Which posts in MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 have the highest favorites:comments ratio?

2012-02-14161nickyskyethe neurochemistry of attraction and rejection
2012-06-05473netbrosNuts for Digital Photography
2012-06-14151the man of twists and turns"""She hadn’t seen an orange in years"""
2012-08-24302misteraitchA Compendium of Public-Domain Essays
2012-01-17151obscurator"""I keep the tank in Wales, I don't bring it down my road..."""
2012-01-2914811finnb33 books of Borgesian favorites
2012-05-03131filthy light thiefThis Adventurous and Terrifying World, with James W. Buel
2012-10-0415212flexfree & cheap ebooks
2012-11-26887AceRockWhy's This So Good?
2012-07-16847The demon that lives in the airWhat is that? Is that a red pen? No, that's not a red pen. That's a rock.
2012-02-1926524flexfree DIY furniture plans
2012-10-26222BlasdelbPhD Comics tv
2012-05-0230628blahblahblahSpecialization is for insects
2012-03-08212zarqFight and Flight. And Cars, too.
2012-10-1121022theodoliteTypical Pentagon boondoggle
2012-01-1510311netbrosUnderstanding Adobe Photoshop
2012-05-049310shothotbot37 ways to procrastinate but tell yourself you are working
2012-02-1091muchaluchaA bit of American History through the life of Aunt Ida
2012-07-10273SparxChoose your own choose your own adventure
2012-12-24273shakespeherianShort story podcast
2012-08-25536KattullusPerry Anderson's essays about modern states in The London Review of Books
2012-06-119711flexvintage children's books online
2012-06-0913916Bora Horza GobuchulMood Music, Volume 2
2012-12-149511hat291 diseases and injuries + 67 risk factors + 1,160 non-fatal complications = 650 million estimates of how we age, sicken, and die
2012-12-3022426RhaomiCities and the Soul
2012-11-21172metaBugsIf a reader ends up confused, it’s not their failure as a reader but yours as a writer.
2012-05-02516Idler King"“How do you know the moment when you cease to be human?"""
2012-07-17172oneswellfoopToo Tall, Too Short, Too Confusing, Too Revealing, Too Controversial and Too Realistic Mickey
2012-05-2829936Bora Horza GobuchulBecause Print Is Not Yet Dead
2012-12-27334OmieWiseLost languages of the age of sail.
2012-05-16334filthy light thiefOut of This World and Out of the Unknown: bringing science fiction to the small screen
2012-10-22496flapjax at midniteHugh Tracey's African music recordings
2012-08-1281flexarts & crafts blogging, subset: geek
2012-08-15243HopStopDon'tShopA photographic essay on modern day Slavery
2012-08-29324infiniSnappy dressing
2012-09-29405artof.mulataLight Ahead for the Negro...
2012-04-2781sloggerThe rich past of a dynamic sport
2012-10-2415620RhaomiThe best free games from across the web
2012-09-079212Bora Horza GobuchulThis Is A Journey Into Sound
2012-08-19233IsadoradyLost Psychedalia
2012-04-29233flexSylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show
2012-05-07699IridicO'Sullivan: Master of the Fallen Years
2012-12-13233moonmilkPen & Oink
2012-11-08233PistachioRouxRadical DIY: artists/science-explorers talking on video.
2012-10-2214419Marauding EnnuiArt Book Bonanza
2012-12-098311codacorollaWriting About Games
2012-11-11304homunculusSecret Weapons
2012-08-28152Egg ShenMarinexplore
2012-07-12304AceRockInge Druckrey Teaching to See
2012-02-169713DeathaliciousRosetta Code
2012-04-30598Foci for AnalysisData Journalism Handbook
2012-09-24223showbiz_lizTHE resource on the net for the history of GLBT music
2012-12-26517flapjax at midniteExcello Records roundup
2012-04-1910014grouseTo read or not to read
2012-04-077110barnaclesFantastic Maps
2012-04-1211316HumanComplexThe Electric Web Matrix
2012-04-27284mrgrimmNetwork Awesome
2012-01-2071infinite intimationPlaying for the other Team(sters): Project 59
2012-08-25142adamvascoA photograph isn’t necessarily a lie, but nor is it the truth. It’s more of a fleeting, subjective impression.
2012-08-27355Bora Horza GobuchulMade By Hand II
2012-05-267010Tom-BLes Mains Noires: Tempero Brasileiro
2012-06-15284J-DoNew York History
2012-11-1771KatemonkeyThe historic sound of the future!
