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2014-09-03174But I have nothing to read no longer an excuse
2013-12-12148A lion told her to walk away, and she did.
2014-04-18140The hardest word
2016-08-09131how many have you read?
2012-07-17129Not quite Mad Max
2017-03-15128None of us are fully immune to the ideas of the past we grew up with
2012-08-31123You too can be a professional princess
2014-12-17123Jackie chan gets hurt. A lot.
2015-02-03120More than just white guys waving swords around
2017-10-11120Yes, I said. It’s real.
2013-07-31119Women are writing science-fiction! Original! Brilliant!! Dazzling!!!
2018-04-22113More Americans work in museums than work in coal
2014-10-20109I also check my skeletons twice. You can never be too careful.
2015-07-22108The best 25(-ish) anime of all time
2013-09-16105Shell help
2013-06-19104In case, you know, you get bored on the internet
2013-09-08104Soviet Storm
2016-10-17101MacGyver is the equivalent of Vulcan vintage human horror television
2016-10-2798The Weaponisation of the Working Class
2015-05-2297"""McDonald's proved themselves to be jerks and the jury didn't like that"""
2014-05-2694Before Delany, before Butler
2014-11-1893The secret lives of cats
2015-01-0792Guys In Pajamas Looking at Viewscreens and Sitting In Chairs
2014-03-2991Look the negative in the face
2017-05-1891“There. We have a female. That’s sorted.”
2013-01-2187Start with Pyramids
2013-08-2585"""the coal operators hired private planes to drop homemade bleach bombs"""
2014-05-1685When comics were weird and progressive
2013-10-0685That tour of the whole house thing Americans do is bizarre though
2016-10-2284"""Anime fandom has a cultural resistance to critique"""
2021-06-1184Free Photoshop? In my browser? It's more likely than you think!
2014-02-1583"""That’s an awful long nap she’s taking"""
2014-11-2683"""The sister is in space"""
2017-04-0381"""A System Designed to Make People Disappear"""
2013-07-0380Reporting Harassment at a Convention: A First-Person How To
2014-03-2780Who cleans the toilets in Galt’s Gulch?
2014-09-1780The culture of poverty does not exist
2015-02-1480The world is forever spawning Damned Things
2013-10-2779Stock up on the handyman's secret weapon
2014-06-0679Nothing to see here. Move along
2018-09-0478Thank you for waiting
2014-03-2378The politics of black aspiration
2013-12-0175The values of the wealthy elite became the rules
2016-10-2974The Irrational Downfall of Park Geun-hye
2014-07-1074"""Ugliness, Empathy, and Octavia Butler"""
2014-01-0873Apparantly I'm now a world champion
2015-04-1373Guaranteed puppy free
2013-09-24720. Don't have children. Or pets.
2018-11-0172Rampant sexism killed the British computer industry
2014-05-2472A literary trick
2015-02-2771"""Gender, blah, blah, blah"""
2015-06-0171"""It is harder for us to be nice to kids"""
2013-06-0570Writers manipulating readers
2016-10-1970One Hundred and Sixty Four Days
2018-05-1169Welcome to the NHK's easy Japanese lessons
2014-12-1068Didn't we just do this for 2013?
2015-02-1667"""I was attending a funeral about every 12-16 days"""
2018-08-0767For queer women, it’s all caution tape.
2018-02-2167"""Oh!"" said his wife. ""It's like the War"""
2012-07-2066Canadian medical professionals react in disbelief, shock and horror to how things work in the US
2017-08-3065How to fake working for the Mann
2016-09-0565Single life is hard
2018-07-0465a reckoning can’t begin and end with the self.
2016-12-0263And Gene Kelly. I also have Gene Kelly. And his beautiful, perfect ass.
2014-12-0762"""because stories breathe here"""
2014-09-2762"""Conceptual fiction plays with our conception of reality"""
2015-09-0262I had summoned a very friendly Balrog.
2015-02-2162"""One of these lives has a future, and the other... does not."""
2015-10-1461Living in the database, database
2012-07-2461Predicting is hard. Especially the future
2015-03-0361Plunging deep into the manosphere
2018-12-1860Why we're all children of the corn now
2014-07-1560"""we’re not used to seeing fat people represented positively in media"""
2018-05-2960Roseanne no more
2014-04-0459it’s actually crazy how much of your face is just eyes
2013-07-0759"""That was never a comedy for me"""
2013-08-2159The farm bill
2014-11-1358"""I still get hate mail from active and retired police officers."""
2017-12-0858Dance Square Dance Revolution
2018-05-0558(Imagine Rocky Horror as Church and you're basically there)
2017-12-0557Cyndi Lauper slays on the Appalachian Mountain dulcimer
2015-02-2357Quotas can work if you set them yourself
2015-02-0657My Dad, the Pornographer
2013-09-2857What *do* you call a drive through liquor store?
2015-10-1256"""Time to retire the 'firewater' fairytale"""
2019-11-2756The Red Summer of 1919
2017-01-0555Still, the K-On movie was robbed
2014-02-0255Need something to read?
2012-12-2855Not that many Dutch people care what you call the country
2014-09-1355Ghostbusting Lovecraft
2014-07-2255You want a juicy industry to disrupt? How about your own?
2013-11-0354The Cry of Jazz
2021-07-2154"""It's always Christopher Burr"""
2013-01-2854He’s not allowed in the oven
2014-10-1354"""It's not gonna hurt me when you cry"""
2018-09-2354An umbrella is a fearful weapon if used with both hands like a bayonet
2011-12-0653""" I've always been acutely aware of how much society hates me because I'm disabled"""
2013-11-2953Sadly entirely too accurate
2014-09-1653When mistreating users becomes competitive advantage
2015-10-1953"""Licked into being by primeval supercow"""
2022-08-2252Don't worry this has a happy end
2014-09-1852I was so tall. You were older then.
