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2023-12-244ukfactsPew Pew
"Not the right post for MeFi, maybe rewrite as an AskMe! -- travelingthyme"
2023-12-2381autopilotSubstack is ok with its Nazi problem
2023-12-155clawsoonSkateboarder performs his most terrifying trick yet
"This is being flagged by the community for being insensitive to Trans Women. After some assessing, it just isn’t the right post for MeFi. This is not the kind of thing we encourage or give a platform to. --
2023-12-030DaraThis is so shocking
"This isn't a good obit post, or good post framing at all, in any case. -- taz"
2023-12-0110MonsieurPEBHi! Come here! Hello!
"Sorry, looks like this is a double -- taz"
2023-11-210purplesludgeHow To Find A Copy Of Jess Zimmerman's Article?
"AskMefi Post -- loup"
2023-11-203interbeingUnitedHealth sued over use of algorithm to deny care for MA members
2023-11-203dancestoblueDrunk Grizzlies Keep Getting Hit By Trains In Montana
2023-11-190pjskyRosalynn Carter, age 96 has died.
"Double -- travelingthyme"
2023-11-133dancestoblueStrawberries: Lower Risk of Dementia
"single link from a promotional entity -- taz"
2023-11-131inflatablekiwiWell clamp my beams
"posted to the blue and Not Ask MeFi -- loup"
2023-11-071AlSweigartLeather Landline Telephone for $129 (In 1983 Dollars)
2023-10-2620y2karlIn Plane Sight
"Problematic accusations against people with no supporting evidence. That part has been removed from the post. Stick to factual reports and avoid editorializing, thank you! -- Brandon Blatcher
2023-10-241metametamindCritically endangered Humans bred in captivity
"Not sure what was intended but not something we can leave up as an AskMe! -- travelingthyme"
2023-10-241robbyrobsWomen's Strike - WOW! Women and non-binary people in a general strike
2023-10-241Paul SladeBill Waterson has a new book out.
2023-10-243Slap*HappyMankind and the Undertaker watch the Hell In Cell match together.
2023-10-212joannemerriamImporting Google Transit data to Google Maps
"Oh hey, go ahed and post this in Ask Metafilter -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-10-195They sucked his brains out!The ties that bind
"Poster's request -- goodnewsfortheinsane"
2023-10-167MelismataOnly 1 left.
"The arrest link leads to a page full of misogynistic and objectifying comments. -- loup"
2023-10-1514DougieGeeWhat about Jorgenson, Edmunds aand Anderson?
"Looks like an accident! Feel free to rewrite or email us with your intended post. -- travelingthyme"
2023-10-1122aniolaA Covid FAQ with 300 Sources
"The complex combination of misinformation and ""This is just the facts"" makes this not a great post for metafilter. I appreciate people's willingness to engage, but the conversation is mostly ""This is not great information"" --
2023-10-106hippybearWe don't have to break up to make up
"Deleting because of the link to AI-generated makeup mimicking Indigenous art forms and designs. OP, feel free to contact us with a replacement link to reinstate the post. -- travelingthyme"
2023-10-0920Nancy LebovitzAella, an independent researcher designs a giant survey about kinks
"After further assessment of flags and user feedback, we have found that the person behind this survey has displayed a history of racism and transphobia that we do not condone here. Not the best subject for a post on MeFi! --
"Poster’s request -- travelingthyme"
2023-10-0318not_that_epiphaniusReal time revisionism
"Broken link -- loup"
"Already posted here. -- loup"
2023-09-245dancestoblueMexico appears headed to elect its first woman president.
