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2020-09-117adamvascoVichy Democrats
"""The Dems are enabling Trump's slide to fascism by not fighting hard enough"" is a thesis we've covered in extreme length and depth on every angle in the last several years. There is no shortage of this kind of comparison; we've got multiple other posts
2020-06-246stillmovingRichard Dreyfuss: Sounds like a jerk
"Hey, so, the premise here really feels like ""listen to him be a jerk"" but there's no shortage of jerks like this and the presentation here doesn't feel exceptionally insightful or worthwhile? --
2019-06-111gtrwolfThe Day The Music Burned
"Oops sorry, looks like this was posted earlier today -- LobsterMitten"
2019-03-143Samuel FarrowAs-salāmu ʿalaykum
"It's a horrifying situation and I feel you on feeling moved to make a post about it, but it's still the messy early-reporting stage on this and it'll probably be better to have a little more to work with for a post. --
2018-11-052chavenetA Metaphor for Something
"So, apparently there is a drone or drones harassing/endangering the bears to get this footage, which makes it not really great for goodfeels. If you find that this is definitely incorrect, please let us kno
2017-10-033YellowNude Sculpture to Display at Washington Mall
"Heya, it looks like this is still pretty preliminary and in the fundraising stage, maybe better to return to it once the fundraiser is over and/or things are more settled regarding whether this will actually happen. --
2017-04-204bq63 Haunting Videos of U.S. Nuclear Tests Now Declassified and Put Online
"something something rss feed standards something splitting the atom -- cortex"
2017-04-1757orange swanFairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump
"Eh, you know, I left this up at first with misgivings because if people wanted to get into an interesting deep dive into Instagram tea-leaves or photographic criticism that'd be an okay thing, but I'm gonna go ahead and kill it after all and suggest folk
2017-03-160nedpwolfPreventing Teen Suicide With Special K (Ketamine)
"We've covered this ongoing research on ketamine and depression a number of times in recent years. -- LobsterMitten"
2016-12-1519amnesia and magnetsThe Jerrys are a beautiful thing.
"I am applauding the wonderful stupidity of this thing but it'd be better to have a post about this after the fact if there's good footage or whatever of it rather than right now when it's pretty much just a teaser and a donate button for an active fundra
2016-07-250ShikantazaSelf-imposed destruction
"Please add this to either one of the open US election threads, and/or one of the Brexit threads. Thanks. --
2016-03-280ChichibioLost in Trumplandia
"Hey, sorry, we just have too many Trump / US election threads! Please go ahead and add this to one of the open discussions --
2016-03-037Elizabeth the ThirteenthJust the first of many Trumps
"On reflection, I'd suggest maybe adding this to one of the existing, open threads. -- goodnewsfortheinsane"
"Given what this is footage of, brief and sort of jokey framing isn't a great way to present it. -- LobsterMitten"
2015-12-141OmieWiseGodwin Weighs in on His Law and Trump
"Sorry, we've heard from Godwin about the origin of his law before, and have had a lot of Trump threads lately - this might go better as
2015-12-073cendawanitaStar Wars was always a boys thing and a movie that dads took their sons
"Hey, sorry, we've had a lot of Star Wars coverage lately, and I don't know that JJ Abrams saying a dumb thing and then apologizing is really worth a whole fighty thread unto itself. --
2015-12-019Blasdelb"""De hele wereld gaat dit schandalig vinden"""
"We've had many threads about this over the years, not sure what another one is going to add. -- LobsterMitten"
2015-07-310The WandererDouble Standards- Not Very Impressive
"This is a bit too heavily framed around your own thoughts and opinions. It's often better to avoid that and let the links speak for themselves. Some relevant FAQ entries here. --
2015-07-293indianbadger1Here is something fun to do in London on August 8-9!
"Heya, I love musical theater based on corpse-loving mallards as much as the next guy, but as just a show announcement this is too thin for a post. Would be totally fine to make a post once there's video footage of the Wagnerian stuffed stiff duck dittie
2015-03-256auntie maimNo ropeclimbing?
