Which posts tagged with "Obama" in MetaFilter from 2007-01-01 through 2009-01-31 have the most comments?

2008-11-032069dwWe have the facts and we're voting...
2008-09-141751madamjujujivePalin, pancakes, and the straight talk express
2008-09-241578parmanparmanBecause there are more important things to do on Friday night
2008-10-151557East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94Elections are fun!
2008-11-041276plexiBarack Obama is the next President of the United States
2008-03-181117caddisOne for the History Books
2008-06-03949Effigy2000A moment in history; Obama Wins Presidential Nomination.
2008-10-07875shiu mai babyTown Meeting! Town Meeting!
2008-11-05702digamanTwo Steps Forward, One Step Back
2009-01-20653theora55President Barack Obama
2008-09-26603nitsujBottoms up
2008-02-05490zenziziCharacter. Integrity. Do.
2008-10-094894midoriThe Palin Mob
2008-11-03425CunningLinguistObama's grandmother dies hours before the election
2008-10-22319ignignoktPowerful, quiet photos of Barack Obama.
2008-02-18299timsteilWhat Are Words For?
2008-04-16282psmealeyPerhaps the end of the hype cycle?
2008-01-06278homunculusThe Obama Phenomenon
2009-01-202700bviousA nation of nonbelievers
2008-08-27269FlyingMonkeyObama nominated by acclimation after all
2008-12-17267digamanAmerica's Pastor at the Inauguration
2008-11-05251thbtHow Obama Did It
2008-10-28238MaxKA Volunteer Meets the Presidential Candidate
2008-07-27237PostroadIsraeli paper publishes Obama's stolen Western Wall prayer
2008-08-28235WCityMikeA Speech So Stirring It Converted Pat Buchanan
2008-12-09210jpburnsSenate seat for sale...
2008-09-15205FunkyHelixNot quite an egg and frying pan moment...
2007-02-10191patr1ckBarack Obama Announces Presidential Bid
2008-11-06186cashmanI've been waiting for me
2008-02-02184empathYes, We Can.
2008-03-11176lunitTim Wise on Obama and Race
2007-01-31171Slap FactoryClean as a Whistle. Sharp as a Tack
2008-10-16161Fuzzy SkinnerMcCain and Obama at the Al Smith Dinner
2008-11-10160IronmouthGOP 2.0--Republicans Go Internet
2008-08-02153starman"""Fit"" to report?"
2008-07-04152joannemerriamDecision on FISA delayed
2008-12-03151Secret Life of GravyNightmare Motel
2008-08-20151finitePastor Rick's Test
2007-05-02147chunking expressThe Battle to Control Obama's Myspace
2007-11-04143matklineSullivan on Obama
2008-02-10142allkindsoftimeReconciliation of church and state?
2008-12-09141TalezYou would always be viewed by many Americans as a poseur - a usurper.
2008-10-30131Lacking SubtletyObama just got endorsed by The Economist.
2008-09-29128scodgerIt's not the economy, stupid.
2008-06-09126l33tpolicywonkHeroWorship Filter
2008-03-10124doug3505Obama supporter shocked to see herself in Hillary ad
2009-01-23121googlyToo bad Hillary's eyes are closed.
2009-01-16121ericbopHot Glazed Roe Nuts.
2008-06-17118mrductsWho says Republicans don't have class?
2008-03-17112digamanProlonging the Battle
2008-02-10108pearlybobIs Rice Right?
2008-12-01106peachfuzzThe Lady Chancellor's Nightmare
2008-05-29106Brian B.The American way
2008-08-31102djghFinal Days
2008-10-14101DragonnessChomsky on the elections, economy
2008-11-0299digamanYou Betcha
2009-01-0699scalefreeThe Obama-Bigfoot Connection
2008-09-2498greenie2600Let's see if we can't get that up on the Internet.
2008-11-1798stbalbachObama win spurs white racial backlash
2007-03-0497w0mbatBarack's roots start showing
2007-03-1897caddis2008, not 1984
2008-12-0895zaebizSeptimius Severus - the Barack Obama of the Roman Empire?
2008-11-1693Effigy2000Obama vows to shut down Guantanamo Bay
2008-11-0193445supermagThe true conservative in this race: Barack Obama
2009-01-2192gmanNow What?
