Which posts tagged with "gifts" in Ask MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through now have the most comments?

2014-10-14119rhiannonstoneWhat are the weirdest alcoholic spirits you know of?
2013-07-0395AnonymousApparently I suck at giving gifts, need advice
2012-02-1483AnonymousIs this a wedding or a fundraiser?
2012-09-2582XurandoGiving Individualized Future Travel
2015-04-0881d. z. wangromantic flower-inspired gifts that are not flowers?
2017-12-2580QuestoliciousOn the day of Christmas, my loving and misguided grandmother gave to me
2012-05-0477AnonymousHelp with inconsiderate gifts
2012-12-2969baconandvodkaI like you, but I hate the gifts..
2013-11-2468AnonymousSelfishFilter: Is there a polite way to say "gifts ok"?
2012-09-1867davebugWhat was on your baby registry that you use and what was on it that you don't use?
2012-10-0964everydayanewdaySize XL, he likes them baggy
2015-11-0962KrazorIt's for Mister Macintosh - The Ethics of a Blank Check
2013-09-2461AnonymousWow, it's beautiful, please can I take it back?
2015-12-0761The corpse in the libraryPuzzling kitchen-gadgets gifts?
2013-01-0857mccnWhat are some specifically American foods (less perishable is better)?
2013-12-1255BardolphSmart detective fiction?
2012-11-0854otherwordlyglow"No gifts please"
2013-11-2553Admiral HaddockAdvanced Home Cooks--What's on Your Wishlist? (Assuming You Were Good!)
2013-01-0250AnonymousIs there a way to approach unequal staff Christmas presents at my workplace that will not come off as me being jackassy?
2014-12-1849royalsongGeneral Purpose Gifts Under $8?
2014-09-1949The corpse in the libraryWhat should I give my son for his birthday?
2012-09-2148eisenlWhat were some great, memorable gifts you've received?
2012-01-1848two lights above the seaBook ideas for my young nieces and nephews.
2012-05-1248lolluscIs my friend trying to surreptitiously decline a gift?
2013-01-0147jeffamaphoneNo puppies either; my sister would kill me.
2012-02-1047miles1972Non-Valentines Valentines Gift
2016-07-0145lirael2008Goody Bag Alternatives
2013-06-1045AnonymousWhy do I hate gifts?
2015-11-3045sprezzyTreat yo'self!
2013-09-0743AnonymousGifts for the man who has (or could buy) everything?
2012-09-1942akaJudgegreat gift for 1 year old?
2013-06-1742anthropomorphicWhat awesome contraband can I give my newly-not pregnant friend?
2012-01-1942mintchipHow to deal with a family member who doesn't accept gifts gracefully?
2012-07-0841AnonymousBest gifts for your spouse?
2018-02-0840PolychromeGifting pains
2016-03-3140sarahnicolesaysHow to deal with unwanted gifts that have great value to the gifter?
2014-12-0140Admiral HaddockAsk vs. Guess Culture Meets Gift Giving
2015-04-3039AnonymousDoodling in a rare first edition
2015-12-0439bondcliffNext step beyond Lego?
2012-09-2639ethiddaI'm not trying to buy your affection but here's some cash
2014-12-0239genmonsterWhat does a 20 year old (male) college student want for x-mas?
2016-12-0938banjo_and_the_porkGift ideas for a dude who likes weird things
2013-12-1238catesbieWhat board games are popular with the kids these days?
2013-11-2638joan cusack the secondAmusing, surprising, and cheap stocking stuffers for the whole family
2016-11-2838handful of rainHow do you handle Christmas out-of-town with small kids?
2012-11-2637PantsOfSCIENCEGifts for the knitter who apparently already has everything?
2015-11-3037DiablevertPractical odds and ends for the new homeowner
2018-04-1237lepusSo she wasn’t being supportive of my love of cooking in spandex
2015-08-2436robstercrawPlease help me come up with a great $50-100 baby shower gift!
2016-01-2236spicytunarollShould the cost of the baby shower gift depend on income disparity?
2015-05-1436radaHow to surprise a child with a kitten exactly on their birthday?
2013-12-0936zeriSmall gift ideas for friend with newborn
2016-11-1735ficbotWhat does my baby want for Christmas?
2015-03-0235Rocket26 Baby number one due in T-minus 4 months. What should I register for?
2013-07-0935Hennimore "Cocktail Set" & "Expensive Hard Liquor" Hipster Brother's BDAY for 150
2012-10-3135AnonymousIs a homemade gift a good way to show a guy I'm interested?
2017-02-2435OrangeVelourActivities for the hip and homebound
2013-01-0135raintreeGift for a newborn baby
2015-04-0835Elly VortexAuntie Awesome needs help being Awesome
2012-06-2234AnonymousShould I invite friends to our wedding I'm not that close to?
2015-11-0434sciatrixWhat to buy for a person who hates novelty?
2014-04-2434WinterSolsticeWould this be nice or creepy?
2013-07-2634MetalFingerzGift ideas to celebrate creative thinking
2017-11-1034ficbotWhat else does a one-year-old need?
