Which posts in Ask MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 have the highest favorites:comments ratio?

2012-02-081424zardozInterior design blogs for us plebians?
2012-05-25994pontLanguage learning website using bilingual stories?
2012-07-26473Charity GarfeinLike all those fashion blogs. But for hair.
2012-11-241057wansacBeyond UFYH?
2012-04-1021014Windigo Stuff. On my eyelids. How does it work?
2012-11-04443Yiggs_______ 101
2012-03-1433624rudhraighWhat are your five favourite websites of the last year?
2012-09-17705st starseedWhat's the meaning of life?
2012-08-14262DTHEASH1Who knew Zombies could help you stay in shape
2012-05-11635meowlixCan I cross-check Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc. all in one place?
2012-03-03252ecmendenhallKnow a good wordbook?
2012-10-06242dragonfruitHelp me build a modern-day website.
2012-08-19121skjønnDIY Budget Natural & Organic beauty podcasts wanted
2012-10-11837sheprimeWardrobe Therapy
2012-08-09474adamvascoLost Link for Learning Languages
2012-07-08706choppyesRecommended progressive piano studies for adult beginners. which are interesting but easy, eg Bartok’s Mikrokosmos.
2012-08-1615013xicana63Keep me healthy and happy
2012-04-24232jcaNo More Please?
2012-03-27343mmfI can't sleep. Also, I can't wake up!
2012-08-25111doreurRemembering a Viennese Expressionist play
2012-03-08333GenjiandProustLet 100 Podcasts Contend?
2012-07-20111curuinorHow many churches does the sky have?
2012-10-1011711Nimmie AmeeToday I would like to look THIS professional
2012-01-05535bottlebrushtreeBest free online computer science training
2012-11-1022622sister nunchaku of love and mercyDelicious one-pot meals for busy people?
2012-08-24414JoannaCI am interested in using a journal for self-improvement and personal growth and need some suggestions for resources and aids to take my practice further.
2012-07-04101Violet BluePuerto Rican Daydreams
2012-03-02101sinealaThe historical basis of a Heinlein novel?
2012-11-01485DynexI Dream of Fonts
2012-07-24283atomicstoneA road of absurdity between x and y
2012-08-0129732Jonathan LivengoodWhat cognitive biases should everyone know?
2012-07-1991timpanogosFreelance writer website examples
2012-02-15182gottabefunkyBest in-the-field science blogs?
2012-11-14546Lipstick ThespianHelp Me Craft The Greatest Home-made Lotions Ever
2012-03-15182forkisbetterEver used FlexJobs.com for freelancing, or is there a better option out there?
2012-09-1268877surenoproblemWhat one book could give me a new, useful superpower?
2012-09-24526hazyspringLooking for an online guide to a minimalist house.
2012-02-0110312jbickersAnthropologie imitators?
2012-02-22172Mo NickelsWeaving webs to wind me
2012-10-07172blnkfrnkGenre-fluides francophones, aidez-moi, vous êtes mon seul espoir!
2012-03-2211013ashtabula to opelikaDIYODS!!! (do it your own dang self)
2012-04-09425AnonymousAre you a reformed malingerer? How did you quit?
2012-04-13253arobergeFinding the one (BMI calculator that is)
2012-09-11253AnonymousCareer change options for editors
2012-11-30334spunweb"Remind me to text ""I love you."""
2012-06-10334zarqLooking for cool stuff online for my four year olds.
2012-11-298010mean cheezWhat next for web design?
2012-11-1781TheSecretDecoderRing"""You have insufficient experience and character and hit points for creating that online game!"" "
2012-11-0881peagoodThe log is a...a...really?!
2012-01-1881Marisa Stole the Precious ThingAn Online Writer's Community
2012-05-18162FuegoBest beginner tai chi videos?
2012-05-0481muirne81Generational Theory: Mayan 2012 Edition.
2012-07-128711corn_breadFeed me
2012-08-08233nosilaHelp me cook my web dev chops.
2012-12-13233oqrothsc"What are the best ""best ways to learn X""?"
2012-07-05456Rory MarinichLookin' for new tubes
2012-10-26608larthegreatOld School Cake Secrets?
2012-01-16152AnonymousHelp me learn in order to make it, while I fake it.
2012-05-2512717rubyshoesHelp me find awesome courses on iTunes U.
2012-12-1319426kitchencrush"Delicious ""no-cook"" dishes in under 30 min?"
2012-12-082232bucksplusHelp finding a unique kind of puzzle
2012-01-28223rebentupdate on tailored shirts for men online
2012-11-25294ThePinkSuperheroTaters taters taters
2012-12-16588synecdocheHelp me EXCEL at my new job. (Yes, I went for the obvious one.)
2012-06-08659gwynplearn data science
2012-07-307210burlsubeThe internets has ruined my brain and ability to concentrate. How can I relearn how to focus and be less distracted?
