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2016-01-29169not the usual bhaji
2011-11-30140Precious Loss
2020-12-26132Our own Coldchef
2013-01-12113Ibn Battuta, Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354
2011-12-1086Learning Space at Open University
2017-01-0182Dead Ant Dead Ant Dead Ant Dead Ant Dead Ant
2018-12-2973The global history of stuffed triangular pastry
2016-07-1470100 African Writers of SFF - Part One Nairobi
2015-11-2970You won't get a better collection of AfroSFF
2011-11-1567Great Zimbabwe: An African empire
2017-06-0464The Chinese factory workers who write poetry on their phones
2015-08-2264World Jollof Rice Day, you say?
2017-12-0463The Untold Story of Japan’s First People
2018-09-0861I survived the Warsaw ghetto. Here are the lessons I’d like to pass on
2014-02-0661The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean
2015-07-1061The weird worlds of African sci-fi
2017-04-1259Historic GIFs wot I did
2014-12-1259Mother of the Sea
2015-02-1158Indigenous Science Fiction narratives
2016-02-1358Another Vietnam
2018-01-1757Bengal Shadows
2010-07-1456Visionary of the British Empire
2012-08-0656Sat Sri Akal, Sardarji
2011-12-0355In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree
2012-12-2450A Chinese Princess and a magic well
2014-02-0750How can nothing can be something?
2014-09-2650Cookies, caches and cows
2014-02-0350Flipping the corruption myth
2011-12-2249You can hear the whistle blow, across the Nile
2016-04-0948Oh, So Now I’m Bangladeshi?
2015-03-0147March First, Then Win
2019-04-0847The Death of an Adjunct
2020-07-1447Ńdébé : A Modern Ìgbò Script
2016-08-2247Globalization is ancient
2016-10-2346The 19th Century Yoruba repatriation
2014-07-17468 Irresistible Food Blogs From Sub-Saharan Africa
2018-02-1045How Black Panther is bringing out the global African
2016-09-1345Big Sugar Shenanigans
2016-07-1145When the joke backfires
2015-05-0944The Great & Beautiful Lost Kingdoms
2013-02-0644Famous foods of Japan by prefecture
2016-04-1642Old photographs
2014-09-1041Birthday of the World
2018-06-0841Workers at Google just scored an impressive victory
2012-12-2940Old Hansa
2013-04-2640Taibbi held a gun to my head, er, I mean...
2015-07-1239Sugar Plantations in the West Indies
2015-06-1839The Earth, our home, is beginning to look like an immense pile of filth
2015-10-3039The Chanel of Africa
2016-05-1939Oyasumi nasai (sleep well!, おやすみなさい!, お休みなさい!)
2015-03-2339Dulce et Decorum est
2013-01-1938Be true to thine ownself
2018-03-2538Mr. Records
2015-06-1637"""Our underlying goal is to make better clients"""
2014-03-1236Uncle Sam was a rolling stone
2011-12-2636Make it yellow
2014-11-2136How to Endear Yourself to an Asian Woman Writer
2016-12-0436How the Circle Line rogue train was caught with data
2016-09-1835What right has he to speak about things which concern us alone
2013-01-1835Japanese Designers 101
2013-06-1635Keep the LiDAR on it
2013-05-2935The poverty of suburban America
2018-07-2735Japan’s Y2K problem
2016-02-2435A steaming bowl of life
2015-01-0635Of Anger and Shame in Africa
2016-12-2435My father’s fence
2016-07-0834Globalization before Its Time: Kutchi traders
2016-10-2434The ultimate reading list, created by librarians
2017-04-2834Who Killed Otzi?
2013-05-2734I don't like Wired's original title: weird framing
2016-12-2334Perfect, firm, well rounded, flavourful tomatoes
2020-07-2833An interview with Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg.
2018-01-2733Stuck in the Middle
2012-04-2133Colonial sunset
2014-10-2933Putin on the ritz
2016-09-1933'Praying is not enough'
2013-03-1832How African Feminism Changed the World
2018-11-0532AI's elves live in Kenya and twiddle your captcha
2008-11-2632Tear me apart at the seams
2018-11-2332First women of philosophy
2014-09-1232Let’s talk about margins
2012-08-2932Snappy dressing
2018-11-1931The Land That Failed to Fail
2011-08-0531unleashing killer blood-sucking zombies
2015-04-1731Ghanaian Hustle by Yepoka Yeebo
2016-08-1131Part Finnish, part Native American
2018-03-1231To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It
2016-07-2631Lest we forget
2012-09-1331The Hamming Ambiguity (among other things)
2018-09-2430My favourite too
2013-05-0830Just continue with the poker face, men
2021-01-1230The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya
2015-11-0730The word algorithm derives from his name.
