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2007-09-081903limonWhat single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?
2010-07-061236colinmarshallYou were doing it wrong
2009-11-031214wyzewoman"What clever relationship ""hacks"" have you come up with?"
2005-02-02899jeremiasWhat experience most shaped who you are?
2009-08-24862chalbeI love you, fresh egg
2008-12-02805Balonious AssaultUpgrade Me!
2010-05-19774fakeHelp me help my friend in DC.
2012-09-12688surenoproblemWhat one book could give me a new, useful superpower?
2010-09-07615theodoliteThe Old Man and the C Drive
2007-02-21595phoenixychecklist for life practicalities?
2009-05-17570katyjackWhat's the Best Thing You've Ever Seen Here?
2008-01-13561oalockeCheap but bombproof
2006-07-20533pasiciA book everyone should read?
2016-03-09487Mrs. PterodactylHelp us make a master list of weeknight recipes!
2011-03-21484theodoliteTiny luxuries
2013-10-02472VraiHelp me find the kind of recipe that sticks in your memory for decades.
2015-07-20462MaecenasEmotional Labor Checklist/Self-Assessment
2013-03-22462dmdLast time, you didn't have holes in your feet!
2008-05-01459turgid dahliaI Like To Read Things
2009-12-01442HeyAllieChristmas gifts for under $20 dollah
2010-11-04437benzenedreamYou pay for WHAT?
2010-03-19435Jason and LaszloADD/ADHD
2013-08-12434Bokonon11What is a life changing realization that you wish you'd had sooner?
2014-03-06420Jane AustenRock Out With Your Doc Out
2007-11-20407nowonmaiWhat are the most intellectually stimulating podcasts?
2007-10-27405flibbertigibbetGood recipes with fewest possible ingredients.
2009-06-29400AutarkyI need a badass skill
2010-07-27395otherwordlyglowWhat's your favorite old reliable recipe?
2016-01-12390forzaAdults just know these things, I guess
2009-07-07383mittenbexWhat conversations are a MUST before two people get married?
2009-07-02381Earl the PolliwogInsights gained via one's career
2012-09-18380BlasdelbHow do you spot an amateur?
2007-06-26380sciurusDirty Jokes for Grandma
2012-01-26367Balonious AssaultHidden gems at the market
2009-06-03367jfrancisWhat Is That Song They Always Use...?
2010-02-19360turgid dahliaWeekend On The Couch
2012-11-01359amycupWinning At Life!
2011-01-10358Harald74What are some real-life mysteries?
2011-08-30353benzenedreamTell us the name of your, your favorite Veg-e-ta-ble ♫
2013-05-23350RapcityinBlueWhat is the best piece of advice you got that worked nearly right away?
2013-11-19343RapcityinBlueWhat have you been wrong about, realized it, and it changed your life?
2004-06-13339ashburyIf you killed somebody, how would you dispose of the body without getting caught?
2012-03-14336rudhraighWhat are your five favourite websites of the last year?
2009-11-09332carpyfulOnly Six More Weeks?! [redux]
2008-09-04332entropicHow did you find your passion?
2014-08-28328nidoraPersonal Productivity
2013-03-31328Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory"What's your ""go-to"" salad?"
2009-12-09325cuban link flooded jesusA Year in a Minute
2014-10-04324Bobby BittmanShop Once, Eat All Week
2010-02-17318elder18Two tickets to paradise, please!
2014-01-20316JannaKDecoding cancer-addled ramblings
2010-07-01316punchtotheheadSalad and me, perfect together?
2011-04-04306killdevilMost underappreciated movies of the last decade?
2008-05-11305Saxon KaneYou need concentwation.
2009-09-26304MonkeyToes"""Bless your heart"" and other backhanded phrases? "
2010-11-07303onegoodthingReal life is not like the movies.
2012-03-16301psycheslampPimp my iPad
2013-01-02300griphusThe Littlest Lifehack
2008-04-01299cadastralWhat are the world's most useful dead-tree catalogs?
2010-09-27298Nickel PickleShould I pay to replace a rude guest's shawl?
2012-08-01297Jonathan LivengoodWhat cognitive biases should everyone know?
2008-02-12296MaryDellamorteLife changing movies
2014-10-03295LibraryptMarriage hacks
2010-03-09291TimeTravelSpeedThe peanut is neither a pea nor a nut. Discuss.
2006-11-14291deedeepOnly Six More Weeks?!
2013-05-23287a box and a stick and a string and a bear"Just saw ""Total Eclipse of the Heart"" for the first time. More, please."
2010-11-28286atomicstoneI need your best cookie recipe ever!!!! No, seriously, EVER.
2006-10-25286PetiePalHelp me make some delicious soups!
