Which comments in MetaTalk are the longest?

2011-12-12255990RhomboidAt least we're not down to 140 characters
2006-05-09206130brain_drainI call out myself.
2013-02-15135063klangklangstonattaching photos?
2007-06-1391541klangklangstonMeFi and antisemitism
2009-04-0191356double block and bleedThe day has come.
2022-01-1691201Fiasco da GamaHow long is too long? - comments edition
2011-12-1191195double block and bleedAt least we're not down to 140 characters
2007-04-0381673jewzillaComment length hard limit?
2011-08-1360877grouseIf you really want the help of parents, maybe don't start by insulting them?
2005-09-1659642dersins"We don't ""sign"" our posts here at Metafilter "
2007-04-0354007mathowieComment length hard limit?
2010-03-1731989decagonDon't Hurt Me, Please!
2011-06-1031876flabdabletI get by with a little hope from my friends
2011-06-1031288flabdabletI get by with a little hope from my friends
2011-06-1031024flabdabletI get by with a little hope from my friends
2011-03-3030889NattieNot all religious discussions need to focus on the existence of G-d
2011-06-1028999flabdabletI get by with a little hope from my friends
2007-06-1327541klangklangstonMeFi and antisemitism
2005-07-0826450kenkoRessurrect the metafilter user sites feature?
2001-03-1026220Mo NickelsMetafilter of the weird
2015-03-0624659SticherbeastOne last chance to be moderated by Matt: feel free to be extreme.
2016-07-2024560the quidnunc kidHow to tell astroturf?
2013-08-0524012batmonkeyCounter-Cliquishness / Cult of Celebrity Callout
2015-03-0623423Too-TickyOne last chance to be moderated by Matt: feel free to be extreme.
2009-04-0122963koeselitzThe day has come.
2022-04-3022920zengargoyleMetatalktail Hour: Tabs!
2019-07-2322289RhaomiDecommissioning the US politics megathreads
2005-11-2822010tellurianNo Comments: please comment
2018-06-1121590loquaciousMetatalktail Hour: Mispronunciations
2013-08-0521341batmonkeyCounter-Cliquishness / Cult of Celebrity Callout
2012-01-2021100not_on_displayAchievement Unlocked
2006-11-0820833gsteffAnd the winner of the 2006 Metafilter Election Prediction contest is . . .
2011-06-1020724flabdabletI get by with a little hope from my friends
2011-06-1020724flabdabletI get by with a little hope from my friends
2012-04-3020542SkygazerApril Frist!
2015-03-0619937MitheralOne last chance to be moderated by Matt: feel free to be extreme.
2013-04-0119865not_on_displayCan we please filter out HTML blinks?
2010-04-0119739infinite intimation"So it's ""ranty"" when a non-American calls out US behaviour, hey?"
2011-06-1719529flabdabletI get by with a little hope from my friends
2011-04-0619096infinite intimationNerdgasm Furore
2008-05-0919041It's Raining Florence HendersonCongrats Jessamyn
2010-01-2418946fantabulous timewasterMicrosoft Blue
2008-08-2118840WCityMikeAll time favorite comment?
2022-03-1918739Miko[MeFi Site Update] March 16th
2007-06-1318354KattullusMeFi and antisemitism
2007-03-2918233KattullusThe sacred users
2015-02-2718151rorgyToo Much False Rape?
2016-11-1718138Mrs. PterodactylWhat are YOU doing?
2019-03-2617965zamboniMetatalktail Hour: Tools
2013-07-0317851RichardPHelp Test SSL Everywhere
2010-08-0517730killdevilFiltered Live Preview
2019-07-1317700MikoState of the Site, July 2019 update
2003-12-2017689troutfishing"""If you don't like it, don't read 'em."""
2010-08-0517474killdevilFiltered Live Preview
2015-03-0617472a humble nudibranchOne last chance to be moderated by Matt: feel free to be extreme.
2010-08-0517432killdevilFiltered Live Preview
2006-08-3117294False DichotomyCortex comes through, again!
2015-01-1417276VikingSwordAnother thing Metafilter doesn't do well
2014-08-0616860cortexMeFi Diplomacy 2014 round 2
2008-03-1816684klangklangstonShould we FPP the Obama speech?
2007-11-2916554cortexUpsetting the plate of beans.
