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2012-02-121191codacorollaCalifornia Dreamin'
2011-01-191150NattieBut, but, is not Johnny 5 alive?
2007-06-011118PastabagelNeighborhood of Make-Believe
2008-07-011097Astro ZombieWow-e: Malthusian Fear Mongering Can Be Annoying
2009-01-281036Dee XtrovertWhat if things just keep getting worse?
2015-06-261019cortexEQUAL · MARRIAGE · UNDER · LAW
2007-02-131018robocop is bleedingYou're so smart you probably think this post is about you
2011-09-15887NattieHello Cockie! Whose a pretty bird?
2009-01-12855gariusPLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM THIS LIST!!!!!!!!
2008-03-30828aeschenkarnosThe Myth of the Media Myth: Games and Non-Gamers
2009-10-12792NattieHi. Whatcha reading?
2008-06-19792PastabagelBoring men?
2009-07-26780EatTheWeakMoney, Get Away.
2013-08-19734Greg NogA million conspiracies in your everyday life
2007-06-26722PastabagelThe Record Industry's Decline
2012-10-23713kyrademonObama and Romney battle it out, rap style
2008-11-11703tkchristThis is my rifle, this is my gun.
2010-05-18701scodyThe Talented Mr. Ripley + Six Degrees of Separation + Clark Rockefeller ...
2018-07-11698WordshoreLede-Buried Voicemails from Your Mom
2017-09-04688di11ihdAnd I'll go into people's houses at night and wreck up the place!
2013-01-19678AnitanolaThis is day-to-day, everyday life.
2009-11-16677gariusI thought I was the only one
2007-11-02654robocop is bleedingHollywood Kabuki
2007-10-04649PastabagelCollect 'em all!
2012-08-15640Slarty BartfastHonestly, you guys, these are *supposed* to be pretty rare...
2010-07-07632wuwei"You carry a 00 number, it means you have License to kill, not GET killed!"
2016-02-14620Eyebrows McGeeIt’s just not worth it.
2012-06-17613charlie don't surfCan't we all just get along?
2014-05-22612elizardbitsThe Mother of All Self Links?
2012-01-25607mieFeline takeoff keeps plane on tarmac
2010-03-16582loquaciousHipsters on food stamps
2014-07-30581ChuraChura"This is why white people are so healthy"
2012-09-25578Admiral HaddockAs you wish!
2010-03-24567GenjiandProust"Quiet dear, the men are talking..."
2012-06-27560JimmyJamesLawsuit waiting to happen
2012-05-04553holdkris99RIP MCA
2010-08-26551blue_beetleUser-driven discontent
2010-10-02541sonascopeThe Norton Project
2016-05-03536kzin602Trump will be the Republican standard-bearer
2018-03-165250xFCAFFear and Trembling and the Sickness Unto Death
2011-05-20525Mike MongoRecquisat in pace, noble warrior.
2017-01-22515bile and syntaxThat's just how you negotiate with a Nazi. Ask your grandfather.
2016-03-25514cortexLatenight mansplaining
2012-10-10510Eyebrows McGeeThe other death sentence
2016-07-27505East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '944:30PM, On a Wednesday, Philadelphia PA - The Gang Rigs the DNC Primary
2010-12-23504yozThe Post That Cannot Possibly Go Wrong
2008-02-10504hermitosisI'm going to kill myself in 90 days
2009-05-31498werkzeuger"Pro Life" does not mean what you think it does
2010-07-06493NattieBut my name really is Deathblood Blackaxe
2010-12-13483-harlequin-A Vacation Spot With An Afterglow
2017-01-29476kafzielBannon now on National Sec. Council; professionals demoted to make room
2017-12-10465Sock Person Cat PuppetMargot met Robert on a Wednesday night…
2008-08-29462XQUZYPHYRSarah Palin as McCain's running-mate
2012-01-28459lkcNo AK
2011-10-22456sonascopeThe other 1%
2015-07-15455emjaybee“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2014-07-01455MissySedaiPractice makes perfect
2017-04-05451OrlopOccupiers! Stop Using Consensus!
2017-02-16446Joey MichaelsWe Are Only One Menstrual Cycle in and There Is Blood in the Water
2013-12-18439ElsaA Christmas Cooky Memory
2010-03-05439sonascopeI'd like to send this letter to the Prussian consulate in Siam by aeromail. Am I too late for the 4:30 autogyro?
2012-05-09436saturday_morningProof of evolution
2009-04-04435Pater AletheiasJesus who?
2015-02-27433DreadnoughtNo, really, how DO you avoid huge ships?
2015-07-15431flex“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2012-03-06431Eyebrows McGeeBackground Check for the Digital Age
2008-03-04430thanotopsisHP -1
2011-10-07425MonkeyToesArkansas Town VS. Classic Sitcom - Who's Correct?
