Which posts in MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 have the most comments?

2012-11-068122gerryblogwe choose to have an election thread and and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard
2012-09-175764gerryblogmy job is is not to worry about those people
2012-10-224414Brandon BlatcherObama and Romney battle it out, rap style
2012-10-264022booksherpaHurricane Sandy
2012-12-143128WordshoreMany dead in Connecticut primary school shooting
2012-10-163018ericbIt's Time For Another Woman Moderator for the U.S. Presidential Debate!
2012-10-033017sallybrownThrilla or Vanilla?
2012-10-112069triggerfingerBiden/Ryan faceoff
2012-10-111662Greg NogPredditors
2012-08-151638dunkadunc"""a clear and written threat that they could storm our embassy."""
2012-07-201578pjenksShooting at Batman Premiere outside Denver
2012-08-111524RhaomiPaul Ryan as Romney's running-mate
2012-03-201496(Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) OatesTrayvon Martin, shot by George Zimmerman
2012-07-131467dig_dugglerThe Bain of his existence
2012-09-121426sallybrown"""We are heartbroken by this terrible loss."""
2012-09-061178Brandon BlatcherBill Clinton's remarkable skill
2012-08-051176egor83Curiouser and curiouser
2012-06-281157RhaomiTie game. Bottom of the 9th. Bases loaded. Two outs. Three balls. Two strikes. And the pitch...
2012-11-09997Brandon BlatcherAffairs of the heart and matters of the State
2012-03-22843antheawatsonGeeklist, Sexism, Redemption-- Oh My
2012-04-11827Meatafoecure"""We did not come to this decision lightly"" says Special Prosecutor Angela Corey"
2012-07-10808gerryblogwouldn't it be funny if
2012-03-02755IpsifendusIs there a Joseph Welch moment underway?
2012-11-13733josher71Santana Smooth
2012-10-30729WordshoreThose aren't the generic film franchises you're looking for
2012-10-02706rhiannonstoneMetafilter doesn't do fedoras well
2012-06-18703troikaWhy do we value the network and hardware that delivers music but not the music itself?
2012-02-03684unSaneHe cried during the last “Lord of the Rings” movie.
2012-08-21673Lou StuellsFacts Didn't Get In Their Way
2012-05-29665flexseries highlight or jumping the shark?
2012-08-30654foxywombatEastwood-Chair 2016
2012-08-19646dejah420Science; we should ban that too.
2012-05-09646mightygodkingProof of evolution
2012-06-01638ericbGeorge Zimmerman's Bond Revoked in Trayvon Martin Case
2012-09-13587monospaceBeers, hugs, and high-fives
2012-11-16579DynamiteToastTensions Rising
2012-05-10576Kitty StardustFrom Graduate School to Welfare.
2012-03-01565BobbyVanAndrew Breitbart is dead
2012-05-04563smilingtigerRIP MCA
2012-09-19553Egg ShenApple's iOS 6 Maps app
2012-06-18553kmzSkepchick vs Psychology Today
2012-01-19548markkraftThe courting behavior of the male Newt.
2012-11-07542flex"""I am done making excuses for the pro-life movement."""
2012-03-16530These Premises Are Alarmed"""I have difficult news."""
2012-08-05526EvilsporkSikh Temple Shooting in Wisconsin
2012-11-08512Brian B.56% of self-described moderates voted for Obama
2012-08-25512secretdarkMan on the moon
2012-02-07510leotrotskySantorum Surges From Behind!
2012-10-23509sweetkidSimple Question
2012-09-23500asymptoticCreepy photography
2012-06-05500flexWisconsin recall election: Gov. Scott Walker
2012-11-04481shivohumGas shortages in wake of Sandy prompt price gouging debate
2012-08-064762bucksplusUnbaby.me, baby
2012-06-27473mrgrimmCircumcision in Germany is now illegal
2012-05-08472Brandon BlatcherEarth's Mightiest Movie
2012-06-06466mightygodkingNo more tunes and numbers
2012-03-26465lohmannnDawn of an Old Age
2012-03-23464markkraftThe voice of reason... in Washington, DC?!
2012-06-20456ericbWelcome to AMERCIA!
2012-06-10449panaceanotSpoiler alert
2012-08-25447Pope GuiltyThe Wire
2012-10-27443ennui.bzThe progressive case against Obama
2012-02-02439Pope Guilty"""Ron Paul has regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with their board of directors."""
2012-07-23427leotrotskyCall no man happy till he is dead
2012-10-31425entroponeYou don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
2012-08-24417mysticrefereeA jury has ruled for Apple in its huge smartphone patent infringement case involving Samsung and ordered Samsung to pay $1.5 billion.
