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2007-05-2624830AnonymousPlease suggest ways to improve my situation in life.
2007-01-0722295mickbwWhy doesn't this page display correct in IE6?
2009-11-1222238cotesdurhoneHow do I, a (possibly promising) writer of literature, given X circumstances, escape the Boston area to a location/ situation conducive to writing— either abroad, or elsewhere in the US?
2013-05-1519839timsneezedConfused by guy's behavior
2013-06-2218974Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman!It'd be improper to tell him his joke made me suicidal, I guess.
2010-08-0518479tachikoma_robotEven third wheels get tired sometimes
2011-11-0418217ConspireI have no idea how to summarize this.
2020-04-2118174woohHelp me think through what country we should move to
2012-02-2417966teaforonehow to get over an ex completely?
2017-10-1617575bluecastleEnded it, now Flooded with Confusion
2008-05-1717400likeapenspyware is killing me.
2015-08-0317329eustaciavye87Navigating the tricky waters of an ever-changing dating status tide.
2017-02-2517271sciatrixWhat does a healthy straight parents/queer child relationship look like?
2016-08-1717013myShanon"Getting rid of toxic roommate when ""GTFO"" isn't as easy as it sounds?"
2017-04-0216598readygoDon't know what to do in moving situation, think I hurt my best friend
2013-08-1116440AnonymousPlease help me not freak out about my first ever psych visit
2022-02-2415745What a JokeCognitive dissonance about my marriage, what is the reality?
2017-09-3015610christiehawkWas I A Rebound?
2022-05-3015599JangatrooRequesting Proofread of Letter to Landlord (Last Question, Promise!)
2018-12-2815403AnonymousHow to approach my boss about a personnel issue
2017-10-2615303o_OThe slow numb horror of it all
2022-01-1415186anon1129Is my relationship workable or is it better to end things?
2013-05-2515133yonegaGetting Over A Craptastic Relationship
2021-11-3014627anon1129How do I (29F) approach a talk with my distanced sister (39F)?
2017-05-2114615AnonymousNearly all of my job functions have been changed. What can I do?
2012-12-1314536matticulateI want to get on my own two feet. I need a plan of attack.
2018-06-0214515miratimeWhat to do about my mom
2017-03-0614377emma33UKWhat can I learn from my recent experience of being sacked?
2021-02-0114197AnonymousMy current work dynamic is unhealthy. I'd like things to change.
2016-08-2114168Sheila NagigHow do I rebuild trust in my relationship and meet my partner's needs?
2018-07-2214129t0astieWhat do I ask a pain / palliative care specialist to help my Mum?
2014-06-2314117AnonymousHow to process bad internship experience?
2010-03-2114067WCityMikeGoing from 12 Years on the Mac to a Windows XP Notebook
2018-05-1313989stoneandstarRelationship troubles at a boiling point
2016-04-0213871nightrecordingsNew eye doctor. Bad experience.
2009-03-2613538Mrs HilksomI Guess I Just Want My $1000...
2011-09-1013536synecdochePlease, please help me get my Macbook Pro up and running again!
2007-07-0613436tcvWhy can't I have normal friendships?
2018-05-1313420AnonymousComplex PTSD in the workplace
2010-10-3013416BaxterG4Help me make good decisions about my 10 year old son
2007-05-0913347workinprogressCan I find sanity and peace in life having the mother that I have??
2011-01-0913297soulsteelgrayAm I crazy for sticking by my boyfriend through the shitstorm that's his life?
2016-08-1213293AnonymousHow do you cope with feeling inadequate while dating with a disability?
2010-02-2213185formaltideMoved to a new location, still unable to connect to people
2022-06-1412989DoubleLuneErgonomic WFH chair with playroom vibes
2021-07-0512867krisb1701dMeat in the middle
2017-08-2712856apis melliferaHow do I survive my fiancee's suicide?
2015-07-0212734readygoKeep cool, my babies..
2012-07-0412685terretuHypomania or hype?
2015-03-2912625krs15I might've ruined one of my closest friendships. Should I make amends?
2012-01-2412570Argyle_Sock_PuppetI need a doctor who can help me with my problem, but what exactly IS my problem?