2011-04-14425StrikeTheViolHow to Get a Real Education, by Scott Adams
2014-01-10424chambersThe Great Columbia J-School Email Mishap of 2014
2017-02-15421adamgreenfield"Kellyanne, that makes no sense."
2016-03-02421crazylegsHow microdosing helped me kick my internet habit
2014-06-25421barchanDavid Sedaris, meet your new obsession
2011-02-27421scodyNot mentioned on Fox News, of course.
2015-07-15419Eyebrows McGee“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2012-09-174160xFCAFmy job is is not to worry about those people
2013-05-15415LarryCOn Why Star Trek is Great
2018-01-01413the man of twists and turnsRaw like dysentery
2012-08-14412fraulaHappiness Happens
2016-11-06411Jalliah♪♫ The world turned upside down. Finally, it's US election week.
2012-03-25408KerasiaOH GOD GRASS YES
2015-07-07401desjardins"Girl has look of mild panic."
2011-11-02396griphusJudge William Adams beat his 16-year old daughter with a belt for downloading music and computer games
2010-12-09396twirlip"For the Chaotic Good"
2010-01-25395onhazierWell, that's all right then
2017-01-22394BehemothThat's just how you negotiate with a Nazi. Ask your grandfather.
2015-07-15394divined by radio“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2010-12-14394Hiding From GoroSilenced Protest
2015-07-15387nicebookrack“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2015-04-07387delfinWheel turning round and round
2011-10-05387kawikaSteve Jobs, RIP
2016-10-08381threeturtles[ELECTION 2016] ♪♫ He’s never gon' be President now... ♪♫
2008-07-21380Dee XtrovertJustice postponed?
2012-02-18379MeatbombJohn Cleese Carefully Considers Your Futile Comments.
2009-11-20379Greg NogVery practical advice about life. And socks.
2015-07-15378poffin boffin“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2010-07-19378marsha56You’ll be pleased to note, it also makes it easier for you to dust.
2010-06-26378sonascope‘Jiminy is not dead! I heard him chirping!’
2017-12-01377ChrysostomThanks for nothing
2014-10-20375ChuraChuraI also check my skeletons twice. You can never be too careful.
2015-07-15374KathrynT“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2016-07-23373ArbitraryAndCapriciousElection Update: John Adams Doesn't Have A Real Job Anyway
2014-11-09373turbid dahliaPotatotwopointohto
2012-04-28372sonascope"You also said the skunk wouldn’t spray me either!"
2016-09-27369SublimityAsk him a question: it glances off, he obfuscates, he dances.
2008-08-08369PastabagelRussian tanks and jets roll into Georgia
2012-04-08367gmanThe World's Most Unlikely Party Town
2009-10-09366twoleftfeetPlease Be Patient - This Page is Under Construction
2009-04-10366Astro ZombieGhost Pepper
2010-03-16362rthaHipsters on food stamps
2017-12-12360ocherdracoStruggle for the Heart of Dixie
2016-11-10360schroedingerAfter the 2016 US election
2010-11-25359condour75Orgasms! Sex! Biology!
2015-07-15356sockermom“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2012-12-11356DrMewConsent is Sexy
2010-11-28355nickyskyeBingo In The Blood
2016-02-20352You Should See the Other Guy"I can't afford to buy groceries..."
2016-10-14351The World FamousThe disrespect of our ambitions and intellect
2010-06-25351herrdoktorSlouching Toward Mediocrity
2010-02-18351william_boot"I Want This Goddamn Thing Repaired!"
2017-10-25350corb"Mr. President, I rise today to say: Enough."
2012-12-14350Slap*HappyMany dead in Connecticut primary school shooting
2017-03-24349sotonohitoHe's been up all night listening to Mohammed's radio...
2013-07-30349HuronBob"If I told you the words, you wouldn't believe them anyway." -- R. Berry
2017-02-02346anastasiavTyrants v. the endurance of those whom they oppress.
2013-07-14346cashmanZimmerman acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin
2013-02-25346Doroteo Arango IINot Tentacle Porn (well, kinda tentacle porn...)
2013-02-25346cribcage“We Saw Your Boobs.”
2012-12-14342BlasdelbMany dead in Connecticut primary school shooting
2007-06-20342three blind miceChess tactics explained in plain English
2016-11-06338Senor Cardgage♪♫ The world turned upside down. Finally, it's US election week.
2010-01-28338KathrynTThe White Death
2016-08-16337JackFlash...a moment in history where it is almost hard to catch your breath.
2015-06-21336poffin boffinKim Konquers NPR. NPR Unhappy.
