound me so.
2012-10-20250cortexBlow The Lid Off
2009-11-03250scody"What clever relationship ""hacks"" have you come up with?"
2014-12-26249Narrative PrioritiesAm I Ungrateful for Feeling Conflicted About the Engagement Ring?
2011-11-09249ottereroticistShe never gets fucked hard enough..
2010-12-15249Bathtub BobsledI found pictures of
2023-10-16248sabotagerabbitImpossible singer/songwriter locator challenge accepted?
2014-04-11247griphusMy twenties are wasting away and I'm unhappy, how can I be happier?
2016-03-29246erstWould she look prettier if she smiled more?
2012-04-26242Monsieur CautionAmusia, not amusing...
2010-08-16242TomMeleeCity Mouse needs to chill
2006-11-30240asavageHow long in the freezer to chill a Coke from 89F to 35F?
2012-07-31239k8tCat lost at Devil's Tower - help
2011-11-10237nickrussellImpact on Norway after 2011 summer
2012-07-23236whimsicalnymphCounterintuitive Tips Around The House
2014-10-06235bleepShould I end it with my great companion of a SO?
2013-08-12232janey47What is a life changing realization that you wish you'd had sooner?
2011-10-03232jebWhat's the wholsale price of clothing?
2009-11-03232alice ayres"What clever relationship ""hacks"" have you come up with?"
2011-07-31231guster4loversShould I teach science? Should I teach anything?
2010-05-25230RhaomiThe end of Lost in a paragraph?
2010-02-11229LutoslawskiSurvival Tips for Uncommon Situations
2019-01-10228terrapinPartner lying to lover about HIV status
2016-06-11228moiraineThis happens more than I even want to admit to myself
2016-01-30226DarlingBriShaving every day as the price of admission for sex
2017-09-18225restless_nomadOne-time cat breeding. Is it possible?
2012-08-21224guybrush_threepwoodHow is webbe formd?
2021-04-15223KayQuestionsBuying a house inhabited by a long-term tenant: process and ethics
2015-11-29223Jon MitchellHow do I stop being infatuated?
2016-04-14222phunniemee"Can an ""alpha"" be happy with a ""beta""?"
2015-12-27222DarlingBriWhat social consideration do I owe the man who groped me on Christmas?
2009-01-29222FloyddStolen meter, why?
2007-05-16221Comrade_robotHow can I steal someone else's girlfriend?
2014-07-08220Jane the BrownI don't want to talk about that, but I don't want to stonewall, either
2015-10-29219delightAsked him not to sleep with other people, received bizarre response
2018-09-13218restless_nomadI'm worrying about pillowcases
2016-06-22218jazhShould I expect one-on-one childcare?
2020-03-27217phunniemeeNYC-Dwelling Daughter Will Not Leave, Covid19 Edition
2016-05-29217RichardPFollow the stream...to safety?
2010-09-07217zamboniThe Old Man and the C Drive
2018-11-01216DirtyOldTownConsequences for accidentally poisoning our dogs
2015-04-06216MsMollyBig difference in age/experience on a first date and if something more.
2012-07-18216Eyebrows McGeeJocks, Nerds and Rebels (tm)
2019-10-26213DarlingBriTired of being the DUFF, or, how to be content as a 4
2019-02-28213goodbyewafflesHelp me be assertive
2014-07-23213kathrynHow does Hawaii work?
2018-05-11211jbenbenA problem which threatens to rip my extended family apart...
2018-05-03211The DeejWhat's fair??? Hamilton Tickets edition
2019-12-17210jdrothHow the heck do you afford a down payment for a house?
2012-09-18210MangyCarfacehow to resolve a diversity conflict
2021-08-24209flugWhat is up with my glasses?
2018-05-11209KnowyournutsA problem which threatens to rip my extended family apart...
2016-05-12209terretugirls chase boys chase girls
2012-03-31209IdeefixeWhat not to wear, septuagenarian edition
2010-05-30209hermitosisHow can I stop feeling these pointless feelings?
2014-08-06208mochapickleWhat to do when a peer shames you?
