Which posts in Ask MetaFilter have the highest favorites:comments ratio?

2010-05-29411TresFreelance writing websites similar to textbroker and demand studios?
2015-07-271153sociologyWhat is the most useful email in the world?
2012-02-081424zardozInterior design blogs for us plebians?
2017-01-31321mama casseroleIs there a Snopes for the resistance?
2019-06-02301trotzdem_kunstDeconstructing the 'project'
2009-05-1757020katyjackWhat's the Best Thing You've Ever Seen Here?
2013-11-17271wobdevSelf-Perpetuating Hierarchy
2012-05-25994pontLanguage learning website using bilingual stories?
2011-06-121235ellissHelp me find specific tips for keeping a notebook.
2019-04-26492JDHarperWhat should go on a home maintenance schedule?
2016-02-24231mermaidcafeGuided meditations that have a story
2009-12-3027012marsha56What other awesome frugal cooking blogs are out there?
2010-07-16442angiepUncommon gifts from Canada
2009-11-03121458wyzewoman"What clever relationship ""hacks"" have you come up with?"
2018-09-25392lemonadeBest more-than-a-textbook online classes?
2020-07-08191RoraSelf-help and personal development in other cultural contexts
2011-01-05945specialagentwebbHow to turn old clothes into new clothes
2013-09-07925ukdanaeWho is the Lisa Eldridge of hair?
2018-05-28362chrisamillerPersonal year in review
2017-01-18171Mystical ListicleGobsmacking online nonfiction + journalism classes
2009-03-11171spacefireHow to make money off eHow?
2011-02-20332H. Roarktravel-agent like website?
2014-08-11332antglyWeb layouts
2014-04-08483brainwane"Recommend ""how I made/fixed this software"" podcasts by women"
2016-08-10322Snarl Furillo"Lost ""say this, not that"" book"
2019-04-231117SmearcaseMore Instant Pot recipes like this one (single pot dinners)
2012-07-26473Charity GarfeinLike all those fashion blogs. But for hair.
2018-12-18312Mr. JusticeWhere’s the (Washington Post?) article re: good questions for your kids?
2020-05-06312sillysallyHelp me find an exercise in figuring out what you want out of life
2013-08-01312phrontistSQL Teaching Game
2011-06-09775girlstyleWhere did this single-serving-food website go?
2013-05-06151LSKLooking for synth tutorials
2012-11-241057wansacBeyond UFYH?
2014-03-03302the brave tetra-pak"Because ""good presentations site"" on Google doesn't help"
2013-12-101359ecmendenhall2013 gift guide guide
2014-12-18151apparentlyCreepy children's book
2020-12-30151daikonNeed some New Year motivational videos
2022-06-20151ToddlesGood YouTube drawing lessons videos
2012-04-1021014Windigo Stuff. On my eyelids. How does it work?
2019-11-07151The corpse in the libraryBook on nutrition for middle-aged (and older) female athletes?
2016-08-30151bicyclefishHelp me find the aphorism, from my paraphrase
2017-07-21151The otter lady"More sites for ""Make Your Own Magazine Cover"" type things?"
2017-05-31151zeek321Has anyone tried Emdogain for receding gums? Did it work? Cost?
2014-10-0432422Bobby BittmanShop Once, Eat All Week
2011-10-16443dazed_oneBooty shakin' lessons!
2012-11-04443Yiggs_______ 101
2017-10-31292neilb449Spanish videos like Sachgeschichten?
2010-09-19292ilikeLooking for online personality tests
2022-02-01725aeightyMarital checkins
2014-04-13866nvlyLife check-in worksheets?
2008-10-2616912AnonymousI need discipline! (no, not that kind of discipline)
2009-09-27141NdwrightFor those of us who didn't go to Harvard. . .
2017-06-13141Think_LongLongform language learning?
2017-07-19141greta simoneGym/Personal training app
2015-07-29423JoannaCWhere can I find a list of monthly internet challenges?
2012-03-1433624rudhraighWhat are your five favourite websites of the last year?
2012-09-17705st starseedWhat's the meaning of life?
2019-01-06141whitelotusFirst Person Creepy Stories In Medical Settings?
2016-06-1815111onecircleadayHow to clean like the pros
2018-08-10413stellathonI want to learn how to tailor my own clothes
2021-10-27544po822000Lifehacker Alternatives?
2014-03-271219markbaoWhat are your favorite 'deep thinking' blogs, websites, and resources?
2008-09-0433225entropicHow did you find your passion?
2010-09-3014611mellifluousCrockpot Curries
2011-04-25131circularWhere do the really good custom CMS creators show off their work?
2009-01-13262daisyaceOnline guitar instruction?
2007-07-16131ryanshepardReference question
2009-12-12131loryjadeRecomendations for class podcasts
2007-10-31131PoopyDoopThe best blogs about Adwords
2010-06-30262GilloDWhere are the best online piano lessons?
