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2013-12-10134Should I apologize to my girlfriends parents for not moving in with her?
2015-10-17132Am I being unreasonable, or is my girlfriend right?
2011-05-3186I'm at a loss for words, darling...
2013-02-2884Cleaning lady inflating work hours
2015-01-1579Adultery 101
2010-06-1976Can cats learn pointing?
2013-11-0876Boyfriend takes pictures of neighbor
2012-01-2273Should I let my boyfriend sleep with other women?
2012-06-2367Doorbell etiquette
2006-12-0165I don't want my pussy to taste like rain! I want my pussy to taste like pussy!
2015-09-1455Are polyamorous relationships more stable?
2013-10-1752Well Crap
2012-05-1045Do I throw away a half-bottle of maple syrup?
2012-01-1944Is the a third option?
2015-04-1143He may be cheating but maybe not?? What to do?
2008-12-3041Can I give my kids back?
2011-10-1641Stop reading my mail!
2009-05-1140Happy First Mother's Day?
2014-06-2139Marriage in trouble, wife refuses relationship counseling. What next?
2012-05-2138Old feuds, new friends, ultimatums and a sticky social situation. How do I navigate this stupid fight that precedes me?
2011-08-1936What to do when you accidentally say I love you.
2014-05-2636What can I say that will get him to lock the door?
2010-05-2535How do I deal with knowing my true love is as mortal as the rest of us?
2011-12-1135My head's all a-jumble, please help me.
2015-07-1235Question on the ethics of storytelling
2009-02-0734How to deal with a hinter.
2012-02-0733Love is one big grey area.
2010-04-2732Daughter set up Facebook when forbidden. Now what?
2014-08-0532We are blending two families, and now I have two picky eaters, help?
2010-06-3031I'll just sit here wondering how you can stand by your racist friend
2011-07-2631In love with best friend, need a break
2009-07-0130I found out that I might be a father when I got served papers for child support... now what?
2013-01-3130Should I break up with my boyfriend?
2016-02-1830Semantics of the word Negro
2008-11-1129Ain't got no grammar
2012-06-1529How can an atheist/catholic marriage succeed?
2012-08-1329"Do you take this man...?" Probably not.
2013-12-1029Should I apologize to my girlfriends parents for not moving in with her?
2011-11-1028Help the guy who trips over his own tongue compliment the girl who won't accept compliments.
2010-06-2827Help me deal with the feeling that everyone is incompetent until proven otherwise
2011-10-2327father in law crossing the line
2012-08-2827How to deal with uncomfortably flirty behavior at work?
2015-05-2127is my Keane print offensive/racist?
2015-07-1227How to talk about sexual dissatisfaction
2011-02-1126Groping stepdad vs. little kid
2011-02-2626 Am I selfish for asking for more input in our financial decisions?
2011-04-1626What to expect way before you are expecting
2009-06-0925How do you spend time?
2011-06-2525But I didn't get anyone pregnant when I was 5!
2011-09-0725How to get past this online guy
2014-06-2525How to get someone to stop flirting with you
2014-12-0625Do I wish him happy birthday?
2016-01-3125Shaving every day as the price of admission for sex
2009-09-0224I am madly in love and don't know what to do. Should I tell her?
2012-01-1624Mike Nichols didn't prepare me for this...
2010-04-1923You used to put water on my bedside table every night...
2014-01-2423Help me with this difficult office friendship
2015-01-0623He shoved a dog?
2009-03-2722I thought he flew Vipers, not Pigeons...
2009-10-1522My family moved across the country without me, and make me feel guilty about not joining them.
2010-06-2222Cheated in a relationship, what to do next?
2011-04-2222Reluctant Barbie Girl
2011-10-1322Desperate for Alternative Perspectives
2011-09-2421How can I do more good?
2012-01-1921How to deal with a family member who doesn't accept gifts gracefully?