2018-11-3030Nora K. Jemisin wants to talk about cities
2016-01-1330The Preservation Of A Nation
2018-07-2330The UN’s human rights chief has had enough and now he’s speaking out
2017-05-2729Global Urban History
2011-08-2329I am troubled. The question is obscure
2017-07-0729One Belt, One Road (OBOR) to gird the world
2018-12-0929Arch history
2019-01-2528America's Informal Economy
2015-07-1928Who eats what
2013-06-0728Jadu Ghar: The house of magic in the heart of Calcutta
2014-05-0328Hold me tight
2011-01-2328My Uncle Oswald
2018-10-2428Treaty of Westphalia signed on 24th October 1648
2012-07-2228To be read as a pair
2012-07-3128Modeling minorities
2015-09-1728How the Net was Won
2012-09-0728Design is first and foremost a philosophy, a system of values
2012-11-2928gentle observer
2015-03-3127African Game Development
2017-02-1827Hygge is so 2016
2017-07-1827The lady is a designer
2014-10-0927Thar she blows...
2016-05-1727Kaleva's stories
2012-01-1127Dear Hiring Manager
2020-07-0727The Weaponization of Diversity
2014-02-0127Computer History According to Law & Order
2017-07-2227Syria’s refugees are feeding the world
2009-12-3026creative dissatisfaction, that elusive fire in the belly
2016-07-2726peace and quiet
2011-08-0826Anywhere you like it
2014-03-0326Science is beautiful...
2015-01-2026I bring you a Pankaj Mishra longread in The Guardian
2012-04-2826full-blast living
2016-12-1726The Forbidden Music of the Cape Verde Islands
2012-07-2926The sun continues rising
2007-07-0625Stranger in a Strange Land
2014-10-1525Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso
2010-07-1725The storm in a designer teacup
2015-12-2425Making the history of 1989
2016-02-0925Imperial History and Film Culture
2016-07-2325Analysing the colour codes of Lego
2020-08-2925The Problem Of Watching World News Through White Eyes Only
2020-09-0625The Word for World Is Forest
2019-01-1424Renewable Energy To Remodel World Dominance Patterns
2011-06-1224100% Cows Milk
2015-01-0924How Women of Color Are Driving Entrepreneurship in the US
2015-12-1024Outsourcing, exploitation and the new reality of work
2016-07-0724Long read essay on Africa
2016-11-1124African Languages in a Digital Age
2014-06-3024Blog of the Centre for Imperial and Global History-University of Exeter
2012-07-2824What Clarke said
2013-01-1723Struggles to think of a title
2014-03-3123Building hope
2013-03-0323Rise of the Afropolitan
2015-11-1523“Rain the Color of Blue With a Little Red in It”
2016-03-2223Beyond the languages I claim as my own
2016-04-2923To hijab or not to hijab
2014-02-1323Eye of the beholder
2019-01-0923Earth Mother, Sky Father: 2030
2014-01-2923"""It's black, like me."": Black dolls and politics"
2014-09-0623Of Kant and many other things
2012-04-0423Once upon a time, consumption meant you were thin and sick
2014-02-1223Money and finance: For an anthropology of globalization
2012-04-1923I married adventure
2014-11-3023Winter War
2019-04-0922Was Socialism Sexy?
2012-12-1522Remembering Gordon Parks
2018-12-2622All cats
2013-01-2922Why should women accept this picture of a half-life, instead of a share?
2014-03-0522Sketchbooks del Toro
2017-04-0322What do International Relations Academics think about Security Threats?
2017-07-0122"""You'll never think about drug addiction the same way again"""
2010-05-0122Lettuce overlook this and pack ramen
2011-09-1822The 6th Force
2019-01-0522How Nur Jahan ruled Mughal India as the only female emperor
2021-01-1122Dulce et Decorum
2012-04-2322The 3 African Samurai
2018-02-1122Very long Read: Operation Elop by Harri Kiljander
2015-03-0822My toaster hates you
2012-12-1021Drag it over to the wastepaper basket
2013-05-3121*burp* what took so long?
2013-06-0921Textiles and Politics
2013-06-1221A vision of post-apocalypse Britain?
2015-10-2421The biggest raise our mothers will ever receive
2016-02-2821Golden Mountain Dim Sum
2015-01-1821Runs smiling face infinitely looped
2014-08-1021A chassis in stasis
2017-03-2521Role model
2014-04-0621Unrecognized state continues to exist anyway
2012-01-2821Yugo Lada
2015-04-0421Geopolitics of Finance
2016-03-3121“Would they call me a diva if I were a guy?”
2012-05-2621As she is spoked
2018-10-1821Precarious by Design