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2006-06-19226831bigmusicA Declaration of War
2005-10-08196551The Jesse HelmsWhite Sox
2006-12-29173113stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2018-10-25146533KabanosTreaty of Westphalia signed on 24th October 1648
2006-06-19103214bigmusicA Declaration of War
2006-09-07101486loquaciousmaintaining a health 24/7 computer
2007-07-1698520jefgodeskyThe New Tribal Revolution
2020-02-2089115anazgnosRIP: Larry Tesler, inventor of copy & paste
2010-11-2088822BeerFilterBaby girl names sugestion
2006-12-2979251stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-06-1971214bigmusicA Declaration of War
2005-12-0563539gramschmidtWhat's That?
2010-11-2056822BeerFilterBaby girl names sugestion
2005-12-1854116narebucMedical Malpractice Myth
2005-12-0354026gramschmidtWhat's That?
2011-08-0848501not_on_displayWe don't need no img tag!
2006-12-2947342stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2010-12-0346057infinite intimationThe good, the bad and a prolific moderator.
2011-08-0644211not_on_displayWe don't need no img tag!
2007-04-1641622jefgodeskyAn Introduction to Anti-Civilization Anarchist Thought And Practice
2006-06-1939445bigmusicA Declaration of War
2005-11-1238611homunculusThe buddha's daughter
2009-07-0738002koeselitzHe Comes
2005-10-0837843kablam"""The best thing you can do for the poor is not be one of them."""
2009-03-2037764HuronBob-- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . --. . -. . .-. .- - --- .-. .-.-.-
2003-10-1437583monju_bosatsuOver God
2007-07-1636151jefgodeskyThe New Tribal Revolution
2012-04-0635357delmoiTimeless Message
2007-08-1334899nasreddinWhat Games Can Humans Still Win?
2005-03-1734721moschchocolate chocolate chocolate
2013-07-1434365kliulessBertrand Russell had it right
2004-04-1034083antimonyGay man marries in Seattle
2007-04-1233424jefgodeskyAn Introduction to Anti-Civilization Anarchist Thought And Practice
2012-10-0832959BlasdelbEating the plate instead of the food
2004-04-1132363troutfishingAugust 6, 2001 PDB - Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US
2010-12-1932000ericbU.S. Senate Clears The Way For A Vote to Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
2006-12-2931998stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2931994stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2007-09-0731990jefgodesky"""Nasty, brutish and short"" indeed"
2006-12-2931983stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2931978stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2931978stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-09-0731975sgt.serenitymaintaining a health 24/7 computer
2006-12-2931955stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2931947stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2931923stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2009-11-2331916jjjjjjjijjjjjjjGood stuff on Wikipedia
2011-01-0131717filthy light thiefRoyal Institution Christmas Lectures: inspiring and educating children and adults alike since 1825 (with a break for WWII)
2017-12-1831609AnonymousThe Best Podcasts of 2017
2007-08-0231534allterrainbrainT-Mo's Unlimited International Email: country links, caveats & notes
2010-10-2230750grouseYAD KCOL SPAC
2007-04-1730503jefgodeskyAn Introduction to Anti-Civilization Anarchist Thought And Practice
2010-01-2630410scalefreeYou can also dive off a bridge or blow your brains out.
2006-12-2930139stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-05-3129608Enron HubbardEvvverybody loves free stuff!
2009-10-1229530NattieHi. Whatcha reading?
2022-01-0329374WobbuffetFree thread!
2006-12-2929322stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2015-06-1228891Sys RqAlanis in Chains
2004-06-1928457Peter HMad As Hell
2015-02-0928315barnaclesData Visualization: Gendered Language in Teaching Reviews
2005-10-0828121spockThe 15 most imcompetent Bush appointments
2009-07-0727968EidetekerHe Comes
2006-12-2927966stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2011-12-1427855infinite intimationThis is a subject of but small importance; and I know not whether it will interest any readers, but it has interested me.