"This post is ok, but cannot stand as-is due to the not-so-gracious language used to describe Mexico at the end of the post. Feel free to re-write! -- travelingthyme"
2023-09-2317EtriganThere’s No Such Thing as an Ethical Museum
"Poster's request -- taz"
2023-09-223DashyLook for the helpers
"The main link is a google search link. Feel free to re-post with a non-google search link. -- loup"
2023-09-132chavenetIt starts as a love story
"Double. Was previously posted in 2021 -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-09-030elaalamyمكتب ترجمة معتمد
"Spammer; banned -- taz"
2023-09-017Tom Hanks Cannot Be TrustedBottom Gear
"User request -- loup"
2023-08-261crazy with stars“I do have great concerns”
"Hey there -- this is a single paywalled link to a NYT article who has historically been pretty terrible with trans issues. If there's another way to link to a similar story, please feel free to repost? --
2023-08-183FatherDagonI wish[The Warp] was twice as big - and half of it was still unexplored.
"We are not encouraging posts or comments that use AI to simulate humans, see this FAQ entry: -- Brandon Blatcher
2023-08-1724chavenetNo One is Hungry for Anyone Else
"Double. Double -- travelingthyme"
2023-08-141box"""The police department is trying to criminalize protected speech."""
"Already being discussed here. -- loup"
2023-08-047MarkyWho is eating my sunflowers?
"Please repost in Ask Metafilter -- taz"
2023-08-0416Teegeeack AV Club Secretary"""Hide Your Head in the Sand"""
"Poster's Request -- taz"
2023-08-013jquinbyThe Race To Validate
"OK to merge with last week's thread. -- jessamyn"
2023-07-231Italian Radio"200 ""futuristic"" songs from 1975-1985 in chronological order"
"Self link post -- loup"
2023-07-238eye of newtRight out of a Hollywood Horror Movie
"It seems like the facts are not sourced here regarding usage rights; probably better to post again with citations if this is the case, otherwise everyone is just guessing. -- taz"
2023-07-172signal"""Sex Cow"" on NPR? It's happening."
2023-07-163Teegeeack AV Club SecretaryTraining for Diesel Railcar drivers
"Poster's Request -- taz"
2023-07-126yes I said yes I will YesFlooding in Vermont
"Sorry that you and others are going through this, but posting your own Tiktoks and a news interview goes a bit too close to the self linking category. -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-07-105curbwiseThe Art of Curb Appeal: How to Enhance Your Home's Exterior
"Spamming. -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-07-104Pachyladoh no, well anyway
"This is more like newsfilter, please add some of the larger context to what is going here if anyone wishes to make another post, thanks! -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-07-0222dancestoblueBitter rivals. Beloved friends. Survivors.
"Navratilova is still listed as a leader of an anti-trans organisation and should not be given a platform in MetaFilter. -- loup"
2023-06-199JHarrisIt's Like Family, But With More Cheese
"oops! -- taz"
2023-06-130NickiodiFast growing popularity of online simulator games
"Spammer -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-06-021blue_beetleOr how, exactly, platforms die.
"oops! -- taz"
2023-06-014MogurSiren: Try not to get killed
"This post is about a TV show and should go in Fanfare. -- loup"
2023-06-011NickiodiGames in the simulator genre
"This is not a good post for metafilter -- vacapinta"
2023-05-301DoctorFedoraAre you getting it?
2023-05-271dancestoblueThe Forgotten Life of Einstein's First Wife
"Excessive and extremely personal editorializing/commentary in the last part of the post. Otherwise, should be good to repost without said material. -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-05-239latkesHating it Lush
"I/P related posts tend to spawn a lot of angry reactions do the community no favors and this one was no different. -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-05-184star gentle uterusConverting a Mubi Film List Page Into a Text List?
"Should go into AskMefi -- loup"
2023-05-1566DirtyOldTownThere are two screens on this TV, but one is for the constant ads
"Double. Double post. -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-05-1539OneGearIsEnoughThis fellow is the best of them all.
