Which posts in MetaTalk from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 have the most comments?

2012-03-311961filthy light thiefApril Frist!
2012-05-221298cortexholdkris99's death was a hoax.
2012-10-01987pbComment Editing
2012-01-23762AchemanBored now
2012-05-16675mrs holdkris99This is how I tell it, ohhhhhhhhhh but it's long
2012-07-24662griphusAs Balzac said, 'There goes another novel.'”
2012-06-19661zarqWhy aren't we doing this topic well?
2012-06-01650SnyderYou're not Freud, you're not Sidney Friedman, you're not even Lucy Van Pelt
2012-03-06629desjardinsDiversity on Mefi
2012-01-17560mathowieSOPA/PIPA blackout
2012-01-27558ArtwGoogle buzz
2012-07-25552DrexenEasy on the ostracism
2012-02-06542showbiz_lizMeta love is the best love of all
2012-09-05525gmanUse Your Words
2012-12-09521griphusMETA FILTER RUN FLAVORTOWN
2012-07-18516peppermintfreddoThis isn't the advice you're looking for
2012-09-18504mathowieEating our own dogfood
2012-12-144942bucksplusAnother shooting
2012-04-27491charlie don't surfMeta MetaCensorship
2012-11-12486julenSecret quonsar 2012: Signups Are Open. Let the quonsing begin!
2012-02-03471DrexenPlease be aware of the implications of the language you're using.
2012-01-06447kamikazegopherRacial epithets in Metatalk
2012-06-23439flexpornographic photos of women directly linked in FPPs
2012-06-21380nickrussellOne pill makes you larger... and one pill makes you smaller.
2012-07-03370MattMangelsI'm afraid of Americanisms
2012-10-18368koeselitzMovin' On Up
2012-11-05365rcadeElection 2012: Domo Arigato, Larry Sabato
2012-10-26362rebentsort the beans into four categories, decide each one is the less-preferred option.
2012-08-08361cavalierFacebook's Edit feature looks mighty perty; can I has edit comments plox?
2012-05-08356TrurlWork harder
2012-02-17356not_on_displayLife Matter: Whoa Time
2012-12-06354IndigoRainSecret Quonsar thank-you thread!
2012-07-02353ferdinand.bardamuWhat more was there to say?
2012-02-29322iamkimiamPlease help me collect some meta MeTa Data data. Ta! –Me.
2012-03-27320tzikehHelp me find a comment about an American in an Australian hospital?
2012-07-13309roomthreeseventeenRomney threads
2012-04-17309RandlePatrickMcMurphyBoxster Short
2012-01-31307fearfulsymmetryCory, Cory, tell us a story.
2012-07-30305bystanderMeFi Olympians?
2012-08-22303iamkimiam2012 MetaFilter Survey & Research Discussion Thread
2012-06-18297PinkMooseSex Negativity on MeFi
2012-05-03297hincandenzaPlease stop deleting my comments
2012-12-11291GenjiandProustNo, *You* Are a First World Problem
2012-10-15290mathowieThe New Shirts Are Here!
2012-04-10287crunchlandDon't be lazy.
2012-10-30283Eyebrows McGeeHurricane Sandy Rowboat Check-In Thread
2012-10-07282hermitosisSuicide Prevention By Committee
2012-10-17281cupcake1337warning: flurries inside
2012-03-01280IpsifendusYES! There are adults who are interested. You know this already.
2012-03-31277roboton666Can we 3D print that in Steampunk?
2012-09-20269mishaThe Cabal just lost Doc Marten
2012-11-28268wolfdreams01Doxxing Policy
2012-04-20268mishaChests are good, butts are bad, mmmkay? Bingo!
2012-03-14267Meatbomb"New directive: we don't do ""tl;dr"" here anymore."
2012-04-04266moammargaretIs Metafilter sex-negative?
2012-05-31263jsturgillOr is it just me?
2012-11-19260pete_22"What's the deal with ""limerence""?"
2012-04-01260benbensonThis First-Page Party's Got to Go! Hey Hey!
2012-03-10260killdevil"Shirts for ""a website nobody goes to."""
2012-04-10257dioristThat was an ad.
2012-01-24257Brandon BlatcherYou should knock off the sermons
2012-05-29256corbShe asked for help getting rid of shame, we gave her more.
