Which posts in MetaTalk from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 have the highest favorites:comments ratio?

2012-08-17678royalsongjobs + home + ???
2012-05-05213airing nerdy laundryUnfavorite is my unfavorite
2012-01-2651trinity8-directorEverybody Has One
2012-04-0162cjorgensenWas GoT Worth a Shit?
2012-06-2631MattMangelsEverything alright?
2012-08-228830Foci for AnalysisA Mefi profile guide: recommending web hosting, domain registrar, cms, e-mail services
2012-12-2516660segatakaiMost popular AskMe posts of 2012
2012-08-212511griphusMetaFilter Maid Service
2012-04-12157Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'DellSci-fi book recommendation AskMe threads
2012-06-1021four panelslate night missive
2012-11-0795davey_darlingAskMe comes through yet again!
2012-09-023822carsonbOK MetaFilter
2012-07-255635mendelThe Mefi guide to Reddit
2012-03-213724rollbizThanks to the community for the amazing commentary and analysis
2012-05-2232SLC MomSay what?
2012-06-1732circularHelp me find the weavers
2012-01-18139kittensofthenight7th grade booty party
2012-12-30107griphusBest Stuff AskMe?
2012-04-2443koeselitzTuring test short stories
2012-08-2243SampleSizeask.mefi questions about getting clients
2012-01-01137103MonkeyToesLooking Forward to Looking Backward: Best Comments of 2011
2012-12-121814Think_LongYou just didn't understand what I was going for . . .
2012-10-082117trinity8-directorAskMe saved me. Seriously.
2012-11-0965CantdosleepyWhere was that post about cutup vanity URLs?
2012-06-064437ADentThank you
2012-02-172622256How did I not favorite that?
2012-01-231513nebulawindphoneLooking for an old post: a big, big site with models in a gajillion different poses, meant to serve as reference models for practicing figure drawing.
2012-12-167565ahecklerData Wankery Inside
2012-03-015348MrMoonPieAskMe changed my life
2012-09-111110marbleLooking for Marxism comment with many links
2012-10-201312[insert clever name here]The best thread on eating well?
2012-03-168579The WhelkBTW: I am a cat
2012-07-31176165k8tTina is rescued!
2012-01-273130ocherdracoDoctor, eventually.
2012-05-3033fellionThe Cold War now on DVD
2012-02-191112Apropos of SomethingInstapaper works!
2012-09-041011jillithdSocial Media and the Fight Against Homelessness
2012-01-184553kdernSpotify playlist from music post.
2012-05-261316ScientistBest of the Wiki
2012-08-0845koeselitzWelcome to our little shop
2012-07-2668compound eyefavourite songs in little known music genres
2012-02-062128PronoiacMetafilter Music torrent updates!
2012-05-111216shortyJBotHelp me find this comic about weight loss and healthy eating
2012-11-1686116davidjmcgeeLet's put the cards on the table.
2012-07-302028Wretch729Interesting Profiles?
2012-01-1323TrurlPearls Before Swine
2012-01-3146timsteilMeFi's own on the telly.
2012-08-081218jbenbenAnother AsMe Moment
2012-11-3046SMPAFind me AskMes about gently and efficiently getting kids out of the next, please
2012-01-17370560mathowieSOPA/PIPA blackout
2012-02-124772litnerdThanks, Mefites
2012-01-024674mathowie68: Best Post Contest Results
2012-06-01610NikitaNikitaAskme comment: answers your doctors need to decipher mystery symptoms
2012-08-011627flapjax at midniteOK Cover
2012-08-171424oddmanI can't find it
2012-03-191527oneswellfoopIf I can do it, so can you
2012-06-2859unannihilatedSearching for a Health Care Article
2012-09-172955EmpressCallipygosHis Name Will Be Sung In Valhalla
2012-01-111325stavrosthewonderchickenAchievement Unlocked!
2012-07-18260516peppermintfreddoThis isn't the advice you're looking for
2012-09-1112chemoboyNooglers, Googlers, and Xooglers oh my
2012-11-2636disclaimerPony Request: Stop a scaled up inline YT player from snapping to the centered position
2012-01-1324reenumLooking for Superman
2012-03-0436DoctorFedoraHelp me help myself by helping me!
2012-06-29817jbickersPodcasting 101, please
2012-08-133680mrbillTen years - of thanks.
