Which comments in Ask MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 are the longest?

2012-03-2422684satori_movementHow do I make a clean break?
2012-08-3120292cairdeasHow to get my ex back in this complicated situation?
2012-01-2919342mondaygreensWhat's the best way to think about mathematics?
2012-05-0917080BlasdelbAll that glitters, how much cash can I get for that?
2012-06-1216898nickrussellHas L.A. changed since the 90s?
2012-02-2216478TedWTo Complain or Not?
2012-11-1416075Monsieur CautionHelp me understand Henri Lefebvre's book, The Production of Space
2012-11-0815880suburbsI have a fear of chemicals and microbes, and anything that might harm my health. Is it rational? If not, how do I get over it?
2012-10-1414673Jane the BrownHow have you gamified your life?
2012-09-0114127nonspecialistGood fantasy novels with female protagonists?
2012-05-1514074nickrussellInitial wins at a new job
2012-09-1213976Eyebrows McGeeRahm v. CTU
2012-02-22139740xFCAFI ate my dinner in a diner...
2012-04-1613565jphNeed some OKCupid coaching for profiles
2012-01-1213563peagoodWhat's with the prolonged night wakeful periods?
2012-02-0513063peagoodGetting kid to clean room
2012-02-2412705teaforonehow to get over an ex completely?
2012-03-0412159holdkris99How are people extradited in the US
2012-10-2512032sock of overshareHow can I keep this friendship, and should I even try?
2012-05-0811889dancestoblueDo not go gentle into that good night
2012-07-2211695ScientistHow do I stop masturbating to violent images?
2012-09-1211289batmonkeyFacing your Fears: Drugs, Booze and Social Anxiety
2012-07-1511276Jane the BrownHelp me deal with negative patterns of thinking.
2012-04-1911255mioritaMixed marriages
2012-05-1911132sebastienbailardHow to keep sane on a 6 month roadtrip?
2012-11-3010943McSwaggersSun and Sun and Moon and Moon and Moon
2012-08-3110802anitanitaHow to handle job interviews while going through chemo/radiation for cancer?
2012-11-0810762suburbsI have a fear of chemicals and microbes, and anything that might harm my health. Is it rational? If not, how do I get over it?
2012-05-0410626cairdeas"Give her ""space"" and potentially end the relationship, or try to compromise?"
2012-07-2910574SpecialKWhat do engineers do all day?
2012-09-1010569nanojathRelationship of modern believers and conservative religion
2012-04-2410546mioritaSeparated from wife, got involved with someone else, should I reconcile with my wife?
2012-05-2910397broadway billWhat to do in Louisville?
2012-03-2910363f_pandahow do build closer friendships
2012-03-1010343mioritaHow to not crush the opposition and stay genuine?
2012-11-0510302sockpuppet13I need a short term solution to homelessness of a four person family (2 adults, 2 children) in the Los Angeles area?
2012-01-2610249Homeboy TroubleRef.Cat? s.e.? Stats help needed!
2012-12-0410200jphWhere for young liberal professional to live in Texas?
2012-11-1810055contraptionShould I go with a wireless or wired sound system?
2012-01-1310028trollCool Workout Names?
2012-06-039972cocoagirlJust about done with this game of life.
2012-03-289970mioritaI want to smell better
2012-08-099910Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman!Help for a bipolaroid afraid of free time
2012-05-149725kathrynWhat are the best bars/lounges in NYC?
2012-10-089654jebI'm a designer taking a Treehouse course on iPhone app-making and the code part doesn't seem to be sinking in. Any tips or tricks to get myself into that kind of headspace?
2012-11-229653paperclip2000Spoiled Kids Need Lesson in Gift-Giving
2012-05-089582jebQuick turn-around strategy for buying Facebook stock?
2012-07-019568bilabialWhat can I do to improve my OKC Profile?
2012-02-089557viggorlijahCalling out to all premature baby/NICU experts
2012-08-179503Mael OuiNewly diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and overwhelmed with how much I don't know. Bonus: help me find a doctor in Washington, DC who I can trust?
2012-09-259501yuwtzeHigh school track-what was that like?
2012-04-069490aparrishPython for Putzes, Part 2
2012-04-179479corn_breadNeed some OKCupid coaching for profiles
2012-12-289459spitbullDid I doom my graduate school application by mentioning my illness?
2012-05-319438Sara C.Where can I find the Chicago youth culture in Brooklyn?
2012-08-129365amroYou’re a market researcher. What do you do all day?
2012-10-039345cairdeasSexual awakening: From vanilla to firecracker?
2012-06-229306cortexThe guys I date tell me I deserve better. If not from them, who?
2012-04-279306bilabialAttention Shoppers
2012-03-249304mioritaWe don't want to be the mean girls
2012-04-179271shmegeggehow to approach and how to make girls interested in you?
2012-01-199260cairdeasWhy can't we just all get along?
2012-03-279253miorita"How to get over affair with a guy I don't even like but feel like I ""loved"" or at least obsessed over?"
2012-02-169251WilderRoux en-Y vs. Lap Band
2012-05-139201salviaShould I break up with my narcissistic sister?