2010-02-2212504AnonymousHelp me help my anxious, bipolar, stressed-out friend.
2015-01-1312495watsJob is being eliminated, where to go from here?
2021-06-2512427terretuFatigue: when doctors are out of ideas edition
2010-03-0412382wcmfDoes he actually like me as a person or is he only interested in sex (29 yr old girl w/no experience)?
2012-03-2712373BEE-EATING CAT-EATERhello i am a transperson; should i go to grad school?
2021-05-0312336nayantarahelp me deal with a compulsive liar
2019-03-0512315CamrainHow do you know when someone is an alcoholic?
2017-04-0712296actionpotentialHow can I find a connection with a man I’m actually attracted to?
2015-06-2012278AnonymousBoss who gaslights, stonewalls and bullies me & my coworkers.
2012-09-2412273Someone Else's StoryI'm thinking of breaking up with you because you're depressed. Yes, I am just that awful.
2014-03-1412207Someone Else's StoryLibido Rollercoasters Going In Different Directions...
2017-10-2912104phonebiaHow do I figure out if I want to date my friend when I've never flirted?
2015-01-0311985AnonymousWhat we have here is...
2013-03-1211815AnonymousI bought a business a few years ago, and now it's making me completely miserable.
2011-09-0711806book 'em, dannoBird in a gilded cage, with a cuttlefish of infidelity and a newspaper floor of possible visa fraud
2018-06-2511795PineawayHelp me escape the mind f*ckery and move forward.
2019-01-2011718blue rareShould I ask for another shot? Or were we actually terribly mismatched?
2019-12-1211627What a JokePlease analyze my relationship situation again?
2011-10-2111615shesaysgoPlease stop yelling at me and just fix my heat.
2014-01-1211605FerminHow can I tell my overprotective parents I´m going nomad?
2020-02-1311604AnonymousMy husband and I moved last summer (#academiafilter). I'm miserable.
2015-03-0111588sevenofspadesWhat do when living a meaningful life is expensive?
2007-10-3111551AnonymousCommit or break up?
2016-02-1711550NeverGrowSoOldAgainHelp dealing with a dying NT-Aspie relationship
2016-10-0111409forzaHelp mediating sibling spats?
2019-04-1011367Libelula y colibri"""What issue would you like me to address first?” "
2019-07-1311363[insert clever name here]Finding part time or temporary work quickly in 2019
2006-10-0511352AnonymousWas I wrong to contact my father out of the blue after 38 years?
2017-02-1111264emma33UKPlacing myself under pressure to do an MSc - irrational or sensible?
2021-01-0411243AnonymousLingering religious indoctrination in step-kids
2021-04-2211234Sunflower88Need help thinking through extreme jealousy in problematic relationship?
2021-07-1111225AnonymousAbusive parents as an adult?
2009-07-2211216AnonymousHow can I adapt to fix problems with long-term girlfriend's family? (semi-long explaination, sorry)
2011-04-2111206noellaThis relationship, it's like Groundhog Day.
2016-01-2711199orangesky4Do I wait for things to get better or is it a bad fit?
2012-01-2311180AnonymousSurprised With Being Let Go, Networking/Job Search 101 plz?
2015-10-0211163bugpersonDealing w/ being an Average Jane engaged to a brilliant genius?
2012-07-2311160ann on a mouseHow do I overcome my lack of relationship experience?
2022-08-1811149What a JokeAnxious attachment thinking vs healthy striving for interdependency
2013-01-1111122Ranting Prophet of DOOM!How to salvage a friendship and is it worth it?
2018-04-0411120ggp88Just had our first tough moment, she just forgave me, I need some advice
2016-01-1111096token-ringIts another relationship question, or I'm a commitaphobe, please help!
2022-08-0311078Ceci n'est pas une chaussetteHow to keep the house clean, fairly: neurodivergent new parent filter
2009-09-2811065pseudomouseHelp me sort out this budding relationship
2012-02-2411056curiousonePassion vs. Security in Career - Which should I pursue?
2011-08-0611040AnonymousSitting on this fence is getting uncomfortable. Shove me.
2013-08-0810924hellameangirlHow do I communicate what I want when I'm not even sure what that is?
