Which posts in Ask MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 are the longest?

2012-02-2417966teaforonehow to get over an ex completely?
2012-12-1314536matticulateI want to get on my own two feet. I need a plan of attack.
2012-07-0412685terretuHypomania or hype?
2012-01-2412570Argyle_Sock_PuppetI need a doctor who can help me with my problem, but what exactly IS my problem?
2012-03-2712373BEE-EATING CAT-EATERhello i am a transperson; should i go to grad school?
2012-09-2412273Someone Else's StoryI'm thinking of breaking up with you because you're depressed. Yes, I am just that awful.
2012-01-2311180AnonymousSurprised With Being Let Go, Networking/Job Search 101 plz?
2012-07-2311160ann on a mouseHow do I overcome my lack of relationship experience?
2012-02-2411056curiousonePassion vs. Security in Career - Which should I pursue?
2012-08-0410717blue rareIt didn't end the way I thought it would end.
2012-04-1810662Anonymousi'm on drugs and i'm tired
2012-02-1210522QuakerMelHelp Us Help Our Dog
2012-12-1010500sock puppet mop bucketPlease help me leave my abusive fiance.
2012-07-0310045Someone Else's StoryHi, we missed you! Now, can you please STFU about… [TW: Sexual Assault]
2012-10-089899TomMeleeStupid is a stupid does.
2012-03-269873bengalibelleWill my fear of vulnerability doom me to aloneness?
2012-08-029872peagood"""Children almost always hang onto things tighter than their parents think they will."" Right? RIGHT?! "
2012-01-309784AnonymousHow do I get this to stop?
2012-03-269754DoubleLuneIt's not legal to murder my roommate... right?
2012-05-299744skylinesIs closure/ friendship still possible or a good idea?
2012-12-089707Sa DecMore red flags than Minesweeper
2012-07-189702trainsurfingHow to choose between waiting and moving on?
2012-01-119632athenadanaestepmom broke up with me
2012-08-319498alxnrwdHow to get my ex back in this complicated situation?
2012-02-079479thekiltedwonderDealing with a passive aggressive landlord.
2012-04-169438AnonymousNot quite deaf, albeit quite lost
2012-10-309413AnonymousDon't send me passive aggressive emails during a hurricane please. It is the last straw.
2012-03-169365divabatArtsy Nomad Weirdo Seeks Expression of Purpose
2012-04-309333amcmMy fiancee and I are buying a house in the next few months, and could use some advice.
2012-06-049319VikingSwordIt was delivered by UPS.
2012-10-209314pantheONHow can I deal with lingering feelings of blame and attachment following the end of a long-term relationship?
2012-11-029251AnonymousAfter years of recession-fear blahness, I have decided it's time to take some risks. Help me chart a course!
2012-01-189090whalebreathMy dog just bit my mom :(
2012-02-089055infinityjinxI'm sick and my boyfriend is sick of me.
2012-11-109048alady"Convincing my traditional parents that marrying my boyfriend (as opposed to an arranged marriage) is not a ""sin"". Tried for many years; can you help me try more?"
2012-02-129040AnonymousHow to break off a friendship?
2012-11-309030Someone Else's StoryHow do you know what you want?
2012-10-258936AnonymousShould I be concerned about fiancees trivial, frivolous 'white' lies?
2012-11-288744AnonymousAm I doing the wrong thing here?
2012-03-158729overyourheadThe recovering addict and the… sports addict? What is this?
2012-09-048525biglew909What The Hell Happened to Me?
2012-08-148523orumiMy first heartbreak and confusion is keeping me from moving on
2012-02-048498curious-mindHow can I get my dating life started again
2012-11-278460AnonymousVyvanse screwed me up?
2012-03-108450jumelleI feel like college is ruining my life and I'm not sure what to do about it.
2012-01-048408AnonymousHow to deal with extreme anger from a family member who is bipolar?
2012-07-318402rhizome"I don't want to live ""Shut Up, Little Man"" over the long-term"
2012-03-148384EmmsHelp me figure out what to do with my life.