"Heya, the archival footage is interesting but it looks like this is ultimately just a promotional video for a currently-in-progress fundraising campaign, which isn't kosher for the front page. --
2015-02-182frimble"He only wanted to commit his designs to the ""most beautiful words"""
"*lights clove cigarette, adjusts ironic vintage coat* ""i only read first editions"" -- cortex"
2015-01-130infiniThe Golden Quarter
"oops, looks like we covered this article, but at a different url. -- taz"
2014-12-151Ruthless Bunny#Illridewithyou
"A hashtag and a Twitter account isn't the right kind of content to make for a good post, sorry. -- restless_nomad"
2014-11-281internet fraud detective squad, station number 9Do The Right Thing
"Kind of an awful ""fail"" montage, not really working -- mathowie"
2014-10-277entroponePublic Health or Public Relations?
"We have quite a few Ebola posts currently active, and this is has been brought up in at least one
2014-04-303DoctorFedoraMEDIA COVERUP OF THE DECADE
"I know I'm being a spoilsport here but we've got a Mallory Ortberg post just a couple doors down; maybe someone could do a roundup of sorts at some point? --
2014-04-146sio42Standoff at the Kochtopus Ranch
"For a post about a controversy, this is a pretty slanted presentation; maybe recast, starting with something more introductory/illuminating before going to the Dailykos secret backstage explanation? --
2013-12-300Rory MarinichThe Worst of White Folks, by Kiese Laymon
"Big pullquote, no context and a bunch of bold tags isn't really helping this work. -- cortex"
2013-11-294MeanwhileBackAtTheRanchHappy Black Friday Everyone!
"I feel like we don't really need an annual cam-footage-of-crappy-behavior post just to say e.g. ""that yearly emergent retail shitshow is happening again this year"", goofy Taiwanese animation or no. --
2013-11-040adamvasco"Weasel weasel weasel ""safety officers""."
"Some problems here. Please consider a repost without editorializing (including title/tags), or using a reader comment as a source that major media is not covering this, since it's not even clear when the report was released. Contact us if you want to edi
2013-10-276warrengGive me 6 lines in the hand of the most honest man...
"Sorry for the delayed delete, but this is pretty editorial framing, and we have no shortage of open NSA post
2013-09-110blankdawnInitial Estimates Of Iraq War Costs Off By A Mere %100,000
"There are quite a few open Syria threads; a post on the financial cost of the Iraq War should probably be a bit more substantial than just a single short article, sorry. --
2013-08-060edblesGay Bullying in Russia
"Horrible and important story, but the post as it stands it maybe tends a bit towards Outragefilter. Maybe flesh it out with some background and repost? In the meantime
2013-06-211artof.mulataPRISM Wire
"This is already being discussed in several of the still-open Snowden / NSA / surveillance threads (helpful tag for finding them). Maybe check in with those to talk about this more. --
2013-05-2918mcstayinskoolNever Go Full Palin
"Yeah, this is pretty heavily OP-editorialized / two-minute hate with the batshitinsane tag, etc. -- maybe try again with something a little more substantial? -- taz"
2013-01-021bookman117The screwing you get for the screwing you didn't get
2012-12-171chavenetFilmography 2012
"Looks like a bad tag kept this from being findable. I have rectified that. -- jessamyn"
2012-11-050Guy SmileyIa! Ia! Romney Fhtagn!
"#predictablehashtagdeletionreasonjoke -- cortex"
2012-09-202me3diaWe're walking and talking again.
"Toss these links in the open thread if they're not there already? I'll meet you there and make sure it has okay tags. -- jes
2012-07-0237The WhelkI Guess He Didn't Like The Rates Then
"Eh, random candid footage of someone acting odd on youtube is kind of thin for a post in general. -- cortex"
2012-05-291hippybearThis is not a Gaga post
"This is two minute of shakycam footage of a largely-obscured jumbotron showing footage of a concert rehearsal. I realize there's some like Madonna/Gaga singularity event wrapped up in this for folks who find that exciting but this is not a good Metafilt
2012-04-192e.e. coliThat big rockin' chair won't go nowhere.
2012-04-1923swiftLevon Helm 1940-2012
"Post from just a couple days ago; add this stuff to that, please. -- cortex"
2012-04-123SebmojoIt’s like the monolith in the movie 2001 appeared filled with candy and a sign on the front that said “NO CANDY FOR YOU.”
"Instagram post from three days ago, add this there maybe. -- cortex"
2012-03-268Chocolate PickleCalifornian to Texan translation guide
"I get that it's a joke but maybe let the joke speak for itself and not assume folks will read tags. -- jessamyn"
2012-02-146bookman117Unpaid interns not gonna take it anymore: former intern Xuedan Wang sues Hearst Corp.