2013-12-17131third word on a random pageResources for web publishers and editors?
2013-08-27131kalapiersonOutsourcing strategies (freelancer edition!)
2021-07-15393snersonit's about time
2018-08-18262nightrecordingsTools and strategies for brainstorming a 2-year plan and 5-year plan
2018-01-24131Junebug79Retreat / alternative vacation centres in Europe?
2018-12-04393freezer cakeBest Cardio Dance Workouts
2019-01-23131elephantsvanishdata + words + sustainable freelancing!
2012-08-14262DTHEASH1Who knew Zombies could help you stay in shape
2011-06-1521917jsturgillScientifically verified ways to improve happiness and solve problems?
2011-08-02383BusoniA book to tell me what to do with my life
2018-12-17766something somethingYouTube Fitness Channels
2019-07-03383andrasteWanted: generators for fun visual stuff
2011-02-23383nathaoleWhat are the best examples of stylized visual resumes?
2017-06-161018dontjumplarryWhat deep insights into human cultures do non-specialists miss out on?
2012-05-11635meowlixCan I cross-check Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc. all in one place?
2012-03-03252ecmendenhallKnow a good wordbook?
2017-10-19252Ms. NextHelp me organize all of the images
2016-07-27252codacorollaWhat are your favorite creepy blogs?
2013-03-12504incandescentmanHow can I keep track of reaching out to my contacts on a regular basis?
2011-10-14252BuddhaInABucketI'm looking for Spanish podcasts.
2008-05-2521017ageispolisCome on Indian MeFites, spill the lentils, divulge your most tasty family recipes.
2019-04-01373bighappyhairydogFrugal/simple living podcasts
2018-01-0212210hungrytigerPaths from my couch to EVERYWHERE
2011-08-04615pbhWeb developer seeks HTML/CSS best practices.
2011-08-24615pekalaHow can a good writer establish a basic online writing career?
2010-11-02615dealing awayWebsite with top 50 documentaries of all time?
2010-10-2024320logic vs lovecake for lazy people
2008-08-13484adverbHelp me fuel my Starbucks addiction through freelancing!
2011-09-22121cmojThe Frank Zappa of canvas.
2011-07-15121smilingtigerWhat's the best knitting app for the iphone?
2011-12-21121YakumanTell me about the Illuminati
2020-05-05242brainwaneCrowdsourced list of non-Amazon online shops?
2019-12-16121unicorn chaserarticle reading recs: human social interaction edition
2020-02-28242rpophessagrTell me about how to become a remote technical writer
2012-10-06242dragonfruitHelp me build a modern-day website.
2012-08-19121skjønnDIY Budget Natural & Organic beauty podcasts wanted
2013-10-26121ladoo"Similiar books like ""The first 90 days"""
2014-06-03968jacquilynneLevel up my life...
2021-08-07121sirionADD coach recommendations?
2022-02-10242Tell Me No LiesCurated collection of college courses
2020-09-29605The corpse in the libraryHow do I get rid of MyLife, Spokeo, WhitePages, and the rest?
2017-01-22121monkeys with typewritersGathering Canadian resources for action to counter the Alt Right
2016-11-04121simonwCutting edge research on user registration best practices?
2016-04-11121BrittanieHelp me wrap my head around photo organization, storage for Apple
2017-11-30121ErroneousOrbital Essence Archives
2013-06-04121deathpanelsOutlining stories
2015-08-08121ch3coohID a beautifu song - lost in the streets in front of a statue or chapel
2015-03-07121xiwEducation book involving a classroom 'simulating' a computer program
2015-03-26121StaceyMemoirs about PTSD
2015-10-15121ilovewinterGuided meditation with sound effects
2022-07-0413111StrawberryPieWhat do you wish you did to prepare for old age without kids?
2012-10-11837sheprimeWardrobe Therapy
2013-11-29716fizzixA crash Course into Netflix
2016-06-02595michaeldunawayBest Online Drawing Course -- free or cheap (let's say $20 or less)
2009-10-2711810tinamonsterDear Mystery Site: Where can I fly for $300?
2012-08-09474adamvascoLost Link for Learning Languages
2015-08-03948whalebreathCan anyone help me find this article about academic time management?
2012-07-08706choppyesRecommended progressive piano studies for adult beginners. which are interesting but easy, eg Bartok’s Mikrokosmos.
2016-11-09353man down under[Leftie Filter] Help me discuss contentious issues better
2020-05-17353HotToddyGentlest yoga/stretching videos
2014-03-03353flyingforkLearning to talk pretty
2015-08-1819817SkinsOfCoconutOnline shopping sites that provide unique/quality items?
