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2015-07-151091sciatrix“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2010-12-27742RhaomiThis isn't your grandfather's science fiction
2012-05-31621flexfinding the right bra size and best fit
2010-11-24591MikoAlice's Restaurant
2010-12-22556RhaomiThe Post That Cannot Possibly Go Wrong
2008-12-07554Ambrosia VoyeurNamaste! Welcome to my kitchen!
2010-03-17536sararahDust off your frying pan and hide your wallet!
2009-10-08504kimdogHi. Whatcha reading?
2013-09-29488RhaomiThis ain't chemistry. This is Art.
2012-08-27486JHarrisHigh Weirdness By Mail
2007-02-13484revgeorgeYou're so smart you probably think this post is about you
2008-12-30430RhaomiClassic Animation Remixed
2013-12-22428zarqAllez Cuisine!
2011-12-22413RhaomiYou shall Hear things, Wonderful to tell
2010-09-15371quinChristians in the Hand of an Angry God
2021-10-12369dancestoblueWelp, there goes my evening ...
2011-05-16363not_on_display"""No, no, you can just talk to the comedian anytime!"""
2013-11-10360zarqMahna Mahna
2012-10-01360flexaggregating an aggregator: Peggy Wang (all killer no filler!)
2014-09-21354RhaomiA little Clump of Soul
2015-06-26350RhaomiEQUAL · MARRIAGE · UNDER · LAW
2006-12-29349stavrosthewonderchickenI like to watch.
2014-10-23346joseph conrad is fully awesomeWhat to read when pressed for time.
2014-07-17341Metroid Baby"""Because your wardrobe is a pretty complex organism."""
2014-05-04337Going To MaineForty-three Werner Herzog films that can be streamed
2011-06-16335Rory MarinichNow the story of a wealthy man who lost everything. And the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.
2015-01-11334flex"""discard anything that doesn’t spark joy"""
2013-12-13332cthuljewJuly 30, 762 to February 13, 1258
2012-12-02325flexprivilege-checking and call-out culture
2011-08-04325trollConsider the following...
2012-04-25324flexnew life from leftovers
2007-10-24324cog_nateMST3K: The Shorts
2013-12-30319reenumBest Longform of 2013
2009-03-04318Silky SlimKutiman mixes YouTube
2010-06-16315Pope GuiltyHow to Keep Someone With You Forever
2012-05-10313quartzcity"""It didn’t bother you to see the world tiny and unprotected, surrounded by darkness?”"
2012-01-05313Bora Horza GobuchulImagine there's no people
2014-07-20312flexuseful websites
2014-11-07307storyboredCooking 101: An Infographic is worth a thousand recipes.
2012-05-02306blahblahblahSpecialization is for insects
2011-07-10302Bora Horza GobuchulVox Roma
2012-05-28299Bora Horza GobuchulBecause Print Is Not Yet Dead
2008-04-202942or3whiskeysodasPulp Shakespeare
2015-09-09292RhaomiHighlights from Key & Peele's incredible run
2012-01-13291blahblahblahThings that will haunt you
2017-08-19289Joseph GurlThe truth has got its boots on: an evidence-based response to James Damore's Google memo
2015-10-29288joseph conrad is fully awesomeHow to spot manipulative behavior
2014-10-16288rorgyLet Me Tell You About Homestuck
2007-09-19286"Arthur ""Two Sheds"" Jackson"Of course, the frames are probably made from Chinese toothpaste...
2010-01-18285RhaomiIt's a great day for America, everybody
2013-12-06284BlasdelbWhere My Ladies At?
2014-05-22283[insert clever name here]The Mother of All Self Links?
2013-05-15280blahblahblahBasically every classic game and system in your browser
2014-06-24279flexcommunication breakdown
2014-01-25277sonic meat machineEven if Bloomberg Didn't, You Can!
2008-03-13275blahblahblahThings you never thought you could do with your camera
2013-01-26274ToekneesanI ♥ DULUTH, The Story of the Maria Bamford Show
2009-02-20274cthuljewBuying a scalpel set doesn't make you a surgeon, but...
2008-06-24274archagonIndie platformer extravaganza!
2023-08-16273gentlyepigramsIt happens to all of us unless we go first.
2015-11-14268joseph conrad is fully awesomeLiterature of the Strange
2012-02-03266unSaneHe cried during the last “Lord of the Rings” movie.
2018-06-16264thegears"""Canned beans and ramen noodles night after night"""
2012-08-02264flexjeans (mostly women's fit and such)
2012-02-19264flexfree DIY furniture plans
2015-10-02263Rhaomi웃 i am not here and this is not really happening.