"Poster's Request -- travelingthyme"
2023-05-138hairless apeYour Mama
"Fat jokes for metafilter / mother's day? No. -- taz"
2023-05-129happyfrog"""It makes me think of a big spa resort with a row of sun-loungers"""
"Double of this post: -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-05-1113folklore724Why Office Pods Are The Future of Work
"Looks like a promotional press release as others have mentioned. Maybe not the best source for this thread. -- travelingthyme"
2023-05-098OneGearIsEnoughCertain Songs
"Poster's Request -- travelingthyme"
2023-05-0823mecran01"Tom Sachs promised a ""fun cult"""
"User request -- loup"
2023-05-056OneGearIsEnoughThe Real Dead Ringers
"Poster's Request -- travelingthyme"
2023-05-0328IpsifendusNothing Fancy
2023-05-0329sloggersymptoms of the profoundly diseased civilization that we are living in
"Caitlin Johnstone is a columnist for Russia Today and this is Russian propaganda. -- loup"
2023-04-272dancestoblueLife in Austin was offbeat, affordable, spontaneous, slyly amused.
"Language in this post is offensive and sexist, not appropriate for MeFi. -- travelingthyme"
2023-04-232box"""Most iconic thing, gave that stimulus check to everybody."""
"Poster's Request -- travelingthyme"
2023-04-2228Teegeeack AV Club SecretarySubmarine Cable Map 2023
"Poster's Request -- taz"
2023-04-214Pickman's Next Top
"Double. -- taz"
2023-04-100krisjohnEarthquake Relief Bundle for Turkiye & Syria on getting ready
"Hey, sorry, but this is really a submission announcement rather than a normal post. -- taz"
2023-04-044jeremywongFirst time cat owner - how to get a correct cat bed?
"This would go on Ask Metafilter and possible spam-- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-04-0317IndelibleUnderpantsAccording to MTG...
"Sorry for the delayed delete, but this isn't a great post for Mefi between the editorial framing and just incidentally promoting Green's bullshit, and these response lists have been making the rounds on social media for a while now. --
2023-04-021IndelibleUnderpantsRyuichi Sakamoto, eclectic composer, dies at 71
"Double post! -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-04-010buffy12EDP445 claims that he was set-up
"The links are low information and looks sketchy. -- Brandon Blatcher"
2023-03-2910aniolaTexas Observer Will Remain Open
"There is a very recent post about this topic here -- loup"
2023-03-288screenname00How To Hide US/State Banking Fraud In Virginia
"Maybe not the best post for the front page! -- travelingthyme"
2023-03-173doctornemoI could have sworn it was 1983
2023-03-1732AnneKAn EPIC tale of a new garage door
2023-03-1738OneGearIsEnoughSo I fired up a doobie to see if that would help.
"Poster's Request -- travelingthyme"
2023-03-055lometogo"How to remove ""open for work"" from my LinkedIn photo"
"Go repose in Ask! -- Eyebrows McGee"
2023-02-2620buffy12Dilbert cartoon dropped from several newspapers after remarks
"Double -- Eyebrows McGee"
2023-02-166GoofyyJugs has passed. RIP Raquel Welch.
"Post delete for violating the Guidelines. Another post about the subject would be fine as long as it avoids focusing on the person’s sex symbol status. --
2023-02-112tanktopG Plan table..worth trying to sell?
"oops, go ahead and post on Ask Metafilter! -- taz"
2023-02-104ShaunMurfeeyA 15 Days Golden Experience with the Golden Teacher Mushroom
"SPAM -- loup"
2023-02-0843jeffburdgesHow America took out the Nord Stream pipeline
"Speculative -- loup"
2023-02-0496OneGearIsEnoughI Hired 5 People to Sit Behind Me and Make Me Productive for a Month
"Poster's Request -- travelingthyme"
2023-01-246EtriganStudent. Athlete. Mogul?
"-- poster's request loup"
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2023-01-1711MollyRealizedKnock Knock
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2023-01-156dancestoblueAfter three years covering covid, WaPo's Lena Sun built an air purifier.
"looks like a double! -- taz"
2023-01-1514MollyRealizedOkay, Maybe this Timeline is Fractionally Lighter than the Darkest ...
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2023-01-142metametamindStop Posting Paywalled Stuff Unless You Want MeFi to Become a Walled...