2012-08-0834coupdefoudreWhich companies offer free gifts or deals if they know it's your birthday?
2012-11-2533gilsonalI picked it out just for you! Sorta.
2012-02-0333CalicattWhat to gift my very practical boyfriend?
2017-12-1833echoplasmHow to deal with no acknowledgment of greeting cards
2014-05-0333ChorusI solemnly swear it's not a knitted jumper again!
2013-06-1533mlle valentineHelp me find a good book for my father.
2014-04-1033pintapicassoMy dad the penny pincher
2017-09-0932raspberrEGifts for the hard-to-buy-for mother
2015-03-2432billiebeeWhat are the kidz into these days?
2012-12-1032tazPandora bracelets for my nieces, or ...?
2016-11-2732codacorollaSecret Santa: Baker edition
2014-04-0132PearlRoseGift for the hostess who's adverse to everything?
2013-11-2031lovableiagoScary books for someone who's new to the "reading" thing...
2014-11-0931arcticwomanExtravagant gift etiquette
2013-08-3031royalsongWhat craft supplies do you keep on hand regularly?
2017-11-3031Anonymousalternative ideas for christmas gifts?
2012-04-0431AnonymousI confirm that this is a sticky situation!
2014-12-1531rainbowbriteBooks appropriate for a middle school boy
2016-12-2030anastasiavGun gifts minus the gun...
2013-12-2230rhiannonstoneLooking for gift-worthy bottles of beer
2016-12-1130ocherdracoBOLD socks--within certain parameters
2013-11-0130schroedingerExcellent baby gifts for new parents
2012-10-1030broadway billTheir OLD kentucky home
2012-12-1529miss-lapinAnd A Partridge in a Pear TRee
2018-05-0229HotToddyMother's Day gift for mom returning to Catholicism
2013-09-0429MizuIntangible gift
2014-12-1429carolrAt least he'll always have fresh air in a crowd
2012-12-0828librarylisIs there a tool like the Dremel that I can buy as a great gift?
2014-02-0528magdalemonSmall Valentine's gestures, not too corny, delivered sneakily
2012-11-1828grouseWhat goods+services will make my travel easier?
2013-11-0928Ash3000Toddler holiday gift that can be used up
2012-01-2128Marie Mon DieuSome people are just hard to buy for
2014-10-3127rongorongoHow do I become better at giving people gifts?
2013-12-0227GatorDavidBest Whiskey for a Toddler?
2012-12-0827JuliaIglesiasCalling All Metaphilter Mycophiles
2016-11-2327AutoPilot83Gift for a first-time, multi-month European traveler (from the US)?
2014-06-1827neutralmojoA very inexpensive, small, and quickly obtainable token of my thanks
2013-01-1927rapidadverbssuckDouble Day: Gifts for a teenager?
2015-12-0727codacorollaSecret santa gift ideas for a limited budget and expensive tastes
2012-05-1227Eyebrows McGeeUseful gifts made of beautiful fabric
2013-12-0927blurkerQuestions for my mother
2012-12-0327razzmanHelp to be become a better xmas shopper
2013-08-0826katers890Belated birthday present for a notoriously hard to buy person
2012-11-0926no buenoNo more gifts please!
2017-11-2126codacorollaWhat do I want?
2015-10-2126malhouseIdeas for a staff pick-me-up?
2014-12-1026Rock SteadyWrapper's Delight
2013-08-2326futureisunwrittenHelping a pregnant friend from a distance.
2015-11-3026oneirodyniaitty-bitty cool gifts
2012-11-2826kariebookishChristmas Wish List Headache
2013-07-2126lolluscSome like it hot
2016-04-1026bimbamConsumable Gifts for Kids
2014-10-1326lovecricket Small, affordable, giftable, items common in USA, but not in France
2017-11-1726kat518Stuff This: Stocking Stuffer Suggestions
2015-12-0325juliapangolinHe can't take it with him
2013-12-0425GrandysaurHow can I make spices the most packable?
2013-06-0525schroedingerWhat can I do for my downstairs neighbors?
2014-12-2225sparringnarwhalMessage in a (Teeny Tiny) Bottle
2012-10-3025codacorollaPerhaps this Santa is too Secret
2017-10-2825snawBest gift from your adult child?
2018-01-1225kensington314What is a nice condolence gift for a friend whose mother died?
2012-06-2524deern the headliceGreat gift idea for someone about to drive cross-country (USA)?
2014-11-0524stillmovingPortable, packable gift of home
2012-05-0224Neely O'HaraWedding shower etiquette in NYC
2013-12-0424layceepeeGames for an Alzheimer's patient
2012-03-2424oxfordcommaWhat to get for the guy who has everything (including the kitchen sink)
2012-01-1024espidreLove song to a stranger
2017-09-1824elizehNeed ideas for a wedding gift for horror fans
2014-11-1024pennypiperThese are a few of your favorite things...
