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2005-10-11124514RichardPHow to determine combinations of a set
2006-10-1140127meehawlMike Hammer meets Hammer Films?
2006-04-0639280fvox13Research on CBT vs. meds?
2010-07-2837795ifjulyWhat's your favorite old reliable recipe?
2013-07-1836127Monsieur CautionWhere can I find the best documentaries from the past 30 years or so?
2009-08-0733298zamboniThe food that defines your state is?
2021-05-0332636loquaciousE-bike Conversions 101
2010-04-1332631ifjulyI want things that make you grunt
2011-08-0431967ohshenandoahHokiest Country Music Songs
2009-09-0427950ND¢Don't know why they didn't offer a plain-text list
2004-06-2127547smcnivenLiving in Dubai
2015-07-2927129dancestoblueMy parents are very perplexed by all this
2019-09-0927012larthegreatOffice lady shoes for changing weather?
2010-12-0826435NattieFiction writing advice for the advanced amateur.
2010-05-2425352NattieWhen and how did you realize you were bisexual?
2008-04-1624735keith0718Wrong religion?
2023-09-2823378flugWhy hot water OK in the shower or dishwasher, but not to drink?
2014-10-1222814BlueHorseName that chicken house!
2012-03-2422684satori_movementHow do I make a clean break?
2010-07-0822497mondaygreensSo this law, it's eternal?
2010-06-2122449NattieHow do great writers create stories?
2006-12-1322012bwilmsNo Bum Album
2007-05-3021798ohshenandoah"What ""Rules for Life"" should I pass on to my 15 year old brother?"
2009-07-2221723ifjulyHelp me plan a healthier daily diet.
2010-11-1521700sprShould I text this stranger?
2010-03-2821089NattieLife starts... now.
2008-07-2120354hadjiboyThe business of blogging
2012-08-3120292cairdeasHow to get my ex back in this complicated situation?
2017-03-1120129decathectingShould I press charges against my student?
2009-06-1820029Brian PuccioArbitration or bust?
2022-12-0619706kevinbeltPicklist on a website; how to capture full list?
2010-12-2019568AskrWhich cellphone contract does a roadie get?
2013-02-0419403grumblebeeHelp me, and my team, strengthen our non-fiction writing skills
2012-01-2919342mondaygreensWhat's the best way to think about mathematics?
2010-03-0719163gudrunFamily Tree Research, How?
2010-03-2318816NattieIt doesn't work that way
2016-05-0518551olinerdThe kid logistics seem overwhelming
2010-04-1318396LutoslawskiI want things that make you grunt
2017-12-3118010flabdabletMac app to slice images and re-assemble them randomly?
2011-02-1517861peagoodNew room for a nine year old
2011-09-0617790NattieHow do I stop judging them?
2018-08-0117783dorothyisunderwoodPlease rec me your fabulous fanfiction
2022-01-0117353The Wrong Kind of CheeseHow do I help a friend with cleanup and moving forward?
2008-02-2917309nickyskyeis there hope for someone who is highly narcissistic yet falls short of actually having narcissistic personality disorder?
2005-03-0517269Lockeownzj00Theoretical explanation for kinkyness.
2012-05-0917080BlasdelbAll that glitters, how much cash can I get for that?
2012-06-1216898nickrussellHas L.A. changed since the 90s?
2010-03-1816766ifjulyCooking by the book
2011-02-0916746rdrSONG! By ARTIST! By BAND!
2007-09-0216708consilium"Here is my backwards curse: Girls I might befriend platonically always end up wanting ""something more,"" and it ends in disaster. How can I break this pattern of causing pain?"
2015-06-1516608silsurffirst chapter books for 5 year old?
2012-02-2216478TedWTo Complain or Not?
2013-12-0416430BruceBrownHas anyone heard of Simpson College?
2013-09-0916404mioritaNew Teacher's Aide Feeling Overwhelmed -- Is this normal???
2011-01-0216319Put the kettle onHow to enjoy being abroad in London on a limited budget?
2016-08-1216300guster4loversCareer Advice for a Young, Indecisive Teacher
2020-09-0316207Iris GambolDress the Little Unladylike Lady (Style-filter: Short, sharp, and curvy)
2012-11-1416075Monsieur CautionHelp me understand Henri Lefebvre's book, The Production of Space
2015-01-3016051[insert clever name here]Bitch in Business
2009-05-2316030saysthisHow to communicate with a loved one
2012-11-0815880suburbsI have a fear of chemicals and microbes, and anything that might harm my health. Is it rational? If not, how do I get over it?
2010-12-0315813grumblebeeHelp! I may be an asshole
2009-01-2515709kookoobirdzI'm a wreck..
2020-03-2615684Jane the Browntouching post-Covid19
2022-05-2115669loquaciousIf I looking for boat
2009-12-0915658AskrHelp me plan a BBQ road trip
2019-08-0615648Jane the BrownHow can I learn to navigate Guess Culture?