2012-08-1615013xicana63Keep me healthy and happy
2016-04-1419617armadillo1224Fun, distracting websites for down-time
2016-08-02696frumiousbYour favourite well-curated Spotify playlists?
2016-06-1516114CantdosleepyWhat are your favourite long, 'ambient' Youtube videos?
2016-01-11232bleepPomodoro-style apps that are more gamified
2012-04-24232jcaNo More Please?
2018-11-09232chappell, ambroseWhere does “WPA style” fit in art history?
2018-05-22232amandaFamily Dashboard?
2013-03-0911410peagoodShare your org p*rn please?
2013-06-30686jedicusThe Couch to 5K of Flexibility Training
2012-03-27343mmfI can't sleep. Also, I can't wake up!
2013-11-0813512ptsampras14help me reverse my cravings for distracting information
2009-01-23676[ixia]Me, my laptop and yoga at 6am...
2011-12-08898colfaxthe relationship between procrastination, perfectionism, and anxiety
2011-08-02222cuban link flooded jesusWhere can I find examples of great UX and IA deliverables.
2011-06-11111msk1985Point me to some great artist collectives!
2013-10-28111threeantsonline communities in Spanish and French
2013-11-20222AwkwardPauseWhat can i do with a (cloud) server?
2014-03-16111divabatTrack ALL THE THINGS
2014-02-05111jdhergWhat's the best viewer reference for the 2014 Winter Olympics?
2013-12-17555madonna of the unloved"What is the best way to ""purge"" my information from the internet?"
2012-03-08333GenjiandProustLet 100 Podcasts Contend?
2012-08-25111doreurRemembering a Viennese Expressionist play
2012-07-20111curuinorHow many churches does the sky have?
2016-01-30111reenumLooking for sites or books like Cosma Shalizi's notebooks
2016-12-09111telepandaYour favorite project-based subscription boxes
2017-01-28222UKnowForKidsFun online puzzle games?
2015-08-22111WCityMikeIPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to Audio Website?
2015-08-09111AlabasterWindows PC - Software and Settings for Young Child
2015-02-08222AlbondigaMore workouts set to music routines?
2015-01-18111CalicattThe Littlest Treadmill
2014-09-11222yoHighnessTeaching on the sly
2021-07-06222Ian A.T.Building A Plot From A Single Sentence
2013-04-13111PotloafCan anyone help to identify this half-remembered fever dream of a movie?
2020-03-14111NotMyselfRightNowGames for Distributed Team
2017-12-18111CynicalKnightA very old sci-fi short story, memory triggered by Oumuamua
2008-12-25888BaudHelp me build a better social real-life network in 2009 !
2009-02-20111namithHow do I bend an image around a sphere in Illustrator?
2011-01-03111One Second Before AwakeningUnearthed Cellar Ecosystem Documentary?
2010-12-04111LittleMissItnegFulfilling projects.
2009-12-22333OuischQuery, propose, publish.
2007-10-08111nazcamachine shop in nyc?
2014-08-3113112serenity soonishcreative, ambitious, lazy
2008-05-1130528Saxon KaneYou need concentwation.
2013-12-26434viggorlijahHow to walk to Hobbiton and other 365/52 challenges
2019-09-1012912seemoorglassDoes modern-day (free) Clipart exist?
2009-11-0933231carpyfulOnly Six More Weeks?! [redux]
2008-08-18969Cool Papa BellEvery man's home is his weekend project
2013-03-26969dinkydayHow-to's on current (design) trends in Web Design?
2015-09-0321320stellalunaItems to make for meal prep at the beginning of each week?
2012-10-1011711Nimmie AmeeToday I would like to look THIS professional
2019-06-24858NilehorseSketching 101
2012-01-05535bottlebrushtreeBest free online computer science training
2014-08-2832831nidoraPersonal Productivity
2013-04-14848quadogHappy little (binary) trees. Is there a Bob Ross of coding?
2018-04-06424bologna on wryLong Spotify playlists of well-known songs?
2013-08-31212drezdnHindi Man of Constant Sorrow
2013-08-23636Juliet BananaTransmasculine / Masculine-of-Center Fashion Blogs
2014-03-11212steinsaltzHow does one learn to dance like this
2014-04-22212backwards compatibleThinking about a career change, but what exactly to?
2016-06-12525woodvineLink me to more cunning linguists.
2011-04-04525jasondigitizedResume Ideas
2010-11-1912412felixBest current design blogs?
2013-02-24626Gordion KnottTips for finding full-length movies on Youtube
2007-02-2159658phoenixychecklist for life practicalities?
2012-11-1022622sister nunchaku of love and mercyDelicious one-pot meals for busy people?
2014-05-0911311FuegoHealthy Food for Dummies
2012-08-24414JoannaCI am interested in using a journal for self-improvement and personal growth and need some suggestions for resources and aids to take my practice further.