Which posts in MetaFilter from 2014-08-30 through now have the most favorites?

2015-07-151091sciatrix“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor
2021-10-12370dancestoblueWelp, there goes my evening ...
2014-09-21355RhaomiA little Clump of Soul
2015-06-26352RhaomiEQUAL · MARRIAGE · UNDER · LAW
2014-10-23347joseph conrad is fully awesomeWhat to read when pressed for time.
2015-01-11334flex"""discard anything that doesn’t spark joy"""
2014-11-07307storyboredCooking 101: An Infographic is worth a thousand recipes.
2015-09-09294RhaomiHighlights from Key & Peele's incredible run
2017-08-19289Joseph GurlThe truth has got its boots on: an evidence-based response to James Damore's Google memo
2015-10-29288joseph conrad is fully awesomeHow to spot manipulative behavior
2014-10-16288rorgyLet Me Tell You About Homestuck
2015-11-14268joseph conrad is fully awesomeLiterature of the Strange
2015-10-02263Rhaomi웃 i am not here and this is not really happening.
2014-10-23263Lexica"Far beyond ""every good boy does fine"""
2018-06-16262thegears"""Canned beans and ramen noodles night after night"""
2014-12-18259Rhaomi"""Stephen Colbert"": Great host? Or *the greatest* host?"
2016-09-06256kliulessAuditing Algorithms and Algorithmic Auditing
2018-01-06251AFABulousWhy am I so lazy?
2018-11-05246ChrysostomANGER IS AN ENERGY
2019-01-07240bondcliff"""oh, hello."""
2016-02-14239melissasaurusIt’s just not worth it.
2015-02-17237the man of twists and turnsHEAVY METAL
2015-11-28231endotoxinEavesdropping on the Hidden World
2016-08-04226blahblahblahLife is just one damn relatedness after another
2022-02-21221RhaomiThe sublime science fiction of Ted Chiang
2015-07-14220nicebookrack"""The desert snail at once awoke and found himself famous"""
2014-12-01220RenorocDoxxing Defense
2018-07-09218supercrayonCities of ladies
2015-09-28218desjardinsWe're just taking baby steps in the right direction.
2021-05-13210brainwane"""Fitness is a journey and we all start somewhere"""
2017-09-18210spbmpIf you're worried about identity theft...
2018-02-06209WordshoreOne sandwich to rule them all
2017-01-18209yasamani lik the bred
2017-02-03205triggerfingerHearts and minds
2016-10-08205Rhaomi[ELECTION 2016] ♪♫ He’s never gon' be President now... ♪♫
2014-12-20203filthy light thiefYoung Frankenstein at 40: not so young, but still Brooks' finest film
2017-11-15200Four String Riotif the men find out we can shapeshift, they're going to tell the church
2016-02-25199chrono_rabbitStart Your Art Journey Today
2019-07-15196CozybeeWrite like you need it to survive
2016-03-03192sciatrix42 steps to conquering executive function problems (in 68 easy steps).
2019-09-04191soonertboneWe Hurt Where We Care
2014-10-24190VioletU"""So no I don't always believe them and yeah I let them know that."""
2022-07-01188brainwaneDeathSucks.pdf (also known as SayingGoodbye.pdf)
2020-08-02185kliulessA blind and opaque reputelligent nosedive
2016-11-12185JHarrisStrategy for calling your representatives
2016-06-15185filthy light thief"The lasting legacy of the ""rocket girls"" of JPL"
2015-10-13185mecran01Why are glasses so expensive?
2017-02-05184SleeperThe Trump roundup
2015-06-28182joseph conrad is fully awesome"""Why did I write so much about this shit. Who cares. Enjoy!"""
2019-04-03180Little Dawn“There will be plenty of unfavorable things about the president
2018-04-30180ChuraChura"""Yeah, I know Kossula."""
2015-11-04178Four-Eyed GirlWhat is your most awkward moment?
2017-05-05177escape from the potato planet"Take a drink every time the narrator says ""Victorian style"""
2015-09-29177triggerfingerHorror and chill
2016-02-06176nickyskyeHigh resolution images of The Garden of Earthly Delights
2015-04-29176sciatrixThe abuser's side of the story
2016-05-17175daisyaceCaramel sugar
2014-09-03175MartinWisseBut I have nothing to read no longer an excuse
2018-11-11174WCityMike52,438 High-Definition Images of Artworks Into the Public Domain
2016-03-04174kliulessWhat's changed and changing about (American) politics?
2015-08-03174the uncomplicated soups of my childhoodICU Nurse, Blogger
2015-06-02174kliulessHow to fix inequality: Squash the finance industry and redistribute more
2018-08-12173WolfdogAugmenting Long-term Memory
2018-05-09173zachliptonHow did you assemble this list? Carefully.
