Which posts in MetaFilter from 2012-10-07 through 2012-11-06 have the most comments?

2012-11-068218gerryblogwe choose to have an election thread and and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard
2012-10-224489Brandon BlatcherObama and Romney battle it out, rap style
2012-10-264151booksherpaHurricane Sandy
2012-10-163076ericbIt's Time For Another Woman Moderator for the U.S. Presidential Debate!
2012-10-112103triggerfingerBiden/Ryan faceoff
2012-10-111688Greg NogPredditors
2012-10-30769WordshoreThose aren't the generic film franchises you're looking for
2012-10-23524sweetkidSimple Question
2012-11-04502shivohumGas shortages in wake of Sandy prompt price gouging debate
2012-10-27452ennui.bzThe progressive case against Obama
2012-10-31436entroponeYou don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
2012-10-21287Apropos of SomethingYAD KCOL SPAC
2012-10-23265ArtwSandpaper not included
2012-10-28264Long Way To GoMatt Cain destroys things
2012-10-16244mokinThe Rain on Our Parade
2012-11-04231trollThe Plot to Destroy America's Beer
2012-10-25214roomthreeseventeenif only that crime fell within the Department of Health’s purview.
2012-10-09213dejah420The quality of ownership is not what it was in yesteryear.
2012-10-25210thirteenkillerBut you're like a brother to me!
2012-10-09207crossovermanThe Prime Minister of Australia stands up for the women of her country
2012-10-12198shivohumHeaven is Real: A Doctor's Experience of the Afterlife
2012-10-14196flexChristopher Kimball: "He may be the sole person associated with food journalism to remark, 'There’s something about pleasure I find annoying.'"
2012-10-11190SomaSodaThe 50 best films of the ’90s
2012-10-07183Oliva PorphyriaNo one lives forever.
2012-10-17180WordshoreWet your whistle on these
2012-10-19174blahblahblahThings you probably should have thought of
2012-10-22171grobsteinBOYFRIEND REQUIRED
2012-11-04165Foci for AnalysisMy IQ
2012-10-17161Tom-BFATTY BOOM BOOM
2012-10-15159flexif the shoe fits
2012-10-23158codacorollaHorse e_shirts
2012-10-16157Cash4LeadYo dawg I heard you liked pumpkin so I put pumpkin in everything you eat
2012-10-08157like_neonRummy Couples
2012-11-04154dr. zoom"What I did not expect was shrugging boredom, the most feared of student reactions."
2012-10-29154JHarrisFixing Windows 8
2012-11-05147IsadoradySexism as irony...
2012-10-18147DynamiteToastBible Verse Banners
2012-11-02144I_Love_BananasNYC Marathon Cancelled
2012-11-06139mediocreFast zombies is never, ever a good sign
2012-10-10139thomsplaceThe Dirty Details of the Lance Armstrong Conspiracy
2012-10-10138aniolathinking logarithmically
2012-10-22137latkesOn internet dating
2012-10-21137jason's_planetStanding On The Shoulders of Giants
2012-10-21137Egg ShenThe Copyright Alert System
2012-10-23136FatRabbitThe Fact of the Matter?
2012-11-05135the man of twists and turns"The most fundamental signals which permeate this world are inaudible."
2012-11-04135likeatoasterProp 34
2012-10-08133ersatzThe Moving Finger types; and, having typed, Moves on
2012-10-07132trollOccam's Alien?
2012-10-13130Red LoopGay like me
2012-10-13130msaltGuy who gets it
2012-10-19126mreleganzaThe Stool Of Great Fright
2012-11-03125PareidoliaticBoyGone, baby, gone.
2012-11-01124peripatetron errantGrowing Up With Nell
2012-10-20123Jasper Friendly BearAre Healthy Foods Really More Expensive?
2012-10-10123ArtwWhite History Month
2012-10-08122availablelightYou are not Gary Busey or Son of Sam, but your mugshot is still on the internet.
2012-10-30120zardozA start, anyway.
2012-10-24120TangerineGurlCreative Naming Schemes
2012-10-18120escabecheBoaler and the math wars
2012-10-30118catlet"You can't steal an election one person at a time."
2012-10-25118twoleftfeetFrom the same channel that brought you Big Bird
2012-10-17117Egg ShenThe Pirate Bay moves to the cloud
2012-10-17117roger ackroydfrom the mightiest pharaohs to the lowliest peasants
2012-10-17116MartinWisseWe can stop it
2012-11-03115hippybearA Literally Other-Worldly Self-Portrait
2012-10-09115latkesLost in Space
2012-10-29113oneswellfoopWhat part of "low clearance" do you NOT understand?