2014-08-1515641SolomonPower Outage Preparedness
2007-05-0315614onticlearning about old cows
2015-08-0815608Jane the BrownHow do I become an organized, routine-driven, goal-achieving adult?
2011-02-0315450ggHelp me understand the current political situation in Egypt.
2010-05-2815447inigo2Save me from having to hire a data enterer.
2023-08-1315257Jane the BrownWhat is it like to be an indirect communicator and/or people pleaser?
2013-11-1915185BlasdelbLust, Spirituality, and Religion
2021-08-3015178tazHow do I come to peace with the fact that my father is gone?
2010-09-1915173NattieHow do I properly approach women on the subway?
2018-02-1215077fedwardExplain it like I'm 5: Home-buying edition
2018-03-2415048tzikehWhat to expect from my first float?
2011-10-0315019ThinkmontgolfierI don't want to hold back, I don't want to slip down
2011-01-2615006Jane the BrownHow does one go for months without a job and avoid homelessness?
2008-03-2014981Ian A.T.Can a taxi driver get rich without winning the lotto?
2011-06-0114801NattieHurry up and help me before I am not interested in an answer anymore!
2021-02-0414774axiomSmaller 4WD/AWD cars?
2018-01-0814727blueberryMac app to slice images and re-assemble them randomly?
2007-09-0214687consilium"Here is my backwards curse: Girls I might befriend platonically always end up wanting ""something more,"" and it ends in disaster. How can I break this pattern of causing pain?"
2012-10-1414673Jane the BrownHow have you gamified your life?
2020-06-1014650flugWhat is quintessentially Missourian?
2016-08-1314645WordshoreFriend acquires a lot of cheese. What to do with it?
2019-08-1314487Jane the BrownParents who had a 2-year-old with speech delays: what's it like now?
2016-06-2614401which_chickWhat happens in Kindergarten? What do I do with this kid?
2020-06-0414335moonlight on vermont"I'd like some perspective on ""ACAB"""
2023-07-1814281foxjacketHow do you know when it's time to leave a long term relationship?
2008-11-1214271grumblebeeSalvaging freshman comp?
2009-12-0214237runningwithscissorsBrown Men's Dress Boots
2018-04-2114195kkokkodalkSouth Korean Drinking Culture in the 80s/Early 90s?
2011-01-1214176kyrademonLooking for Lesbian/Bisexual Fiction
2008-04-0914147the_binary_bluesWrong religion?
2011-09-1614131recurseLet's assume that I am the stupidest person that ever lived. Explain to me what JavaScript is, what it does, and how a moron would go about learning it...
2012-09-0114127nonspecialistGood fantasy novels with female protagonists?
2018-12-2714100Jane the BrownHow can I be the host with the most?
2023-02-1614088foxjacket"How do I make the seemingly ""impossible"" seem ""possible"""
2012-05-1514074nickrussellInitial wins at a new job
2010-08-1014007pseudostrabismusHelp me pare down my shape!
2021-02-2814003The RehearsalSapiosexual beyond all reason
2008-06-2514001JanebondOh, good morning, Dying Alone! How have you been?
2016-07-0813988tel3pathPlease Help, Packing Wizards!
2011-06-0413988SmedleymanIf my rapist comes after me again, is there any legal weapon (other than a gun) that will stop him?
2012-09-1213976Eyebrows McGeeRahm v. CTU
2012-02-22139740xFCAFI ate my dinner in a diner...
2016-09-0513956Marie Mon DieuHow do you judge the quality of jewelry?
2008-11-1813952fourcheesemacHow to get into Harvard with average-ish grades!
2011-11-1513877trixare4kidsHidden Dallas - What's to see?
2017-05-0313852showbiz_lizFinding a reason to pursue a beloved passion
2019-05-1613814cpoundSeeking fandom metrics
2005-12-0913801skylarsorry, we have detected you live in another licensing area
2016-02-2913788nickrussellHow to make best use of time supporting my political party.
2010-02-2613743ifjulyFool-Proof Receipes for Entertaining
2011-01-2613739JacquelineLanguage barrier in the classroom
2015-12-2913705nickrussellI really want to give up smoking but I am terrified.
2006-01-2613703trevynFriendly concern?
2017-01-2913688the latin mouseLike I need this at this point in time.
2012-04-1613565jphNeed some OKCupid coaching for profiles
2010-10-3113565AsparagirlHelp me make good decisions about my 10 year old son
2012-01-1213563peagoodWhat's with the prolonged night wakeful periods?
2014-09-0513546mioritaWhy is this room not inviting?
2022-06-1213490grumblebeeHow to read plays and scripts?
2021-03-0813433firstdaffodilsIntelligent women: How do you be yourself freely?
2022-09-1513401atrazineHow do the Scottish generally feel about being in the UK?
2007-06-1013348spiderwireWorking 9 to 9.05, what a way to make a living.
2015-01-0413321rorgyHow can I forgive myself for wasting so much time?
2018-01-1513231flabdabletMac app to slice images and re-assemble them randomly?
