Which posts in Ask MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 have the most comments?

2012-07-13375k8tCat lost at Devil's Tower - help
2012-09-18265BlasdelbHow do you spot an amateur?
2012-07-07231CheeseAndRiceIs my boyfriend controlling or am I making this into an issue when it's no big deal?
2012-01-13207holdkris99Gold teeth and a curse for this town were all in my mouth
2012-12-10190sock puppet mop bucketPlease help me leave my abusive fiance.
2012-01-17189BadgerDoctor"What's your favorite line from ""The Simpsons"""
2012-06-05187AnonymousIs asking for immediate help from your partner unreasonable?
2012-03-06185spicynutsEPIC FAIL MOVIES
2012-10-10159soooohow to respond to a guy who invites you on a date and wants you to pay?
2012-05-21159MonsieurBonCat boner-farts
2012-02-28159JonahBlackHelp middle name my baby!
2012-05-24148royalsongI want to listen to songs that make me cry.
2012-06-06145AnonymousI really, really, really don't want him to be THAT guy.
2012-06-06144taffHelp and angsty feminist parent talk with the school and her daughter.
2012-01-18144kineticHow am I supposed to repay a scholarship based on financial need?
2012-12-17139frizzleBest TV shows to keep you hooked?
2012-11-11137hobo gitano de queretaroFlipping the script
2012-08-29136justonegirlHow to survive a marital separation arrangement?
2012-10-18135tooloudinhereWhat is your job like, really?
2012-09-09133heavenstobetsyJoy Inducing Playlist
2012-03-28133unSaneFamous/iconic characters from songs?
2012-11-02132BlasdelbNon-intuitive food combinations that work
2012-04-12132AnonymousI'm ugly, now what?
2012-01-18132whalebreathMy dog just bit my mom :(
2012-12-20129raspberry-rippleI'm not Mrs Him!
2012-06-10126Ambrosia Voyeurxxx Nothing Is Fucked Here xxx
2012-12-28125Toto_totHow can I help my daughter with her height?
2012-09-04125mary8nneDid James Bond always wear an undershirt?
2012-09-23124AutumnIs it normal for your girlfriend to slap you as a result of your own actions?
2012-05-08123henry scobieLooking for good tribute albums
2012-07-15121feelinglistlessUS readers: Is there a good film about your city or state?
2012-01-08121KLFClosing lines for emails
2012-09-28120kellybird"What is the new word for ""awesome""?"
2012-01-21120dekathelonBut really, how *do* you make friends in a new city?
2012-06-19118AnonymousThe guys I date tell me I deserve better. If not from them, who?
2012-03-04118KippersoftAre you Experienced?
2012-08-31117alxnrwdHow to get my ex back in this complicated situation?
2012-04-14117WinnipegDragonWhat are your 'perfect albums'?
2012-04-04117nickhb[X group] do it [in Y manner]
2012-08-08112patheralWait, that's illegal. So what, everyone does it here. No one cares.
2012-06-28110h00pyPlease recommend movie scores and soundtracks that stand alone as works of art.
2012-06-25110AnonymousAre we big meanies for not paying our son's college fines?
2012-02-24110DMelanogasterCool music 1992-1995?
2012-05-31108crawltopslowHelp me not embarrass myself at my first time going on a date at a fine dining establishment
2012-10-23107windykitesUnless guys are all dunderheads, I should be able to ask them out, right? Or not?
2012-08-16107CosineMultiple successful musicians?
2012-12-27106tamagogirlShould I pursue a casual FWB relationship with this narcissistic but very intellectually interesting and sexy jerk?
2012-01-22106labanditaShould I let my boyfriend sleep with other women?
2012-01-31105AnonymousMy GF cheated on me. How do I get to a point of clarity so I can make a decision?
2012-12-061042or3whiskeysodasBaby Gael?
2012-06-05102The DutchmanThank you for the gift! Can you recommend an exorcist?
2012-08-20101NomyteIf you take a walk out in the street, chances are there's someone that you'll meet.
2012-10-12100parakeetdog"Do I ""owe"" him a ride home if he pays for the date?"
2012-09-08100twentyfoursummers25, am I ready for you?
2012-06-28100Juliet BananaPostcards for the Pokey
2012-02-12100AnonymousShould I break up with my boyfriend?
2012-08-0697corbI will give you a phrase cookie if you stop being racist
2012-06-1397ColdChef"Am I right in giving ""Dress Up"" a dressing-down?"
2012-06-1197kostiaHelp me help an eleven-year-old find her own normal.
2012-05-2097youandiandaflameOh Brother, Trouble Weighs A Ton...
2012-03-2397shewWords With Identical Meanings
2012-08-2596thornyTrains...no planes or automobiles.
2012-05-1596smallsThe BEST girl name!
2012-04-2196256Just like I don't want to read a book that's missing the last hundred pages...
2012-02-2896neilkod"Give me your ""rectum, damn near killed 'em"" jokes!"