2019-03-2252I am about to say something heretical for a food blogger to say
2012-12-0852Warning, academic in the house
2014-03-1752Practical information for wannabe Glenn Greenwalds
2017-04-1152None of these women were drinking Pepsi
2014-11-0751Second Wave feminist SF
2014-08-0551Squeeze those pips
2014-09-0151Has science fiction lost the plot?
2022-05-3151let me have a turn
2014-03-2151Are we real fans yet?
2021-01-2451In government reform, there are always more Death Stars
2017-04-0751Eliza, how do I claim asylum?
2019-03-3051But here’s a fact about Pete Buttigieg: He picks up languages quickly.
2014-01-2350"""This book fills a much needed gap in literature"""
2021-05-0250You can't tuna fish, but you can ring the doorbell for them!
2014-01-3050Oddly enough Dhalgren wasn't mentioned.
2015-06-0450"""one should be free to determine the course of one’s gendered life."""
2015-01-2849Taking aspirin daily has a 1-2000 chance of preventing your heart attack
2014-05-3149You're right; I didn't eat that
2012-10-1749We can stop it
2018-12-2049"""I was one of those very classic literature trans people"""
2013-11-1649The ethics of unpaid labour and the OSS community
2021-01-2848“‘I know that one,’ said Vimes. ‘Who watches the watchmen? Me.’”
2015-06-1848Make a little bird bath in your soul
2012-11-1148Drawing bars in Brooklyn
2022-09-1048A Different Aftermath
2015-07-1348"""NEVER touch or move a wheelchair without permission."""
2014-07-2848It's like a ritualised dance - or the surprised kitty.
2014-12-2448every generation has an action hero that’s actually a villain
2015-08-1148A how not to guide for special collection librarians
2019-11-1548The disappearance and upcoming return of John M. Ford
2017-05-1147"""We won't exterminate all insects. -- Vertebrates would die out first"""
2014-08-2447The Major's Body
2018-04-1147beyond forest and thighs
2015-04-1247Things to Come
2015-03-1247A Girl’s Guide to Sexual Purity
2015-01-2247The dream of the 1890s is alive in Portland
2018-09-0646“We have thrown out the British once again.”
2013-06-0446"""There was never a call for suppression. There was a call for respect."""
2017-12-1846Not so melancholy elephant
2014-03-1646"""Ireland at this time had a largely cow-based economy"""
2015-06-3046"""Her body is never a plot point. It is simply allowed to be."""
2016-03-0945No wool, no vikings
2016-10-2045How to Suppress Women’s Criticism
2016-06-2145Did I have a stroke or did the mage just heal too hard?
2014-07-2045Folk is 2014's heaviest music
2013-05-2245Yes, llamas sure are scaly!
2022-03-2545Excuse me Geoff is ENERGY EFFICIENT
2014-12-1245“We all feel sad, Big Bird”
2015-06-2444Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Yoko Ono
2014-12-2944Chickenhawk nation
2021-04-1944But this time she brought visitors all the way from the US
2013-08-1644Und der Haifisch, der hat Zähne
2015-09-2144Locked Tight
2015-05-2743And nobody used this for a fantasy novel yet?
2015-01-1943"""This is whataboutery with a TARDIS"""
2013-06-1743Digging up forgotten games that should've stayed buried
2019-03-2543Considering he's basically Captain America in a sweater, it makes sense
2014-06-2843"""Everybody gets it. This is a singular voice."""
2021-03-1743"Larnell Lewis Hears ""Enter Sandman"" For The First Time"
2014-09-1143The Islamic roots of science fiction
2013-10-2943It knocks like a swearing finger
2013-07-0543Omniscient spung
2013-09-0543Why do so many incompetent men become leaders
2013-06-2143What concrete things the Romans have ever done for us
2013-03-1843Foster parents: not freaking saints
2014-12-2143“I know who they are. You don’t need to.”
2013-04-0743In every dream home a heartache
2018-04-2543No going Rouge
2018-08-2943New Wave of Anti-Fascist Black Metal
2015-07-2943"""We are the megadead."""
2017-08-2843Fantasy maps: threat or menace?
2018-09-0942He wasn’t going to let a woman talk to him that way.
2015-06-1742Completely enclosed in the hollow of his hand
2014-03-3042Street life in the Great Wen
2016-11-2742Eight years later
2013-03-0242It is not a true story
2013-09-3042"""The Fantastic Four (1961-88) was The Great American Novel"""
2015-01-1242who's stealing time from whom?
2021-11-2341Santa is gay (at least in Norway)
2013-07-2641"""We are British. We are Liverpudlians. """
2016-06-2541Make sure you’re solving the right problem
2014-08-2541Story is powerful
2014-09-1941Three centuries of destroying science fiction
2021-06-0941be loud, be real loud!
2013-08-1740"""there is no neutrality when bigotry is the status quo"""
2013-07-0240Immigration services actually acting reasonably shocker
2018-06-0240Ello, ello, wot's all this then?
2018-02-1440In case you need some adorable, funny, sometimes sad stories right now
2019-06-1840Most of all, I didn’t expect to meet Lynette.
2013-01-2540Gaming the black dog
2020-07-2340"""these debates seem plagued by conceptual brittleness"""
2018-06-2340I didn’t even really think of myself as particularly Asian
2015-03-1840If you've played Larry, you know me