2012-09-18285ominous_pawsThe time-traveller's advice: 30-year-old edition
2016-03-21284mymblethThe Re-Readables
2013-02-22283cjorgensenTop 5 and Why
2010-03-18283oxideTime Vacuum (or Productivity Fail) Web Sites
2013-12-27281CalicattSay this, not that
2012-02-15277jabesPretty me up, on the cheap!
2009-05-17277lunchboxWhat are the simple concepts that have most helped you understand the world?
2014-05-29275markbaoBooks that changed your world view
2011-03-01273WaspEnterprisesUh oh, I think I just seized the day.
2015-02-20271jbickersWhat is the Zenni Optical of things other than glasses?
2009-12-30270marsha56What other awesome frugal cooking blogs are out there?
2011-02-26269grrarrgh00Book Club for Life
2015-01-22268OmnomnomBitch in Business
2014-06-15268adaptHow to clean house like the professionals.
2008-10-22268AnonymousHow can I make myself do stuff?
2009-10-07267birdladyHelp! My door knob is stuck and I'm trapped in my room!
2010-11-06266Rory Marinich:D
2016-09-24265Gosha_DogWhat are your favorite transcendent, gives you the chills, performances?
2015-06-04265smorgasbordWorth every cent!
2012-10-18265tooloudinhereWhat is your job like, really?
2011-03-21263T.D. StrangeWhy yes, I will totally resort to flattery if that's what you would like, Mr. McAwesomesauce!
2010-04-05263lemonadeMake my rules and habits!
2012-03-26262yawperThe seven habits of highly attractive people
2013-10-28261triggerfingerMental hacks needed, please.
2010-09-21260AnonymousWhy can't I just WORK???
2010-02-11260Effigy2000Survival Tips for Uncommon Situations
2009-04-07259mathBest free services online
2008-02-21259jasminerainWhat are some good blogs/sites that are like kottke.org?
2013-09-05255Just this guy, y'knowWho is the most amazing woman who ever lived.
2010-03-31255joshjsYou make me want to be a better man.
2019-10-01254xenizationEssays/Articles That Opened Your Mind
2015-08-31254CMcGThis One Weird Trick...Marriage Edition
2010-04-20253luvmywifepopcorn toppings
2012-05-27250DisreputableDogHoly Results, Batman!
2009-05-10250musofireI Need a New Big Think Book!
2010-02-22246bondcliffWhen I grow up I want to be Adam Savage.
2014-08-09245any portmanteau in a stormWhat features would your dream house have?
2017-12-22244hexaflexagonWhat is a life-changing realization you wish you had sooner? (2017 ed.)
2016-03-15244holmesianWhat is the critical book for your hobby/passion?
2010-10-20243logic vs lovecake for lazy people
2010-06-24243Ziggy500Mess with my head!
2009-04-26243cloudsandstarsHelp me fall in love with the Internet again
2012-01-13242aecorwinHidden Rooms and 'Dead' Spaces: help me find more pictures of this sort of thing!
2010-12-17242saraindcDedicating a year to spoiling my physical body
2009-10-07241Lipstick ThespianYou Are Trying To Break My Heart
2010-10-01240kitcatRecipes for dinners that, above all, can be made FAST...
2017-01-02239shotgunbootyLessons that stuck with you
2013-02-04239lemonadeheretic"What's the ""bless your heart"" of your field?"
2012-09-22239sallybrown"""I bet 'the Board' is spelled b-o-r-e-d."""
2012-04-14239grayberBooks on history that are a delight to read.
2010-10-11239the NATURALA Supposedly Fun Novel I'll Read Again And Again
2014-12-24238SpacemanStixWhat books from 2014 blew your socks off?
2011-11-05238DiablevertWhat are America's quirks?
2009-06-05238BeardmanSummer Blockbuster Wins Pulitzer!
2013-01-30237argonautaHow do you spot Dating Warning Phrases?
2008-12-15237kingjoeshmoeHelp me learn about other peoples' lives through blogs.
2011-05-02235ducktapeI feel saucy
2010-12-27235PhyltreWhat is the stew of your life?
2013-09-06234Ranting Prophet of DOOM!Give me deep, random, funny, stupid, and personal questions to ask.
2012-11-08234sportbucketMight as well have the best.
2012-06-05234woodvine+1 Parenting Skills?
2010-01-12234SouthCNorthNYBest internet forums you know -- list them all for our collective benefit
2011-08-23233katillathehunI hate that I'm asking for chick flicks, but I'm asking for chick flicks.
2008-02-16232shotgunbootyUseful Books
2014-11-05231julthumbscrewWanted : The Wide World of Weird-ipedia
2012-03-04231KippersoftAre you Experienced?