"Maybe you want to make a Metatalk post? -- taz"
2023-01-147ellieBOAParis’ rebuilding
"Poster's request -- Eyebrows McGee"
2023-01-081signalThe events may not be authentic but the emotions are
2023-01-0611MollyRealizedBare Were-Bear Bears Being Bare for Ursi-verse Travel
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2023-01-0565neonamberBitcoin’s Energy Usage Isn’t a Problem. Here’s Why.
"Phew! Just hopping online to delete. Overall, not a thread for MetaFilter. Also OP arguing with commenters is not a welcome form of participation. -- travelingthyme"
2023-01-020MollyRealizedSpoon Theory
"Sorry, but a sole Wikipedia link for a concept that's pretty well known and used around here and has been posted before is a little thin for a post. -- taz"
2022-12-313MollyRealizedIt's A-Me, Buddy!
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-12-286MollyRealized"""She's meat. Beautiful meat, granted, but ... grown in a vat."""
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-12-272jeffburdgesGlobal warming in the pipeline is greater than prior estimates.
"Preprint -- loup"
2022-12-208MollyRealizedTalks @ Google
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-12-1964GotandaNow You Know This is the End
"Removing Entirely -- frimble"
2022-12-1923MollyRealized(Comic Sans) That Boy Needs Therapy (/Comic Sans)
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-12-1619MollyRealized"""Hoo-Ah,"" Said the Bartender, ""Say Hello to My Little Ice Cubes"""
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-12-132Maxwell's demonNuclear weapons will save the world?
2022-12-109MollyRealizedS(click)t(click)o(click)p(click)s(click) S(click)l(click)d(click)e...
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-12-038MollyRealizedThey Did the Christmash
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-12-0310sciatrixColumbus cops abandon local school's drag storytime to Proud Boy threats
"Double -- Eyebrows McGee"
2022-11-3025MollyRealized250 AI-Generated Pages from the 1987 Radio Shack Catalog
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-308LiteSWhat's your climate solution tribe?
"Not the best framing and doesn't seem to be producing appropriate participation. -- travelingthyme"
2022-11-2910MollyRealizedEverything Smells Like Salmon
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-265joetripCan DeFi Save Indie Film?
"Sorry, this really isn't a framing for a post: written in the first person (""how I feel about it""), about a contentious topic; the premise seems sketchy and the post feels promotional; OP personal involvement. --
2022-11-211ChocomogThe worst KFC in my town.
"Not sure this is the best topic for an FPP! -- travelingthyme"
2022-11-212ishmaelPaul Madonna Needs Your Help
"fundraising/promotion post -- loup"
2022-11-211EtriganRonnametres and quettagrams have joined the ranks of SI units
2022-11-214autopilotVox Populi
"Sorry, but we really have a glut of Musk / Twitter posts at the moment -- too many to easily keep track of for people just trying to keep up with latest news. Please check the twitter and
2022-11-1912MollyRealizedThe Macho Spirit Will Never Die
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-1714MollyRealizedOh, God, It's Mom.
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-143DirtyOldTownThe Hours
"OP request -- travelingthyme"
2022-11-1212MollyRealizedApocalypse of the Adorable, Cataclysm of the Cute.
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-097MollyRealizedEpic Rap Battles of History Well-Reviewed from 'Rap Battle' Perspective
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-081FaintdreamsIs (bookmarking site) still supported software?
"Meant to be in Ask Metafilter! -- taz"
2022-11-0716MollyRealized2022 U.S. Trans Survey
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-057EtriganKing Tut’s tomb was discovered 100 years ago — and unleashed a ‘curse’
"poster's request -- Eyebrows McGee"
2022-11-046wittgensteinEleven Magic Words
"Source is Jesse Singal, a notorious transphobe. Also this is a paidwalled post for his subscribers -- loup"
2022-11-0319MollyRealizedNo, They Weren't Orange Peeles
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-11-032under_petticoat_ruleHave you heard the Commodordion?