2009-01-2027777Mr. AnthropomorphismPlaying The Beatles Backwards: The Ultimate Countdown
2010-07-0627617NattieBut my name really is Deathblood Blackaxe
2010-08-3127598NattieNumber One Song After Number One Song
2012-04-1427596Z303Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms
2021-01-1027118XMLiciousThe day after the morning after: Trump won't attend inauguration
2014-08-1926995sfendersThe Evolution of Slang
2009-04-0726892delmoiBecause I said so? Not according to my lawyer!
2006-12-2926865stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2008-12-0426704ericbGay rights and wrongs
2006-12-2926554stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2010-11-1326222kliuless"""They're not enemies, but frenemies."""
2012-12-0225901RhaomiI think I mentioned we also saw an actual knife fight in this same alley! With big giant meat cleavers!
2014-11-0325703JHarrisArchive.org Gets an Arcade
2019-05-0825547BlueHorseOh, No, Not Knotweed!
2014-10-1225360kliulessThe Social Construction of Money (Wealth/Capital in the 21st Century)*
2022-04-2724990loquaciousNFT Bone
2020-01-2024898RhaomiI can't remember where I left my library card
2006-12-2924872stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2010-11-2024822BeerFilterBaby girl names sugestion
2009-06-2324766JuneDomestic Violence: Women Abusers On The Rise?
2004-09-2224671troutfishing“If You Harbor Terrorists, You Are a Terrorist”
2009-10-0924370VikingSwordThe race is on.
2018-10-2624308BlueHorsefor want of a nail...
2018-01-1624203limeonaireIt's Awl Over
2010-03-2224192swiftYoung Me / Now Me
2012-12-0524079unliteraljust got an extremely troubling call from the manufacturer. not good
2011-09-1624029NattieHello Cockie! Whose a pretty bird?
2015-03-1623760rorgyOur most personal device yet.
2010-12-2223727anigbrowlThe Fall of the House of Usher
2018-07-0423650cichlid ceilidhThe itty-bittiest publishing platform on the web.
2012-05-2023504MikoS03E23: Comparative Hoaxology
2005-12-0623288loquaciousWhat's That?
2006-12-2923257stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2019-10-1323232kliulessmarket socialism/inclusive prosperity
2005-06-2723186jefgodeskyBlame the farmers
2006-12-2923112stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2923080stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2922995stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2004-02-2322682troutfishingDental History
2014-05-0422594dancestoblueWhat Michael did
2005-10-2222567I Love TacosYAD KCOL SPAC
2013-07-0922551Rory MarinichAstonishing Chutzpah
2011-02-1422393ryanrsSo this is why I never win.
2014-10-1122324VikingSwordWhy War?
2007-04-1222276jefgodeskyAn Introduction to Anti-Civilization Anarchist Thought And Practice
2007-04-0222234jefgodeskyThe Tyranny of Structurelessness
2015-12-2422184kliulessThomas Piketty seminar
2006-12-2922181stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2922172stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2010-09-1022143edgeways"""They're selling postcards of the hanging."""
2006-12-2922096stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2006-12-2921805stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2016-01-2321747dancestoblueI love the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning
2013-05-2921675Rory MarinichA New Start
2017-10-2121355kandinskiThe confusion (and history) of Catalonia's efforts towards autonomy
2006-08-2421300stavrosthewonderchickenMore brains than you can shake a boomstick at.
2005-10-2221275gramschmidtYAD KCOL SPAC
2006-01-1621189Rumple1421: The Year China Discovered Your Mom
2013-01-3021169delmoiGet the lead out.
2004-05-3021165clavdivsIraq Net Assessment: Strategic Overview and Recommendations
2007-09-0521034jefgodesky"""Nasty, brutish and short"" indeed"
2015-10-0321003dancestoblue“Nobody ages like anybody else.”
2006-08-1620907Citizen PremierRe: Your Brains
2004-09-1220898five fresh fishand I wonder where she will staaay, my lil JRunaway. A run-run-run-JRunaway.