2012-09-268381bilabialI need more information about advocating for myself in the American Health Care system
2012-04-178375superfilleDestined to be alone due to lack of guts
2012-01-198375AnonymousWhy can't we just all get along?
2012-08-128291laffytaffy9000Advice/Thoughts for a recent college grad who doesn't like his job.
2012-08-298194560fence_catDelicate Situation, a bit complicated
2012-07-268172tokaidanshiWhy is my ex girlfriend acting this way?
2012-02-158132fight or flightHow do I ask him to try again?
2012-08-238105routergirlI'm in ur general vicinity makin u sneeze ur face off - Cat allergen super powers
2012-10-148040[insert clever name here]I got what I wanted but the doctor is a quack and I don't trust him. Help?
2012-10-317979Sockish AmericanMy preschooler is super-smart and super-wild and I'm out of my depth
2012-07-137920LemonGardotMakeout Romance to Friend Zone--Do I go to party now?
2012-03-247920buteoBoundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures.
2012-11-037866AnonymousHelp me deal with my ADD/disorganization/goal setting problems.
2012-10-217834AnonymousMy present is destroying my future.
2012-02-077830hubbleI just want to go home. But not THAT home.
2012-10-247768AnonymousHow can I keep this friendship, and should I even try?
2012-12-267712SeedStitchHow can I support my husband while he sets boundaries with his family?
2012-10-027690st starseedIs this part of my quarter-life crisis?
2012-10-137679AnonymousShould I Stay Or Should I Go (Here We Go Again)
2012-06-047643RolandOfEldAt least our first argument about money as hubby-n-wife won't be with each other...
2012-01-207624aikoHow should I handle this rent increase?
2012-02-107610AnonymousStop it before it starts...
2012-12-027599AnonymousMonths ago, boyfriend told me he has herpes. It still bothers me. What now?
2012-09-267594AnonymousHow to make therapy work?
2012-11-127593HiphopAnonymousHow do I get the girl?!
2012-02-157587dubious_dudeRoommate issues - how to level?
2012-10-227566ChipTHow to help an aimless high school graduate
2012-06-027521dubious_dudeJust about done with this game of life.
2012-01-247516katers890Being a parent is hard.
2012-02-227508stoneandstarIn a haze, and I don't know what to do about it. Depression, school, work, &c.
2012-03-077486Fee Phi Faux Phumb I Smell t'Socks o' a Puppetman!School me, please, for I am ignorant.
2012-11-057437Kamelot123How to cut ties with an emotionally abusive father?
2012-12-067412andromacheBut when that open ro-oad starts to callin me/ Theres somethin oer the hill that I gotta see
2012-01-167411sarahjNavigating Big Life Decisions while wearing depression-colored glasses
2012-04-027410dthm42Personal website
2012-11-137399kythuenWhat are my options for dealing with a disabled (mentally, physically, emotionally) middle-aged sibling when my elderly parent, currently caring for sibling, is gone?
2012-04-147394AnonymousI'm depressed, I don't know what to do next
2012-03-177389AnonymousHow to deal with a difficult mother.
2012-10-107385AnonymousWhat to do with a sexless marriage?
2012-05-117374AnonymousMaid of Honor drama
2012-10-267365thegunner100What do I do about my mom, and my 6 year old sister who may possibly have a mental problem? Long, snowflakey details inside.
2012-06-137361permiechickieQuit or stay
2012-01-177360AnonymousHelp me figure out how to address sexual issues
2012-05-097315AnonymousUndermined or Oversensitive?
2012-01-047308wanderingchordStruggling to finish college
2012-05-167238AnonymousBeing a bridesmaid is the WORST THING EVER EVER EVER
2012-04-047231lifethatihavenotlivedyetTupac cares, if don't nobody else care
2012-04-267226mangoprawnIs is selfish to break up with him or selfish to stay with him?
2012-03-277219phunniemeeFor those playing along at home, I'll be living alone next time.
2012-02-077219AnonymousI'm at a crossroads with my 3-year live-in SO.
2012-07-187177AnonymousHow do I explain an 18-month career change I don't think I want to make after all?