2012-07-0995bondcliffThe peppers have eyes
2012-02-1295dekathelonBut what if I'm the person everyone hates?
2012-01-1295AnonymousThere ARE reasonable arguments against same-sex marriage, right?
2012-12-0494groovesquirrelLooking for awesomely-bad movie suggestions, please help!
2012-11-2694AnonymousHoliday card vanity
2012-11-2094fac21Too many tweets?
2012-11-1294AnonymousGiven that I'm unmarried, I'll never understand why they'd reach for 'Mrs.'
2012-09-2494EmpressCallipygosBaby Wants A Bad Bad Thing
2012-07-3194animalrainbowI'm guessing addressing the invitation to just my dad isn't going to cut it
2012-02-0194leotrotskyReally Good People
2012-08-3193cakebatterUnwilling threesome
2012-04-0293WossnameMovies with a high WTF-to-running-time ratio?
2012-02-2293Narrative PrioritiesI mean COME ON, a soda bottle? You could've hit someone in the head!
2012-12-0292pick_the_flowersWhy, Santa, WHY?
2012-10-1992MadamMWhat should we name our hedgehog?
2012-08-0192chocolatemilkshakesSo, are we uh like, a thing?
2012-02-1892anotheraccountWe've only been dating for a few months. He doesn't want to get married, ever. I do. What now?
2012-12-0191ErikH2000Objects you'd find in a 1999 office?
2012-11-1291darksasamiThe things you don't need until you suddenly do
2012-04-1991alex_skazatLie to me. Actually, lie to my friend, over here...
2012-02-0891asniderMrs. asnider will actually be Mrs. herownname, what problems might this cause?
2012-07-2690spacewaitressKicked out of my tribe
2012-05-0190CatseyeIt's me or the dog! Or both of us and a lifetime of sulking
2012-04-2790Jon44"Is ever ""right"" to point out incorrect use of a word to a friend?"
2012-04-0490AnonymousWhat to do with all these emotions
2012-03-2890gwintBest reusable product packaging?
2012-05-1689jbickers"""Hey, remember that one episode where ..."""
2012-04-2089airguitar2Songs for a Better Future
2012-02-2689curious-mindWomen does pickup work on you?
2012-01-2989Anonymous"She doesn't like my preferred birth control ""policy"". How to compromise?"
2012-01-0389bossanovahelp with son who has school refusal
2012-12-0888avenue34 year old dating 20 year old -very confused
2012-09-0188nonspecialistGood fantasy novels with female protagonists?
2012-08-1488orumiMy first heartbreak and confusion is keeping me from moving on
2012-08-1188LittleMissCrankyCatharsis for babies, I guess??
2012-07-2288dekathelonPissing off prospective friends and alienating people since the 1980s
2012-09-0787fatllamaAt this rate, there will be sixteen by next week.
2012-08-2787AnonymousDon't want drama but don't want other girls being lied to
2012-05-1187AnonymousMaid of Honor drama
2012-02-2687Felicity RilkeNAME THIS CAT
2012-02-1087oxfordcommaI need nightmare fuel
2012-09-2686perhapsesUnable to enter; unable to leave
2012-07-1786daekenProspective father-in-law rejected marriage proposal request. What now?
2012-05-2886AnonymousHow can I get past a disappointing marriage proposal?
2012-02-0186EverydayvilleMoving from LA to NYC for work, no COL raise in salary.
2012-09-1385Miss T.HornI hear the espresso's really cheap in this joint
2012-06-2785marylucycraftHow do I deal with the groups of kids on my lawn?
2012-06-1485dry white toastPlease don't startle me. Really.
2012-05-1585DeltaForceWhat can I say in response to purposefully dense remarks about my diet?
2012-01-2785Sa DecNot sure if it's trust or communication that's the problem here.
2012-09-1884AnonymousShit or get off the pot can't mean 20 minutes, right?
2012-08-1084dolce_voceDo I respectfully acknowledge to my colleague that I find him hot?
2012-07-1884ArtwJocks, Nerds and Rebels (tm)
2012-07-0984st starseedoverweight and insecure
2012-06-0584Sock of SillinessShould I avoid dating someone who has this in them to do?
2012-04-2584eleyna"Is using the phrase ""that's retarded"" offensive?"
2012-12-1883PuppetMcSockersonNon-fiction recs SVP
2012-12-0783ceibaDating a dad, feeling marginalized
2012-11-2183Anonymous"Dealing with someone who is ""always right"""
2012-10-1783curious-mindI keep getting rejected or ignored and want to quit trying to date
2012-10-1783A Terrible LlamaThe campaign for more slacking off as a family.
2012-10-1483feastorfamineDoes your significant other ignore you when she/he's upset/mad?
2012-06-2183Area ManWhy isn't root beer popular around the world?
2012-02-0983LotsofcoffeeHow do I cope with the difference between me and my girlfriend
2012-01-2283joe vrrrName for new female puppy?
