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2014-06-30581Blog of the Centre for Imperial and Global History-University of Exeter
2012-08-07384The memo platform is burning
2012-12-10255Drag it over to the wastepaper basket
2013-07-04221Running with the jackalopes
2014-10-09193Thar she blows...
2014-10-29159Putin on the ritz
2015-09-11158Get a D in science
2007-04-21151Nasa shooting
2015-01-15139Jim, I'm a doctor, not a designer
2013-04-26127Taibbi held a gun to my head, er, I mean...
2014-03-12126Uncle Sam was a rolling stone
2007-08-12125the truth about denial: just a dry river bed
2012-07-23124You still eat with your hands?
2011-09-13121The bottom of the pyramid
2012-01-11120Dear Hiring Manager
2011-06-12116100% Cows Milk
2015-03-08107My toaster hates you
2015-06-121043.7% chance
2012-07-31103Modeling minorities
2008-11-28102Retail therapy
2016-01-09100The great British curry crisis
2006-11-2395In the eyes and mouth
2010-05-0895you got dick'd
2007-07-0693Stranger in a Strange Land
2009-08-0293An August Month
2010-05-0189Lettuce overlook this and pack ramen
2015-03-0989Engineering the Perfect Baby
2010-04-1288Cross my palm with silver and your future I shall see
2007-08-0387Nightmares of the electric sheep
2016-02-2486A steaming bowl of life
2015-06-1886The Earth, our home, is beginning to look like an immense pile of filth
2015-12-0585Just look at the state of my lawn
2010-07-1785The storm in a designer teacup
2014-02-1783No triggers afaik
2013-06-2182Surplus surplus surplus, Sir!
2012-07-2882What Clarke said
2018-10-1880Precarious by Design
2020-07-0778The Weaponization of Diversity
2012-02-1877Disproportionate influence
2012-05-2676As she is spoked
2012-07-2272To be read as a pair
2015-03-2371Dulce et Decorum est
2014-06-1369Kenya’s biggest elephant killed by poachers
2011-11-0469Lets have a clever caption contest instead
2013-03-0369Rise of the Afropolitan
2008-03-1068my grandma married an engineer, so did my mom, oh and I'm one too
2019-04-0968Was Socialism Sexy?
2007-07-1765Hail Abacha
2011-08-0565unleashing killer blood-sucking zombies
2015-07-1965Who eats what
2015-06-1663"""Our underlying goal is to make better clients"""
2015-01-1861Runs smiling face infinitely looped
2013-01-1760Struggles to think of a title
2016-03-3159“Would they call me a diva if I were a guy?”
2012-04-0459Once upon a time, consumption meant you were thin and sick
2014-04-0258Terrabyte Incognita
2016-03-0758Turbocharging the snail
2009-05-2557Sach's Attack
2013-05-2957The poverty of suburban America
2011-11-1757face to face
2014-07-1156'that's so stupid that one can only cry at the foolishness of it.'
2010-04-1856we don't need no education
2013-03-1656The World Has No Room for Cowards
2008-08-2755If information is power, then access is empowering
2014-02-0755How can nothing can be something?
2011-08-2754The plane the plane
2013-01-1954Be true to thine ownself
2006-03-1353Happy Pi Day
2014-09-0653Of Kant and many other things
2011-09-2553But can I drive to the voting booth?
2017-02-1853Hygge is so 2016
2018-08-2452Happy 30th Birthday IRC
2017-01-0151Dead Ant Dead Ant Dead Ant Dead Ant Dead Ant
2013-05-2751I don't like Wired's original title: weird framing
2010-07-1450Visionary of the British Empire
2015-02-1250"""Internet power! The web is where glorious dreams are; Internet power!"""
2015-08-2250World Jollof Rice Day, you say?
2015-12-2950Nieman Lab's Crowdsourced
2010-07-2149you post this stuff on the blue
2015-12-0749My other lawn, its shredded
2012-12-1149What put the uncanny in the valley?
2016-06-2949Present Shock
2008-08-0948A long time ago, in a galaxy far away...
2016-10-2548The Political Environment on Social Media
2014-03-1048"""Let me be even more clear: The Internet already exists in Africa!"""
2017-05-0948The Death of British Business
2013-05-2248The war against the organic mafia
2008-03-3147PROUTLY collapsing
2019-04-0847The Death of an Adjunct
2007-01-2546Fry me with a nuke
2014-02-0346Flipping the corruption myth
2016-08-0146"""Traitor."" ""Too much make-up."" ""Dressed as a woman but a hawkish man."""
2011-01-1445What was that number again?