2012-12-089198Sara C.Help us plan an awesome trip through Northern Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia
2012-11-249178dancestoblueHow do people learn to have fun by themselves?
2012-04-119178CygnetWhat is it like to have/witness the decline of/lose a dearly loved grandparent?
2012-10-089170A Terrible LlamaDrill baby drill. Or give up, hire a contractor. Whatever.
2012-01-039122SMPAHow many layers of organization and management are there to running a mammoth operation like Disneyland for a day?
2012-06-109073nickrussellWhat's so funny? ...Damned if I know.
2012-12-299048herrdoktorMy mom has pneumonia - desperately seeking advice
2012-04-228984mioritaWhat do you do when you achieve without trying?
2012-04-048979cashmanPlease hoop me!
2012-08-138964anitanitaAdvice/Thoughts for a recent college grad who doesn't like his job.
2012-10-138923flugGerman Intelligence during the second World War
2012-09-298912barnoneCheck-cashing stores are to banks as X are to Y
2012-10-018901Urban WinterHelp me be a great DM!
2012-01-118878gauchestepmom broke up with me
2012-05-298767jebHow do I raise money without going to a bank?
2012-06-258729ScientistWhat kind of bike should I get?
2012-01-098684jebFrom whence the hate?
2012-07-138678smoke"No, I do not want to ""hack my baby""."
2012-06-138677Marie Mon DieuCue makeover montage
2012-03-218620limeonaireIs there an entry level to hell?
2012-01-248610mieI'm about to become homeless in Los Angeles. Please help me.
2012-05-268596SMPALeaving the city?
2012-01-258593mieHow to create a user generated website?
2012-12-238592NattieWhat can I do to make his parrot hate me less?
2012-11-108589xarnopSurviving a separation, part 2: boundary setting!
2012-06-088553Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman!Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, right.
2012-08-228525[insert clever name here]Is there anything I can do to help my ill friend?
2012-04-068453f_pandaIs lazy exercise always an oxymoron?
2012-06-158401nickrussellHow do I find a job and move out?
2012-03-288374MCMikeNamaraMe : Extrovert. She : Introvert. Can this relationship survive? Should it?
2012-06-098358koahiatamadlHow do I not suck at life?
2012-10-208352chasethecarrotHow can I deal with lingering feelings of blame and attachment following the end of a long-term relationship?
2012-01-318330saladinHow realistic is drowning when shown on TV?
2012-09-128267victoriabLooking for suggestions for a inexpensive beach-front hotel within 45 minutes of Boston.
2012-11-148250disillusionedNeed help with a move
2012-05-298245nickrussellCan nomads find love too?
2012-06-278236pazazygeekAgile & Scrum, SOAP, Huh?
2012-04-188230mioritaDestined to be alone due to lack of guts
2012-08-198216swelteringWithout insurance, 24-year-old dies of toothache...
2012-06-258209FrownerIf only literary inference was axiomatic...
2012-06-198207cairdeasThe guys I date tell me I deserve better. If not from them, who?
2012-09-078206KhazkSony Vegas Video Blues
2012-07-278197lupus_yonderboyAdvice for a green musician
2012-04-068161NothingPython for Putzes, Part 2
2012-06-138145xmIs there hope?
2012-01-038131cairdeasSmells like Adult Spirit
2012-12-308100lolluscLiving Like A King
2012-03-228094ditto7532 years old... should I go back to school or should I get a job?
2012-01-138070athenadanaestepmom broke up with me
2012-07-218023feelinglistlessUS readers: Is there a good film about your city or state?
2012-03-187986jayderWhat just happened with this guy?
2012-12-307955solotoroHelp me plan a 3 month trip to Southeast Asia: Thailand,Laos,Vietnam,Cambodia, and Malaysia
2012-10-237953ladygreyWhy have case endings and gender endured in language?
2012-10-227900magstheaxePurging all of the things
2012-02-257874peagoodI'm a significant adult in the life of a 12-year-old girl who has become a bully.
2012-08-247844cortexWhat is your experience of escorting, first or second-hand?
2012-03-297836lilac girlWhat would the modern diner think of a nice dinner out from the 30s-60s?
2012-12-097814fraula"A question about therapy that does not have ""CBT"" as its answer."
2012-10-277792Susan PGFunctioning with bad jet-lag?
2012-07-227779cairdeasPissing off prospective friends and alienating people since the 1980s
2012-07-227774Jane the BrownHow do I stop masturbating to violent images?
2012-10-157765MarnieHow did you break social habits that were hurting others and you?
2012-11-187764nickrussellHow do you stop a self-sabotage spiral?
2012-07-297756rmd1023What do engineers do all day?
2012-06-257741kathrynWhat to see and do less touristy in Chicago?
2012-06-167741olinerdHow can an atheist/catholic marriage succeed?
2012-02-137716vivid postcardBut what if I'm the person everyone hates?
2012-11-137707involutionHow to Avoid Being a Victim
2012-09-257673batmonkeyBetween a rock and a hard place
2012-04-067671infiniHello. I'd like to work for you. But I don't know how to approach you.
2012-11-277637soundguy99To live outside the law you must be honest...but must you be poor?