2012-07-11416flapjax at midniteWhitey on the moon
2012-02-12410ArtwGoodbye and good riddance
2012-01-24410furiousxgeorgeLadies and Gentlemen and Mefites, The President of the United States
2012-06-18404ArtwSurface to Air
2012-02-29402Brandon BlatcherAvengers Assembling
2012-04-30397marienbadBye Bay Baby Bye Bay
2012-06-20396256"""In general the furnishings are nice; relatively plush and comfortable but the embassy itself is really very small and even the ambassador's office, although pleasant, is not all that roomy."""
2012-02-11396ericb'The Voice' Is Silenced.
2012-10-01392wensinkUp, up and away in my beautiful [Red Bull] balloon
2012-07-12392ericbReport finds Penn State president, Paterno concealed facts about Sandusky sex abuse
2012-12-28386roomthreeseventeenTo remain true to its faith...
2012-12-12386mrgrimm"""You're Kurt"""
2012-04-18385SebmojoFungible assets.
2012-08-07384infiniThe memo platform is burning
2012-02-17380ArtwEdgar Rice Buried
2012-06-11375DipsomaniacPolicing Femininity
2012-03-27373RhaomiUnited States v. Health Care Reform
2012-06-13372TevinThe ugly backlash to feminist-geek critiques
2012-01-11371underthehatMarimba, meet Mahler
2012-06-18369Partial LawTrouble in the Old Dominion
2012-05-15368Jon_EvilIn the MMORPG of life, straight white male is the easiest setting
2012-01-30368DaseinAre animal rescues doing animals a disservice?
2012-01-19368TheWhiteSkullWhen you're poor...
2012-08-08366kmzJoss And Marvel Sitting In A Tree...
2012-03-083592bucksplusLong-awaited Olive Garden receives warm welcome
2012-01-26357valkyrynHow thick is your bubble?
2012-08-09356Sayuri."Set phasers to ""Hulk Smash!"""
2012-01-09346griphusEverything Is Ruined 5.0
2012-08-30343crunchlandWho do you side with?
2012-02-15343bitmageNot immune to criticism
2012-01-02341stinkycheeseLand of the free?
2012-08-02340MezentianContains dinosaurs on a spaceship as promised
2012-05-31340roomthreeseventeenNo soda for you
2012-06-25338running order squabble festWhat are a few galaxies between friends?
2012-02-18337darkstarThey're coming for our jobs.
2012-05-03332modernserfStrange Bedfellows
2012-01-19330PhireMillions of links suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
2012-08-24325The WhelkFoul Bachelor Goons
2012-03-06324SebmojoIron Pyrite Ears
2012-02-16324gerryblogthe handmaid's tale was optimistic
2012-11-20322gerrybloga distraction that none of us want
2012-01-17320WalterMitty"""Obama has delivered in a way that the unhinged right and purist left have yet to understand or absorb."""
2012-01-18318EekacatJust a spoon full of butter helps the medicine go down.
2012-12-18317flapjax at midnitenice try, birdie
2012-06-27317bardicHow can something so rapey be so good?
2012-04-01317ClanvidHorseThe War Against Youth
2012-09-10315ArtwCreeper, no creeping!
2012-01-31313roomthreeseventeenWomen's Healthcare?
2012-02-05312ArtwMadonna wins the Super Bowl
2012-05-14311Avenger50Evil is Back
2012-01-25311DaseinWill Israel Attack Iran?
2012-03-26310mightygodking"""Stick to the book, dude"""
2012-06-01308TrurlWhy Windows 8 Scares Me - and Should Scare You Too
2012-06-20302cybertaur1These Are the Books That Make You Totally Undateable
2012-06-09302fancyoatsWelcome to Club Unicorn
2012-03-15302Ruthless BunnyWhat? And leave the comfort of the basement?
2012-01-16302running order squabble festWinter wrap-up at BroNYcon
2012-08-13301beisnyBeizhing or Bei Jing?
2012-02-27300LamindaThe Case of the Zombie Mohammed
2012-08-31298The WhelkI'm Going To Hate This One, Frequently And Loudly
2012-07-16298outlierNot like the Queen, but like John Hurt
2012-03-01297(Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) OatesFAKE
2012-04-24296mightygodkingDark things in the closet, literal and figurative
2012-03-17294vhsivSpace is where the screaming starts.
2012-12-20293East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94Regular expressions against IMDb
2012-07-23290moammargaretKicking Labor While You're Up
2012-12-23288facehugger"The candidate that ""cares about people like me."""