2011-11-0745A Diamond is Forever, but stock ownership is whole different ballgame
2016-02-2145by Joseph E. Stiglitz
2018-11-1944The Land That Failed to Fail
2015-05-1444What are you sharing with me anyway?
2014-02-1844frugal engineering can boost your space program
2016-03-2744Comes highly recommended by the Lagosians
2013-07-0143Disclaimer: The opinions on this page are the property of the writers
2018-02-1143Very long Read: Operation Elop by Harri Kiljander
2014-06-2243Garbage Everywhere
2016-02-1943Spending, Use of Services, Prices, and Health in 13 Countries
2016-05-3143Things he learnt
2014-09-1242Let’s talk about margins
2010-04-2042patently obvious
2013-06-1242A vision of post-apocalypse Britain?
2011-09-0742Hungry for justice
2013-01-1542RT is not an endorsement
2011-11-2742More Inside
2017-06-1542crypto-anarchy goes mainstream
2016-04-1641Old photographs
2008-07-2940Good governance 2.0
2012-04-2540From SIN to HEL in 11 hours
2013-05-1139You made the fish disappear, you rob the bones of our ancestors
2018-06-0839Workers at Google just scored an impressive victory
2015-07-1238Sugar Plantations in the West Indies
2016-10-2438The ultimate reading list, created by librarians
2016-04-2938To hijab or not to hijab
2014-09-1037Birthday of the World
2008-11-2637Tear me apart at the seams
2014-05-2737We might as well start with gay sex
2012-04-2037Not After Eight
2006-08-1536On India's Independence Day
2007-02-1936Is there anybody out there...
2008-05-1836Love comes arranged
2013-02-1336Students all over the world are demanding a new curriculum.
2009-12-3036creative dissatisfaction, that elusive fire in the belly
2016-05-1936Oyasumi nasai (sleep well!, おやすみなさい!, お休みなさい!)
2017-10-2735City state island nation
2012-04-2835full-blast living
2007-06-3034Say Ommmmmmmmm
2007-07-2934From Red to Green
2008-04-0934Building mighty dreams
2020-12-2634Our own Coldchef
2011-09-0534Bob Geldorf Goes PEU
2012-01-2134Enter the Black Water Dragon
2012-02-0534It is a peanut in our total
2012-04-2134Colonial sunset
2012-08-0634Sat Sri Akal, Sardarji
2005-04-2933What Blogs Are vs What They Are Not
2008-05-2133its a small world after all
2018-02-1033How Black Panther is bringing out the global African
2015-02-1733“When the Cows Come Home,”
2015-04-1433The glorious history and inevitable decline of one of technology’s great
2012-09-2033No more Windex
2016-01-2933not the usual bhaji
2006-11-1532True courage, seeking justice
2010-01-3132Tell me your Story
2016-12-2332Perfect, firm, well rounded, flavourful tomatoes
2011-09-3032Wild West on the internet
2012-08-3132Von Daniken of the Puranas
2013-01-0532Persistence prays
2012-09-1032Brother, can you spare a dime?
2016-04-0931Oh, So Now I’m Bangladeshi?
2007-02-1431Love, Bollywood style
2008-08-0231insert extremely clever title here
2014-02-1431Is it wrong to say Bon Appetit?
2006-03-1030How Islamic inventors changed the world
2018-11-0530AI's elves live in Kenya and twiddle your captcha
2014-10-2630Did you mean to type oiligarchy
2010-03-1830single comic financial times link
2012-11-2930gentle observer
2011-08-3030The next billion eyes
2018-07-2730Japan’s Y2K problem
2012-02-2430single link interactive map
2014-05-1430Visualizing the Tropes of ‘Climate Fiction’
2013-03-0929Maha Kumbh Yatra
2016-07-2729peace and quiet
2014-01-3029Year of the Wood Horse and other trojan's tales
2016-11-1129African Languages in a Digital Age
2014-11-1129Real science, all the way from Scotland.
2011-12-0829Sharing is caring, isn't it?
2014-09-1628An Indian Woman Engineer from Bangalore post
2015-03-0328nya nya nya nya
2018-12-2928The global history of stuffed triangular pastry
2012-12-1928webs woven
2011-01-0628Icky Leak
2012-02-1228Let there be
2012-11-1128"""Don't chase me, I'm an illusion, a suicide bomb."""
2015-10-3028The Chanel of Africa
2012-12-1328Goal Directed Design Process
2012-07-1428Russian Pussy Riot
2011-08-2327I am troubled. The question is obscure
2011-09-1827The 6th Force
2016-12-0427How the Circle Line rogue train was caught with data