2012-04-08250ArgyleThis post is basically 'you're not doing it correctly, do it my way'
2012-10-24247jkafkaNaNoWriMo 2012
2012-01-18246escabecheAskMe question prep: it's worth it
2012-05-28245chrisulonicAskMe vs WaPo
2012-11-17238eurypterisCats vs MetaFilter
2012-11-14231Pope Guilty"Just because you didn't say ""go fuck yourself"" doesn't mean you were civil"
2012-12-12230blue_beetleMatt Haughey talks about why Facebook is like AOL in the '90s, and the best and worst developments in online communities
2012-07-11230moammargaretThe Lethal Thread of 117781
2012-05-01230griphus+1 +1 +1
2012-08-22224nolnacsDoes Mefi take respect seriously?
2012-02-24221mygothlaundryAdd Thisismyjam to the social profile widget thingie, please?
2012-03-23218TomMeleeGet over yourself, gimp.
2012-09-26217jphMetaFilter: It Gets Better
2012-01-23213Anonymousbaby, baby
2012-10-22212XMLiciousMormon temple ceremonies
2012-06-27212Joe in AustraliaIncisive decison about circumcision
2012-02-17212Cool Papa BellGore warning? Really?
2012-02-08212SPrintFNo More Mr Frothy
2012-12-10211deacon_bluesHow has MeFi changed in the past few years?
2012-04-11211unixratFitness, Not Hateness
2012-03-22211ScientistFirst Metafilter BDSM Symposium
2012-07-15210anigbrowlToo much of a good thing
2012-03-20209BrocklesWild guesses do not fix cars.
2012-01-03207shipbreakerLocked Out... ... and erased from the Internet!
2012-06-19205SebmojoPiracy - better than sliced bread, or worse than murder?
2012-10-01204mathowieNew Mod Monday
2012-05-24203anigbrowlHabeas factus
2012-03-16203Avenger50Fact-checking comments
2012-08-06201Egg ShenHow strong is your MetaFilter password?
2012-07-14197jessamynTHIS Is when it starts to get awkward? Oh my....
2012-04-13194steinsaltzThe Semite Subset
2012-12-11193sgt.serenityfur aw that
2012-07-07191JPDNuts to you!!
2012-02-19191IvoShandorWhere you be?
2012-01-22191the man of twists and turnsBring the JoePa fighting here, y'all
2012-03-15190functionequalsformIt's a Favorites-Off
2012-01-06188Foci for AnalysisIt was very sweet while it lasted
2012-12-26187wolfdreams01A Deficit of Deficit posts
2012-01-19181ericbShit New Yorkers Say.
2012-09-27178StynxnoTim Gunn reads Ask.Metafilter
2012-05-09177Blue_VillainIf you cannot say anything nice, quote somebody famous. [citation needed]
2012-03-02174-"""trolling philosophers"""
2012-11-12172cortexAll about sockpuppets, privacy accounts, Brand New Day, and other multiple-mefi account things
2012-11-12172Egg ShenHipsters
2012-04-11170jcterminalWhich Active Users have been here the Longest?
2012-01-13170Kid CharlemagneDid you mean to favorite that?
2012-11-05168RenorocMetaFilter Election 2012
2012-02-19168goodnewsfortheinsane30,000 and still counting...
2012-11-06166pbElection Day Jabber Server
2012-02-05166gerrybloga human being and a public servant
2012-07-31165k8tTina is rescued!
2012-11-08164leotrotskymake chat permanent.
2012-10-05164gerryblogi know you mean well but
2012-10-10163WordshoreHappy 40th birthday, user #1 (Mathowie)
2012-07-31163mathowieAugust best post contest
2012-05-25163désoeuvréeIs there an ignore/block function? Should there be?
2012-04-14163desjardinsLousy outrage filter
2012-06-06162GnomeChompskyWhat does (or doesn't) MeFi do well?
2012-10-12161seasparrowSomething I never thought I'd see here
2012-05-04160xarnopHow hurtful do we go?
2012-02-26159MeatbombReminder to FIAMO, people.
2012-07-13158terrapinWelcome to earth baby pinkstynxnohero
2012-04-25158Narrative PrioritiesThese threads are already difficult enough.