"Single link slate article with the ""discuss"" tagline not going over so well. -- jessamyn"
2012-02-021Foci for AnalysisWeSpount parenting community
"Not really clear what the story is here, this is something that's in an invite-only signup period, with a signup code taggeded onto the url? Maybe wait until it's more open for business, or give the post another shot that makes it clearer why this is ne
2012-01-172thewalrusCan't live without Wikipedia for 24 hours?
"A link to a Greasmonkey script isn't a good post for Metafilter; you can mention this in the Metatalk thread or one of the open SOPA threads. --
2011-10-2120stormpooper2 cars, 18 people passed by
"I appreciate that this isn't the ""here's raw footage of a 2-year-old kid being run over"" approach of the post we had removed previously, but this is still a couple of short news bits about Terrible Thing That Happened without a lot of actual post meat.
2011-10-196unSaneWingardium Leviosa
"It's totally great and we've seen it and I've added some tags to that post and I'm either happy or sad to report that your cat is either alive or dead. --
2011-07-2712veedubyaDad! Dad! Dad!
"I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Popoff, but this is kind of just ""a horrible thing happened, here's some bystander footage of this terrible thing that happened"" and long experience and plenty of previous police/taser/etc threads on mefi suggest there's
2011-07-231Saxon KaneAttacks in Norway
"Open thread from yesterday. I'll add some more tags to it. -- cortex"
2011-05-183shesaysgoCandid cameras
sorry people are bad about tags on older posts but this is, in fact, a double. -- jessamyn
I think this is maybe not the way to go with this particular bit of news, up to and including the itoldyouso tag. Thank you. -- jessamyn
2011-05-0413serazinThe warm glow of whisky
this is one of those whiskey/whisky tag problems. *hic* double. -- jessamyn
2011-04-098empathNow, You're Thinking With Portals
2011-04-0612sgt.serenityDon't mess with Soros
"if your tags are ""piece of shit"" you may want to ask yourself if what you're posting will make a good post for MetaFilter. In this case, the answer is ""no"" There may be a good post that can be made about this, but this isn't it. --
2010-11-1512chunking expressJeremy Messersmith - Tatooine
"posted previously but there weren't many good tags so I added a few but I'm still deleting this, sorry about that, I do love this video. --
2010-08-2211outlandishmarxistRussia in Color, c. 1900
I don't know what other tags to add to the existing most recent post, but we have really really seen this. -- cortex
2010-07-148bwgNot Safe for Bulls
Big Picture is awesome but we've seen it an awful lot and the editorial tag on this post is really more something for your own blog than for the front page. -- cortex
2010-06-3011device55An update from Christopher Hitchens
why doesn't someone try this again with out the auto-derail lulz tags please? -- jessamyn
2010-06-0912jefficatorTourists and Locals
"please add these links to the open thread -- jessamyn"
2010-06-040acbGary Chang's Domestic Transformer
"Man, it's the post that won't die. Added a couple more tags to the original. -- cortex"
A single hashtag search on Twitter is extremely thin for a FPP and this is not being received well. -- pb
2009-10-262infinite intimation"""the western media — who turned Neda into a martyr — ignored Marwa's story."""
this sounds like a truly horrible thing. And yet the sarahpalinmoment tag and the res tof the editorializing -- plus the above the fold ladytorture that I'm growing so tired of -- make this a bad post for MetaFilter. --
2009-10-0116litterateurHobbits in Space?
2009-08-2120hermitosis"""I am not dumb now."""
"previously and poorly tagged. -- jessamyn"
2009-07-2821TonyDanzaA Photo-Flashback to the Era of Fun Flying
"Looks like we've seen most of this previously. -- cortex"
2009-06-2322TheWhiteSkull"""If I believed that sending Anthony Abbate to prison would stop people from getting drunk and hitting other people, I'd sentence him to the maximum"""
if this is a MeFi worthy topic, can someone please make the post wihtout the tagline editorial, please? -- jessamyn
2009-05-1229jock@lawTo Track or Not To Track
you either need to move this to your own blog, or to AskMe, this is really not what MeFi is for and could have been a decent post without the tagline. Please remember what the site is for and how it works, thanks. --
2009-05-0821geosTough Love
"This is fucked up, but we've had no shortage of idiots-with-tazers threads and I'm not sure where this is supposed to go other than ""it is bad to taze children!"", which, yeah. -- cortex"
2009-02-061jon_hansenDmitry Maximov Illustrations
"I'll tell you what, I'll add some more tags to the original post and we'll see if that keeps us from full-on quadruple territory. -- cortex"
2009-01-141stephenoOut of a Jobs.