2013-12-2213157DimesWho's better for me - the girl I want or the girl my family wants?
2010-09-2513157ifjulyI need hearty soup recipes
2009-09-2513127JHarrisHow can I conquer Rogue-Likes?
2009-10-1313120schmichaelAm I being rational?
2015-02-1813108Jane the BrownThe other shore looks nice, but the bridge makes my skin crawl
2008-01-3013095MikoGetting a grant writer position
2011-09-0213082kookoobirdzemployment, careers, depression, and inpatient psychiatric care
2014-12-2813074soundguy99First time dating – is it me, or is this just how it is, for everyone?
2012-02-0513063peagoodGetting kid to clean room
2010-11-2212964flabdabletAdvice and encouragement, please, on jumping the rest of the way into Linux
2010-01-0912946jeffamaphoneHow does Internet Explorer make money?
2022-06-1912943foxjacketStruggling with a friendship change (pregnancy) with close friends.
2011-04-2612924dancestoblueAdvice for getting through the mid-twenties identity crisis?
2008-06-0512906sararahWhy won't my Linux machine play nice?
2007-04-2512906occhibluHow can a gay couple bear a child?
2022-01-1512877The Wrong Kind of CheeseHelp me get someone else to help me with my life
2008-12-2612865anitanitaEnglish-major cliche
2005-07-1412856grumblebeeWhat is Quality? How does one measure it?
2010-09-2212834grumblebeeBlow my mind.
2008-09-3012834Mike1024Help me name my Tibetan Baby before I pop!
2008-01-0912834aeschenkarnosHelp for Compulsive Hoarding
2014-09-0312803The Wrong Kind of CheesePitfalls of becoming a Personal Organizer?
2015-04-1112741flabdabletCross-cultural family problems with elderly parents
2013-03-0312741SMPAWhy are there so many homeless people in the USA?
2012-02-2412705teaforonehow to get over an ex completely?
2009-02-1712703charlesvDa Palermo a Roma!
2015-05-0412675Jane the BrownWhy am I so fat?
2010-04-2812669NattieShe's Not Dead Yet
2008-10-0812661disillusionedPlease help a finance newbie
2009-01-2112640grumblebeeHow can I hone my problem solving skills?
2018-10-1612619terretuI think I'm agender or something, but what's the point of that?
2010-04-1512615grumblebeeWhat to do about teaching and the internet?
2023-07-2812607Jane the BrownWhat are the pros and cons of reintroducing animal powered transport?
2008-04-2812601pasiciGirls like you don't become lawyers.
2020-03-2012596Jane the BrownBetter responses to delayed feedback?
2006-03-1212577telstarAdolescent Circumcision
2011-07-0612546ifjulyBeginning strength training resources?
2022-09-3012540BlueJaeHelp with neurodivergent 5yo
2009-03-3112521Dee XtrovertChicken Paprikash recipe
2013-12-3112481SolomonHow to prepare for disaster without going all Doomsday Preppers
2013-08-0712474nickrussellHow do I start taking my job seriously again?
2014-06-2812473herrdoktormother has cancer and I have so many questions
2008-11-1012472softlordlove quotes
2023-03-1112469flugWhat is up with this one chord in this one bach piece
2010-09-2312439NattieHow do two foodies survive on a budget?
2021-02-2612420Jane the BrownExperiences/descriptions of 20thC illegal gambling
2017-07-2612390EmpressCallipygosFirst Time in NYC - Solo Business Trip - Need Suggestions!
2009-10-2912366bilabialTell me about the treatment of abuse in adults.
2015-08-0512358kathrynMy partner and I just won a free trip to Oahu. What should we see or do?
2022-12-1712328flughow a bill becomes a law...
2022-01-1712328flugExplain to me like I'm first-year university: Age of cosmic background
2013-03-0712328tel3pathWhat good things come in little packages?
2010-02-1012307dmtHow do I win an election?
2020-06-1412279Jane the BrownHusband with possible coronavirus - action plan?
2006-08-1212270LobsterMittenWhy the dearth of female philosophers?
2018-01-3012260oblique redCo-worker thinks I'm dumb and doesn't try to hide it
2016-07-0812257thatpretentiousassholeHow to think about a partner and what matters long term
2009-02-0312256Askrvideo camera buying advice sought
2023-05-1912230flabdabletOn a Mac: find duplicate music files in a folder full of subfolders
2014-03-3012221efalkI need to learn to be a bartender very quickly.
2007-03-1812211safetyforkBand Names Which Are Complete Sentences
2011-08-28122035Q7Why don't some college guys ever date?
2013-03-2212192dancestobluePutting out the fires
2011-12-1312186timsteilDon't Mess With A Missionary
2006-04-2512186cebaileyWhat is a reasonable offer for a new car?
2007-02-2312180MenomenaMasters in Journalism--Is it necessary?
2023-01-2312170Jane the BrownWhat is the benefit of therapy for this specific situation?
2015-12-0612168Jane the BrownMinor infections in the days before anti-biotics or anti-fungals?