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2017-04-13341storyboredGet stuff out there.
2011-12-05321Bora Horza GobuchulEducation For All
2017-05-01301filthy light thiefIn the mix with Hunee: "My aim is always to maintain a certain freedom"
2013-04-17291Charlemagne In SweatpantsBattle Of The Alt-Comedy Stars
2016-04-02542MikoPractical Magic
2014-09-30271Monsieur CautionDream detected. Dream detected.
2014-03-03261infiniScience is beautiful...
2016-10-19502amnesia and magnetsa crime not of lust, but of violence and power
2018-02-16502ArtwMake comics!
2016-04-30251MezentianReel Wild Cinema
2016-02-08241divabatCoCo Avenue and Black Musicians in Kpop
2017-05-26482Eyebrows McGeeTour Ancient Greece with the Classics: ToposText
2014-08-20472Room 641-ATop Five Architecture Maps
2014-04-18231Tom-BForró, Baião, Rojão & sons do nordeste do Brasil
2017-05-16231paduasoy"That’s the project; celebrate all women, don’t just pick out a few."
2016-11-18231RumpleDissolving the Frame
2015-10-20231thetortoiseI Am Somebody.
2018-05-03221runcifexNothing to lose but their personal data siphons
2017-01-06221rebentSoundtracking The Void w/ Thomas Ragsdale - 3.1.2017
2017-07-28442filthy light thiefThe Silent Parade of July 28, 1917, likely the first Civil Rights march
2014-07-13221Monsieur CautionSeven roses later ... each rose opens like an ideogram, like a gate
2015-02-25653misteraitchGresham College lectures
2017-06-16432fearfulsymmetryPaint it red
2016-12-07211Michele in CaliforniaEnvironmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities and Community Health
2015-08-19211MonkeyToesAlgorithms, Accountability, #algacc
2010-10-12412Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-MonkeyThe Art of Beautiful Strength
2017-05-05814mixedmetaphors2016 Tiptree Symposium: Ursula K. Le Guin
2016-01-271618jedicusTools for Working with Data
2017-02-19603petrilliGiving the magic away
2014-03-26201gemutlichkeitRecorded autopathographies
2010-03-111377netbrosWhat Color Is Malachite?
2014-04-14191chrchrYou Create Your World
2014-03-08382stbalbachFirst and last refuge
2011-12-28372zeek321Some psychotherapy modalities
2017-01-28925WobbuffetRecommended Books by Arab Women
2018-05-08181sfendersA short trip to Peru
2018-07-10181MovableBookLadyBlack Mtn College & Its Women
2016-11-05543womprat78The 2016 Purdue Engineering Gift Guide has Dropped
2018-03-11181Room 641-A"I underestimated how difficult the concept would be for both of them"
2017-05-10181mixedmetaphorsThana Faroq: The Streets Are Not Empty
2017-04-18362Miko"They don’t believe that we’re even able to define what a place is."
2015-09-04181agatha_magathaLabor Facts for Labor Day Weekend
2014-06-17181carterCelsus: A Library Architecture Resource
2014-09-29181madamjujujiveUltimate mountaineering photography
2014-07-04352Monsieur CautionAll I'm really saying is "Sebald is great"
2017-01-14352Going To MaineFound Sound + Producer = Music
2017-09-1820912spbmpIf you're worried about identity theft...
2011-10-10523Bora Horza GobuchulSynesthesia With A Hex Code
2016-07-14694infini100 African Writers of SFF - Part One Nairobi
2014-10-19865Fizz"...to stay conscious and alive, day in and day out."
2015-04-18684Monsieur CautionAnthropology, already read
2015-02-01171standardasparagusIslamic Astropolitik
2013-08-29171filthy light thiefHi, there. I want to talk to you about ducts. The ones on your turtle.
2017-01-03171selfnoiseIncludes the Austin Wintory Soundtrack of 2016
2017-05-10171filthy light thiefFour-eyed free spirited androgynous cartoon people: the art of Kashink
2017-07-19171KattullusQueen of Jamaican Culture
2018-07-03171BiggerJWe fell, and we may never walk again. But on hands and knees, we crawl.
2016-11-04171zmacw49Romano Hänni
2011-06-20171adamvasco'Have you ever been alive? Curious sensation isn't it?'
2013-12-06835jbickersGames people (can) play (by themselves)
2014-01-06986blahblahblahThoughts and tools for the startup
2017-07-14493filthy light thiefEssential breaks and beats and drum'n'bass from Calibre and Mura Masa
2017-01-18493Dr EwBBC Radio 4 - The New World
2015-11-11161Confess, FletchNavy Releases Definitive History of Naval Aviation Online
2018-04-16161infiniHandmade heritage
2018-02-11161christopher.taylorCanada's clearest home science videos
2014-10-02161hippybearMark Your Calendars and Create Your Bookmarks and SCREAM!