"I added the stevejobs tag to the original post on this to help people find it. -- jessamyn"
2008-11-148spockAn alternative Christian view on the legality of abortion (in fact ALL political activism)?
You posted about the religious rhetoric of a comment on a blog? And tagged on an editorial sting? This is not a good idea for a post. -- cortex
2008-10-050sloweducationThe People All Call Her Alaska
"we can't really do a Palin post per day here. Possibly add this to one of the many many Palin threads already opened? -- jessamyn"
2008-09-2526somnambulistSarah Palin unexpectedly influences a domestic trend.
This is kind of lightweight weirdness, we've got no shortage of Palin talk on the site already, and the thread is already veering straight into generic Palin chatter. This may not be a good time to try and do this. --
2008-09-085parmanparmanTell College Students: YOU CAN VOTE
"This'd be a natural fit for this thread from earlier this morning. -- cortex"
2008-08-205seanmpuckettTime out. Breathe, smile. Perhaps laugh.
while not a bad random collection of stuff on youtube, the fact remains that this is just a random collection of stuff on youtube. we don't really do 'open thread' stuff here so much and your tags seemed to indicate that there was some sort of MeFi proble
2008-08-0618empathOMG DOUBLE DROP!!!
that you actually added the 'lolxtians' tag yourself is probably not a great sign -- cortex
2008-07-097chuckdarwinI am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.
"outragefilter - if this is a decent piece of news that people should know, don't poison your own thread with caustic tags. If you just want to say ""you know, fuck this guy"" this isn't the best place to do it. --
2008-05-214gmanDeployments, Homecomings, Changes
"The TLC link is just padding, and the real link is basically a press release. There's not a whole lot of there there, snarky ""ruining"" tag besides. -- cortex"
2008-04-2226oxford blueIs god imaginary?
thanks for the wendell tag, that really made this all go a lot easier. -- jessamyn
2008-04-0213ozomatliInternational Dialects of English Archive
"posted previously (and I put better tags on the earlier post) -- jessamyn"
2008-02-243de novo dahlOur favorite artist
The guy's art is nice, but the way you've presented this is a little too much about your band for comfort, especially when your band name is your username and you even add it as a tag to the post. -- cortex
2008-02-156chunking expressTypewriter Ribbon Tin Collection
"In thirty years, this will be the centerpiece of my vintage double post collection. -- cortex"
2008-02-085lalocheziaCharity: Four for me & my mansion. One for you & your medical bills.
"if the purpose of your post is just ""look at these assholes"" it is probably not a good post for metafilter. with this set up and those tags, this will not end well. apologies to wendell. -- jessamyn"
2007-12-2418timsteilI play poker (and lose).
if your one tag is metafilter and your point is metafilter then this maybe needs to go on metatalk. Calling out an ex-user in this fashion detracts from what might otherwise be a decent post. -- jessamyn
2007-12-1725pyramid termiteHEEYUKYUKYUKYUKYUK
"Ha ha! -- cortex"
2007-12-0723barjoThe enchanting Joseph Smith
we've done jack chick and lolxians a fair amount here already and this is a link to a comic, a mefi post and a mefi tag search. -- jessamyn
2007-11-2035four panelshalf time
"nice work, ""sports"" tag? We really really do not need another OMG sexism thread right now. -- jessamyn"
2007-09-2662PostIronyIsNotaMythHeads up, please!
this is not what metafilter is for - please don't link to hate sites just to show how terrible hate sites are. Also, adding NSFW in the tags isn't sufficient for NSFW notification, for future reference. -- jessa
2007-05-212chuckdarwinHast Thou Read Thine Manual?
"posted previously -- added helpdesk to the tags on the older post. -- jessamyn"
2007-05-1121edgewaysSenile agitation
seen it, regrettably. try the cooterwash tag. -- jessamyn
2007-05-062infiniEveryware and nowhere
"Good on Adam, but ""watch this 30 minute video and discuss"" is not the right way to approach this, and we have indeed covered this before. -- cortex"
2006-04-0912sluglickerThe Gospel of Judas
"please post this in the still open thread"
2005-05-2623AlexReynoldsA candlelit dinner for one...
jesus christ that was stupid. Also, I'm tired of contagious media too.
2005-01-2514grateful....Leonard Bernstein...
have a good post first, tag it second.