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2008-08-06180Paris = Hot, McCain=Old Guy
2012-03-06173Invisible Children
2016-11-11167Portland Protests
2012-06-29165Hot Dog!
2010-02-10148Google- will soon own us.
2010-05-09129Walk away
2009-03-05128If Watchmen was Scooby-Doo
2013-07-30125"You may want to NOT ""take the last train to Clarksville""!"
2015-06-17124Bernie Sanders on income inequality
2015-03-21118When a gun store doesn't sell guns
2013-02-05105An unlikely reviewer
2010-05-0796The story of Willie McGee
2012-11-1096That doesn't look right!
2011-10-2593Incentives And Cultural Bias Fuel Foster System
2013-02-2186Your dog is stupid
2006-08-1285youtube at its best...
2011-09-0483SOA Music
2009-10-1080Marge and Hef
2014-10-0880God Only Knows
2012-08-1575Clapton/Layla - 41 years
2011-11-0274They should put wheels on those!
2013-10-2074Steve Buscemi
2015-12-3170"""Come on, let's go get some coffee."""
2009-02-0969All the swear words from The Sopranos
2009-09-1969Peter Pan
2010-07-0469District 11
2015-10-1869While My Guitar Gently Weeps
2013-07-0869What's in a name?
2016-09-1767Dolly Parton + Pentatonix
2013-09-1666Linda Ronstadt
2016-01-0965The Netflix Bible
2014-11-2365This Kid Just Died [VIDEO]
2012-02-2464If Stephen King taught music....
2012-03-1561The Sun's Angry Red Spot
2012-09-1961Paid for by the cat.....
2014-01-0861Your favorite blue web site may be harming your health!
2009-10-036020 seconds of history on film
2009-07-0459"In that dark space between ""awwww, how cute!"" and ""creepy""."
2014-06-0358There should have been a weight limit sign on that dock...
2012-12-0256It's OK, Dad, I can get my own dinner....
2013-01-1756Mexican Drug Cartel Animated Infographic
2010-05-0355Kent State
2013-08-0455The Red Balloon
2013-05-1454Why we can't keep track of those $400 toilet seats....
2016-10-2453Activist Tom Hayden has passed away
2017-05-0153Bohemian Rhapsody- Pentatonix/Queen
2013-08-1353"Headline words sure to attract your attention: ""testical-biting"""
2012-09-1352Obama/Romney respond regarding poverty.
2016-02-0351Reese's Peanut-Butter-Ectomy with Oreo Cream Transplant
2013-04-1351Where have all the Wildlings gone?
2015-10-0549Children and Screen Time
2009-04-2849Don't hug me, bro!
2012-09-2849A Better Place
2015-10-0947The Rhythm of Life
2014-06-2546Comfort in.... Dump out...
2010-08-0346makes my fingers hurt just to watch!
2017-03-1646How to survive gaslighting
2013-04-0346A German Shephard, a suit, a jar of peanut butter, a spoon, and laughter
2014-05-3146I have the photo, but I don't remember being there...
2009-08-1945twitter defines our world, in poetry
2012-01-2845Yet another Bohemian Rhapsody cover.
2012-11-0445Let's catch a flick, or 303 of them....
2009-11-2143bus simulator
2010-05-0143Your Saturday Nite Soul
2012-10-2643It's all in the details.
2012-04-0142Arthur C. Clark- 1974, predicting the Internet
2014-05-2742Peanut Butter
2014-03-2542Nickel Creek
2013-12-1942Google knows where you've been
2015-02-1941My Own Life
2015-06-2141Phil Austin
2012-02-2141Food on my dog... that is all.
2012-05-2441450 Billion Oreos later
2015-11-1140Before the day is over, perhaps we could take just a moment...
2008-11-0839Obama victory headlines.
2009-04-2439Hi-yo, Silver
2016-07-2839"""Stand By Me"" Turns 30"
2012-02-2039Walk of Shame
2010-10-2738I'll be right back.
2006-11-2437Street Studio at Burning Man
2008-02-1537Where have we come to?
2008-04-2237no image tag, no problem
2012-02-0937mwah mwah mwah mwah woo woo woo woo
2012-05-2837Bats - tiny little bats
2012-06-0237Iconic Image from the Vietnam war.
2013-09-2137Veteran Suicides
2009-10-1735My model car is faster than your model car.