2016-03-3120889kliulessI wouldn't care if it was designed by a fascist if it looked this good
2021-09-1820887boxRolling Stone's New List of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
2004-06-0420818y2karlTorture and Truth and The Logic of Torture
2011-11-0220608sonascopeJudge William Adams beat his 16-year old daughter with a belt for downloading music and computer games
2010-08-0920584wilfulGame On
2006-12-2920369stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2016-02-0220270nickrussellToo poor to retire, too young to die
2019-07-1720251Ivan FyodorovichHuman races are not like dog breeds: refuting a racist analogy
2016-12-2220210OrlopThe David Foster Wallace disease
2021-09-1820200AlSweigartRolling Stone's New List of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
2011-07-2020037NavelgazerRemembering Hermione
2006-12-2919855stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2016-03-2019839kliulessCameron, Corbyn, The City and Steampunk
2016-11-0219829nickrusselldevelopers! developers! developers!
2013-01-0219792kliulessDebtmageddon vs the robot utopia.
2017-01-0519716dancestoblue"How to become a ""superager"""
2004-06-1019698troutfishingU.S. bioterrorism research leaps past defensive tactics
2013-10-2919658Going To MaineFree Palgrave Pivots
2014-11-1219651kliulessCan Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?
2015-04-2019612rorgySo Outrageous, Like we're Fam--
2023-06-0619500loquaciousI love electric vehicles[...] But increasingly I feel duped.
2010-08-0419457EidetekerCigars within cigars
2004-11-0719362Civil_DisobedientI am a tool of Satan
2005-03-3119312y2karlThe Minstrel Show 2.0: Why Postmodern Minstrelsy Studies Matter
2006-11-0719303peeping_ThomistTed Haggard | New Life Church
2014-06-2419272kliulessRisky Business
2015-04-0619248rorgy"""I would want the dickpic program changed."""
2011-08-0419150SmedleymanArmed and Pregnant
2013-04-2019119Bunny UltramodHow to Live at the Met
2005-09-1519105y2karlDark Was The Night--Cold Was The Ground by Blind Willie Johnson
2013-09-1718940physicsmattPossibly the end of The Big Bang Theory? (Not the TV show)
2006-12-2918917stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2009-06-2318883JuneDomestic Violence: Women Abusers On The Rise?
2020-08-1418854kliulessMaybe not snow, rain, heat or gloom of night, but what about Trump?
2013-03-0118825physicsmattOkay, my mind is officially blown...
2005-12-1418821Citizen PremierThe game of life, played with mushrooms
2007-10-2218685exlotuseaterYAD KCOL SPAC
2005-12-0618685kylegWhat's That?
2014-06-2918635xarnopA disturbance of the life-bearing wind that supports the mind
2006-12-2918606stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2014-03-1718500physicsmattWaves from the Big Bang
2023-07-3118416y2karlThe S-Files
2013-06-0218415physicsmattIs Nature Unnatural?
2010-10-2118343Baby_Balrog"""I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."""
2004-09-2518328y2karlWho Was Abused?
2016-11-2518303nickrussellWe cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.
2009-02-0218298TheOnlyCoolTimThe end of womyn's lands?
2023-07-0718113protorp"""my own personal comment: lmao, it's fucking dogshit"""
2020-02-1418086kliuless"""Capital and Ideology"""
2016-03-0718068kliulessWhat's changed and changing about (American) politics?
2013-11-2718051kliulessWhere would be the fun in watching a driverless Formula 1 race?
2010-04-2918023ShepherdPepsi Lifespan
2006-12-2918013stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2016-11-1918002the man of twists and turnsI still wake up and remember who is the President-elect
2004-07-2917968troutfishingThe Forgotten Coup
2019-04-1717956firebrickAre Prisons Obsolete?
2003-06-2917890troutfishingWell, what about pain?...
2011-06-2417839TheophileEscargotThere is no perfect pasta sauce: there are only perfect pasta sauces!