2022-10-3156MollyRealizedBusty Beacons. Pectoral Phosphorescence.
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-3028viborgViva Lula
"Poster's request; new thread here. -- taz"
2022-10-301signalThe product is content moderation
"There's an active twitter thread! -- Eyebrows McGee"
2022-10-268MollyRealizedJ'en ai Rêvé
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-241IndelibleUnderpantsWindows 11 Update
"This is a question for Ask MetaFilter! -- travelingthyme"
2022-10-2435MollyRealizedWhen the Roll is Called Up Yonder, I'll Be There
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-2440dancing leavesAs the pandemic drags on, one way to counter chronic languishing
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-241EtriganRemembering Peter Schjeldahl, a Consummate Critic
2022-10-22117dancing leaves27% of US Adults Say They’re So Stressed They Can’t Function: APA survey
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-2225MollyRealizedThat's Just a Little Bit More Than the Law Will Allow
"Hey, sorry, but Metafilter isn't a great place for promoting this guy's stuff ... there are more flags on this post than in his garage -- taz"
2022-10-2233Lyme DropPretendian Alert
"Sorry, but I think if this is going to be posted, it really needs a lot more development with other information and analysis -- taz"
2022-10-2118seanmpuckettIs SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 a lab escapee?
"Preprint. -- loup"
2022-10-199MollyRealizedOne for Alternate History Fans - an Irish Weather Forecast Saved D-Day
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-1950dancing leavesThese Doctors Admit They Don’t Want Patients With Disabilities
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-186a non mouse, a cow herdI can't believe they didn't include that!
"Try again with new link (and a slight rewrite) -- travelingthyme"
2022-10-189MollyRealizedDon't Blame Me, I Paid to Vote for Pres. L'il Congress
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-1618spincycleThe Sanity Game – on Devices and Being Human
"To quote from the comments, this guy is a ""reflexively racist jackoff with no particular insights of, well, value"" -- taz"
2022-10-1515MollyRealizedEverybody's Pants Now
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-1433MollyRealizedThe Next Time Wikipedia Asks for a Donation, Ignore It
"Transphobic and impartial right-wing content website -- loup"
2022-10-13206Teegeeack AV Club SecretaryAnalysis and speculation regarding use of nuclear weapons
"Poster's Request -- taz"
2022-10-1219MollyRealizedCheck Pistols - Anarchy in the Chessboard
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-1143buntastic'What was once yours is now ours'
"Poster's Request -- Brandon Blatcher"
2022-10-11107dancing leavesColonoscopies: Not all they're cracked up to be
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-104chavenetIt Was at Once the Most Shocking and Casual Thing in My Life
"Sorry, deleting this as a transphobic article ... maybe there's a way to do this that will let people appreciate the responses without linking the awful, but not seeing it right now -- taz"
2022-10-081SpritzuMetaFilter Emotional Labour
"This would be better in metaalk -- Eyebrows McGee"
2022-10-0614MollyRealized"""Yo know dere's a flip syde, I mite haf to take yoo down ... """
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-10-061thoroughburroReflections on Standpoint Epistemology
2022-10-047ljesseThis isn't a question about Pizzamas but is about word games
"posted in the wrong place? -- jessamyn"
2022-09-3053MollyRealizedDo you think that having a soft heart is wrong? Is it not viable today?
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-309thoroughburroAI Data Laundering
"Poster's Request -- Brandon Blatcher"
2022-09-288MollyRealized"""You're playing knight? ... oh, you're playing king."""
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-282cendawanita"""Your English is so good!"""