2013-09-0935New Third Coast
2008-10-2333Vinni Puh
2010-03-2332Plastic Bag
2012-01-1831Dog Wars
2010-10-2930If someone had been thinking, they would have been holding up rabbit ear fingers behind his head!
2016-02-2130Winter Is Trumping
2012-07-0730135 Shuttle Launches
2014-11-2430It's all about the water in your head
2018-09-1530“Down To The River To Pray”
2014-01-0429Tracing Skylines
2010-03-1328Hey, watch what I can do!!!
2010-08-3128It's time to get laid.
2012-06-0328Zombie Apocalypse
2012-11-2228What ever happened to Alice?
2014-01-1328Santana and Friends
2013-04-0628Mother otter teaches baby to swim. (EWISOTT)
2014-12-2128"""Beany"" Burger - 20¢"
2013-10-0728The Senate Chaplain
2014-04-1727In sickness and in health...
2016-07-0327Rufus Wainwright and 1500 singers
2012-11-0527And, in this corner, weighing in at 8 lbs... PUPPY!
2015-02-0127"""It doesn't matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love"""
2013-11-1727June Oswald
2015-01-1326Birds on a wire
2010-04-1026Metafilter Comments Already Included
2014-10-1826Who Wins The Scene
2014-02-0126Superbowl Commercials
2012-09-0926Need a fart? These folks will make it for you!
2012-10-1326He'll be back next year.
2015-08-0825xkcd explained
2010-03-2524gotta wipe that off!
2010-11-1524He was my brother...
2013-05-2524Still Pretty in Pink
2013-09-2524School Desegregation
2008-06-0723adopted by a seal...
2010-09-0623St. James Infirmary
2010-10-0523Head Down....or...chillout
2010-11-0723"Sunday Morning ""I WANT that dog! video"""
2015-01-1623Photos- The 1940s, Detroit
2010-06-2622Saturday Night.... a party!
2010-12-2722Mama Cass...two generations later
2012-10-1622Jackie Guthrie Dies
2007-12-0321She without arm, he without leg - ballet - Hand in Hand
2009-06-2021a photo returned
2010-04-1821Howdy Doody/Andy Kaufman
2010-09-2421Did you miss the 1960 World Series? Here's your chance!
2017-04-2721Someone who'll watch over me...
2009-12-2220TWO!!!! new Simon's Cat.... YEA!!!!
2014-06-2720NASA Images Highlight U.S. Air Quality Improvement
2011-01-2420Your tax dollars at work, killing cowbirds!
2012-02-1020I think there's a front moving through.
2014-04-1120....make your soul grow
2012-08-1320Things change....
2013-01-0420WAY too much coffee...! (or perhaps some other more interesting drug?)
2013-04-1820Dog wants a kitty.
2013-09-1120Letter to Teachers.
2018-11-0619A heap of Trouble
2016-07-0719Joan Baez turned 75 this year... she and some friends sang a few songs
2014-05-0519Just stay off the river...
2014-12-1819Run Derby Run!
2011-11-0719From the Fandango Ballroom
2012-04-2919Venice In A Day
2013-08-2819Try a Little Tenderness
2013-12-0319tipsforjesus- Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time.
2014-09-2618Free Museum Day!
2008-04-1018Elephant Polo and other strange things
2010-01-0418Fark???? Really???!!!
2011-09-2318Simon's Cat
2012-02-2718What you see is real, but you can't see it this way with the naked eye.
2015-07-1818Malamute puppies listening to music.
2012-05-3018Life After Life
2014-01-1618A different perspective
2007-10-2117A Little Halloween Treat
2009-12-0117Pink Lady of Malibu
2010-04-2017Stand By Me
2018-07-1917James Taylor
2012-03-2417Tsunami Debris Field
2008-04-2016Disneyland Dreams
2018-09-1016A simple version of Hallelujah
2016-12-0816Star Wars/DC mashup trailer.
2010-04-1116paul simon, me and julio...and some smaller friends
2010-12-3116We can do it!
2011-01-1816Bore Surfing
2015-11-0816Music....OLD music.
2013-05-2316Some pretty happy stuff
2009-07-0215Easy Rider....well, maybe not, his butt is gonna hurt when he's done
2009-12-2515O Holy Night
2017-04-1915Eighty Sixed
2015-06-0115The Grand Overlook Hotel
2012-11-1615Colder than.......
2009-09-1814R. Crumb Genesis