2012-10-0482ListenerHow best to shut up loud cellphone yappers on public transportation?
2012-07-2682rzperllian"Alternative to ""The Shit Hits The Fan"""
2012-06-2882sabhshopping unique to nyc
2012-06-2482KimikoPiUgly Babies
2012-10-3081kettleoffishFeminism or bust
2012-08-0981juniperesqueTake my wife, please: marriage advice
2012-07-1681Roman GravesJust please not Avon Barksdale.
2012-04-0381AnonymousIs this one of those times when I should stop critiquing?
2012-03-2781AnonymousHow can I keep my child free friends in my life when I decide to have a child?
2012-11-2880AnonymousAll I wanted was a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me.
2012-09-2980mr. digits"""We Reserve the Right"""
2012-09-2580XurandoGiving Individualized Future Travel
2012-09-2280sallybrown"""I bet 'the Board' is spelled b-o-r-e-d."""
2012-08-2480AnonymousThe woman I've been dating did something to hurt me really badly, and I don't know how to proceed.
2012-06-1580kyrademonDo most men fear cooking naked?
2012-05-2080AnonymousI don't want sex with my husband. What should I do?
2012-01-2580WaspEnterprisesYour Mom . . .
2012-01-1780kdernWhat are your very favorite songs - songs you can listen to over and over again?
2012-09-2579AnonymousBetween a rock and a hard place
2012-08-0779AnonymousMy body is depressing me
2012-07-2779elisebShould I be worried about my bf's relationship with his ex?
2012-07-1579Area ManWhat to read after P.G. Wodehouse?
2012-07-1079ChorusBoot the gym bag!
2012-05-0179Beacon InboundLiving with my Wife's Cats
2012-03-2279AnonymousWe don't want to be the mean girls
2012-03-2179ootandabootDo I really have to break out the elbow patches?
2012-02-1479AnonymousIs this a wedding or a fundraiser?
2012-02-1079AnonymousQuietest, calmest, most self-sufficient breeds of large dog for a person who doesn't like dogs?
2012-02-0279gentianI need something from the Department of Snappy Retorts.
2012-11-3078munyecaName This Cat
2012-11-0878ambrosiajokes for a short attention span
2012-09-3078WeekendJenShould I just go to Sephora and let them have their way with me?
2012-09-1878mmiddlehow to resolve a diversity conflict
2012-09-0778littlerobotheadYour scene is shitty, man
2012-08-2478sunshine37Will I ever trust him again?
2012-07-2978AnonymousIs it even possible to have equal roles when raising a baby?
2012-06-2778ErasmouseGame of Thrones is Getting Me Down
2012-10-2277rachaelfaithPurging all of the things
2012-09-2577PuppetMcSockersonSapphires are a girl's best friend
2012-09-1277surenoproblemWhat one book could give me a new, useful superpower?
2012-09-0577AnonymousWe argue about arguing about arguing.
2012-07-1577kineticWhat Advice Do You Wish You Had Been Given Before Going to College That Would Have Helped?
2012-07-0777flibbertigibbetRainbow-themed playlist.
2012-05-0977thebestsophistWell, that was obvious.
2012-04-3077AnonymousWhat should we do after our troubled teenager has sex with her teacher?
2012-03-2977kristymcjJewish name for gentile baby?
2012-03-0777jsturgillFantasy novel recommendations?
2012-02-0477Infinity_8Wise up, o wizened one!
2012-12-2276skylarWhat are the greatest (yet most original) love affairs of all time?
2012-11-0976FairchildAlready Seen Pollyanna
2012-11-0776mochapickleEv'rything free in America
2012-09-2676SaminalIs this kind of professional grooming the norm?
2012-09-1076AnonymousDisposable income--for the first time ever. What's normal?
2012-08-0976AnonymousFiancee did cocaine and I'm not okay
2012-08-0976Anonymous"What do I do about my significant other's friend who takes cash under the table and pays no taxes, but calls us ""suckers"" that do pay them?"
2012-06-2776ablazingsaddleBudget Insanity! Or, how am I so broke?
2012-05-0476AnonymousHelp with inconsiderate gifts
2012-05-0176AnonymousHealthy recreational cooking ideas...?
2012-11-0475House of Leaves of GrassGirl names with a B
2012-11-0175amycupWinning At Life!
2012-10-2175hoylandBooks about cities?
2012-09-2875bqFrancois, meet Francoise
2012-09-2575AnonymousI don't know how to respond to jokes my dates make about me
2012-09-0675scaryblackdeathYou're Too Sexy for This Party. GTFO.
2012-09-0375Mars Saxman"Why is she talking about ""baggles""?"
2012-08-2775Elly VortexKinder Eggs and Codeine Cough Syrup: Contraband across the Canadian border
2012-06-0675AnonymousWas this behaviour inappropriate?
2012-06-0575lex6819Where to meet single men (besides dating sites)