2013-09-21161Monsieur CautionVideo Killed the Philosophy Star
2012-02-14161nickyskyethe neurochemistry of attraction and rejection
2012-07-27161Bora Horza GobuchulWonders Of The World (Wide Web)
2017-01-01473Wobbuffet"The symptoms of life"
2014-07-2031120flexuseful websites
2016-02-2520213chrono_rabbitStart Your Art Journey Today
2011-05-0526417blahblahblahA hundred things you should read
2017-06-07312kliulessThe technologies transforming our lives
2015-05-09624Monsieur CautionThe Magic of Modern Living
2017-03-11463Fish, fish, are you doing your duty?The Philosopher Queen: Rebecca Solnit
2013-08-27463flapjax at midniteWe'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...
2012-08-24302misteraitchA Compendium of Public-Domain Essays
2012-06-14151the man of twists and turns"She hadn’t seen an orange in years"
2012-01-17151obscurator"I keep the tank in Wales, I don't bring it down my road..."
2017-02-20151dngThe Time Of Your Life
2016-12-20302storyboredHidden Reads
2017-11-08302thatwhichfallsThe spectacle does not sing of men and their arms
2018-02-01151mandolin conspiracy"A magazine for lesbian and gay liberation"
2017-05-04302filthy light thiefThe world from above: history and tourism from a different perspective
2018-08-17151RumpleStreet Basketball is a Sacred Space
2009-02-05151netbrosPixel Inspiration
2015-02-03151KabanosMemory and Identity
2014-06-15151growabrainStainless steel spheres of an iron cell magnified 165 billion times
2014-01-151198filthy light thiefCraig Strete: transmuting anger into art; Native American sci-fi
2014-10-12594TheGoodBloodAfrofuturism: The New Wave
2015-12-30594BlasdelbInvisible Influence: A Bacterial Guide to Your Health
2017-09-17443MovableBookLadyIrving Harper, Paper Wizard. Also Visionary.
2017-08-01292spamandkimchibaby food biopolitics bmi
2016-04-13292dhruvaThe Djinn of Aiman
2016-08-09292zarqO Sister, Where Art Thou?
2013-09-11292larrybobThe Dada Baroness, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
2015-08-07292roomthreeseventeenA Ferguson Syllabus: Reading a Movement
2017-10-05433OmieWiseAwesome Tapes
2011-05-2519814netbrosOnline Ear Training Games
2011-12-30141litlnemoListenin' to the oldies.
2011-10-24141liketitanicWhat it sounds like
2014-02-16423Golden EternityThe Studio One Story
2015-02-11141IridicTime Lines (Don't Don't Chart It)
2010-08-2221015netbrosFrom Basics to Technical
2016-08-02141misteraitchPorta Polonica: culture and history of Poles in Germany
2016-11-23282Michele in CaliforniaNew York is introducing workers' rights to the Gig Economy
2018-02-01141MonkeyToesTheology With Dirt Under Its Fingernails
2018-03-14141clewThe urban experiment
2017-07-12564blahblahblahLearning through playing and watching and doing
2013-12-28141GilgongoOn reading, love, and loss
2014-11-25695Monsieur CautionStudents applauded and were visibly moved in the game's final moments
2016-02-18413grobsteinNot 'remembered,' I don't care about being remembered.
2017-09-0216312hurdy gurdy girl55 of the best free fonts for designers
2012-01-2914911finnb33 books of Borgesian favorites
2016-03-28272adamvascoLife is always struggling to predominate and art naturally suffers.
2018-07-12272sapaganSound Effects On The Kids
2017-01-151088WobbuffetRecent SF/F/H short fiction online
2013-08-1724318Jasper Friendly BearHow to Negotiate Your Job Offer
2009-01-15272netbrosTips for Tech Users, Designers, Bloggers
2013-03-26403BlasdelbAMNH Podcasts Selected Lectures
2014-12-12534Going To MaineRadio Soulwax: The Final Mix and its Twenty-Three Predecessors
2014-11-26131filthy light thiefMood music for movie viewing, from Cinespia's cemetery film viewings
2014-11-09131quin"Pinpoint the flaws in biology, children, and baseball"
2015-03-09524the man of twists and turnsForgetting Fear
2015-05-26262Room 641-A"The map began as just a doodle."
2017-02-15131doctornemoNo criminology suspected
2017-06-03131MovableBookLadyArchaeology's Threatened Sites Database
2018-06-14393zarqIn A World...