2012-08-118412danceswithlightDesign the Internet. Go.
2012-07-2571AnonymousSweet and sexy Russian phrases
2012-06-13426CatseyeHow can I organise my work day more effectively?
2012-11-0511917amoebaHelp me learn how to maintain friendships?
2012-01-1171TheSecretDecoderRingMaster Moviemaking with the Mefites
2012-04-2771graventyTraveling to Everest
2012-05-18284falameufilhoWhat are the best reputable sources to learn more about internet marketing?
2012-05-20142raghuram"Places to find ""this will knock your socks off"" type of projects"
2012-03-2071HiroProtagonistDid Stieg Larsson describe a Swedish trial accurately?
2012-04-0171OmnomnomI want more stories like these
2012-03-07426AnonymousMeditation sessions for me, for free!
2012-02-27142sparkle55late life career changing
2012-08-239614aeightyVideo lectures for the knowledge hungry
2012-05-1417025Neely O'HaraWhere else can I get my human relations fix?
2012-01-0415623mercrediA woman cannot live on chili alone: what are some hearty low-carb soups and stews?
2012-03-1914922lunasolAlone in the kitchen with indecision
2012-12-26274zooropaDo you use Kanban for personal productivity?
2012-06-157411hot soupHelp me make my graphs pretty
2012-03-2626239yawperThe seven habits of highly attractive people
2012-05-02477madcaptenorIs there a way to be notified when something on my Amazon Wishlist is available cheaply?
2012-05-28203coldblackiceWhat's your general outline of designing/building a website?
2012-12-24203One Hand SlowclappingWhat is a good source of Android games and app reviews?
2012-05-05132JMOZHelp me find an essay I once read on how to create a toxic workplace/relationship.
2012-07-07132TKL0125Excel crash course
2012-03-26132postel's lawChalaw Sabsi and Kadu
2012-03-16132Potomac AvenueBest Podcasts for New Music, no talking please
2012-07-279715Pantalaimonsimple practical tips for daily living
2012-06-208413aleatorictelevisionWhat is the best way to learn R?
2012-09-157111smirkyfodderMystery Date Kit Ideas?
2012-04-09589desjardinsHorrifying but true
2012-01-229014vorfeedLow-carb recipes for the crockpot?
2012-07-09325londonmarkBest web usability blogs?
2012-08-20193aristanMajor Mistress Mystery Missed: Madame Makes Masses Manic!
2012-05-0512019BlasdelbWhat are the best comments or threads you've ever seen on reddit?
2012-07-2016426Mrs. Pterodactyl"Looking for awesome ""of the month"" clubs"
2012-09-24447svolixShow me how music works.
2012-05-1617328circularYea, verily wast he tricked oute withe many fineries
2012-04-18376petetheredBespokePost.com for a woman...
2012-02-07498jjjjjjjijjjjjjjindex.html: the internet's best directory browsing resources and how to find them.
2012-04-286110MizuI've watched too many KDramas and now the craving is demanding satisfaction
2012-05-097312Think_LongMister, I'll make a man out of you (in 6 easy steps)
2012-03-1812721MaryDellamorteWhat are the best exercises to strengthen my core that I can do at home without expensive equipment?
2012-11-1515125jbickersImmersive, story-based games
2012-11-16183Ruthless BunnyNo really, must I keep my 3rd grade diploma?
2012-12-1161audio"On the prowl for the best ""long-wear, comfortable"" COLORED contact lense brand. Any recommendations?"
2012-12-01183thehmsbeagleI'm looking for help finding a science-fiction novel about unemployed people who adopt insects.
2012-11-26183idlethinkwhat tools and models do we have for collaboration in the humanities?
2012-11-1261tomcochraneWhere's that resume webapp?
2012-03-1861pakora1Product Management/Development Books
2012-05-05305krisakNeed help finding a book to help me rebuild civilization.
2012-05-17122ATX PeanutWhat is this thing?
2012-04-23244foxy_hedgehogBecoming an at-home tailoring whiz
2012-01-2361PontifexLearning Sciences: Introductory Books
2012-01-256010deludingmyselfStrategic planning for anxiety sufferers.
2012-01-01122AnonymousBooks, forums, ??, for adult children of abusive parents who have (undiagnosed) cognitive and emotional issues?
2012-10-2961motdiem2Arabic Podcasts Recommendations
2012-02-0961solipsophistocracyHow do I get more control over prezi?
2012-03-03244broolMalted Milk Ball Recipe?
2012-02-2861AnonymousA fated fundraiser?
2012-07-16244AnonymousWhat if Miss Manners had written a book on office relations?
2012-07-0661JuliaJellicoeHelp me find simplified/well-designed versions of useful/common forms.
2012-07-1161curiousleoWhat is best setup for Thunnderbird+Lighting sync?
2012-08-01122mary8nneVirtual Lecture Series
2012-07-2561apparentlyBest first hand accounts of London 2012?