2021-10-1516459suedehead[MeFi Site Update] September 27th
2019-11-0216360loquaciousMetatalktail Hour: Obsolete Technology
2020-10-0116345Jane the BrownMetatalktail Hour: The Past Is a Different Country
2019-07-1416279dancestoblueMetatalktail Hour: Passion
2017-08-0315995rangefinder 1.4July Best Post Contest! FINAL AWARDS
2004-11-2915873troutfishingthe consensus is: MetaFilter is not a soapbox
2009-03-0715206PronoiacBug in search engine with two-character usernames
2019-07-0615049dancestoblueMetatalktail Hour: Childhood Fun
2007-06-1515037Effigy2000Not Awesome
2015-09-2815005The Master and Margarita MixThe Emotional Labor Thread shouldn't be the exception
2017-02-0314933the quidnunc kidIs masturbation allowed on MetaFilter?
2019-08-0314918dancestoblueMetatalktail Hour: Trees of the Young
2012-07-3114748BlasdelbInteresting Profiles?
2017-04-2914685WordshoreMetatalktail Hour: Crouton Petting
2007-11-2914616stavrosthewonderchickenUpsetting the plate of beans.
2011-06-1714460Drama PenguinQuestion regarding extensive Grooveshark-quoting of a composer's oeuvre
2016-11-2014458Ivan FyodorovichGrief and Coping Thread: Election 2016
2010-03-2614436idiopathOn Threadshitting...
2014-01-2814430feckless fecal fear mongeringIntersectionality or not?
2019-08-1714324diss track ableAnxiety/​depression/​ADHD/​autism/​bipolar & other neurodivergences on MeFi
2012-07-0814271the latin mouseAskMe advertisement video
2007-10-0114218stavrosthewonderchickenDoes Gratuitous1 = Second Account
2006-06-2014076bigmusicWhy are we picking on the 13 year old?
2015-02-2614059rorgyToo Much False Rape?
2010-04-1614055JahazaA different kind of IANAL
2012-10-2914051LordSludgesort the beans into four categories, decide each one is the less-preferred option.
2006-10-0613916Rhomboidwhat is the deal with the small and large tags on AskMefi?
2018-06-2613833TehhundState of the Site: Metafilter financial update and future directions
2019-07-2613780foxfirefeyDecommissioning the US politics megathreads
2014-01-2513744xarnopOut of our depth?
2011-04-2313740MikoIs Givewell still on MeFi's black list?
2007-04-0213555exlotuseaterComment length hard limit?
2005-09-0613499paperpeteKatrina Threads
2011-06-1713397Drama PenguinQuestion regarding extensive Grooveshark-quoting of a composer's oeuvre
2009-12-2713131koeselitzCasual Antisemitism
2008-08-1713128NortonDCMisogyny Filter (?)
2020-06-1213091cortexLet's Talk About Race (baby)
2002-04-1513062chazBug allows comments before post
2009-08-1413031chrisamillerInfodump 2.0
2015-06-2413029klangklangstonInsulting Comments on Minority Beliefs
2018-04-1912953unliteralHappy to be back...
2000-12-2512953Mo NickelsMeFi Troll Alert
2010-03-1412892jtronCatholic threads on Metafilter
2020-03-0312888rangefinder 1.4Final Results of the January 2020 Best Post Contest
2003-07-0712841y2karl PettyGrudgeFilter
2010-04-1312795infinite intimationAgree?
2007-12-1112768DaShivTF2 Metafilter Game, December 1 Edition
2022-08-1812732tavegylMetaFilter Steering Committee Voting
2015-03-0612642double block and bleedOne last chance to be moderated by Matt: feel free to be extreme.
2012-02-1512627carsonbMeFiSwap Mailing Deadline Reminder - SATURDAY FEB 4TH
2012-12-1012599ChrysostomHow has MeFi changed in the past few years?
2019-01-0512556Ivan FyodorovichMurrrrrrder?
2010-08-2012491mondaygreensCan we dial it down a notch in AskMe
2017-08-0812440monopasUpdates to Election Thread Guide on the Wiki
2004-05-0812438acNo comment area for logged in user on newly created AskMe thread
2018-07-2912429WordshoreMetatalktail Hour: Pet Week!
2014-03-3012371Ivan FyodorovichMefiTV?
2021-10-1412343Miko[MeFi Site Update] September 27th
2012-01-2412316phearlezbaby, baby
2005-07-0812306kenkoRessurrect the metafilter user sites feature?
2013-02-0212279running order squabble fest"Is the word ""Cracker"" acceptable on MetaFilter?"
2005-12-0212271Plutor Make tag and category links work on preview
2019-02-1812212rangefinder 1.4Best Post Contest FINALE: winner, category winners, 1st & 2nd timers
2010-04-2312199klangklangstonQuarantine On Aisle 96818
2019-08-0412123Jane the BrownMetatalktail Hour: Trees of the Young
2011-01-0612112zarqRIP Bill Zeller
2009-05-2712091koeselitzPunctuation buglet
2001-12-1511992riffolaBollywood screenwriting overload
2002-08-1111979tamimwhats your story?