2012-11-1351114whimsicalnymphHummus for Us
2012-03-141738empathAnyone taking any of the free Stanford classes?
2012-11-273274MuffinManGreasemonkey hacks
2012-04-23614theodoliteMainly cat name suggestions and obvious DTMFAs
2012-07-04512ZarkonnenBalsa aeroplanes
2012-07-26615swiftThe conservative mom comment
2012-09-19615jbickersFiasco by Skype?
2012-09-0541103SpeckletBABBY FORMED BY METAFILTER
2012-07-20718tulip-socksGreatest weakness is baloney or bacon or actually a thoughtful answer
2012-05-23718leotrotskyBig Companies FTW
2012-06-09513not that girlOw! My eyes!
2012-08-241437ilanaYou Found My Bubbleship!
2012-09-2767178StynxnoTim Gunn reads Ask.Metafilter
2012-06-19616AutumnHelp me find this word game!
2012-08-031540Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'DellRegrets, I've had a few
2012-06-0438snuffleupagusWal-Mart: resistance is futile
2012-11-073287DiablevertThanks, y'all.
2012-01-04514scalefreeDo you know the Mushroom Man?
2012-03-091028Horace RumpoleDear Friends
2012-03-271234satori_movementResume / cover letter review group
2012-12-061543msaliCongratulations Maias
2012-08-162469thrasherWhat's your favorite way to use favorites?
2012-11-15823WordshoreMr Haughey amusingly discusses MetaFilter
2012-09-0645130mathowie72: Best Post Contest Results
2012-02-291235Sonny JimWhy the myth of the digital native is bad and wrong
2012-04-2441122mathowieBest of Blog launch is a go
2012-01-1239Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'DellGeek's guide to social life?
2012-01-2839bearwifeFinishing the Course at Last
2012-03-1113mosessisMobile stylesheet changes?
2012-06-1813broadway bill"Informative post about ""green"" disposable cutlery"
2012-07-1313fearnothingYou only have to realise the truth. There is no pan.
2012-08-0926the man of twists and turnslooking for a blog post 'users are the problem'
2012-11-0726kimota" ""World round, scientists say; others disagree"""
2012-10-291754carsonbIt's not every day you get to help launch a time machine.
2012-08-04413etc.Sort favorites by author?
2012-02-08413rebentGood days in school
2012-12-23310Fui Non SumQuonser-Quonsee Relations
2012-12-03620stavrosthewonderchickenDONATION STATION
2012-12-282687threeantsin a jam
2012-01-30517cjorgensenHoder Mention
2012-01-2927asockpuppetHairy old post
2012-12-2127clarknovaWhere are the Seurm charts of Yesteryear?
2012-02-112071MegamiSocial media by post
2012-08-30725Apropos of SomethingDoesn't Do President Well
2012-11-14725madcaptenorSupport for 99% Invisible is provided by Ask Metafilter.
2012-09-161243guster4loversBest MeFi satire.
2012-10-131140The WhelkGood luck serving Spider-Man with supoena!
2012-12-21933mishaUgly Cat Cookies
2012-04-19933TangerineGurlTranscribing is Love
2012-02-082385curious nuComment fiction
2012-10-192076cairdeasRecommending involuntary commitment is going too far here
2012-10-0627105pharmOverthinking Oglaf
2012-10-2628109MitheralLead me to my people.
2012-03-16312filthy light thiefLil Tetrax is now Lix Tetrax
2012-09-2653217jphMetaFilter: It Gets Better
2012-05-16163675mrs holdkris99This is how I tell it, ohhhhhhhhhh but it's long
2012-01-26625hippybearThe Side Bar is open and damn do I love the drinks there!
2012-08-30625nickrussellAww shucks you guys...
2012-06-11938davidjmcgeeWe were all eleven. Well. Most of us.
2012-11-141251jessamynHanukkah is early this year and so is the MeFi Mall!
2012-10-022086The WhelkNo, YOU'RE saying it wrong!
2012-06-12940peters shopwhy
2012-06-0326116carsonbMeFiSwap 2012-2 The Swappening
2012-03-1824109bruThe MeFi Register, Poster and Paper
2012-02-18941y2karlKevin Drum, by extension, shouts out to codacorolla
2012-07-251673Eyebrows McGeeHealth Month August 2012
2012-03-171465StickyCarpetMeatbomb does an AMA on Reddit
2012-10-23628ikalliomYou will get caught
2012-11-301047LexicaHey, I recognize that tattoo…
2012-09-25733zarqi wanna know how many links that is in total....