2012-11-15288mudpuppieThink twice before going for that hot Ding Dong
2012-05-14287Cash4LeadYour best friend is suing you for $600 million, and will soon go into tax exile in Singapore.
2012-04-07285Kraftmatic Adjustable CheeseReckless Cyclist May Face Charges for Fatal Accident
2012-05-08284Fizz"""Please don't go. We'll eat you up. We love you so."""
2012-02-09282shivohumWhy some people think Noam Chomsky is wrong
2012-08-23280Egg ShenIs it curtains for Windows 8?
2012-10-21278Apropos of SomethingYAD KCOL SPAC
2012-07-16278gilrainMust we already worry about cyborg rights?
2012-04-04277LeezieI Will Not Question Marbury v. Madison
2012-03-31276Brandon BlatcherA Game of Lessons
2012-11-11275sendai sleep masterI think you're a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War.
2012-02-01275ricochet biscuitThere must be some kinda way out of here.
2012-01-03275RhaomiRevenge of the Anti-Romney
2012-05-19274whitneyarnerAt least it was here
2012-10-04273Groundhog WeekAll Hail Miguel Cabrera -- Triple Crown Winner
2012-03-05273hippybearWell, Who Am Us, Anyway?
2012-07-24272ericbHere Chicky, Chicky, Chicky ...
2012-02-10272zarq"""Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love."""
2012-07-23271flapjax at midniteGyges and his magic ring
2012-04-07271IronmouthThe Talk: Nonblack Version
2012-06-12268modernnomad"""Niggas"" in Practice"
2012-05-05268TrurlHow to eat a full English breakfast
2012-02-17268Brandon BlatcherOS X continues to evolve with new security feature
2012-11-14267suttIf at first you don't secede...
2012-07-06267raysmjNot exactly ready for glossy Olympic ads. Or anything?
2012-01-27267BobbyVanSixteen Concerned Scientists
2012-06-06266jeffburdgesYour LinkedIn Password
2012-04-10264TalezI'll be back faster than you can say furious...
2012-03-13262zarq"""On Behalf Of Governor Rick Perry, May I Welome You To Your Compulsory Transvaginal Exam..."""
2012-01-30261Megami"""I don't have a crystal ball."""
2012-10-28260Long Way To GoMatt Cain destroys things
2012-10-23260ArtwSandpaper not included
2012-08-25260IsadoradyPortland and Brooklyn,read and weep:
2012-06-21260deern the headliceInternet rallies to support abused elderly bus monitor
2012-06-14260juncopreventing people from accumulating useful skills
2012-01-13259reenumPromising TV Series That Weren't Picked Up
2012-11-15258ArtwGeek Tragedy
2012-03-17257broolMass Effect 3 Ending Controversy
2012-02-12257jaduncanCalifornia Dreamin'
2012-02-07256zarqProp 8 Appeal: Still Unconstitutional
2012-12-10255infiniDrag it over to the wastepaper basket
2012-09-06255WPWTwo men, four surnames
2012-03-09253rodmandirectFinding Love Ain't Easy
2012-08-08252shivohumHigh earners in France consider moving in response to 75% tax
2012-02-04251lullabyResponsibility to protect?
2012-01-04251overeducated_alligator"""SO GHETTO!"""
2012-08-29250dmdAn Operating System for Songs from God.
2012-08-14250Ice Cream SocialistBuying a Kick in the Face
2012-07-06250the man of twists and turns'Lucky for you, I read this thing so you don’t have to.'
2012-09-05249showbiz_lizThoughts about women and homemaking in the 21st century
2012-07-18248Fuzzy MonsterLatter-Day Lucre
2012-07-09247dgaicunActors and Directors Name Their Top 5 Movies
2012-02-102472bucksplus*waves hand* Greedo /always/ shot first
2012-11-30246the man of twists and turnsthis is the gayest of all the possible things: going to a meshell ndegeocello concert, with a goddamned lesbian, that is being held in a motherfucking FOLK MUSIC SCHOOL.
2012-02-282462bucksplus"""My God, what a fucking mess."""
2012-01-16246dunkaduncThe result? Something that sounds like dubstep, except they took out all the good parts and replaced with crap. Fucking Skrillex.
2012-07-23245tempythethird"An eloquent piece on the meaning of ""paying forward"""
2012-04-22245orange swanCan you buy plausible deniability anywhere online now that Etsy's run completely out of it?
2012-09-06244ArtwBaby's on Fire
2012-05-07243GnomeChompskyChomsky publishes new book, Occupy