2012-06-087624davejayHelp me track my income and spending.
2012-06-217620nickrussellhow do you share your life when you're not sure where you're going?
2012-10-027600RachelSmithPresidential Managment Fellowship for STEM graduates
2012-07-087555Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman!Help me come up with some unorthodox ideas to help my blocked 22 year old son
2012-04-127552DeathaliciousPython for Putzes, Part 2
2012-06-197547PercussivePaultake me out to the shake shack
2012-01-277511TheLastPsychiatristCan this relationship be salvaged?
2012-05-217510netbrosFeels bad, man
2012-03-217490TedWFacing divorce and depression
2012-03-307456amileighsHow to understand the science of talk therapy?
2012-04-257419peagoodplease let me push that chair in...
2012-11-027395kairabWhy did the Soviet military retain the traditional Officer/Enlisted class binary rather than instituting some other hierarchichal structure?
2012-08-247344MadaminaWhat is ADD diagnosis / testing like as an adult?
2012-03-307306Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman!How to understand the science of talk therapy?
2012-03-027284FairchildHow do I stop acting like an ACOA?
2012-01-207239soundguy99Spotlight on my ignorance!
2012-06-017232lilac girlI simply KANT write my thesis...help me?
2012-09-237224yellowbinderTeach me about cam modeling?
2012-01-067221NattieTreating strangers, acquaintances, and friends better than close family and significant others?
2012-10-247214ookUnless guys are all dunderheads, I should be able to ask them out, right? Or not?
2012-12-067199kathrynI wanna go to New York City Cuz they tell me it's the place to be
2012-01-067190peagoodHow did you decide to have one parent stay home was the best situation?
2012-01-317188Helga-wooI need help completing a UK style job application form.
2012-05-127149Mister MoofooHey, cmoj, tell that joke.
2012-05-087135nickrussellSometimes when I need to do certain tasks, especially emailing superiors, I get a lot of anxiety about it, which causes me to procrastinate on it, which causes *DAYS* to go by, just causing me more anxiety and more procrastination. What can I do to stop t
2012-03-137129HoustonianPowerPoint, why are you so difficult?
2012-02-267122cairdeasHow much time should I give my relationship?
2012-06-127120spladoodlekeintHow to become an administrator in higher education
2012-07-177118peagoodHow do you move on in a healthy light from an abusive childhood?
2012-02-187110Brandon BlatcherHow to deal with fiancé's explosive child?
2012-05-107104The White HatSeeking a better understanding of the immune system.
2012-09-267086nebulawindphoneHow to make therapy work?
2012-02-047075aydeejonesHow much to charge for long-term cat-sitting for a good friends?
2012-10-217023herrdoktorFirst hand accounts of revenge?
2012-06-027020smokeHow do I get through the day with two autoimmune diseases?
2012-11-207014malthusanQuestion about artistic skills
2012-06-257011FrownerIf only literary inference was axiomatic...
2012-11-287008ourobourosNo, no, no. Hold your head like this, then go Waaah. Try it again.
2012-10-136989JacquelineHow to cope with losing my fiance to alcohol, two weeks before our wedding?
2012-02-296975MesoFilterWhat makes a person photogenic?
2012-05-136974tel3pathApathy towards bad people: naive or some form of perceptual disorder?
2012-10-276963Snarl FurilloWhat do I do about my mom, and my 6 year old sister who may possibly have a mental problem? Long, snowflakey details inside.
2012-06-196950nickrussellDepression question: there are many like it, but this is mine.
2012-04-026939vivid postcardSooo...trust and attachment issues, anyone?
2012-01-136932ElysumSon of Hades? But isn't Jupiter, like, your bosses' boss?
2012-05-276930Chocolate PicklePrimer on the workings of cognition-affecting chemicals
2012-09-296923ceribus peribusHow do I calculate the probability of a specific sum of repeated die rolls?
2012-11-106921alady"Convincing my traditional parents that marrying my boyfriend (as opposed to an arranged marriage) is not a ""sin"". Tried for many years; can you help me try more?"
2012-08-256918Noisy Pink BubblesHow is webbe formd?
2012-02-246910SpeckletWhat veggie meals do meat eaters like to eat?
2012-02-026908anitanitaRésumé anxiety
2012-01-316908mieThe Emotional Bondage of Stuff, or, Why am I having so much trouble getting rid of things I don't really like, never wanted in the first place, and actively want to discard?
2012-08-296899FrownerBeauty Privilege?
2012-05-036895MizuWhat makes a mom a good mom? What does it feel like to have a good mom?
2012-04-306892lotusmishI'm ugly, now what?
2012-07-286884Mitheralsoundproofing a wall with a door in it
2012-04-236884flibbertigibbetI don't know absolutely knowing!
2012-05-276880nickrussellI'm in the worst non-relationship ever and I don't get myself out.
2012-04-116880bilabialCinderella goes to the ball...
2012-02-216876!JimTell me how a web startup like Pinterest or Kickstarter happens.
2012-08-216873meehawlPaging Dr. Freud--and his 21st century medical school reading list.
2012-01-026867kisch mokuschHow to flatten photos of a round object?