2012-11-09733RichardPMetaFilter Wiki's Tenth Anniversary
2012-06-28419Kraftmatic Adjustable CheeseFind that Zoom & Enhance MeFite
2012-11-1236172cortexAll about sockpuppets, privacy accounts, Brand New Day, and other multiple-mefi account things
2012-10-08840OverlappingElvisOCD is, like, a real thing.
2012-04-0515larthegreatPotential MeFi post
2012-06-151260PhireOn par with Ars Technica, BuzzFeed, Geekwire, and others
2012-03-12631valkyrynTrackback pony?
2012-01-19421Celsius1414"""The page is still loading, please wait to add favorites."""
2012-01-27421yellowcandyHoliday redemption!
2012-08-31421IndigoRainLet's trade 3DS, DSi, and Wii friend codes!
2012-03-26737stupidsexyFlandersFlagged as appreciative
2012-06-221580yellowbinderDid you DTMF? Did you eat it? What's its name?
2012-09-27949phaedonI watch really trashy tv stations.
2012-10-101160zarqAlpha Blue
2012-05-301161Tom-BThe Wheel is real?
2012-03-041056symbioidKiller tools for a killer post?
2012-10-30528Trivia Newton JohnGISHWHES scavenger hunt team 2012
2012-11-0720113JacquelineCongrats to newly elected Justice of the Peace Jessamyn West!
2012-09-13317marsha56We are MeFi. We must have Bacon.
2012-08-131057phearlezBest. Ask update. Ever.
2012-03-0223133ScientistThere are a lot of us!
2012-05-29529MonkeyToesMeFi's Own Toekneesan Sees the Future of Books
2012-01-251270torisaurYay for gift exchanges!
2012-01-30635cortexInfodump update: files relocated, new postlength data
2012-10-10847filthy light thiefzarq's 500th post
2012-07-1433197jessamynTHIS Is when it starts to get awkward? Oh my....
2012-07-1316nathancaswellSearching for a b&w short film posted to the blue
2012-08-05318mlisTrying to find a comment about Chinese people paying a restaurant bill
2012-11-1216MartinWisseWelcome to MeFi, Bill Roundy
2012-01-101379mlisShow us your books!
2012-03-0521128philipyWant to know what books fellow Mefites like? Come participate in a mass Goodreads enfriending
2012-08-08849stavrosthewonderchickenMefight Club 4.0
2012-04-11531unSaneMy Little Musical Pony
2012-09-0610632bucksplusSo what brings you to post 117949?
2012-09-04319plinthWelcome, AssassinPrincess!
2012-11-17319albyMeFi's Perfect Movie Channel
2012-06-141383ScientistCan we maybe start trying to label video links in posts?
2012-02-28958k8tYou're making yourself cry, dammit
2012-11-04213genopt into notification for IRL meetups
2012-02-171279robocop is bleedingNext Generation of Moderator
2012-12-201066TwelveTwoNow you can close the comments.
2012-06-231173The WhelkYou know, just in case I want to write something for the Fringe Festival...
2012-08-29320jsturgillLooking for a specific askme post about small, income generating websites.
2012-08-291494leotrotskyyey him, yey us.
2012-11-021068randomname25"Halp: Googling ""your fucking Macbook Pro"" didn't bring up any MeFi results."
2012-07-2016109carsonbMeFiSwap 2012-2 The Swappening Mailing Deadline is Saturday July 21! Do it!
2012-10-08641ScientistHow can we improve access to primary research on MetaFilter?
2012-07-24962obscuratorQuelling ones Jobs-like tendencies
2012-12-1128193sgt.serenityfur aw that
2012-06-17749leeI ain't payin' for this wifi
2012-07-2017JacquelineU.S. Gun Control Policy Debate Thread
2012-08-30642PronoiacPodcast transcripts
2012-10-2817griphusAbbot and Costello meet Frankenstorm
2012-01-11321filthy light thiefminutephysics joins and replies
2012-02-15535cortex69: Internet History Whooshing Over My Head
2012-04-09428WordwomanCan I hide a thread?