2016-09-04173hungrytigerThey say it's the biggest gathering of Native Americans in 100 years.
2016-06-25173the man of twists and turnssit back and relax
2016-04-23173How the runs scoredHow it feels to be blind in your mind
2015-11-16173benito.strauss"Say ""Hwæt!""."
2017-05-01172clawsoonThe end of Medieval good times
2015-02-03172Monsieur CautionSome notable SF/F/H short fiction from 2014
2016-11-12170XtinaSElectronic Self-Protection
2016-01-29169infininot the usual bhaji
2015-11-23169palegirlThe “little white man deep inside of all of us”
2021-08-18168PussKillianNPR's 50 best SF and Fantasy books of the decade
2020-07-12167CODTired of the view out your windows?
2018-06-24166Two unicycles and some duct tapethere are moments in time when people need to live their convictions
2018-04-12166MovableBookLadyThe Secret Language of Ships
2016-09-06166RykeyThe Antithesis of Instagram, or its Essence? Yes.
2019-07-22165CatseyeThe Crane Wife
2018-12-15165ChuraChuraMy dad and Charles Barkley
2018-07-05165Doktor ZedHis direct object is the establishment of an absolute Tyranny
2016-06-27165the man of twists and turnsThe Full English Brexit
2017-09-02164hurdy gurdy girl55 of the best free fonts for designers
2014-10-06163flexsex work: fantasies as commodities, consent, and emotional labor
2017-05-08162zachlipton"""It's fake news until it's old news"""
2015-03-20162divined by radioaspiring to a world in which personality is unchained from gender
2020-08-05161Iris GambolMind the Gap: A Handbook of Clinical Signs in Black and Brown Skin
2014-11-10161flexthe cult of the uniform
2017-12-11160yeahwhateverLet's be Wizards!
2017-01-22160hippybearPictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent
2016-01-27159jedicusTools for Working with Data
2016-01-01159triggerfinger215 Of The Best Longreads Of 2015
2021-04-02158Harald74Gentle Cinema
2019-09-24158NoxAeternumIt Begins
2016-10-14158WordshoreThe disrespect of our ambitions and intellect
2015-11-27158divabatthe youtube planner people are so #OBSESSED for some reason
2015-11-03158zarqDiscover something new
2015-01-05158Elementary PenguinBrowser-emulated MS-DOS games
2014-12-29158prize bull octorokPrivilege doesn't mean you don't suffer
2017-05-22156jacquilynneAsk not what your wife can ask for you to do
2014-10-23156griphushassled by the cops for taking too many photographs of freight trains
2022-09-07155beagleTwenty years of Languagehat
2019-07-25155curious nu50 Must-Read Fantasy Books by Women
2017-06-20155Cash4Lead"No more ""It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times"""
2016-01-10155BetiThe Fall of Ziggy Stardust
2015-04-12155JHarrisThanks for all the good times, Lore. A+
2018-04-11154filthy light thiefNot dead, just quiet: a belated and happy birthday to Tom Lehrer
2014-12-11153Shmuel510Play Your Ukulele
2021-01-16152latkesToward a unified theory of the exurbs
2016-04-04152amnesia and magnetsshame, anger, alienation, and other hallmarks of the masculine psyche
2015-10-31152the man of twists and turns'you're 'fugees now'
2019-02-25151Little Dawn"""His deceit, which is a fundamental component of the crimes"
2019-08-10150lazuliThis is not about your comfort
2018-07-17150Doktor ZedNone Dare Call It Treason
2018-05-21150carsonbAbusing public office for private enrichment
2014-11-02150DirtyOldTownArchive.org Gets an Arcade
2022-03-09149snuffleupagusI Give My Little Stars to Children
2017-10-02149Fizz“... games that encourage players to take a moment and breathe.”
2019-10-10148kliulessmarket socialism/inclusive prosperity
2018-10-30148box"""You Know What I Am? I'm a [] Nationalist."""
2016-10-05148amnesia and magnetsemotional agility: feel it, show it, label it, watch it go
2015-04-17148ZarkonnenLeaning Out
2020-12-22147NavelgazerParks and Rec is, 30 Rock isn't.
2015-03-17147Going To Maine♫Do you want to scrape a website?♫
2022-03-09146homunculusMarginalia Search - Serendipity Engineering
2021-05-13146penguin piePeople make Glasgow
2018-05-21146filthy light thiefA plethora of Sun Ra's four decades of baffling, dazzling, mystical jazz
2017-09-16146jjrayAnd what did you do this week?