2014-10-23263Lexica"Far beyond ""every good boy does fine"""
2013-10-29263parudoxThe Logic of Stupid Poor People
2014-01-12262kliulesslisten to the wealthy scream
2014-08-25261RhaomiIf we're not in pain, we're not alive
2014-08-18260PhireEscalating Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri
2012-08-05260flextwo Erics summarize SCIENCE! for life improvement & greater understanding
2014-12-18259Rhaomi"""Stephen Colbert"": Great host? Or *the greatest* host?"
2011-05-05259blahblahblahA hundred things you should read
2011-07-25258RhaomiOrange you glad you got your Nickelodeon?
2016-09-06256kliulessAuditing Algorithms and Algorithmic Auditing
2012-05-23256flexsuper quick kitchen tips
2011-05-15256storyboredThe Best Toy Maker
2018-01-06250AFABulousWhy am I so lazy?
2013-02-06250MadaminaShe might've called it Getyouracttogether.org, but she changed one word.
2007-07-18249dersinsAnyone CAN Cook
2010-07-28248reenumThe Best Magazine Articles Ever
2007-07-23246SansPointThere once was a girl named Lenore
2018-11-05245ChrysostomANGER IS AN ENERGY
2013-08-20245ParagonEx Urbe
2011-03-26244grumblebeeSLRP (R=reddit). PDF Paradise!
2012-01-19243TheWhiteSkullWhen you're poor...
2013-08-17241Jasper Friendly BearHow to Negotiate Your Job Offer
2016-02-14240melissasaurusIt’s just not worth it.
2014-04-28240JacquelineSecret Merlings! Secret Merlings everywhere!
2013-05-07240zarqOK. 3, 2, 1. Let's Jam!
2019-01-07239bondcliff"""oh, hello."""
2007-06-19239RumpleChess tactics explained in plain English
2013-12-09238Pope GuiltyTwenty Years of Ultra-Violence
2012-06-16238RhaomiSing us a Song to Keep us Warm, There's Such a Chill
2011-03-07238RhaomiThe Definitive Look at the Diversity of Our Planet
2015-02-17237the man of twists and turnsHEAVY METAL
2009-01-31234loquaciousA fistful of Rikers.
2012-09-04233kliuless"""Distribution is the core of the problem we face."""
2011-04-24232BlasdelbSo, I'm not a racist but...
2023-01-13230ZumbadorThere's no false valour in Autism
2015-11-28230endotoxinEavesdropping on the Hidden World
2009-10-22230dunkaduncPrisencolinensinainciusol - Ol Raight!
2010-02-15228parudoxThe R Project for Statistical Computing
2016-08-04226blahblahblahLife is just one damn relatedness after another
2012-08-15225blahblahblahTerror has a new game...
2012-08-12225filthy light thiefOrbital, 23 years after Chime
2007-09-22225the_very_hungry_caterpillarNick Cave, the Black Crow King, is fifty today
2012-12-30224RhaomiCities and the Soul
2010-04-14224evilcolonelSince we're on a Muppet kick lately....
2001-09-11224karenPlane crashes in to the word trade center.
2012-11-18222flex"Jenn Frank: ""I was one of the guys. I was always one of the guys."""
2010-04-22221zarqCaught in a landslide, No escape from reality
2010-01-07221EidetekerTwo Gentlemen of Lebowski
2014-12-01220RenorocDoxxing Defense
2007-08-18220lampshadeOh Noes! The dreaded #REF error!
2006-08-17220anjamuLanguage courses, courtesy of the United States government (and some devoted language learners)
2010-08-30219filthy light thiefRoger Ebert on Anime, with a focus on Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli
2010-06-08219jonp72How the Daddy of Jesse Helms Gave Birth to Black Power
2022-02-21218RhaomiThe sublime science fiction of Ted Chiang
2018-07-09218supercrayonCities of ladies
2015-09-28218desjardinsWe're just taking baby steps in the right direction.
2015-07-14218nicebookrack"""The desert snail at once awoke and found himself famous"""
2012-11-28218mrgrimmThe rain in Spain smells mainly of dimethyl-9-decalol
2012-01-20217The WhelkThe ability to recreate an entire movie is insignificant next to the potential of the Force.
2011-07-18215IridicUnderrated Movies
2005-11-12215MiHailWhat's That?
