Which posts in MetaFilter from 2008-10-05 through 2008-11-04 have the most comments?

2008-11-032083dwWe have the facts and we're voting...
2008-10-151614East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94Elections are fun!
2008-11-041288plexiBarack Obama is the next President of the United States
2008-10-07888shiu mai babyTown Meeting! Town Meeting!
2008-10-094944midoriThe Palin Mob
2008-10-10482XQUZYPHYRYou Betcha
2008-11-03440CunningLinguistObama's grandmother dies hours before the election
2008-10-24329jaduncanAnd protected from witchcraft, too!
2008-10-22321ignignoktPowerful, quiet photos of Barack Obama.
2008-11-01313spiderwireHello, Governor Palin?
2008-10-28279gmanGoing to any length.
2008-10-21276pleximass transit
2008-10-19273msaltOh, God! Oh God!
2008-10-30263Marisa Stole the Precious ThingReports of the Demise of Materialism Are Premature
2008-10-09263Ambrosia VoyeurThat's so... the children's insult of choice!
2008-10-21259chrisamillerYAD KCOL SPAC
2008-10-28242MaxKA Volunteer Meets the Presidential Candidate
2008-10-16220amymsAfterlife and the Mind
2008-10-13207Urban HermitYou think it's easy to choose a cardigan?
2008-11-04202XQUZYPHYRLive webcam of a box full of puppies.
2008-10-29191jdfanNot a "basketball mom."
2008-10-22178acrobatBlock the Vote
2008-10-06171mathowieLiteral Videos
2008-10-12170ericbRemembering Matthew Shepard
2008-10-05170justkevin"There will be enormous, enormous losses..."
2008-10-16164Fuzzy SkinnerMcCain and Obama at the Al Smith Dinner
2008-10-27163ArtwFlashed by Rorschach
2008-10-29160Effigy2000David Tennant Calls Time On Dr Who
2008-10-14158PostIronyIsNotaMythUh oh, where's Russia?
2008-10-10155MutantAnother potentially huge settlement day for CDS contracts ...
2008-10-31153Who_Am_IRed Sex Blue Sex
2008-10-07148ericbScrew Disneyland. We're Going to the St. Regis Resort Monarch Beach!
2008-10-08146lunitRight to Vote.
2008-10-05140joeclarkWhat does Chrissie Hynde really do?
2008-10-13137ArtwDon'tgive me no jibber-jabber
2008-10-27133jaduncanOne closer to 60
2008-10-30132Lacking SubtletyObama just got endorsed by The Economist.
2008-10-22130ArtwIf you play the CD backwards on your PC it installs Duke Nukem Forever
2008-10-15129dunkaduncJoin ussss, join usssss NOW!
2008-10-24126davejayTo Idi Amin: I'm a idiot.
2008-10-24123fearfulsymmetryGod is cruel
2008-10-19121augustweedSign Stealing
2008-10-27119dgaicunA Boy's Life
2008-10-27118mattholomewThe Koln Concert remembered, and despised.
2008-10-11116dancestoblueImagine being excited about a Paul McCartney album
2008-10-19115null terminatedDevil's in the details
2008-10-16113Marisa Stole the Precious ThingMaybe a little too prepared ...
2008-10-28112kliulessThe Movement Begins...
2008-10-17112colinmarshallStephan Kinsella's rulings on term coolness
2008-10-29108VicNebulousAnd the Philadelphia Phillies are the 2008 World Series Champions.
2008-10-12108vronskyBad Physics
2008-10-31107me3diaRIP Studs Terkel
2008-10-25103afuAboot time those hoosers let us in EH!
2008-11-02102digamanYou Betcha
2008-10-15102mullingitoverDoes this go above, next to, or below 'People who write erotic versions of Star Trek where all the characters are furries?'
2008-10-26101dinsdaleThe Right to Sleep
2008-10-14101DragonnessChomsky on the elections, economy
2008-11-03100davebushLike a City
2008-10-10100sotonohitoDeath with dignity
2008-10-0699Hat MauiThe "Ultimate 9/11 Truth Showdown": Taibbi vs. Griffin
2008-10-2998SkepticKraft durch (Schaden)freude
2008-11-0397gycTroopergate Update
2008-10-1796slimepuppyAkira on blu-ray
2008-10-3195ericbopIf this story is made into a movie, Zack Snyder will not be directing
2008-11-0194445supermagThe true conservative in this race: Barack Obama
2008-10-1394XQUZYPHYRThe Nobel Prize is Shrill
2008-10-2393AfroblancoKUCINICH: IM A BARD
2008-10-2293jbickersBig savings? You betcha!