2012-10-1621Help me feel better while exercising
2013-04-1121My Boyfriend Is The Jealous Type
2013-10-2721Reading suggestions for a friend who has never read a book
2014-05-2721In a relationship, in love with a friend, need to make some decisions
2015-08-0221Did I make the right decision in breaking up with my bipolar girlfriend?
2015-11-2721I don't like lunch, but I need to eat a lunch!!
2009-08-0620OK for him to make female friends at the bar?
2011-07-2920I hate my roommate's boyfriend. Help!
2012-01-0420Dealing with differing problem-solving styles.
2014-08-0620my fault I got hit by in-flight beverge cart?
2007-05-1919How to tell someone stop using so much TP?
2007-11-0619Is there anything else I can get you, Master?
2009-06-3019I'm Lisa Simpson, and I'm dating Barney Gumble's best friend.
2009-08-0619No decision if birth control fails - what should I do?
2011-04-1719MORE relationship hacks?
2011-09-0919no one wants to fuck me
2012-01-2219Should I let my boyfriend sleep with other women?
2012-03-0919Should I tell my secret work crush before she leaves the company?
2012-03-1019Tips for living with someone who has a chronic illness?
2012-04-3019Badass couples?
2013-03-1119Am I overreacting to my friends' values about future pets?
2014-11-1319I am about to be disowned.
2015-06-1919Did my boyfriend just get married?
2008-10-1318When Suggestions about Race Relations Goes Wrong
2010-04-0818How do I learn to love family members equally?
2010-04-1218I'm being "slightly cyberstalked" by my girlfriend... should I be concerned?
2011-11-0518Sixteen Candles?
2011-11-1518Sexual Abstinence Until Marriage
2011-12-0818Why is my stupid brain trying to get in the way of good sex?
2012-01-2218I want my child to grow up open minded, not like you Mom.
2012-10-1618Sharing vs. Privacy: Showdown
2013-06-3018My boyfriend spent the day with his female friend, how should I feel?
2014-01-2418Help me with this difficult office friendship
2014-06-1518How do you deal with family-in-law that's in a cult?
2014-08-2418Are all restaruant kitchens hot and steamy?
2014-12-2518He doesn't like my Christmas.
2015-02-2118The life of the graphic designer?
2010-04-1517Where have web manners gone?!
2011-10-0617Should I grant my girlfriend a "last hurrah" before settling down?
2011-12-0817Token of appreciation for baristas
2012-05-0117Healthy recreational cooking ideas...?
2013-05-3017I miss the liberal, progressive South...
2008-11-0916How can we keep anxiety down with uninvited vistors to the hospital?
2010-03-1516Egg donor dilemma
2010-05-1116Politicians Suck. I Don't Want To.
2012-03-2816I want to smell better
2015-07-0916Hot Wife Not Wanting to be a "Hot Wife"
2007-01-2615Wooing by untsing
2011-05-1415Responding to a friend's comment.
2012-01-0415Should I tell him I know he is a liar, or is that too drama queen of me?
2012-03-2115What exactly is the purpose of teens again?
2012-04-0415What to do with all these emotions
2012-11-2915What do you do in the evenings?
2014-01-2215How to fairly split household expenses
2014-09-1015Is it possible to be with someone who has friends you cannot stand?
2014-12-1015Reasons that crazy is problematic.
2008-11-0214Why did this weed make me sick?
2008-11-1614Fire down below!
2009-06-0414Five year old favoring dad's GF over me (natural mom)
2009-10-3014Am I overreacting, or was my instructor's film choice really inappropriate?
2010-04-0714Dream Vacay without the fiance
2011-10-0814Help me figure out how to handle my boyfriend's attitude toward sex.
2012-02-2414This could be so win-win if you only knew!
2012-11-0414meeting your soulmate and not being able to have them
2014-09-1614Father in law insulted me
2014-10-0714FWB Becoming More - Complications
2009-08-0913If you are married, is it mandatory to say so on your Facebook profile?
2010-04-0813Can I date my professor?
2011-03-0713You'd have to be a MeFite to understand.