2018-07-03393WobbuffetLedger B, 1772 - 1793: pg.179
2012-05-03131filthy light thiefThis Adventurous and Terrifying World, with James W. Buel
2013-04-25131adamvascoInsolence raised to the status of a fine art
2010-03-06131flapjax at midniteIshman Bracey, Delta bluesman, 1901-1970
2012-11-26907AceRockWhy's This So Good?
2018-01-01645IridicGame status: afoot
2016-07-27897IridicThe Lock and Key Library
2018-04-19383carterCeramic Treasures of Japan
2015-03-31383sciatrixWomen and social networks at work
2014-10-10766Monsieur CautionSo we're back to nothing! What should we do to make something of it?
2008-08-21383netbrosListen Explore Discover Create
2015-10-111018Miko"This is not a comfortable conversation."
2014-05-2212610LeLiLoAnother 100+ Things You Should Read
2015-05-20504Monsieur CautionEnglish 111 / Comp Lit 115
2014-11-15252rorgy"I will not tolerate any rotten rockabillies in my employ."
2014-12-30252psoasGone Girl, gun violence, and the media's focus on the media
2018-06-24252Helga-wooInto the Forest
2018-08-03252rongorongoPocket pieces by Nahre Sol
2018-08-13252the man of twists and turns“Archaeology is always a race against the clock,”
2017-08-03504KattullusEcological Cartography of the Anthropocene
2016-01-11252filthy light thiefFirst X, Then Y, Now Z : Landmark Thematic Maps and Their Makers
2011-05-20504infinite intimationThe man in the middle, Or, The Truth About the Muslim Plot Against Pea Soup
2015-02-01877blahblahblahBig Data for escaping the cold
2017-07-02877pjskyHere, I uploaded a bunch of free maps for you. Wooo!
2011-11-23373gottabefunkyThe Open Notebook
2011-12-13746gottabefunkyLet's Make a Deal
2014-07-07373thomas j wiseA True and Affecting History
2015-03-16494joseph conrad is fully awesomebeing unable to achieve the impossible: keeping everybody happy
2013-03-02494readeryThe Psychology of Human Misjudgement, 1995 talk by Charlie Munger
2014-01-23736PussKillianFree books from the Getty
2012-07-16857The demon that lives in the airWhat is that? Is that a red pen? No, that's not a red pen. That's a rock.
2014-06-2427923flexcommunication breakdown
2017-05-2112110WolfdogYouTube art channels
2013-02-1518115MitheralWood, Leather, Steel, Blood
2013-02-24121Bunny UltramodDad! Dad! My little sister's been kidnapped! What shall I do! Dad! Dad!
2013-01-31121Tom-BMore soundtracks for 2013!
2014-01-14242tempythethirdModel View Culture
2013-12-28242Room 641-ASuperego & Thrilling Adventure Hour present "The War Of Two Worlds"
2013-05-01121ChuraChuraThe weather was unseasonably warm, an astonishing 50 degrees F!
2013-06-09121lenny70For you life is not easy but death is much more uneasy
2014-06-04242the man of twists and turns"not far short of 50% have come into the language from French or Latin."
2015-04-12484MartinWisseThings to Come
2015-06-10121jedicusUnmaking Things
2014-12-18121Going To Maine"[A] bit contemplative & a bit misty-eyed"
2014-10-10121Theophrastus JohnsonThat's Бумбокс as in Boombox.
2014-10-13363IridicMiners, Gnomes, Kobolds, Wolves, and the Hooded One of the Harz Mountain
2014-02-22242jiawenDocumentaries and talks from the USC US-China Center
2012-06-05484netbrosNuts for Digital Photography
2011-10-24121netbrosArt = Life
2017-05-16121goatdogA Tale of Three Cities
2018-08-27121MovableBookLadyUS First Female Soldiers
2018-06-28242MCMikeNamaraLGBTQI Hate Illinois Nazis
2018-06-21121paleyellowwithorangeTips of the Trade: DIY Touring
2017-03-29363Going To MaineSITE FOR MIXTAPES INNIT.
2016-07-11121roomthreeseventeenPostcards from the Great Divide
2015-12-10242infiniOutsourcing, exploitation and the new reality of work
2016-02-27242kliulessCumulative and Compounding Opportunity Costs
2016-03-31121BiggerJBug-Eyed Monsters via the Martens Process
2012-10-0415413flexfree & cheap ebooks
2013-07-12353Paul SladeA Scary Story (by Sean Demory)
2017-01-07353RumpleMake kin, not babies
2015-02-25353adamvascoVolumes, lines, shadows and light have to obey my will.
2016-08-0423120blahblahblahLife is just one damn relatedness after another