2016-09-29146rabbitrabbit[Election 2016] If you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?
2014-12-01146roomthreeseventeen“Wow. Let’s drive to another town. We should not sleep here.”
2015-08-08145Going To MaineSpoiler: There’s a lot of Mo’ Wax
2015-01-14145and they trembled before her furyramen
2017-07-11144Excommunicated Cardinal"""There's a good chance I may have committed some light...treason."""
2014-12-15144Political Funny Man"""one of the best interviews you’ll ever hear, providing genuine insight"""
2019-10-28143FizzA man who sits at his computer and makes a MetaFilter post.
2017-07-20143murphy slaw88 Lines About The 45th President
2017-03-24143jfergHe's been up all night listening to Mohammed's radio...
2020-04-27142cosmic owl"""For some reason I never considered this possibility."""
2020-04-04142Fizz4K nature sounds & scenes
2016-02-28142the man of twists and turnsgo
2015-01-27142zabuniIn the living room the voice-clock sang
2014-12-08142AceRockLongreads Best of 2014
2018-12-07141Doktor Zed"""Very legal & very cool""—Individual 1"
2017-12-09141Going To MaineMargot met Robert on a Wednesday night…
2016-09-26141holmesiansomething like a cloud of sound
2016-09-12141orrnyeregSecond Franklin Expedition ship finally located
2016-07-22141hippybear"In Celebration Of The 80s 12"" Remix"
2016-07-07141duffellThese days a chicken leg is a rare dish.
2017-05-12140Excommunicated CardinalObstruction of Justice, Witness Intimidation, Oh My!
2016-09-24140hawthorneDetained German physicists hear about atomic bomb (transcript)
2020-08-18139GuyZeroNeed a safety sign?
2017-05-17139filthy light thiefIt has been _0_ days since the last Trump disaster
2016-10-28139WordshoreCasting our vote is the ultimate way we go high when they go low
2016-06-30139blahblahblahThey know everything...
2016-03-10139doctornemoA crash course in the history of black science fiction.
2016-01-18139StewrifficWhite ally background material for anti-racism in the US.
2015-12-07139maxsparberI'll do this until the election.
2014-09-17139not_on_display"""remove line breaks? where have you been all my life!"""
2021-06-04138bbqturtleBest Practices for Outlook
2021-01-12138MegamiYou now have backgrounds for life
2019-03-13138Johnny Wallflower"""Everything that happens is data. Mistakes are a good thing."""
2018-09-28138zachlipton"""Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter""—Dr. Christine Blasey Ford"
2016-09-11138kliulessAnimated math
2017-07-05137creadeWhat football will look like in the future
2016-10-27137rewilwhat will we reblog on tumblr now
2021-02-20136simmering octagonPerson of the Year 2031
2020-02-22136kliulessPrivate Riches, Public Squalor
2020-01-28136the man of twists and turnsThe best way to say “hello” to modern classical music is to listen to it
2019-09-02136bitteschoenYou can automate a lot of things. Sewing isn't one of them.
2018-09-14136Doktor ZedPaulie Manafort Flips, Bada Bing Bada Boom
2018-08-05136box"""Collusion is not a legal term."""
2018-05-10136FizzDear white [people],
2018-01-25136Lycaste"""This is the water we swim in"""
2017-01-27136WordshoreAn interesting week of politics has occurred in a former British colony
2019-03-15135Little Dawn“If the people don’t have the facts, democracy can’t work.”
2018-05-23135entroponePropaganda, but the good kind
2017-08-21134cgc373Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves
2017-08-11134chococatThe Legion Lonely
2017-06-12134not_the_water"""There has to be tension. There has to be an adversary."""
2017-01-30134saturday_morningTeam of Revileds
2016-12-08134Mrs. PterodactylDinosaur Tail Discovered Trapped in Amber
2016-11-09134misteraitchString Quartets
2015-06-27134orange swanThe Rosa Parks of our time
2015-02-26134purplesludgeCrows Show The Love
2020-11-20133carterWorld's Smallest Office Suite
2019-04-17133zachliptonThe █████████ Mueller Report
2018-08-20133Doktor Zed"""Truth Isn't Truth"""
2018-07-12133filthy light thiefAlphabet of international bread recipes (around the world a few times)
2016-08-28133idiopathСоветские Movies
2020-12-26132infiniOur own Coldchef
2019-10-28132theodoliteWhat one fool can do, another can.
2019-03-14132DarlingBri"""I got told what to call this poem by my male colleague"""
2019-01-18132Doktor Zed‘Our country is in a hellhole right now’—Cardi B
2018-06-27132mygothlaundryUnder Amsterdam