2008-07-2992jourman2Professor Obama's final
2009-01-1490holgateObama's People
2009-01-1690chuckdarwinThe Beast
2008-10-2387phunniemeeAmerica must look negative ads in the eye and try not to vomit
2009-01-2386blue_beetleWho said what now?
2008-10-2286bwgObama Wins in a Landslide
2008-11-0983homunculusObama and the Imperial Presidency
2009-01-2683leotrotskyObama the Conservative
2008-11-0582twoleftfeetDancing in the streets for Obama
2008-12-1281QuidamSorry, We’re Booked, White House Tells Obamas
2009-01-1180homunculusThree Opinions On What to Do With the Bush Administration's Misdeeds
2009-01-1880NavelgazerStand on the right, pass on the left
2008-11-1680twoleftfeetFashion, turn to the left...
2008-09-2378NaberiusObama's Got Options, Baby.
2008-12-0278gmanGlobal Nomads
2007-06-1577chinese_fashionI Got a Crush on Obama
2008-11-1376cobra_high_tigersAre You Now, Or Have You Ever Been, A Maverick?
2008-09-2476Pope GuiltySend these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me... on the other hand, don't.
2008-09-2276wittgensteinObama: The Price of Being Black
2008-11-0675heatherannfrom 52 to 48, with love
2008-11-1175912 GreensThe End of an Era?
2008-09-1474blue_beetleYou say muslim, I say muslin.
2008-09-2472SkygazerEPIC FAIL: The Astroturf is always greener on the other side.
2008-06-0472Xurando"He meant ""Character Assassination"""
2008-03-1472dawsonOratory, Politics, and Video
2008-11-0669sjuhawk31Illinois Lottery Draws 666 on Heels of Obama Victory
2008-05-1968Cool Papa BellEverything you think you know about inequality is wrong.
2008-10-0667ThePinkSuperheroEvery girl's crazy 'bout a sharped dress man (with a baby)
2009-01-2667RegMcFCharlie Brooker - the world's leading misanthrope
2009-01-2966pianomoverSo here is our most important piece of advice: remember who your dad really is.
2009-01-2165LjubljanaThe Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises
2008-05-2364blastridPropaganda is now officially hip.
2008-10-1764WCityMikeChicago Tribune Endorses First Democratic Nominee in 161-Year History
2008-09-2663tristezaThe Great Schlep
2009-01-1463Slap FactoryTax Trouble at Treasury
2008-10-1662shetterlyDebunking the Bradley Effect
2008-06-1361Xurando"Perhaps We Should Rename the Song ""George's Monkey"""
2008-04-1359shivohumA West Wing Writer Imagines a Deadlocked Democratic Convention
2008-05-0659goodnewsfortheinsaneThe story of the Democratic primaries so far, boiled down to seven minutes.
2008-02-2658humanfontHoping for a new voodoo?
2008-10-1458IronmouthBringing Change You Can Believe In to Xbox 360
2008-09-0957finiteObama is inclusive in his support for PNGs
2008-09-1257homunculusNegating a frame activates that frame
2008-08-2956goodnewsfortheinsaneAn outlaw view of the underbelly of the beast during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.
2008-06-0255flotson"NYT Op-Ed labels Obama ""muslim apostate"""
2008-11-1555WeebotRadio in Name Only
2008-10-2355miss lynnsterAunt Bee and Big Al say vote McCain!
2007-12-1655kliulessthis was our president
2008-01-1254KattullusHow is politician babby hold?
2008-01-2954warawAmerican Code Words
2008-06-0853storyboredBarack vs Clinton - a cool interactive graphic
2008-11-0752desjardins389 years ago
2008-09-2152crossovermanThere is only hope.
2008-05-3052nasreddinThe Dangling Conversation
2009-01-0650woodwayBuddy, can you spare a dollar?
2008-10-1850blue_beetleMichael Palin is not the funniest Palin anymore.
2008-02-1949gsteffFree Congress
2008-12-2049caddisObama elevate my soul
2008-03-1548anotherpanaceaPlagiarize a Presidential Candidate
2008-02-0748kittens for breakfastCringeFilter
2008-10-0147kerningBarack Obama eats a Michael Phelps breakfast?