"Sorry, looks like this link is paywalled! Maybe post again with an alt link included, or post with additional sources that address the same topic. -- taz"
2022-09-2624MollyRealizedSour Caroline
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-2416MollyRealizedIt is a Gladiator Pit and Bitch, You Are Not Armed
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-211Rumi'sLeftSockUnresponsive insurance-YANM PI Lawyer
"Should go in Ask MetaFilter -- loup"
2022-09-200folklore724The search for the most useless office perk in the world
"This seems like an ad and we do not allow that. -- travelingthyme"
2022-09-1912Zargon X"""At this time, we will remove the shackles from Mr. Syed"""
"Double post -- travelingthyme"
2022-09-1965Teegeeack AV Club Secretaryꙮꙮꙮ Be Not Afraid ꙮꙮꙮ
"Poster's Request -- taz"
2022-09-178MollyRealizedAn Extended Erudite Discussion of Campus Comedy in the Last Century
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-16116Teegeeack AV Club SecretaryPew Research projects continued decline for Christianity in the US
"Poster's Request -- taz"
2022-09-1520MollyRealizedMetafilter: New Post Walkthrough | m e t a f i l t e r
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-1329MollyRealized"Previously Known as ""The Kramer Effect"""
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-1126MollyRealizedWeb Resource for Less or Un-Stigmatizing Language When Writing
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-09-110Tinhf4Bộ hiển thị nhiệt độ
2022-09-094carriage pulled by cassowariesDancing on her grave
"Misinformation, apparently, plus social media reactions and similar should be posted in the ongoing thread. --
2022-09-0812adept256Vale Elizabeth II
"discussion underway in the open thread -- jessamyn"
2022-09-0824cstrossQueen Elizabeth II has died
"Already being discussed here. -- loup"
2022-08-294chavenet"""Twin Towers"" Demolished By Controlled Explosion"
"Title is offensive - let’s re-approach this. -- travelingthyme"
2022-08-294crookedneighborSoundproof curtains or scam?
"Please post to Ask MeFi! -- travelingthyme"
2022-08-274unearthedChristian Dominionism - global threat to democracy
"Hella flags; maybe think about a re-do. -- taz"
2022-08-2316MollyRealizedIPA: /nojs/
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-08-2012chavenetNorah Vincent, RIP
"So, this person was transphobic, Islamophobic, anti-feminist, anti-choice, ableist, etc., and it just doesn't really seem like there is much here that makes it worth dredging up her various insulting ideas, statements and positions. --
2022-08-1823MollyRealizedNew Antibody Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Lab Tests
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-08-1834thoroughburroLumper or Splitter, Tag Yourself
"Poster's Request -- Brandon Blatcher"
2022-08-1672MollyRealizedDude, BRUTAL!
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-08-1646thoroughburroWhoa, Quorn!
"Poster's Request -- Brandon Blatcher"
2022-08-1613GotandaSri Lanka Collapsed First, but It Won’t Be the Last
"Removing Entirely -- frimble"
2022-08-147Bee'sWingThe Other Big One
"poster's request -- taz"
2022-08-127PussKillianLiving in stereo
2022-08-079MollyRealizedHoly Green-Painted Pants Legs, Batman!
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-08-0691thoroughburroThinking About Music Theory
"Poster's Request -- Brandon Blatcher"
2022-08-0617MollyRealizedA Time-Space-Bending Horror Short
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-08-02124Teegeeack AV Club SecretaryKansas voters overwhelmingly reject an anti-abortion amendment
"Poster's Request -- taz"
2022-08-026MollyRealizedMom Always Said Not to Play Ball in the Howwwwwwwwwwwse ...
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-08-0214EtriganDaily Email, Re: The Boss (no, the good one)
"Poster’s request -- travelingthyme"
2022-07-3128MollyRealized"Pat Carroll: ""To play someone mean is heaven."""
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-07-2731Megami"""what a life and what a legacy"""
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-07-2615MollyRealized"""Turbo Boost that Accordion, KITT."""
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-07-2593I shot a fox in Skyrim and it made me sadScientists : Ditch table manners and eat with your mouth open
"Poster's Request -- loup"
2022-07-232fight or flightthe human cost of misinformation
"Um, I'm not going to make the obvious joke here, you're welcome. -- taz"
2022-07-2213I shot a fox in Skyrim and it made me sadHow Deadspin Changed Sports Journalism
"Poster's Request -- loup"