2020-04-0410916AnonymousQuestions about being unfairly accused of assault
2022-06-0510912Balthamos"How to feel at home when it isn't ""home"""
2007-10-3010902AnonymousGirl Crazy
2022-05-1910868AnonymousPhysical, romantic intimacy with an asexual partner in these times?
2011-10-2810836TeradactylCould I have done something different?
2016-11-2010835Anonymoushow do I take care of myself when my whole world no longer makes sense?
2008-02-2310833GilloDHow do I fix a problem updating my Ubuntu package repository?
2018-11-2310820calibratorI have a young family and don’t see a future for the marriage
2010-03-1010813operaposthumaHow to help someone who is showing signs of psychosis?
2015-02-1410802KTNShould I give up the medical school dream?
2011-04-0810768EmilyClimbsHow can I try to help a depressed, possibly borderline, friend who's trying to isolate herself?
2013-08-2610738[insert clever name here]Mom, I'm breaking up with you.
2016-04-2310734Puck SoppetWhat Should I Do Next?
2014-08-0110734AnonymousHelp me accept what I don't understand.
2011-03-1410727Anonymous"""Off with her head!"" said the Queen."
2012-08-0410717blue rareIt didn't end the way I thought it would end.
2015-01-1710681DeadFlagBluesWhy can I not get over my abusive boyfriend?
2012-04-1810662Anonymousi'm on drugs and i'm tired
2010-08-0610646GalenCreating Heirlooms for Common People
2019-12-2910641AnonymousAm I going crazy?
2018-07-2510630Yoko Ono's Advice ColumnPregnant and Put on a PIP at Work
2013-11-1210630beyondthepaleShould I consider a new therapist?
2017-10-2910612ladykitty5I just broke up with my boyfriend, and am feeling really down about it.
2017-07-1010609EvermoorShould I move out or stay?
2020-02-0810587Aurora13I think my long-distance fiance is cheating
2013-08-1210587drummergirl80Did I fuck up? How shall I do it differently next time?
2011-02-0210556athenadanaeHow do I start having healthy relationships as a female introvert at college?
2009-11-2510552cheapskatebayI’d like advice on how to either leave my church as gracefully as possible, or find a way to reconcile my lack of faith with my continued church membership.
2019-01-0710535AnonymousTrouble managing anxiety around kid schooling decisions
2012-02-1210522QuakerMelHelp Us Help Our Dog
2008-06-1910513tazDog Experts, I Need You. *So* Much.
2012-12-1010500sock puppet mop bucketPlease help me leave my abusive fiance.
2010-03-2010475cheberetCollegedorkfilter: He's acting like he's in love with me, and I feel the same, but he seems to have another girl.
2020-02-0210474starstarstarIs my boyfriend a bit...creepy with his coworker?
2008-09-2910458saysthisPossibly the longest post on askmefi ever
2011-03-0110448Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman!And there are no blood tests for this, I take it...
2022-05-3110445[insert clever name here]Did the hospital mess up by discharging someone experiencing psychosis?
2011-05-1910409AnonymousA newspaper's issues (in more ways than one)
2013-10-0110394AnonymousNeed help with a difficult professor
2018-09-0510363[insert clever name here]My life is on the verge of falling apart and I don’t know what to do.
2009-05-0410354Sock!Puppet!RelationshipFilter: She had an affair. I caught her. We're working it out. This sucks. I need help.
2016-09-0710343zinfulThe horse of contempt vs the pony of stability
2017-03-0310341Puppetry for PrivacyAngling Sibling, Aging Parents
2011-10-1110323superfilleI can’t believe I have to ask this age-old question, but…is he interested or am I spending time thinking about him/this situation for nothing?
2007-12-2310312sansgrasHelp a miserable 20something deal with her paranoid, overprotective father!
2016-09-0910277wildblueyonderFriends with an ex's BFF?
2020-05-0110269woohHelp me brainstorm cities we could move to in Canada
2018-09-2210263AnonymousHow to become more sensitive, stop saying the wrong thing?
2015-07-2410230mittensaspergers, adhd, anxiety, or appropriation?