2012-12-1771ryanshepardAn Antidote to Indifference
2012-08-0526138flextwo Erics summarize SCIENCE! for life improvement & greater understanding
2012-06-17548The WhelkKubrick In The 60s
2012-10-22274misozakiOnline Catalogue of Japanese Prints
2012-09-088012ferdydurkeVidoes on Health and Medicine
2012-07-18203ChrysostomFor all sad words of tongue or pen....
2012-01-25203Pope Xanax IV"""Television has been attacking us all our lives, now we can attack it back."""
2012-05-01538ChuraChuraAfrica In Your Earbuds
2012-06-1115123Atreides500 Free Flicks For Summer
2012-08-30599barnaclesTF5-4523: The Mapmaking Process
2012-10-2711818ryanshepard. .. and now, it's time to scare you half to death.
2012-06-22132OmieWiseWellcome Image Awards 2012
2012-01-22264netbrosThe Digital Blue Ridge Parkway
2012-01-05132filthy light thiefCoachbuilt, an encyclopedia of American Coachbuilders
2012-04-15132fearfulsymmetryAlien Maker
2012-08-26396Egg Shen"""Etta James Rocks The House"""
2012-09-29132xowieFrom Abstraction to Zeitgeist.
2012-01-058914zarq"""The game I play is a very interesting one. It's imagination, in a tight straitjacket."""
2012-10-27193latkesSusi Steinitz - cartoonist
2012-04-09193Kitty Stardust"""Poetic excess takes the devil’s side, in the Anglo-American mind, of the Artificiality/Authenticity binary, and thus is highly suspect."""
2012-01-27447TaftTwo robots and a sampler
2012-05-11254adamvascoFriday Feature: First Feminist Film
2012-09-10254IridicMachado de Assis
2012-08-10376jillithdSara Lando - On Photographing People
2012-01-16376KattullusDay at Night, half-hour New York public television interviews from the 70s
2012-07-24376zarq"""He is no longer his own person."""
2012-10-2512921IridicWe are for the dark
2012-05-047913NomytePeasant culture and Russian folklore in Soviet animation.
2012-04-20244misteraitchReading Markson Reading
2012-04-25183filthy light thiefObscura Day, 2012
2012-04-267212storyboredCare and Feeding of Yer Books
2012-03-29122infini“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”
2012-04-0961quin"""la plus belle tout simplement"""
2012-10-19305ArtwTerror Tales
2012-08-14122infiniMapping the Mapper
2012-02-01122DeathaliciousHappy Digital Learning Day!
2012-01-04305Bora Horza GobuchulHistory on a delayed live feed
2012-01-0561swiftEXT. PLAYGROUND - DAY
2012-02-29122filthy light thiefThe Artistifier: like the Benny Hillifier, but classy
2012-07-2561Kitteh"""Later was gone."""
2012-07-27122versteganTales of the city
2012-06-06244netbrosFluid and Spontaneous
2012-07-11122flex"collectivecadenza: ""we create musical video experiments"""
2012-10-306611trollNew Taste Journal
2012-11-02427julenDonald Brun: Master of the Object Poster
2012-11-08122plinthThe Evolution of Type
2012-12-11366Potomac AvenueSangre, Bandera, Cruz
2012-12-3161MartinWisseNot so much play through as muddle through
2012-12-309516JodeFinest Food TV Ever
2012-04-158314twoleftfeetScience + Cooking
2012-03-07478madamjujujiveguilt-free time sink
2012-02-18356nosilaNobody in a costume picture ever goes to the toilet.
2012-06-169316flexRichard Wiseman: quirky tricks, science, & jokes
2012-05-23234Lou StuellsAnimalarium
2012-04-19234infiniI married adventure
2012-08-30234cog_nateThe Preserved Silent Animation project, part of the UCLA Digital Library Program
2012-07-13407Bora Horza GobuchulFor SCIENCE!
2012-05-145710sixswitchThese Things Happened
2012-02-287413WolfdogBach's Mass in B Minor
2012-02-12173EekacatBefore there was Sergio Aragones drawn out dramas
2012-05-306211gwintAn Introduction to Cryptography
2012-03-2710719shivohumA Database of Metaphor
2012-01-235610BlasdelbAnimating Medicine
2012-12-03285filthy light thiefEx Libris Houdini
2012-08-1414526Bora Horza GobuchulCats Who Code
2012-09-08509RykeyBridging World History
2012-10-2710018DiablevertCorpora delicti
2012-09-1718834BlasdelbAnnotated Filmography of Charlie Chaplin
2012-09-187714IridicMakers of Ruins
2012-09-11112WolofBut who is this singular other?