2012-06-1461mammary16Old dog, new tricks
2012-01-1210117mortaddamsBest free software and websites for learning languages?
2012-03-0121236Night_owlHow do I cook healthy food for one?
2012-03-07539juliapangolinWhat are the best personal finance blogs right now?
2012-01-317012AnonymousHow can I motivate myself to work?
2012-04-15295AnonymousStorytime for adults
2012-12-048715AnonymousKushiel's Shadowknife
2012-01-058615lukievanShould I switch careers and learn to code?
2012-08-07407you're a kitty!The V&A just about killed me.
2012-08-1511420moons in juneBook People: what are the best resources to hear about new books?
2012-07-11346pracowityOpen courses that teach writing skills: where are they?
2012-10-29173ScientistWhat's some of the best, most illuminating, and most entertaining writing about conservation bio on the net?
2012-08-2613524Senor CardgageHelp me make the best tomato marinara sauce in the world. I want to make it from scratch. I want it to be the sort of thing youd see in Godfather or Goodfellas where it has to stay on the stove for like 3 months to achieve perfection. This is my holy grai
2012-12-04458tenaciousdBest of the Best: Your Best Gift Guides
2012-12-26285tllayaBest ADD apps?
2012-06-27397BookhouseSelf-publishing e-books
2012-04-1423943grayberBooks on history that are a delight to read.
2012-04-11112jragonPicture of Steve Jobs' spiral-bound speaker notes?
2012-03-16112sunnychef88Hand painting your own custom graphic tees
2012-11-15112drlitha suit made of kitten fur
2012-09-24448geegollygoshTell me what to draw and I'll draw it
2012-10-09112fussbudgetDrawing or painting of a beagle puppy eating a businessman?
2012-09-15224soonertboneParenting and Privilege
2012-08-14112jsturgillBrowser based programming environment?
2012-05-23112Lou StuellsSpider print, spider print, someone hook me up with this spider print
2012-05-14224pakora1Initial wins at a new job
2012-02-284482oh1What are the best blogs ABOUT WordPress?
2012-06-0412623functionequalsformA night to kill.
2012-09-21499ennBooks about day-to-day operations of a small business
2012-12-31499caoimheAny good free online workout videos out there?
2012-06-04275sdisDo you remember this study about deep/meaningful conversations?
2012-01-2636668Balonious AssaultHidden gems at the market
2012-04-22438KololoHow to help someone catch up on the soft skills he should have picked up growing up?
2012-04-238616ohsnapdragonHow to keep falling in love with my wife?
2012-04-017514v.barboniHow to read and talk about a book?
2012-10-209618jimmereenoHelp me not dress like a slob anymore
2012-07-18489NoMichWeb development learning
2012-03-1630257psycheslampPimp my iPad
2012-10-0810019caoimheHelp me find warm dresses this fall/winter
2012-10-22428Stan GrossmanGadgets, and gizmos, and gear, oh my!
2012-03-11428SullyHow do I turn my Word file novel into an Amazon listing?
2012-04-06428gonzo_IDHello. I'd like to work for you. But I don't know how to approach you.
2012-02-219919liziferHelp me help myself get down to work
2012-03-07265painqualeWebcomics about minority groups
2012-06-14265StrassAcademic networking for dummies, and more helpful hints
2012-04-23316AnonymousGot the goods, but need a plan.
2012-04-25418gregrI'm Drowning in Images
2012-07-0512324kmennieSemi-quick fixes for dilapidated objects
2012-04-23469peachfuzzHelloooooo, Phineas
2012-01-09469nanojathThe 5,000 Foot Bookshelf - Curated lists and collections of important texts
2012-01-1013827zoomorphicI need mind-blowing books about parenting!
2012-10-0714829KololoHow to keep my clothing in tip top shape?
2012-11-0823446sportbucketMight as well have the best.
2012-09-3013226CalicattThe Games People Play
2012-07-097114you're a kitty!A particular subset of hipster
2012-01-3015130Ziggy500Bringing awesome back.
2012-01-3051jroybalWhat's the deal with syncing contacts between Address Book, iCloud and Gmail???
2012-01-05204ersatzkatWhere do they keep the jewelry blogs?
2012-01-2051cosmicbanditoStorytelling for fun and profit
2012-07-0651girlgeniusWhy would two rats be upset at a turtle stealing their radish?
2012-07-186513sockomaticHow to get better at staying in touch with people?
2012-07-18255bukvichLooking for psychology term, perhaps from Herman's Trauma and Recovery
2012-08-0551DisreputableDogHobbit Harmony?
2012-10-04459xicana63CHECK ALL THE THINGS!
2012-10-0951WordshoreAdmin and Research, switched.
2012-09-267014Anonymous How do I avoid procrastinating on tasks that have “fallen off the radar” / are less urgent?
2012-06-29153blueflySpin Class to Go
2012-07-01357ramenopresWhat are the best ways to increase Excel skills?