2019-03-0911946doggodHow much do we make?
2008-04-2811908Armitage ShanksPopular favorites results expansion
2010-11-2211871RhaomiWhen a comment leaves the site and enters your BRAIN!
2019-02-1811838rangefinder 1.4Best Post Contest FINALE: winner, category winners, 1st & 2nd timers
2013-04-0111792LobsterMittenThanks for MetaFiltrest
2017-09-0411782MattWPBSPOTUS45 on Metafilter - I may have got a bit nerdy
2012-04-1011758zarqThis post is basically 'you're not doing it correctly, do it my way'
2009-11-0211722RhaomiNovember is National Let's Try Obscuring Favorite Counts Month
2005-09-1711709delmoi"MetaTalk ""Open Mike"" night"
2002-07-0411702tamimWhy is thomcatspike incomprehensible?
2021-04-1611671dancestoblueMetatalktail Hour: Comfort Movies
2018-03-1811640dancestoblueMetatalktail Hour: Brushes with Fame
2009-11-1211627ArkhanJGWatcha reading? Well, this thread for one thing
2005-07-1511618nobodyApril fools redux
2016-09-0711591Ivan FyodorovichI was promised Happy Fun September
2020-03-0311586rangefinder 1.4Final Results of the January 2020 Best Post Contest
2015-03-0611568avocetOne last chance to be moderated by Matt: feel free to be extreme.
2010-04-2211562WCityMikeSpoilers are not ok in a front page post.
2008-05-2411545DaShivClinton Obama Filter redux
2008-08-1911539jaronsonAll time favorite comment?
2017-07-1511459WordshoreMetatalktail Hour: Shop Talk
2005-06-1611442casu marzuSpoonfed used to host a metatalk parody that's gone now
2004-11-3011439troutfishingthe consensus is: MetaFilter is not a soapbox
2009-09-2811433cortexI Don't Have Three Minutes to Change My Mind, Do I?
2010-08-2911305SplungeSix Colours Blue
2011-04-2211302MikoIs Givewell still on MeFi's black list?
2022-02-2011293loquaciousMetatalktail Hour: I can't stop me
2004-06-1911275troutfishingAn argument over trucks turns ugly
2005-09-1711192delmoi"MetaTalk ""Open Mike"" night"
2011-01-0411149Rory MarinichMoslems? Really?
2020-01-2611145Ivan FyodorovichDisability/ableism thread: access intimacy, taking care of each other
2022-05-1611112bendyMetatalktail Hour: Tabs!
2006-04-2611108davejay"New ""Blocking"" Request"
2018-04-0311082cortex139: The Joke Show
2008-03-1811073StynxnoShould we FPP the Obama speech?
2011-01-0611064loquaciousRIP Bill Zeller
2008-02-1811029MikoAre some more worthy of respect than others?
2013-12-1311025beryllium87: Dungeons and Dragons
2009-04-1411022double block and bleedThe alphabets are spelled A B C D
2011-04-2210964painqualeIs Givewell still on MeFi's black list?
2013-04-0910909infinite intimationTramp the Dirt Down
2008-08-0610894NortonDCMisogyny Filter (?)
2013-05-1210886tel3pathA Tricky Question, a Disappointing Response.
2010-08-2010871mondaygreensCan we dial it down a notch in AskMe
2009-11-1110819HereticWatcha reading? Well, this thread for one thing
2019-06-2410811loquaciousMetatalktail Hour: I Want To Go To There!
2020-05-1110793sexyrobotCoronavirus check-in thread #5
2012-08-1910764Rory MarinichGirlzone
2013-08-2210763fraulaMansplain to me why this is ok?
2002-09-1510755tamimLongtime user making first FPP prompts query on posting demographics
2006-12-0310753EidetekerRandom Posts
2005-04-2410720exlotuseaterReadability of MeFi as compared to other popular sites.
2006-12-1410642Effigy2000I really don't understand this site anymore.
2021-10-2010637loquacious[MeFi Site Update] October 20th
2013-09-1510610Rory MarinichPlease tell me what I can and can't say about religion on MetaFilter.
2019-01-1610606M-x shellKeeping arguing about the US primaries in check
2022-04-3010595bendyMetatalktail Hour: Tabs!
2017-12-2610555loquaciousMetatalktail Hour: Holiday HoliYAY!
2006-11-0410522mwhybark2006 MetaFilter Election Prediction Contest
2009-07-2210459boxCelebrity Dead Pool.
2007-02-2410453cortex2: Cortex Interview
2015-01-1410445VikingSwordAnother thing Metafilter doesn't do well
2012-10-2910443LordSludgesort the beans into four categories, decide each one is the less-preferred option.
2018-06-0310434terretuMetatalktail Hour: First Job