2010-06-05231stuck on an islandPopsicle: it must be possible
2012-05-28230goosechasingThis book made you love books, right?
2010-12-14230timsteil"""For Grigori, I sold goat"" -- A Christmas Mystery"
2007-08-05230jkl345"""So, how about them Mets?"" sucks. I need awesome questions to spur conversation, create bonds and learn more about people."
2015-03-15229josher71Ted Talks
2009-09-16228stubooTell me about a time when you were on the receiving end of a truly romantic act.
2009-08-11227ahecklerMind-blowing literature
2007-10-07227Kickstart70Help me find a recipe to knock peoples' socks off!
2012-11-10226sister nunchaku of love and mercyDelicious one-pot meals for busy people?
2022-03-26225dobbsThis is the best __________ I know of....
2017-01-04225sprezzyMy whole life could be different!
2012-12-18225PuppetMcSockersonNon-fiction recs SVP
2012-06-27225ErasmouseGame of Thrones is Getting Me Down
2009-04-25225steinwaldCrimes committed by Ferris Bueller during his Day off.
2014-06-23224peachfuzzLooking for great dinner salad recipes
2018-11-05223pleasebekindProduct recs just because
2016-06-29221benbensonWhat natural phenomena are worth a trip?
2008-03-24221takeyourmedicineEngrossing books that make you think until it hurts a little bit.
2007-06-28221Anonymousi need to get my shit together!
2011-05-12220adverb30 Days to a Better Me!
2010-12-28220cmojHelp me not know what I just saw.
2008-02-12220PFLBecoming a better friend
2008-01-07220NorthCoastCafeTalking to the dying
2015-08-07219Hey nonny nonny mouseHow do I become an organized, routine-driven, goal-achieving adult?
2010-11-28219DeathaliciousWhat items are ridiculously over priced at retail stores vs. online?
2013-03-21218Lately GoneWhat was the most comforting condolence sentence you ever heard?
2011-06-15218jsturgillScientifically verified ways to improve happiness and solve problems?
2011-03-13218karminaiWhat products are worth investing in?
2010-07-05218cherrybounceWhat websites am I missing?
2011-03-27217joyceanmachinesmitten my kitchen?
2018-10-08216FrownerWhat is the best cookie recipe?
2007-12-18216AnonymousTrials of a Responsible Hedonist
2016-08-04215WordshoreFriend acquires a lot of cheese. What to do with it?
2013-11-04215stellalunaBest one-pot soup, stew, or casserole recipes for crockpots?
2013-08-29215Going To MaineWhat are good, somewhat secret, subreddits?
2010-08-14215ChrysalisHelp me keep it light and fun and make people smile
2008-06-11215CarialleSimple, easy and elegant recipes that are always crowd pleasers: What are yours?
2013-03-13214shendersonRecommended replacements for Google Reader?
2011-06-07214Rory MarinichDragging myself kicking and screaming into adulthood
2015-09-03213stellalunaItems to make for meal prep at the beginning of each week?
2010-06-20213coldblackiceHow do great writers create stories?
2007-06-04213graymouserGames for two players, no pieces, no board.
2014-09-26212rileyray3000I'm looking for real life food mysteries. Where would I find them?
2012-03-01212Night_owlHow do I cook healthy food for one?
2012-02-15212dougrayrankinGive me your wisdom, let me see through time!
2008-08-22212chrisalbonWhat Is YOUR Best Photography Tip, Secret, Trick, Lesson, Technique, or Hack?
2018-10-05211fantasticnessMature mefites: What did you wish you knew in your mid 30's/early 40's?
2009-11-20211lunalagunaBut what's it there for? Do you actually sleep on it?
2008-04-02211RinkuExciting food combinations?
2007-09-18211AnonymousWhat can I do to help slay the sadness demon?
2012-04-10210Windigo Stuff. On my eyelids. How does it work?
2009-06-01210santojulietaTina, you fat lard, eat your cookies!
2008-05-25210ageispolisCome on Indian MeFites, spill the lentils, divulge your most tasty family recipes.
2010-10-17209surenoproblemAtheist Substitute for the Bible?
2009-03-22209StewrifficHey! Let's wear food service hairnets to an art gallery opening!
2011-07-13208ChrysalisWhat's it like when it's nice?
2011-02-28208midnightbarberBest travel experience of your life?
2021-01-27207lgyreWhat do you always recommend to people?
2016-06-15207amicamentisWhat alternatives are surprisingly worth it?
2010-09-05207xmHelp me put my best foot forward at work
2015-12-31206craniacWhat do you subscribe to on youtube?
2015-07-18206nightrecordingsKitchen Pantry Cooking Challenge!
2013-07-30206MarkAndSecret Room Literature