Which comments in MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 are the longest?

2012-04-0635357delmoiTimeless Message
2012-10-0832959BlasdelbEating the plate instead of the food
2012-04-1427596Z303Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms
2012-12-0225901RhaomiI think I mentioned we also saw an actual knife fight in this same alley! With big giant meat cleavers!
2012-12-0524079unliteraljust got an extremely troubling call from the manufacturer. not good
2012-05-2023504MikoS03E23: Comparative Hoaxology
2012-03-2916125aeschenkarnosThe Enduring Consequences of Unemployment
2012-12-2815798kliulessDebtmageddon vs the robot utopia.
2012-04-0715677delmoiAlone Together
2012-12-1615425ricochet biscuitYou know who you remind me of?
2012-07-1615211Ivan FyodorovichWhat happened with Iceland?
2012-01-2914883infinite intimationMay I have your attention please.
2012-10-1714844BlasdelbProvirophages and transpovirons as the diverse mobilome of giant viruses
2012-05-2714693MikoRight wing folk music
2012-07-0314614physicsmattHow I learned to stop worrying and love reductionism
2012-02-1114504SmedleymanTruth, lies and Afghanistan
2012-06-1114240kliulesssovereignty and taxation
2012-02-2714233Ivan Fyodorovich"The Republican ""brand"" is collapsing"
2012-02-2814044Ivan FyodorovichWhy the Obesity Issue Might Be More Complex Than We Think
2012-06-2013949dancestoblueThey would say, 'We don't care what happened with your son, you have to pay us'.
2012-04-0513933kochbeckA Teen’s Brave Response
2012-11-2113858sonascopea distraction that none of us want
2012-11-0313639codacorollaDo you like hurting people?
2012-08-1113477JHarrisWhere wolf?
2012-08-0913437ArkhanJG"Set phasers to ""Hulk Smash!"""
2012-02-1113302deanklearResponsibility to protect?
2012-02-1213226codacorollaCalifornia Dreamin'
2012-04-2813188MikoDiscobolus and The Thinker
2012-03-2312939delmoiGeeklist, Sexism, Redemption-- Oh My
2012-07-2312758kristiNeil Gaiman age 7, disciple of Scientology
2012-02-2112722sonascopeAIDS Quilt - 25 Years Later ...
2012-03-2112644delmoiThe White Savior Industrial Complex
2012-08-1112593JHarrisWhere wolf?
2012-02-1112545anigbrowlignorant America
2012-04-2812485sonascope"""You also said the skunk wouldn’t spray me either!"""
2012-02-0512420empathResponsibility to protect?
2012-01-0812362infinite intimationGorbachev on the New World Order
2012-06-2412360BlasdelbA year later
2012-10-1712321BlasdelbMad scientist in your own basement?
2012-02-0712265SmedleymanTruth, lies and Afghanistan
2012-02-0512260sonascopeThe Stutz Bearcat
2012-03-0512222delmoiWant to bro down and crush code?
2012-05-2212160kyrademonAn Unorthodox Controversy
2012-12-0312017vibratory manner of workingPress X to wubwubwub
2012-06-2512017running order squabble festSkepchick vs Psychology Today
2012-05-1712012MikoS03E23: Comparative Hoaxology
2012-05-1011926CanageekFrom Graduate School to Welfare.
2012-08-0111911sonascopeWhat do today's kids make of the Commodore 64?
2012-07-0411906RhaomiHappy ID4 day!
2012-07-0611894dancestoblue"""Shelagh would have thought this was stupid perfect"""
2012-06-2911849Phalene"""Are we all 14 years old over here?"""
2012-04-2211826nickrussellRed Snappers Are Red Rated
2012-06-1511816Rory MarinichThe view from over here.
2012-08-1211631JHarrisWhere wolf?
2012-07-0511629sonascopeAre all your questions gonna be about pets?
2012-04-1811577seanmpuckettjmp TRIGSPIKES
2012-03-2911454CanageekGas Leak at North Sea Platform
2012-09-1011409Eyebrows McGeeChicago Teachers Strike
2012-11-1511255sonascopeHe did not understand that if he waited and listened and observed, another idea of some kind would probably occur to him someday.
2012-04-0411164jkolkoAustin Beer Fail
2012-05-2211150sonascopeThis American Truth
2012-08-1811098deanklear"""a clear and written threat that they could storm our embassy."""
2012-05-1911084XMLiciousS03E23: Comparative Hoaxology
2012-05-1710847thewalrusThe story of Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy as told by his supporters in Time Magazine's comments section
2012-01-0610836cairdeas"""SO GHETTO!"""