2014-10-3010204starstarstarReason to feel insecure or am I just being borderline insane?!
2016-08-2210186bologna on wryFriendship woes: nothing ever changes, do I stay his friend?
2022-09-2910165anon1129My mom is in the mental hospital.
2015-05-1910162AnonymousPlease help me figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
2018-11-2210150AnonymousThis person was 98% wrong for me, so why am I sad they're gone?
2014-07-1110136mangoprawnAm I a fool if I stay or am I a fool if I go?
2013-12-1710121LANA!Advice on water damage, flood, cleanup and insurance.
2014-08-2310103AnonymousI need help bringing a messy, inappropriate friendship to a close
2018-10-1210102sevenofspadesMessy crush situation -- feeling confused and so broken-hearted
2009-11-1810073AnonymousLetting go of God: Help me deal with my atheism and the five stages of grief. I'm in the fourth stage now.
2022-07-2710052lookoutbelowHow to do the thing when you're afraid of the thing and also feel okay
2021-01-1710050pantsHelp despairing multi-cat household find peace before new baby arrives
2013-03-1210047blue_and_bronzeSpock loves Kirk but fails miserably as Troi
2012-07-0310045Someone Else's StoryHi, we missed you! Now, can you please STFU about… [TW: Sexual Assault]
2015-09-2910040AnonymousYour mind is telling me no... and your mind is telling me yes...
2009-11-2310039Anonymous"""What are you doing?"" ""I'm ending our friendship."" NOOOOO!"
2006-04-1210017Paul KCMy DVD burner suddenly stopped working. Is it a hardware or software issue?
2014-04-239998PericardiumHealing and forgiving after traumatic childhood?
2010-03-259976AnonymousShould I reunite with my ex-boyfriend?
2019-08-099956SmockTheSockTrouble with my therapist
2011-11-239954AnonymousShould I quit or let them fire me?
2010-04-299945mudpuppieThere's one in every office.
2010-03-029941MesoFilterI want to look like a million bucks on a couple thou
2013-05-199927AnonymousHow do I deal with someone I dated for six weeks two years ago...
2020-07-129926snuffleupagusAdorable stray kitten: heatwave edition
2016-08-029903Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, TheWhat on Earth am I to do with myself?
2012-10-089899TomMeleeStupid is a stupid does.
2016-01-059887Anonymous"Problems with my therapist. Is the answer still ""therapy""?"
2012-03-269873bengalibelleWill my fear of vulnerability doom me to aloneness?
2012-08-029872peagood"""Children almost always hang onto things tighter than their parents think they will."" Right? RIGHT?! "
2011-11-019861gregorygAm I just too damn judgmental?
2019-03-069857second bananaBi woman here; do I pursue a gay woman who's giving mixed signals?
2018-11-189857woohLooking for advice on planning two trips to Japan to study Japanese
2014-01-039849christiehawkKiss Out Of Nowhere, Now I'm Confused
2017-03-029839DendritesHow to manage internalized sexism and gender-based anguish
2020-07-019831pleasebekindI need help navigating pandemic work woes as a WOC
2014-12-149823starstarstarAm I looking a gifthorse in the mouth?
2014-01-199820Anonymouslooking for stories of meds or alterna-meds that helped you in ur brain
2008-03-099812sansgrasDating a divorced man. Help me rationalize this relationship mess before I gouge my eyeballs out.
2019-11-269801AnonymousUncertain about relationship: help wanted to figure this out
2013-12-209787AnonymousSo, uh, how does this sex stuff work, anyway?
2012-01-309784AnonymousHow do I get this to stop?
2009-01-289758snizzDamaged goods looking to finish her BA.
2008-08-219756Yoshi AyaraneHelp me, my mother is a drama queen!
2012-03-269754DoubleLuneIt's not legal to murder my roommate... right?
2012-05-299744skylinesIs closure/ friendship still possible or a good idea?
2017-06-309731AnonymousParalyzed by anxiety at work - how can I resolve this?
2021-08-139725Che boludo!Argument about pop psychology understanding vs psychometric construct
2014-03-179722sockpuppettasticSanity check on teenagers and their whims, please!
2012-12-089707Sa DecMore red flags than Minesweeper