2006-06-19208FeistyFerretHow can I help my young friend?
2023-02-01207phunniemeeParents: how do you handle non-negotiable extracurriculars?
2010-05-10207cortexCurious about paid sex
2013-10-05206tazJust got engaged. Problem, I still think about the one that got away.
2020-09-19205DarlingBriHow to deal with a critical/negative spouse?
2017-03-16205chesty_a_arthurAdvice about stranger taking a photo of me and my dog
2014-07-07205FAMOUS MONSTERThat's interesting underwear you've got there
2006-07-23204grumblebeeMoving out of one's own head.
2015-02-05203Pater AletheiasTell me about unconventional parenting practises that worked for you
2011-07-07203MercaptanWhat are the ideal cupboard conditions in which to hygienically store cups?
2017-04-1420280 Cats in a Dog SuitWell-meaning friend gives Easter flowers that poisoned our cat.
2013-03-12202myselfasmeIt would almost be better if it were hookers and blow.
2013-01-25201entroponeGive me ammo for the next sexist conversation
2019-07-12200slagheapAm I obligated to accomodate a surprise vegan houseguest?
2010-05-20200PollomachoHelp me help my friend in DC.
2015-09-24198We put our faith in Blast HardcheeseOut of bounds to suggest new clothes?
2013-07-19198jbenbenI'd like a quippy comeback / response...
2019-11-11197whisk(e)y neatDo I live only so that I may die?
2018-04-25196machinecraigIs it really a red flag if your date is mean to the waiters?
2012-09-16196elizardbitsdo you think my new boyfriend is bisexual or gay? or maybe just a little metro?
2019-01-31195justalisteningmanHow to find a cat in a dense neighborhood?
2018-11-17195seanmpuckettSilver lining: my gut was right.
2017-10-30195fritillary"What does he / she is ""not my type"" mean?"
2008-08-01195generic230I love my neighbors
2021-09-02194EmpressCallipygosPartner is an anti vaxxer and I'm exhausted
2016-12-18194FrownerGirlfriend has Facial Hair - what should I do?
2015-10-09194jesouriePlease save my daughter from being expelled!
2012-05-12194hermitosisI don't need this.
2012-04-26194SMPAHelp me be okay with looking like a dork.
2017-05-25193pseudostrabismusi drove a guy away and am losing my mind obsessing over it
2012-10-04193Bows of BowOops
2012-09-12193Eyebrows McGeeRahm v. CTU
2011-08-12193allkindsoftimeFeed the world?
2009-07-07193pineappleWhat conversations are a MUST before two people get married?
2008-12-25193Juliet BananaHelp me build a better social real-life network in 2009 !
2014-04-29192jessamynHelp me feel better about my daughter's name.
2014-04-02192phunniemeeOur friendship never recovered - what can I learn?
2010-12-02192JubeyThe Crazy Dad Routine
2007-12-03192netbrosI have a drinking problem. Now what?
2016-01-30191poffin boffinShaving every day as the price of admission for sex
2015-04-19191pairofshadesHow can I get better at having eyes only for my fiancee?
2010-04-05191slow graffitiScience of alcohol addiction
2009-07-26191grantedI took MDMA for the first time and have some questions
2016-07-08188showbiz_liztwo events on same day, wedding or baseball game
2016-04-17188telegraph"Is ""What's your sign?"" a sign to move on?"
2009-01-17188the_WHow do I get him to lay his cards on the table?
2021-07-23187LutoslawskiHearing aid for elder (what a f-ing racket) any suggestions?
2012-01-22186alphanerdShould I let my boyfriend sleep with other women?
2017-10-30185tavegyl"What does he / she is ""not my type"" mean?"
2015-10-29185easter queenAsked him not to sleep with other people, received bizarre response
2014-06-17185Ruthless BunnyBoss is treating me like his personal assistant - how to deal?
2011-04-20185endless_formsDear Mr. Darwin: How is babby formed?
2010-10-16185ukdanaeWhat size breast am I, really?
2019-08-14184showbiz_lizIs telling someone “I don’t want to talk about that” abusive?