2012-05-2810748sonascopeMy Hovercraft Is Full of Eels
2012-11-1910713radwolf76Selena Kyle? The girl who talks to her cats?
2012-03-1810685delmoiSo that's why they call 'em fractals!
2012-08-0810662eviemathWe're changing our image.
2012-07-0510625FrownerPaths to Graceland
2012-03-0410623delmoiEzra Klein on corruption in US politics
2012-01-2910611MikoA serial intern in the finance sector speaks.
2012-02-1010610eviemathU.S. Press Freedom Rankings Plummet
2012-10-0910587sonascopeLost in Space
2012-08-1010519sonascopeFor the love of a good hound
2012-05-1810514XMLiciousS03E23: Comparative Hoaxology
2012-06-1910511delmoiWhy do we value the network and hardware that delivers music but not the music itself?
2012-06-0810508grumblebeePixar story rules
2012-12-1210466PhilofactsRavi Shankar has died.
2012-11-0410369sonascope"""What I did not expect was shrugging boredom, the most feared of student reactions."""
2012-07-0510357charlie don't surf"""Whereas the left is always in danger of talking itself into the ground."""
2012-03-1610349JHarrisDysfunctional and Co-Dependent
2012-02-0810342delmoiSantorum Surges From Behind!
2012-03-2310304delmoiGeeklist, Sexism, Redemption-- Oh My
2012-06-2810206nickrussellNessie and Noah
2012-12-0610201ConspireAmerican Science Language
2012-05-0110179brinaBlogging Against Disablism Day 2012
2012-02-1910122russilwvongChomsky on the new world order
2012-06-1510104delmoiThe view from over here.
2012-02-0710102dancestoblue"""It was as if he knew he was going to a very dark place and he knew he couldn't do anything about it,"""
2012-11-1910099DaDaDaDave"""deconstruction, in French, would be nothing without puns"""
2012-01-0410050delmoi"""Because we don't know how to make a wheel that is still generally useful for legitimate wheel applications but useless to bad guys."""
2012-10-0110035Riki tikimy job is is not to worry about those people
2012-02-1510018russilwvongWhy some people think Noam Chomsky is wrong
2012-04-2310011TedWNear Death, explained
2012-11-2110003flexsocial impact bonds
2012-04-269960charlie don't surfWhy And How To Strike On May Day
2012-02-209948russilwvongChomsky on the new world order
2012-03-219943delmoiTrayvon Martin, shot by George Zimmerman
2012-05-179868XMLiciousS03E23: Comparative Hoaxology
2012-04-309813NomyteNever Bet on an Eggplant
2012-07-109806disillusionedThe Ones We've Lost: The Student Loan Debt Suicides
2012-03-069794delmoiIron Pyrite Ears
2012-12-029774curuinorBit Part
2012-02-109767cairdeasRaise the Crime Rate
2012-09-149749BlasdelbHumans are less human than we thought.
2012-01-149749charlie don't surfDo you.
2012-08-019724Ivan FyodorovichWhat do today's kids make of the Commodore 64?
2012-02-129716Jonathan LivengoodThe Mystery of the Millionaire Metaphysician
2012-01-159696Ivan FyodorovichPiston engine goes boing-boing-boing, but the rotary goes hmmmmmmmm
2012-08-169680ArkhanJGThe Man Box
2012-06-169655charlie don't surfInseminating Squid...
2012-01-089611infinite intimationExtraordinarily good at copying and following
2012-04-139524Ivan FyodorovichWho Needs Feminism?
2012-08-219501sonascopeMy guy rode an excitebike
2012-04-139462sonascopeAmerica's Pedestrian Problem
2012-01-259450the atomic kung fu panda bandit inquisitionOn mammograms
2012-04-029420wilfulrepublicanism: nature or nurture?
2012-01-319420delmoiU.S. Press Freedom Rankings Plummet
2012-11-059418sonascopeThe Plot to Destroy America's Beer
2012-02-099386sonascopeTearoom: Too busy sucking on a ding-dong
2012-10-299377zarqHurricane Sandy
2012-01-199351sonascopeWhen you're poor...
2012-05-249320delmoiMeep! Meep!
2012-08-309318AElfwine EvenstarAfter the immigrants, you're next
2012-02-289308nickrussellDon't take it personally
2012-02-209286russilwvongWhy some people think Noam Chomsky is wrong
2012-04-039261kliulessExecutive Compensation
2012-05-309251delmoiTo Profile or Not to Profile?
