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2019-07-011032sylvanshinePop Music Theory
2019-02-12421the man of twists and turnssomeone once told me the real action was in the footnotes
2020-03-28361The Whelk“Education is our only political safety.”
2020-09-13331filthy light thiefMRR: What We Do Is Not Secret (celebrating BIPOC punk)
2018-11-08662redctPublic-Interest Technology Resources
2017-04-13331storyboredGet stuff out there.
2018-12-08321Wobbuffet"Including ""Ten Books to Help You Become a Librarian"""
2011-12-05321Bora Horza GobuchulEducation For All
2017-05-01301filthy light thief"In the mix with Hunee: ""My aim is always to maintain a certain freedom"""
2020-05-10301hurdy gurdy girl50 years ago, the Abortion Caravan forced Canada to pay attention
2019-04-06301maurice1,000 Years of Literary Tradition
2020-05-27291everybody had matching towelsinterpreting the visual language of cartography
2019-04-20281The WhelkAsk And Listen
2018-10-22271XMLiciousImpact of Westward Expansion on Native Americans
2014-09-30271Monsieur CautionDream detected. Dream detected.
2016-04-02532MikoPractical Magic
2014-03-03261infiniScience is beautiful...
2020-05-08512OuvertureIdentity Politics and Elite Capture
2019-05-20251trotzdem_kunst"""Two ears, one mouth, don't talk too much."""
2020-12-19251ropeladderA Celebration of Atomnation Compilations
2016-10-19502amnesia and magnetsa crime not of lust, but of violence and power
2016-04-30251MezentianReel Wild Cinema
2019-10-09492infinite intimationA near infinite library of sketchbooks and visual journals
2018-02-16492ArtwMake comics!
2019-01-26964dancing leavesWhy should journalists have all the fun?
2020-05-16241cnidariathe chromatophores in its skin rippling with color to match her own
2020-10-01241bitteschoenThe Best American Essays from the pre-apocalypse era
2017-05-26482Eyebrows McGeeTour Ancient Greece with the Classics: ToposText
2014-08-20472Room 641-ATop Five Architecture Maps
2014-04-18231Tom-BForró, Baião, Rojão & sons do nordeste do Brasil
2015-05-03231aloiv2American Gothic, without the Pitchfork
2016-02-08231divabatCoCo Avenue and Black Musicians in Kpop
2015-10-20231thetortoiseI Am Somebody.
2016-11-18231RumpleDissolving the Frame
2020-10-23231ChuraChurarewriting queerness and rural culture
2019-08-13231peakes'You always needed to explain to her why something was fair and right.'
2018-09-13231poffin boffinCenturies-old tradition expands internationally
2019-10-07231allkindsoftimeWhistle-blower protection is as old as the Republic itself.
2016-01-271607jedicusTools for Working with Data
2017-05-16221paduasoy"""That’s the project; celebrate all women, don’t just pick out a few."""
2017-07-28442filthy light thiefThe Silent Parade of July 28, 1917, likely the first Civil Rights march
2017-01-06221rebentSoundtracking The Void w/ Thomas Ragsdale - 3.1.2017
2019-01-05221infiniHow Nur Jahan ruled Mughal India as the only female emperor
2019-01-01221mandolin conspiracy"""Share. Stump. Love."""
2018-05-03221runcifexNothing to lose but their personal data siphons
2020-06-16221jshttnbmThis Is An Uprising!
2014-07-13221Monsieur CautionSeven roses later ... each rose opens like an ideogram, like a gate
2017-06-16432fearfulsymmetryPaint it red
2015-02-25643misteraitchGresham College lectures
2014-09-04211LibraryptCelebrity Defector
2015-08-19211MonkeyToesAlgorithms, Accountability, #algacc
2016-12-07211Michele in CaliforniaEnvironmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities and Community Health
2020-10-24211brainwaneFires, homemade pills, and gardens
2018-09-08211yarntheoryThe treasure that combines all arts
2010-10-12412Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-MonkeyThe Art of Beautiful Strength
2018-11-091025zeptoweaselBefore envelopes, there was letterlocking
2017-05-05814mixedmetaphors2016 Tiptree Symposium: Ursula K. Le Guin
2013-08-1724212Jasper Friendly BearHow to Negotiate Your Job Offer
2020-02-17201the man of twists and turnscrude gospel
2020-08-05201Wobbuffet"""There was another reason to be so anxious."""
2020-08-07402LexicaWhat’s lurking beneath Lake Merritt? More than you think
2019-05-19201eotvosCouldn't be a newspaper, could it - coming out only once a month?
2014-03-26201gemutlichkeitRecorded autopathographies
2017-02-19593petrilliGiving the magic away
2010-03-111377netbrosWhat Color Is Malachite?