2012-12-03112adamvasco“Is it true that my daughter knows a Negro?”
2012-03-28224Horace RumpoleGetting wood
2012-02-09224AceRockThe Narrative Eros of the Infographic
2012-04-21499Foci for AnalysisIBNIZ
2012-10-0136367flexaggregating an aggregator: Peggy Wang (all killer no filler!)
2012-02-096512toftflinThe art of the teardown
2012-09-205911zarqMedicine Wheel / Wagon Wheel
2012-09-21163NomyteKonna yume wo mita.
2012-10-10163SparxThe society here is very bad.
2012-08-12163hippybearMike and George Kuchar
2012-02-07163aughtThe Boxing Girls of Kabul
2012-03-05163humanfontOpen Education Week
2012-11-15489jedicusMedieval Writing
2012-07-22163MikoTravel on your stomach
2012-06-09163TarumbaAn interesting publishing house from Sweden
2012-08-219017juv3nalPretty Numbers
2012-09-19377MikoThe Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
2012-06-14377jbickersShort stories, short films
2012-03-10428netbrosOld Books
2012-01-21428TrurlGizmo's Freeware
2012-01-30214romakimmyTack-o-rama: Retro resources for designers
2012-02-23428jacquilynneStrictly Beautiful
2012-11-10428Paul SladeFree folk/world monthly music podcast
2012-10-0614628filthy light thiefHelike, a possible Atlantis, found in 2001
2012-12-019919kliulessdirect realism
2012-10-277815Kattullus"""Look 'round thee now on Samarcand, is she not queen of earth?"""
2012-12-20265boboboxExquisite Embroidery
2012-07-17265Marauding EnnuiIncluding: Clandestine Best-Sellers of the Pre-Revolutionary Era
2012-09-0423345kliuless"""Distribution is the core of the problem we face."""
2012-06-13316byanyothernamePillars of the Abandoned World
2012-05-31623121flexfinding the right bra size and best fit
2012-10-11367mlisTakeNote: An Exploration of Notetaking in Harvard University Collections
2012-11-14367gladly"""[T]he best essays show that the name of the genre is also a verb"""
2012-12-0120039subject_verb_remainderThe Video Games Women Make
2012-08-247615PararrayosChristianity for Atheists
2012-10-08102rageagainsttherobotsA Bend in the River
2012-10-10102fearfulsymmetryFrom an axe to Auerbach
2012-10-1151dmayhoodJulius is -- different
2012-08-20459blueflyLet There Be Light
2012-09-05153CNNInternationalJohn Wilcock: New York Years, 1954-1971
2012-10-23102jillithdSets for a film I'll never make
2012-11-1751needledchau chau 챠우챠우
2012-10-28102Confess, FletchGilbert Garcin
2012-11-27255shimmerbugThe Royal Society Winton Prize 2012
2012-05-086513running order squabble festBlue Veils and Golden Sands
2012-06-2851quin"""A multi-layered, kind of, visual extravaganza"""
2012-06-2051shakespeherian(decisions made easier in this hideous homemade christmas sweater)
2012-02-2614529flexThe Victorian Kitchen Garden & a metric butt-ton of historical reconstruction series
2012-02-10102artof.mulataA Bicycle Built For Food
2012-05-228918Trurl"Robert Hughes' ""The Shock of the New"""
2012-04-195912aniolaTower of Babelfish - A Language Learning Method
2012-02-054910DiablevertBunch of jackeens, really
2012-08-08398codacorolla120 Megabytes
2012-09-017315kliulessuse value vs. exchange value
2012-10-11245zarqEphemeral New York
2012-03-20245curious nuTIGsource forum imagery
2012-12-12245zamboniFood History Jottings
2012-02-17245zarqThis FPP © zarq. Do Not Bend, Fold, Spindle or Mutilate. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball.
2012-08-186714Rory MarinichThis gun's bullets will only pierce the flesh of your TRUE LOVE!
2012-12-1812426zarq많이 드세요
2012-01-26194gmanKhooni lakir tod do, aar paar jod do
2012-06-01194dhruvaThe Indian Memory Project
2012-07-23194juv3naldoes optimus know he is pretty like a flower?