2011-03-0913Do cats like being scratched under the chin?
2011-04-1613What to expect way before you are expecting
2011-07-2813The bathroom is supposed to be my happy place, not your spittoon/shower/fartatorium
2012-01-1613Mike Nichols didn't prepare me for this...
2012-03-1413Not tonight, dear, I'm temporarily hideous.
2013-11-1213Why does my cat chomp on my bare legs when I'm walking around?
2014-02-1013Time to move on? If so, how?
2014-05-2113We broke up. I found out he cheated. Should I tell the "other" woman?
2014-06-0113Fiverr for cover design: yea or nay?
2014-07-3013pressures to be attractive - men vs. women
2015-04-1913How can I get better at having eyes only for my fiancee?
2017-05-2713Can I Eat This, #50474
2007-06-1912I'm involved in a long term relationship with a bad boy. Can I keep doing it?
2008-08-1212What the hell Facebook?
2008-12-1412How do I protect my baby girl?
2009-03-0312What does back off mean?
2009-03-1612Anal sex, not so great actually...
2009-09-1112I am at a standstill. Have a done everything I should??
2009-09-3012Help me come up with quirky ideas for improbable porn flicks!
2009-10-2412I just accidentally broke my friend's ridiculously fragile brand new laptop. Please help me fix it.
2009-12-1712Hacking away the forest
2010-05-2512The end of Lost in a paragraph?
2011-10-1612Can my boss call me at 2am?
2012-04-2912Losing limerence.
2012-06-2012Cyber Affair
2012-08-2312Barack-ing the vote?
2013-01-3012Help me write the text for my license to be an aunt
2013-11-2112Help me convince the boss I DON'T have to be in the office 12/26-12/31
2014-02-1212Non-student Non-professor Attraction
2014-12-1712Am I the asshole in this relationship?
2016-06-1112Can/should this relationship be saved? If so, how?
2007-01-2111How to think about a woman who has delibitating insecurities about dating.
2007-06-2611Dirty Jokes for Grandma
2008-08-2111my friends suck
2009-05-2711I didn't defend my wife...what should I do different the next time?
2009-06-0811Am I Selfish?
2009-07-2111Horrifying screaming next door
2010-05-2511What do I do about my inappropriate boss?
2010-06-0311Arguement with a Libritarian Absolutist
2011-02-2111You have food, find it yourself!
2011-04-3011We started with sex. Then liked each other a lot. Now how do we slow down?
2011-05-1411Responding to a friend's comment.
2011-09-1211Mother-in-law troubles
2011-11-1611How can I gracefully set boundaries with conservative/religious parents when I no longer share their beliefs?
2011-11-2611How can I help my family accept my partner?
2011-11-2911So why don't you just adopt?
2011-12-2811Chubby hubby, what to do?
2012-01-1311I wish you wouldn't have done that
2012-03-1111I really like water...
2012-03-2611Tuning out the family
2012-08-2411The woman I've been dating did something to hurt me really badly, and I don't know how to proceed.
2012-08-3011Supporting someone in psychiatric care
2012-10-1411I feel like he's making a fool out of me.
2012-11-1911Should I contact an acquaintance who recently de-friended me on fb for no apparent reason to ask why?
2012-12-1211Casual relationships and gender norms, plus any feedback on this guy's behavior?
2013-02-0311I adore him, but find his health problems a turn off. Is there a fix?
2013-06-0311Magical Make-it-Click-Phrase
2013-11-0811Boyfriend takes pictures of neighbor
2014-07-2811Tell me again why teenagers shouldn't be having sex.
2014-08-1211Boyfriend anger, one time occurrence? what to do now...
2014-08-2311I need help bringing a messy, inappropriate friendship to a close
2014-09-0911I'm not Jennifer Lawrence.
2015-01-2211What is he DOING in the bathroom?
2015-03-1511Ted Talks
2007-12-2910Is this racist?
2008-11-0910How can we keep anxiety down with uninvited vistors to the hospital?