2014-07-2031316flexuseful websites
2020-03-01583stoneweaverThis he/she thing, it holds no meaning where we come from
2020-02-25191spamandkimchi“human condition,” and now
2018-10-17191poffin boffinIt's like battling a monster
2019-07-09191The WhelkKids On The Farm
2014-03-08382stbalbachFirst and last refuge
2015-06-11191growabrainLights, Camera, Action
2011-12-28372zeek321Some psychotherapy modalities
2020-03-15372BiggerJThe Writing Simulators Waging War on Loneliness
2018-12-14372poffin boffinNo matter what we write, white people can turn our stories into weapons.
2019-06-28372The WhelkThis mysteriousness causes a destructive unease.
2018-09-09744MovableBookLadyOff the Map, Put Away the Map
2017-01-28915WobbuffetRecommended Books by Arab Women
2017-05-10181mixedmetaphorsThana Faroq: The Streets Are Not Empty
2017-04-18362Miko"""They don’t believe that we’re even able to define what a place is."""
2016-11-05543womprat78The 2016 Purdue Engineering Gift Guide has Dropped
2018-10-13181standardasparagusMade up places and costly mistakes: a history of unfortunate maps
2018-07-03181BiggerJWe fell, and we may never walk again. But on hands and knees, we crawl.
2018-05-08181sfendersA short trip to Peru
2018-07-10181MovableBookLadyBlack Mtn College & Its Women
2018-03-11181Room 641-A"""I underestimated how difficult the concept would be for both of them"""
2019-01-31362sepvivaSilk Stockings and Socialism
2014-04-14181chrchrYou Create Your World
2014-06-17181carterCelsus: A Library Architecture Resource
2014-07-04362Monsieur Caution"All I'm really saying is ""Sebald is great"""
2015-09-04181agatha_magathaLabor Facts for Labor Day Weekend
2014-09-29181madamjujujiveUltimate mountaineering photography
2019-10-121066WobbuffetWeird Tales from the 20th Century
2017-01-14352Going To MaineFound Sound + Producer = Music
2016-07-14704infini100 African Writers of SFF - Part One Nairobi
2017-09-1820912spbmpIf you're worried about identity theft...
2011-10-10523Bora Horza GobuchulSynesthesia With A Hex Code
2015-04-18694Monsieur CautionAnthropology, already read
2014-10-19865Fizz"""...to stay conscious and alive, day in and day out."""
2015-02-01171standardasparagusIslamic Astropolitik
2014-07-20171Lexica"""And we're dancing with the dead / that are dancing in our head"""
2011-06-20171adamvasco'Have you ever been alive? Curious sensation isn't it?'
2019-04-07342thatwhichfallsShort stories always seem to cost me blood...
2020-03-23342MartinWisseSocialism means free books
2020-10-25171brainwane"""smiling, creases around her eyes like a soft-worn blanket."""
2016-11-04171zmacw49Romano Hänni
2017-05-10171filthy light thiefFour-eyed free spirited androgynous cartoon people: the art of Kashink
2017-01-03171selfnoiseIncludes the Austin Wintory Soundtrack of 2016
2013-08-29171filthy light thiefHi, there. I want to talk to you about ducts. The ones on your turtle.
2020-01-24845faethverityIt's all of us caring for each other.
2019-03-18674storyboredHelp for Music Beginners
2018-10-23332OmieWiseWorking on the Levee
2013-12-06825jbickersGames people (can) play (by themselves)
2014-01-06986blahblahblahThoughts and tools for the startup
2017-07-14493filthy light thiefEssential breaks and beats and drum'n'bass from Calibre and Mura Masa
2017-07-19161KattullusQueen of Jamaican Culture
2017-01-18483Dr EwBBC Radio 4 - The New World
2017-02-15322misteraitchBasil Kirchin: The forgotten genius of UK music
2015-11-11161Confess, FletchNavy Releases Definitive History of Naval Aviation Online
2012-02-14161nickyskyethe neurochemistry of attraction and rejection
2014-10-02161hippybearMark Your Calendars and Create Your Bookmarks and SCREAM!
2013-09-21161Monsieur CautionVideo Killed the Philosophy Star
2020-09-25161NoxAeternumA History Of Anti-Politics
2018-04-16161infiniHandmade heritage
2019-12-09322The WhelkThe Urgent Realism of Radical Change
2019-12-28161blue shadowsScientific events that shaped the decade
2019-06-19161ellieBOA"""Where there is waste, there is an opportunity."""