2009-06-03213Christ, what an assholeDrew Caricature
2010-04-11212MechEngProcrastination and Useful Websites
2021-05-13211brainwane"""Fitness is a journey and we all start somewhere"""
2012-02-21211MeatbombBrief Overview of our Reptilian Overlords
2011-10-24211kittenmarloweThe Best Thing Since Sliced...
2008-11-04211plexiBarack Obama is the next President of the United States
2022-07-01210brainwaneDeathSucks.pdf (also known as SayingGoodbye.pdf)
2012-10-11210theodoliteTypical Pentagon boondoggle
2012-06-02210flexthe new frontier of sharing useful tips might well be Pinterest
2017-09-18209spbmpIf you're worried about identity theft...
2017-01-18209yasamani lik the bred
2011-05-17209kliulessBad Education
2007-01-13209loquaciousMore free online courses!
2018-02-06208WordshoreOne sandwich to rule them all
2013-10-01208Rhaomi"""October is a fine and dangerous season in America"""
2010-08-22208netbrosFrom Basics to Technical
2017-02-03205triggerfingerHearts and minds
2016-10-08205Rhaomi[ELECTION 2016] ♪♫ He’s never gon' be President now... ♪♫
2009-11-30205RhaomiPlay 5,000+ classic video games in your browser
2014-01-08204BlasdelbHave you ever wanted to do some yoga?
2007-08-062042shayOn living with a mental illness.
2014-12-20203filthy light thiefYoung Frankenstein at 40: not so young, but still Brooks' finest film
2010-07-01203crunchland"""Be afraid. Be very afraid."""
2014-01-02202fearfulsymmetryWelcome to the dark playground
2012-04-08202storyboredUnder Pressure
2013-07-18201IridicTo the Collapse
2011-02-07201filthy light thiefNeon Genesis Evangelion: (Hideaki Anno) Reborn Again (and Again)
2009-12-15201mhjbFeynman at his best
2017-11-15200Four String Riotif the men find out we can shapeshift, they're going to tell the church
2016-02-25199chrono_rabbitStart Your Art Journey Today
2013-06-10199Rory Marinich"John Oliver: ""The most formative comedy of my teenage years."""
2009-12-21199Beautiful Screaming LadyBergen to Oslo from your armchair
2012-12-01198subject_verb_remainderThe Video Games Women Make
2011-07-18198Bora Horza Gobuchuli + e = δ
2010-05-01198RhaomiThere's treasure everywhere!
2013-10-28197OuischEveryone wants to believe that they are special.
2013-01-30196holmesianA Mind That Rebelled at Stagnation
2010-04-21196ArtwCSS and JS - so now you know
2010-01-27196Solon and ThanksWe Have a Gang of Dinosaurs to Kill
2009-05-14196Marisa Stole the Precious ThingOur Thing
2019-07-15195CozybeeWrite like you need it to survive
2013-09-03195blahblahblah10 minutes to master, a lifetime to enjoy...
2011-05-25195netbrosOnline Ear Training Games
2009-09-09195not_on_displayEvery Known Version of Every Infocom Adventure
2011-10-09194The WhelkOWL FOND OF EVERYONE
2010-09-25194BlasdelbThe beauty of Molecular, Cell, and Microbiology
2010-02-09194filthy light thiefBorn from jungle techno, the amen break, hip-hop and dub: a history of Drum'n'Bass
2007-01-25194maudlinIn My Language
2008-07-02193forrest3-second Men
2016-03-03192sciatrix42 steps to conquering executive function problems (in 68 easy steps).
2013-10-07191Too-TickyPosters to the People
2019-09-04190soonertboneWe Hurt Where We Care
2014-08-19190joseph conrad is fully awesome"""That wasn't any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery."""
2012-09-02190Bora Horza GobuchulThe Learning Bit
2012-01-10190hippybearDon't Be Afraid Of The Art Of Noise
2011-11-03190shiu mai babyRick. Rick. Rick.
2014-10-24189VioletU"""So no I don't always believe them and yeah I let them know that."""
2013-06-28189blahblahblah“Two women walk into a bar and talk about the Bechdel test.”
2012-12-17189zarq"""You can't get un-famous. You can get infamous, but you can't get un-famous."""
2007-06-01189oneirodyniaNeighborhood of Make-Believe
2014-07-22188flexconsidering & rethinking bathrooms
2012-09-17188BlasdelbAnnotated Filmography of Charlie Chaplin
2011-12-17188empath2011 In Music
2009-11-23188aldurtregiGood stuff on Wikipedia
2014-08-15187flexwhy we care about what we wear