2014-03-1824sandettie light vessel automaticHost Gift Help Needed
2015-11-2524TessaGalDIY Gift ideas for engineer employees?
2016-08-0924kitcatGift ideas for beloved daycare workers?
2015-12-0324JacquelineGift ideas for a 4-year-old nonverbal autistic nephew?
2015-10-0224Jack KaraokeISO extreme cleverness: Ensure that someone doesn't open presents early?
2014-05-1624mokudekiruWhat can I pick up on the way home to cheer up the boyfriend?
2013-04-1724snow_macWedding night prep, what do I need to get ready?
2013-12-0223rhiannonstoneWhich e-cigarette is best for my sister?
2018-02-1423WalkerWestridgeOne Pen To Rule Them All
2014-08-0723alex1965What gift should I get for my wife?
2017-11-2223AranquisBudget Subscription Boxes
2012-01-0623kirkarachaGift Ideas for a 9-Year-Old Girl?
2014-03-1023schmodI need a "thoughtful" thank-you gift for a person that I don't know well
2016-04-0623AnonymousAppropriate thank-you gift for a supervisor
2014-01-0323schmodHelp me find the best sweatshirt known to mankind.
2012-12-2423AnonymousWhat Do You Give New Parents?
2012-06-1323Difference EngineHow do I tastefully accept/decline a very expensive gift?
2014-03-1923rhiannonstoneWhat should I give my temporary neighbor as a going-away present?
2013-04-1523gallusgallusNifty, gifty shopping in London?
2017-12-1223logic vs loveundercover subversive gifts for conservative family members
2014-07-1123rogerrogerwhatsyourrvectorvictoHelp me unpack some of my weirdness around giving gifts.
2015-12-2122AnonymousMy Mom Keeps Buying Me Expensive Jewelry I Never Wear
2013-07-0522paperback versionWelcome-to-Canada gifts for a young boy
2015-11-3022saladinLibrary of Interesting Scents? Looking for gift for my 3 year old.
2017-12-1522Mrs. PterodactylBest Gift for Daycare Staff?
2017-07-1322Dr. WuFun, unique seventh anniversary gift?
2017-12-1522DextWhat are the absolute best every day socks available in the UK?
2017-08-2022ihaveyourfootTransportable food gifts from NYC?
2015-03-0422Joey ButtafoucaultKnow anything about sailing? I need your gift ideas.
2012-11-1622ridiculousIdeas for a quality birthday gift.
2015-03-1922noondayTeaching Generosity to Children
2012-04-0222JoannaCCool birthday gift for birthday-averse geek boyfriend?
2018-04-0922GoldenEelFire Starter
2016-12-1422soleilunaSecret Santa Fail - Excellent Wrapping Paper Needed
2013-04-0422lolluscHow to make housesitting a great experience for the housesitter
2013-12-0722LittleMissCrankyCold Weather Preparation Gifts
2016-11-1221tippyWhat should I put in the Christmas hamper?
2018-07-1721loveandhappinessNo More Gifts
2014-02-2521HugobaronGifts for 18 yr old nephew about to travel then start university
2017-01-2221ToddlesBreakfast at Tiffany's - for the older set
2018-02-2121divabat"when I grow up I want to DO ALL THINGS!"
2018-03-1321ejfoxWhat is a good gift for my baristas?
2014-04-2921nickmarkWhich waffle maker is the best waffle maker?
2013-11-2421MitheralOh wow, I bet it's a gift card.
2012-11-1921AnonymousWhat's a good gift to buy for someone with depression and social anxiety?
2013-12-0621pearlybobBest grown up gift subscriptions for the Holidays?
2018-08-1621dearwassilyGift for friend who has everything?
2014-01-1421trynitiYinzer Gifts!
2013-10-0121chatongriffesFun, flat gifts!
2012-11-3021jsturgillHow can I make a loan to a friend work?
2013-12-1821crawfodo you even gift?
2017-04-0821ficbotAccepting help in a time of need
2017-06-0720good day merlockHelp! I need a gift for my fiance!
2012-03-1220mtphotoGift ideas for a 25 year old guy
2015-08-1820The Card CheatWhat back-to-school gifts should I give my wife?
2014-04-2420katers890Everyone loves a good gift question, right?
2012-09-2320CrazyLemonadeFancy coffee-table books as gifts.
2015-11-0920toomuchkatherineFun, Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift?
2015-09-0920Pork n BeansEmployee Anniversary Gifts for the staff who have everything
2015-05-1120Kat AllisonGift ideas for road trip?
2015-03-2420redwatermangift/gesture for girlfriend's roommates
2015-11-1420likeatoasterCheap and easy frames and prints of wedding photos for gifts
2015-09-2620ToddlesWow, Thank YOU for that thing...that is there...looking at me...
2016-11-0220Mrs. PterodactylChristmas Present for New Grandparents
2014-07-0320rogerrogerwhatsyourrvectorvictoChristmas In July! DIY gifts for family & friends
2018-06-1120gaspodeRecent books about punk rock/musicians?
2013-12-1819kagredonGiftFilter: prank edition