2018-02-01161mandolin conspiracy"""A magazine for lesbian and gay liberation"""
2018-02-11161christopher.taylorCanada's clearest home science videos
2012-06-05473netbrosNuts for Digital Photography
2017-01-01473Wobbuffet"""The symptoms of life"""
2017-06-07312kliulessThe technologies transforming our lives
2016-02-2520013chrono_rabbitStart Your Art Journey Today
2011-05-0526117blahblahblahA hundred things you should read
2020-07-30463LexicaResistance: How—Not Whether—to Act
2019-05-17463homunculusVirtual Angkor: Visualising the Medieval Cambodian Metropolis of Angkor
2020-05-04463Wobbuffet"""Deep in rococo imagery of fairies, princesses, diamonds and pearls"""
2020-01-13926WCityMike100,000 HD Images of French Artwork into the Public Domain
2019-09-07463filthy light thiefA Young Person's Guide to Unseen Worlds, mixed by Visible Cloaks
2013-08-27463flapjax at midniteWe'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...
2020-10-02614jessamyn"""Since you do well in all subjects, you can major in math..."""
2014-10-12614TheGoodBloodAfrofuturism: The New Wave
2015-05-09614Monsieur CautionThe Magic of Modern Living
2011-05-2519713netbrosOnline Ear Training Games
2012-06-14151the man of twists and turns"""She hadn’t seen an orange in years"""
2011-12-30151litlnemoListenin' to the oldies.
2012-01-17151obscurator"""I keep the tank in Wales, I don't bring it down my road..."""
2014-08-30302aniolaAM/FM - the story of London's pirate radio stations
2014-06-15151growabrainStainless steel spheres of an iron cell magnified 165 billion times
2015-02-03151KabanosMemory and Identity
2017-05-04302filthy light thiefThe world from above: history and tourism from a different perspective
2017-11-08302thatwhichfallsThe spectacle does not sing of men and their arms
2016-12-20302storyboredHidden Reads
2017-02-20151dngThe Time Of Your Life
2018-09-11151standardasparagusMeet the girl who dreams of being Gaza’s first Olympic swimmer
2019-01-03151The WhelkChange the land, change the world
2020-01-16453cgc373a template for how to feel confident whenever I need to: do the work
2019-09-27151MikoGrievous Spectacle Y/N?
2020-04-11302Mrs PotatoGuys this is the ultimate audio history records
2020-06-09453MonkeyToesSo...you'd like to learn more about logistics?
2019-05-17151poffin boffinTierra de Resistentes
2019-06-06151the man of twists and turnsBerlin: Symphony of a Great City
2009-02-05151netbrosPixel Inspiration
2012-08-24302misteraitchA Compendium of Public-Domain Essays
2014-01-151198filthy light thiefCraig Strete: transmuting anger into art; Native American sci-fi
2017-09-17443MovableBookLadyIrving Harper, Paper Wizard. Also Visionary.
2019-03-12443not_the_water"""It’s an ugly thing, the way we treat both women and mollusks"""
2020-04-16292ChuraChuraportrait of the Artist as a young Korean-American
2015-08-07292roomthreeseventeenA Ferguson Syllabus: Reading a Movement
2016-04-13292dhruvaThe Djinn of Aiman
2016-08-09292zarqO Sister, Where Art Thou?
2013-09-11292larrybobThe Dada Baroness, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
2008-11-031017nickyskyefree reading, writing and arithmetic resources
2017-10-05433OmieWiseAwesome Tapes
2017-03-11433Fish, fish, are you doing your duty?The Philosopher Queen: Rebecca Solnit
2015-12-30574BlasdelbInvisible Influence: A Bacterial Guide to Your Health
2019-09-05574bitteschoen"""Learn. Fight. Win."""
2020-01-17141poffin boffin"""We didn't call it art; we called it survival."""
2019-11-25282Bella DonnaThe Heroines of America’s Black Press
2018-12-17282poffin boffinIndigenous journalists speak up
2020-10-04141jessamyn"""That’s actually my favorite part of making images, doing the coloring."""
2020-10-24423jessamyn"""Personal Instructions from My Totally Excellent Guru."""
2020-07-11141paduasoyUK Digital Festival of Archaeology
2020-12-22423adrianhonLongform’s Best of 2020
2021-01-09141spamandkimchi"""it’s actually about our tending to one another."""
2020-12-04282clawsoonDoris Akers
2020-09-02423bitteschoen"""Nothing works without trust"""
2018-03-14141clewThe urban experiment
2018-08-17141RumpleStreet Basketball is a Sacred Space
2018-11-16141poffin boffin28 Indigenous Guardian programs get federal funding
2018-10-22423frumiousbAnd still she cried, and still the world pursues
2020-03-101418603Reprintable selections from Irving Geis' work
2020-03-15141Fizzwelcome, to the bird museum
2019-08-09141ChuraChuraIn the name of the beautiful game
2016-11-23282Michele in CaliforniaNew York is introducing workers' rights to the Gig Economy