2012-10-08113flex"A conclusion is not the point at which you find the truth, it’s only the point at which the exploring stops. We do it quickly and unconsciously and the effects are long-lasting."
2012-10-16112schmodBlue Liquid
2012-10-19111roomthreeseventeenMeaning my size, IS NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.
2012-10-31109fireoysterFlying on a bus
2012-10-29109stargell"I'll be your pararescue jumper today"
2012-10-15109WordshoreYou can't eat scenery
2012-10-16108hansbroughNew world vs old world cooking
2012-10-29107ArtwThe "50-50" Proposition
2012-10-20107NomyteConfessions of a food stamp foodie.
2012-10-19107juiceCakeWe Don't Want a Traffic Jam?
2012-10-07107mahershalalHow does that make you feel?
2012-11-06106CosineNo Doubt piss of Native Americans
2012-10-11106sio42Roundup all the farmers
2012-10-24103jaboI Want My Friends Back!
2012-10-16103shakespeherianMovies are a mass of objects moving across a large surface.
2012-11-05100HuplescatWho did your voting machine vote for?
2012-11-04100the man of twists and turns"The company at this point isn’t just a key purveyor of lower labor standards and a globalized and concentrated supply chain, it is a key tell for policymakers."
2012-10-2698the man of twists and turnsThanks for two hours of your time
2012-10-2298AceRockOutlawed by Amazon DRM
2012-10-1098Brandon BlatcherLaunching and catching Dragons
2012-11-0196andoatnp“I have a hard time with historians, because they idolize the truth. The truth is not uplifting.”
2012-10-2596bookman117Modern Thinking
2012-10-1296gerryblogNo Prize Awarded
2012-11-0695MezentianWe have no plan
2012-11-0595flexon Kate Moss, and "taking one for the team"
2012-11-0295BlasdelbStephen Fry in America
2012-10-1595LemurrheaDalton McGuinty has resigned
2012-10-1495capricornFrom Abercrombie to Zenith
2012-10-2494outlandishmarxistLook at This Fucking Hipster
2012-10-1194griphusNOT FINAL SOFTWARE
2012-10-0794ArtwSongs in the key of H
2012-10-2393ursus_comiterNine French Toast Squares for Mortal Men Doomed to Die
2012-10-1993howfarThe right...of segregation is clearly established by the holy scriptures...
2012-10-1693griphusUltimate Drumming Technique
2012-11-0692Cloud KingThe one-button power trip
2012-11-0192LegomancerIn the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There is Only Billy
2012-10-1892Egg ShenHash browns
2012-10-1492reenumNew Zealand loves its "precious"
2012-10-3191BlasdelbThe BICE Study
2012-10-1691AElfwine Evenstarhowtonotgiveafuck.com
2012-10-2490Egg ShenThe Brady Bunch Variety Hour
2012-10-2889OmieWiseWhen a Predator Wants to Pray
2012-10-1889gilrainSo You Think You Can Beanplate
2012-10-1389mattnA predatory sex offender, hiding in plain sight
2012-10-0789KevinSkomsvoldLadies and gentleman, Voyager I has just left the building..
2012-10-1388spoobnooble II: electric bugaboo“I’ve actually started to take a different route so I don’t have to go by it,” he said. “It’s not worth it at this point.”
2012-10-2687progoskLetterpress - Word Game
2012-11-0186batmonkeyOMNI Magazine Downloadable from Internet Archive
2012-10-1786sweetkidBehold, she is Grace Kelly.
2012-10-1686gaucheDo not fold, bend, spindle, or mutilate
2012-10-1685moneyjaneAmerican businessman dumps 100 tonnes of iron sulphate into ocean off coast of Haida Gwaii.
2012-10-1585phaedon"We're going to go out there, and we're going to violate some rights."
2012-10-2184ArtwJames Bond will return in...
2012-10-1884wittgenstein40 Black and White Photos that Can't Be Explained
2012-10-1784Pope Guilty"If I Could Go Back In Time, I Wouldn't Report My Rape"
2012-10-1484eviemathThis is a public service announcement...
2012-10-1284dirtdirtHere's looking at you, kid
2012-10-2883mazolaNo word yet if it is compatible with previous generation docking stations
2012-10-1982GrangousierThe Great Train Snobbery
2012-10-1982eviemathThe Winter of George McGovern
2012-10-1282Four-Eyed GirlThe greatest event in television history!
2012-10-2381flexteenage girls: "...they haven’t been living, they’ve been performing."
2012-10-1581roger ackroydTyrion Lannister vs. Lucille Bluth
2012-10-1281mediocreGreat song, soul scarring music video
2012-10-1579achriseLife Lessons in Charts & Graphs
2012-10-0979flex"If we're going to get 21st century economic policy right... we have to start moving to a model that measures value creation rather than value capture."