2008-10-1393goodhelpNew AI "Elbot" Scores 20% On Turing Test!
2008-11-0392brandmanThe Presidential Transition Period
2008-10-2791Bathtub BobsledSyria's business
2008-10-1691chunking expressThe Things He Carried
2008-10-0890jbickersCreative mind, troubled soul
2008-11-0388mathowieTypo-induced time warp
2008-10-2288bwgObama Wins in a Landslide
2008-10-1488PseudologyHere comes a Tory minority.
2008-10-2387phunniemeeAmerica must look negative ads in the eye and try not to vomit
2008-10-2387homunculusWill the Mormon Church decide who gets married in California?
2008-10-0587homunculusLacking Control Increases Magical Thinking
2008-10-2286swiftWe never saw him walking on the sky.
2008-10-1586WCityMikeWhen She Turns 18, I Almost Guarantee She's Going to Rename Herself Michelle
2008-10-1086liketitanicThe states of marriage
2008-10-3185JohnRswept into the world on a churning rapid of blood
2008-10-2085flapjax at midnitetalkin' 'bout my puh-puh-puh-plagiarism...
2008-10-2784ColdChefVideos set to music
2008-10-2484parmanparmanTo be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life
2008-10-2284mippyKittens of the Sea
2008-10-1684nickyskyebrief glimpses into living abroad
2008-10-0884Happy DaveIcesave closes its doors
2008-10-2182Inspector.GadgetYou can't say that!
2008-10-1681jaduncanStandards fail.
2008-10-1481SkorguParallelograms are hard.
2008-10-1481Gordion KnottA galactic shadow cast on the election.
2008-10-1181empathThe Weather Underground
2008-10-3080up in the old hotelIn praise of small banks
2008-10-2979jbickersMan, that's a lot of food
2008-10-1778lunitYou've got dysentery!
2008-10-1578swiftAtomic explosions
2008-10-1977Baby_BalrogAnd thy carcass shall be meat unto all fowls of the air, and unto the beasts of the earth, and no man shall fray them away.
2008-10-3176scalefreeSarah Palin's Church: Prayer Warriors, Spirit Mapping & FEMA
2008-10-0776gwintMetafilter -> MeFi -> Mefi
2008-10-2475KnappsterCuddle 'n Coo 'n Proselytize
2008-10-0975ericbNSA Has ‘Routinely’ Listened In On Americans’ Phone Calls, Passed Around ‘Salacious’ Bits
2008-10-2874bystanderA Random Walk Down Wallstreet
2008-10-1774desjardinsIn the event of a breakup, reformat all memory sticks and hard drives.
2008-10-0974gmanSkin Deep.
2008-10-0974jaduncanCanary in the coal mine...
2008-10-0774longsleevesRay and Roast Beef get physical
2008-11-0173wendellGoodnight Opus
2008-10-3073flapjax at midniteDeep Throat director six feet under
2008-10-2372lacolIt used to all start at 5am
2008-10-1172not_on_displayunicode snowman for you
2008-10-2371Artw20 significant American comics
2008-10-1671not_on_displayYes, exactly like a hole in the head!
2008-10-0971XurandoYou Can't Do This To Me/Us, You Bastards
2008-11-0170BaldonsThe Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace
2008-10-1870Fuzzy SkinnerEnron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
2008-10-0869fearfulsymmetryAn Important Angry Work Of Art
2008-10-2268Marisa Stole the Precious ThingThe broccoli is smiling at you
2008-10-0668ThePinkSuperheroEvery girl's crazy 'bout a sharped dress man (with a baby)
2008-10-2667homunculusThe One Machine
2008-10-2467digamanHolmes' and Watson's World
2008-10-1767yellowbinderLittleBigPlanet Recalled
2008-10-1667AfroblancoPerhaps unsurprisingly, the plurality of clients was business administration majors
2008-10-1167Christ, what an assholeReigning in the beastiality contigent
2008-10-1067m2002Boyfriend proposes over Twitter - Girlfriend suggests space pirate wedding
2008-10-0767mattholomewNow we need to implement this for Metafilter comments.
2008-10-0667augustweedA coup has taken place
2008-11-0266StopMakingSenseNow we will see what a perfect post looks like. And what it can do.