2012-10-01154mikoroshiFailure at the mediumest levels
2012-11-13149The WhelkSometimes We Do Good
2012-06-17149timsneezedDoes MeFi have a policy on non-English language posts?
2012-06-16149St. Alia of the Bunniesit's been three years......
2012-05-11149NomyteSee them fighting in the street, 'cause they can't make opinions meet.
2012-04-27149Brandon BlatcherFascination Street
2012-02-15149gingerestIt's Sea S-H-E-P-H-E-R-D
2012-10-16147ArtwMy job is not to worry about those threads
2012-05-12147gilrainFlagged as Bad/Good Deletion
2012-04-26147LynseyHappy birthday, Cortex!
2012-03-31146dmdOff the rails
2012-05-01145rebentCracked.com is terrible and horrible.
2012-11-29144shakespeherianLooking out onto the ash-filled street, the poetry of T.S. Eliot seems more poignant than ever.
2012-07-11144softlordMetaFilter Shirts. For real, this time. Let's make it happen.
2012-02-06143PercussivePaulReddit trivia rematch
2012-04-18142exphysicist345I hate acronyms!
2012-02-27142twoleftfeetFly your favorite flag
2012-03-24141polymodusHave you ever favorited yourself?
2012-09-09140Egg ShenArtw's 750th post
2012-05-03140pompomtomSingle link reddit thread?
2012-11-18138shothotbotCookie swap
2012-04-11138bmorrisonWhat made you pay?
2012-08-09135FaintdreamsDoes Meta/Ask have a 'Trigger' etiquette for posts?
2012-05-22134amanda"""Well, I expressed them!"""
2012-05-14134a_girl_irlAnother Bad Deletion - It Ain't What U Post, It's How U Say It
2012-05-08134TarumbaOh no, my dirty laundry!
2012-03-02133ScientistThere are a lot of us!
2012-08-31132pbMetaTalk Queue: Late Summer Edition
2012-08-22131syntaxfreeCrazy people are crazy, throw rocks at them
2012-06-29131hwyengrDating on the green
2012-06-14131Sweetie DarlingFake, fake, fake
2012-09-06130mathowie72: Best Post Contest Results
2012-02-25130DeathaliciousHow about a cookbook?
2012-05-21129royalsongThe blockquote tag is awesome! Let me show you how to use it.
2012-05-02129nangarMalicious AskMe
2012-04-15129hazyjaneAn ugly debate
2012-03-26129dunkaduncWhy is my cat doing $weirdthing?
2012-03-05128philipyWant to know what books fellow Mefites like? Come participate in a mass Goodreads enfriending
2012-06-06127smokeCan we give a little more charity to anons?
2012-01-30127notnedGlobal Warming *raspberry*
2012-04-12124jayderWe have a new meme. Yay! But it's like fingernails across a chalkboard. Boo!
2012-12-23123daisystompermore talkin bout guns?
2012-07-22122andreaazureMetafilter: Making Thing Better For A While Now™
2012-06-08122anigbrowlIt's not fundraising if you're not asking for donations
2012-04-24122mathowieBest of Blog launch is a go
2012-12-10121dougrayrankinIt's ok... you can do it, you can make a decision by yourself.
2012-10-16121schmodMarkup Markdown Mark It All Around
2012-09-03121Sys RqCabal much?
2012-07-23121WordwomanMeFites in Real Life: Acknowledge or No?
2012-06-11121Jon44"My ""Ask MeFi"" Post was plagiarized on another website!"
2012-12-07120WordshoreThe Joy of FPPing
2012-07-27120anotherpanaceaGod made man because he loves stories
2012-03-22120jeffburdgeswhat's the deal?
2012-02-08120ricochet biscuitDTDTMFA
2012-09-11118HeyAllieWe were ahead of the game back on 9/11.
2012-08-26118plaSLYT, ROFLWTFBBQ!
2012-03-11117unSaneDistant voices?
2012-11-16116davidjmcgeeLet's put the cards on the table.
2012-06-03116carsonbMeFiSwap 2012-2 The Swappening
2012-02-23115the young rope-riderPost Subject Shows Up for a Cameo
2012-11-13114whimsicalnymphHummus for Us