2012-03-21336This_Will_Be_Good"The marathon can humble you." ~ Bill Rodgers
2011-03-03336Dee XtrovertOrange Party racists/tea party members protest and hurl epithets at a local muslim organization's relief dinner to raise money for women's shelters and raise aid for homelessness and hunger in the US
2010-11-23336Eyebrows McGee"Then I See His Penis Out!"
2012-10-19335Pater AletheiasThe right...of segregation is clearly established by the holy scriptures...
2015-07-15334Peppermint Snowflake“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2017-01-20333EmpressCallipygosThe inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America
2016-02-14333pretentious illiterateIt’s just not worth it.
2010-04-25333KattullusMean World Syndrome
2010-01-13333Damn That TelevisionA Better Boarding Pass
2011-12-06332holdkris99Are The Packers made of common stock?
2015-10-21331sgranadeThe Final Experiment Is Nigh
2013-07-30329schroedinger"The need for diapers is 'practically infinite'"
2011-08-18329Greg NogI need ya, Decks. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old blade runner, I need your magic.
2017-02-15327Tarumba"Kellyanne, that makes no sense."
2017-01-22327cortexThat's just how you negotiate with a Nazi. Ask your grandfather.
2009-10-29327robocop is bleedingDO NOT FUCK AROUND WITH THE MUMMY
2018-04-12326biogeoWe Have Always Been at Trade War with China
2010-01-03326Dee XtrovertLosing the War
2017-06-13325The World FamousThe Sessions Sessions: The Confederate General Babbles Before Congress
2014-02-22325Bora Horza GobuchulGrowing Up in a Cocoon
2015-11-28324ArbitraryAndCapriciousThe New, Ugly Surge in Violence and Threats Against Abortion Providers
2017-08-04323poffin boffinThe Grandest Stage of Them All
2016-03-13323kliuless"When You're Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression"
2011-08-22323ShepherdJack Layton has passed away
2017-01-27321Mrs. PterodactylAn interesting week of politics has occurred in a former British colony
2010-02-03321JimmyJamesWays of Killing
2008-08-01318nasreddinHipster - The End of Wester Civilization
2015-09-06317Westringia F."We" aren't on the travel soccer team."
2014-08-12317BlueJae"Don’t shoot me"
2017-08-05316SequenceMisogyny based on flawed/erroneous/outdated social science theories
2014-01-13316reenumHigh cuisine with no high chair.
2016-10-30315a fish out of waterCasting our vote is the ultimate way we go high when they go low
2011-07-23315liketitanicAmy Winehouse (1983-2011)
2017-12-11314runtDark lipstick looks amazing until it doesn't
2013-09-17314ceribus peribusEiji Toyoda, Promoter of 'Toyota Way,' Dies at 100
2016-01-25313schmod"We must go where the evidence leads us."
2013-09-02313PunkeyI'll take "What is Syria" for $100, Alex
2015-01-14312divined by radioA perspective from a distance.
2008-12-04312felix betachatMark Roth: The Re-Animator
2016-10-073110xFCAFSend in your seconds, see if they can set the record straight
2016-02-13311WordshoreAntonin Scalia (March 11, 1936 - February 13, 2016)
2009-12-22309loquaciousFeminism calls for gender revolution
2011-05-21308Astro ZombieFalse May 21, 2011 Doomsday prophet Harold Camping "deserts" devastated followers, church offers solace (PHOTOS)
2009-07-22308arachnidHealthy Honey
2016-04-21307The Notorious SRDNothing Compares
2017-01-30306mudpuppieTeam of Revileds
2008-09-11306dancestoblueWhy does everybody hate me?
2001-09-11305rebeccabloodPlane crashes in to the word trade center.
2017-10-03304arkhangel"My family and I can't live in good intentions, Marge!"
2016-08-26304sallybrownUniversity of Chicago writes a letter to its incoming freshmen
2009-03-08304scrumpFatal Distraction
2015-04-04303Monsieur Caution2015 Hugo Nominees Announced
2014-05-06303SockMarionettei didn't feel bad.
2018-08-25302East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94Senator John McCain August 29, 1936 – August 25, 2018
2016-10-29302longtime_lurkerCasting our vote is the ultimate way we go high when they go low
2016-10-08302zarq[ELECTION 2016] ♪♫ He’s never gon' be President now... ♪♫
2016-04-27302Eyebrows McGee"I can't sentence you for being a child molester"--judge to Hastert
2015-06-27302Brandon BlatcherThe Rosa Parks of our time
2011-03-21302erikoTweeting Operations in Odyssey Dawn
2007-05-0130209-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88-C0User revolt at Digg
2014-07-03299Frownermen as feminist allies
2010-04-13299LemurrheaMuslims, Back From Whence You Came
2009-08-19298Astro ZombieYou know who else had "death panels"?