2008-11-0347gmanSay You, Say Me
2009-01-2047shetterlyWhat is race in the Obama age?
2009-01-2246puckishWhat the man said.
2008-10-1745BiblioBarack Obama vs. the Pirates of Witchita
2009-01-3044manosthfChia pet Obama? A little offensive? Maybe just a little?
2008-10-1644gmanNo Mudslinging.
2008-08-2044djseafoodArt Imitates Life
2008-10-0944kirkarachaDonna Brazile Is Not Going to the Back of the Bus
2009-01-1643ztdavisPete Souza
2009-01-1543harperpittThis week's cover of The Nation features Obama with more than 60 civil rights icons.
2008-10-1441sararahA Conservative Son Gone Bad?
2008-12-1341orthogonality"""Hope is the thing that floats"""
2008-11-0441SmedleymanWe can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares and go...
2009-01-2641resurrexit"""What has it got in its pocketses?"""
2008-11-0241fourcheesemacThe Music is the Message
2008-10-2040clearlyThe Typography of Change
2008-09-1239mothershockCan you hear the people sing?
2008-09-2439WCityMikePresidential Betting Market Acting a Little Oddly
2008-10-3039beagleRoadside vernacular
2008-11-0839HuronBobObama victory headlines.
2007-12-2139Brian JamesWho is naming who?
2009-01-1838sveskemusLego Obama
2008-11-1538RhaomiFWD: fwd: Fwd: RE: nuclear launch codez
2008-05-1936camcgeeObama/Prime in 08
2008-11-0536markkraftLet freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!
2008-02-1135billysumdayViral Obama
2008-02-2235growabrainViva Obama
2009-01-1835cogneuroObama(s) Over the Years
2008-02-0235markkraftIt's the economy, stupid.
2008-11-0135chuckdarwinColbert will love you, baby!
2009-01-0834Fuzzy MonsterObama and Spider-Man
2008-10-2134ahecklerDecisions, decisions...
2009-01-1534ageispolisGrowing Up In Guantánamo.
2008-11-3033wittgensteinThe Truth about the Election
2008-02-0533RhaomiAlso, make sure to bring a number two pencil
2007-08-2733pwedzaOh, the humanity...
2009-01-1032dejah420The Justice Department - brought to you by the letters ORLY?
2008-09-1032CaduceusSurge? More like... something that rhymes with surge.
2008-07-1432WeebotObama as Political Animal
2008-10-2832ThePinkSuperheroBARacK Obama!
2008-10-2831blue_beetleMy friends, here's to HOPE!
2008-11-2731goodnewsfortheinsaneThe Economist: The World in 2009
2008-11-2531allkindsoftimeRemaking the case for humanitarian intervention abroad.
2009-01-1930caddisThe Dream is Alive
2008-11-1730KokuRyuSuper Obama World
2009-01-1530PoolioThe President-To-B-Baller
2008-08-1029WCityMikeWhenever You Need Some Politician
2008-07-1629humannaireThe Times They Are A Changin' because....
2008-10-0728phrontistBrief History of the Twenty-First Century
2008-10-1927spiderskullFired Up? Ready to Carve!
2008-09-0926iamkimiam“The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” –Ben Okri
2009-01-2126brinkzillaObamas crack problem
2008-03-0426caddisObama and his supporters are just pure emotion.....
2008-10-2925eustacescrubbAnd the B-Boy Shall Bust Moves To The Bluegrass
2008-12-0424GlibpaxmanWashington to Obama
2009-01-2624l33tpolicywonkBecause of you, John. Barack Obama
2008-10-2923not_on_displayOh shi... IT'S ON!!
2009-01-1923homunculusMartin Luther King's Anti-Imperialism
2008-11-0622wittgensteinFixing Foreign Entanglements
2007-02-1619Sticherbeast20 questions for 20 politicians.
2008-11-1419KattullusA President is Known by His Lawn Mower
2009-01-1618TheWashLook around.
2008-10-2217orange swanCrafting for Change!
2008-11-0316NavelgazerWe Can Talk Politics All Night
2008-10-2914kotharHost your own illegal fundraiser!
2009-01-2213CochiseThe First 100 Days