2012-06-259241NavelgazerAnd you know it
2012-09-239220iamabotHigh Tech's Dirty Little Secret
2012-05-079217running order squabble festI am Hellene
2012-02-129216furiousxgeorgeGoodbye and good riddance
2012-06-229196bitteschoenSkepchick vs Psychology Today
2012-11-169192DaDaDaDave"""deconstruction, in French, would be nothing without puns"""
2012-03-319180MikoPush Back Protesting
2012-04-279150charlie don't surfWhy And How To Strike On May Day
2012-03-229142ScientistWhen safe words are ignored
2012-02-139119AElfwine EvenstarWhy some people think Noam Chomsky is wrong
2012-02-279117Ivan Fyodorovich"The Republican ""brand"" is collapsing"
2012-11-169086the man of twists and turnsTensions Rising
2012-05-229067nickrussell"NYMag: ""A Life Worth Ending"""
2012-04-139067Ivan FyodorovichWho Needs Feminism?
2012-05-249055delmoiMeep! Meep!
2012-10-099035SkepticThe iEconomy
2012-11-299034kliulessHow corrupt are Ivy League admissions?
2012-01-029028peagoodPrinceless, Bayou Arcana, and more
2012-10-169022sonascopeMan Machine Music
2012-09-158982NavelgazerSean Connery’s hairy chest
2012-06-148980DeoridheThe ugly backlash to feminist-geek critiques
2012-05-188955delmoi"TED: Yes to ""Drying your Hands,"" No to ""Income Inequality."""
2012-09-058934nickyskyeLestat, Eric Northman, Tohrment and Dracula aren't the only bloodsuckers at the library
2012-02-038910SticherbeastAn overgrown boy scout: truthful, inquisitive, courageous and caring.
2012-12-218901Homeboy TroubleA guy who has bulging ideas rather than muscles
2012-02-098894delmoiWhy some people think Noam Chomsky is wrong
2012-09-138872BlasdelbHumans are less human than we thought.
2012-09-058871HuronBobFather and Son
2012-10-248852ArkhanJGSimple Question
2012-12-168819eviemathOn Barflies and Fruit Flies
2012-12-038799SmedleymanMagna Carta 2: promote the general welfare
2012-09-298737kliulessChina in Revolt?
2012-04-038731kliulessAn Interview with Yanis Varoufakis
2012-04-148721SaydurTribes: Ascend: free-to-play fps with a twist
2012-07-068711filthy light thiefRedneck zombies, sans the whimsy.
2012-02-198696Smedleyman'Nobody wants to be on the list of the FBI or the NYPD or whatever.'
2012-05-278670nickrussell"Christine Lagarde ""I think of little kids in Niger"""
2012-07-298668stavrosthewonderchickenHow to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America: A Remembrance
2012-01-298647paisley sheepSouth Korea's Pop Wave
2012-06-068631nickyskye“Should a Buddhist university really be doing such things?”
2012-11-138599GrangousierWe have no plan
2012-08-168592samofidelisA masing grace
2012-03-018585NolanRyanHatesMatchesWe have zillions of security plans for the Palace, for all kinds of things. But none included a player going up in the stands
2012-05-238580nickrussellDo-it-yourself bar codes
2012-05-138537nickrussellAn Existing, Ecologically-Successful Genus of Collectively Intelligent Artificial Creatures
2012-07-138525IridicMedieval Batman
2012-03-288508deanklearLesson #1: The United States lost.
2012-10-268502SmedleymanThe Permanent War
2012-10-148495Miko"Christopher Kimball: ""He may be the sole person associated with food journalism to remark, 'There’s something about pleasure I find annoying.'"""
2012-09-138488SleeperHumans are less human than we thought.
2012-01-208469MikoWhen you're poor...
2012-11-088467ArkhanJG"""I am done making excuses for the pro-life movement."""
2012-09-238457erikoHigh Tech's Dirty Little Secret
2012-04-088452gmanThe World's Most Unlikely Party Town
2012-10-108434sonascopeIf you only have time to pay attention to one Metafilter post about opera, it could be this one
2012-06-188426TheTingTangTongTrouble in the Old Dominion
2012-01-318426delmoiU.S. Press Freedom Rankings Plummet
2012-03-238418mishaGeeklist, Sexism, Redemption-- Oh My
2012-11-218413eviemathWhy did Prop 37 Fail?
2012-12-068409ConspireAmerican Science Language
2012-02-048409lupus_yonderboyIf they've got you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers.
2012-01-308399sonascopeMay I have your attention please.
2012-02-018351Ivan FyodorovichThat week-old hot dog is nauseous.
2012-05-018350dancestoblueTrees in Silos