2012-10-0979SebmojoThe Wisdom of the Crows
2012-10-2878EndsOfInvention"No licensed characters here, just the raw eroticism of a rooster translated flawlessly into a skirt and leggings."
2012-10-2778hippybear25 Years Of Keeping The Faith
2012-10-2278filthy light thiefBob Schieffer: debate modarator as interviewer and ref
2012-10-1078latkesThe other death sentence
2012-10-0878still_wears_a_hatYour Mother Should Know
2012-11-0377zooMitt Romney is a liar.
2012-10-2977stbalbachRandom Harper Penguin
2012-10-2477zarq"I began to believe voices in my head -- that I was a freak, that I am broken, that there is something wrong with me, that I will never be lovable."
2012-10-1877theodoliteI'd buy that for a dollar
2012-10-1677asniderI'm a Dungeon Master! I deserve this promotion!
2012-10-1277the man of twists and turns" the false equivalence between experts and non-experts"
2012-10-1876modernserfYeah, Miak! I bet you thought I couldn't find any at this time of the year...
2012-10-1276hellojedCat + Dog = Fox
2012-10-0776desjardinsBill Murray is not impressed
2012-11-0475Egg ShenEvery Woody Allen Movie
2012-11-0375ovvlDogs in Space
2012-10-3175Harald74TEA NOW
2012-11-0174unSaneYou travel all around the globe looking for the world’s most beautiful cave. . . and the best one is in Sheffield.
2012-10-1974resurrexitBig Tex is no more.
2012-11-0573RhaomiConvince me. Convince me. Convince me.
2012-10-2673Chinese Jet PilotThe Long, Balanced Haul
2012-10-2273ChrysostomStill, he DID try to put the ark in a museum
2012-11-0372telstartwee, nostalgia-driven, and...dumbass?
2012-10-2672jonp72Now You Know Who to Blame for Ruining Your Halloween
2012-10-2472griphus"Citing games like Day Z, FTL and XCOM, Jim’s argument made one small mistake: it was all wrong."
2012-10-1572hippybearBroken Ballots
2012-10-2371Michael_HKilling Bill and Lou
2012-10-1371Hollywood Upstairs Medical College"The Senate is an unknowing world."
2012-10-2970ignignoktJust taking a video.
2012-10-2570fnergNot to be confused with Dyson, the vacuum cleaner company.
2012-10-1870fearfulsymmetryHello Gaius my old freind
2012-10-0870the man of twists and turnsMy Father, The Parasite
2012-10-2569homunculusThe Permanent War
2012-10-2369hurdy gurdy girlForty-two years later, a new high school yearbook and some closure from bullying
2012-10-2069dinty_mooreTime to break out your fake mustaches and kale again
2012-10-1969Area ManCoursera Not Allowed to Provide Courses to Minnesota Residents?
2012-10-1869kmzHuman Wormholes
2012-10-1769the man of twists and turns"The first is that it is dull, dull, dull in a pretentious, florid and archly fatuous fashion"
2012-10-2968sallybrownThe Promise
2012-10-2468ocherdracoThe Kids are All Right: A higher percentage of Americans under 30 read for pleasure than those over 30.
2012-10-1968MartinWisseThis is just to say I have eaten the plums
2012-10-1768cashmanBranding the US Presidents: USG - The Butcher
2012-10-1368ersatzThis is slavery, not to speak one's thought - Euripides
2012-10-1268never used baby shoesArgo and the Canadian Caper
2012-11-0567St. Alia of the BunniesBee Gees and Pink Floyd. Who knew?
2012-10-2167NomyteIt’s easier to return to the past when you are happy with the present.
2012-10-1267paleyellowwithorangeTo the heavens and hell
2012-10-0967growabrainNO EYE CONTACT - Penalty £200
2012-11-0666Confess, Fletch50,000 Amps
2012-10-1866bardicDoes This Plate Of Beans Vibrate?
2012-10-1066desjardinsUnited States of Clusterfuck
2012-10-1066modernnomadIntrovert Fairy Tales
2012-10-1066jaduncanMalala Yousafzai and Pakistani Feminism
2012-10-0766reenumIf Only T. Boone Pickens Had Died
2012-10-3165axoplasmSkeletal remains found in upended tree
2012-10-2965flexcandid photos of famous people
2012-10-2965MartinWisseNot quite sweaters for goalposts
2012-10-1865namewithoutwordsThey can direct the deer population anywhere they want to.
2012-10-1465the man of twists and turnsMonetarists Anonymous