2008-11-0266XurandoHelter Skelter Vermont Style
2008-10-2266strangeguitarsThe biggest hacker in China
2008-10-1466IndigoSkyeRocketboom Founder Fighting for Father's Life
2008-10-3065loquaciousDENTIST LIVES HERE.
2008-10-2865cillit bangBrand, Ross, Brown, Sachs, Fawlty, Baillie, Cameron, Hitler
2008-10-1765WCityMikeChicago Tribune Endorses First Democratic Nominee in 161-Year History
2008-10-0765fearfulsymmetryStanding On The Shoulders Of Giants
2008-10-0964WCityMikeBeyond the Reach of God
2008-10-1663shetterlyDebunking the Bradley Effect
2008-10-1363cogneuroThe World is An Unusual Place
2008-10-0663agatha_magathaSigns, signs everywhere are signs
2008-10-2962ArtwMad artist in ancient sinister house draws things. What were his models? Glimpse.
2008-10-2362WolfDaddyWe've got games your 10 year old wouldn't be good at.
2008-10-1462cjorgensenWho Are You?
2008-10-1462RussHyBroken Koans
2008-10-1861Monday, stony MondayIs Haskell Failing?
2008-10-1761Potomac AvenueToo much dignity to play for small stakes
2008-10-1061marbleTexas requires proof of legal status for a driver's license
2008-10-0961mojohand5& 1/2 hour no-knead bread
2008-10-3160Marisa Stole the Precious ThingThe Golden Calf
2008-10-2460salishseaKuroda Sensei
2008-10-1460x_3mta3Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Troy Davis Appeal
2008-10-0760Secret Life of GravyWaiting on you hand and foot
2008-10-2759mrzarquonSafe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.
2008-10-1659spec80Under [his] gloves, were a pair of softer gloves.
2008-10-1459panboiExploring The Ice Mountains
2008-10-1159AstroGuyThe Bridge to New Zealand
2008-10-1059Reverend RobbieThe horror... the horror
2008-10-1059nthdegxPocketful of dough
2008-10-2558sluglickerEnd of an Era
2008-10-2458MutantYou don't really own the shares you think you own
2008-10-2258serazinGay Advertising
2008-10-2258East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94SARAH PALIN'S BAADASSSSS SONG
2008-10-2158tybeetThis cake's not a lie
2008-10-1558fearfulsymmetrySwept Away
2008-10-1458IronmouthBringing Change You Can Believe In to Xbox 360
2008-10-0958spockA few words from a beloved U.S. President on the banking crisis
2008-10-2957jacquilynneNot your average Halloween Costume
2008-10-1057ninjewHuh? What time is it?
2008-11-0156KokuRyuMalted battery acid
2008-10-3156yonationtolerate this, suckers
2008-10-0956nthdegxZip code with a capital C O D E.
2008-11-0255stbalbachRead this column before you die
2008-10-2355miss lynnsterAunt Bee and Big Al say vote McCain!
2008-10-1255mojohandR.I.P Good Times
2008-10-1055delmoiNext week, zero
2008-10-0655cashmanWhat attire can I wear to the polls on election day?
2008-10-2354ToekneesanChicken or Maverick...
2008-10-1854blue_beetleMichael Palin is not the funniest Palin anymore.
2008-10-1754longsleevesInvading spider is invading.
2008-10-1254bystanderCredit Crunchy Granola Sweet
2008-10-0854longdaysjourneySad Guys on Trading Floors.
2008-11-0453chunking expressThe America We Never Seem to Talk About.
2008-10-2753acroCadle's Flag of the Earth
2008-10-2653blahblahblah100,000 faces. Your name.
2008-10-2553philip-randomsimple minded dream 79-80-81-82-83-84
2008-10-2453gman3 € bill.
2008-10-2353ahecklerReality has a well-known liberal bias.
2008-10-2253LSKChicago Pedway
2008-10-1153joeclarkRebranding literature
2008-10-1053blue_beetleYou certainly do remind me of Adolf Hitler.
2008-11-0452scblackmanOne that should have won, but didn't.
2008-10-2752krautlandPlainview is a free full-screen web browser for your mac.
2008-10-2652SpecialKThe Nerd Handbook
2008-10-2152not_on_displayBefore They Were UFOs
2008-10-2052Slack-a-gogoDolemite was his name, and f@#*in' up motha f$#@as was my game!