2012-08-247169AnonymousI am too old for a sexy sexy texting relationship...
2012-04-237139banishedimmortal"""Leaving Las Vegas"" or ""Arthur"""
2012-07-147125AnonymousWhat's between letting things go and leaving over them?
2012-11-277120AnonymousWe told them we're the wrong people and they don't believe us. How to stay safe?
2012-04-237101quoth_the_ravenSeparated from wife, got involved with someone else, should I reconcile with my wife?
2012-05-027093AnonymousEnnui - why?
2012-02-137087AnonymousDamage Control
2012-11-267080AnonymousAm I Going Insane?
2012-04-247072AnonymousHow do I frame my concerns with a particular employee in a productive way?
2012-03-177069AnonymousWhat just happened with this guy?
2012-08-017045chocolatemilkshakesSo, are we uh like, a thing?
2012-04-037039dubious_dudeBirthday blues - am I being unreasonable?
2012-08-147036Tha Race CardHow do I manage this hellish office?
2012-10-097031Chelsaroo650How do we expose the way our manager has been treating everyone?
2012-03-207029AnonymousHow much to reveal when that information is very important in a dating relationship?
2012-06-017010AnonymousCommon Sense is Not So Common?
2012-12-096998lethologuesAdvice on how to not compulsively wasting time and change my life.
2012-02-226989slidellHelp Me Ask My Engineer If This Is Built Right
2012-06-256957hildegarde89I broke up with my girlfriend but I am so confused. Should I get back with her?
2012-02-116956AnonymousFailed out of second year of pharmacy school and was suspended, how can I improve?
2012-12-036925lonefrontrangerCase Me?
2012-07-086905ChipTRequesting strategies to help improve self-esteem.
2012-09-226904UniversityNomadSexual Desire: Ur Doin It Rong?
2012-10-256901IssasFound boyfriend's masturbatory material, working on internal damage control
2012-03-226859AnonymousWe don't want to be the mean girls
2012-08-246828AnonymousThe woman I've been dating did something to hurt me really badly, and I don't know how to proceed.
2012-01-256799six-or-six-thirtyHelp me break my lease without being financially punished
2012-06-016796your mom's a sock puppetHow do I get through the day with two autoimmune diseases?
2012-04-306773AnonymousHow do I fix my social reputation at work?
2012-06-226770sock puppety puppetHow to deal with this mismatched kink?
2012-09-106751AnonymousWhat's our risk of getting bed bugs?
2012-04-066730runflatsWhen is enough enough with an unmotivated person in a relationship?
2012-03-036729denmarkstreetCan't not be friendzoned
2012-03-286727Sloop John BMe : Extrovert. She : Introvert. Can this relationship survive? Should it?
2012-12-166714rasselas81How do you move on from a bad job?
2012-04-276709AnonymousI’m looking for advice on how to handle an unexpected separation from my husband.
2012-02-226703AnonymousTo Complain or Not?
2012-07-206696aloiv2Failed dental implant with possible incompetence...recourse?
2012-03-276684chocolatemilkshakesHow did I lose my common sense and run this red light?
2012-02-016680lovelygirlBrother can you spare a job?
2012-06-286673Juliet BananaPostcards for the Pokey
2012-01-046672AnonymousSleeping Beauty - Sleep, Eat, Go online, Yawn…
2012-03-286666This sockpuppet asks awkward questionsFrightened of my landlord
2012-11-276654modernhypatiaHundreds of characters indexed in the cloud (fictional worldbuilding data management tools)
2012-03-246652AnonymousWant roommate divorce from my very own personal Eeyore.
2012-06-056647AnonymousIs asking for immediate help from your partner unreasonable?
2012-02-106602UniversityNomadLes Liaisons Dangereuses?: What is flirting, and am I doing it?
2012-10-226600AnonymousMtF but not all that femme. So now what?
2012-11-156599ahtlast93Feeling ambivalent about everything
2012-05-186593wansacWhat's my next move?
2012-02-046591the milky bar kidMy girlfriend has been having cyber sex as part of her role playing, which she keeps secret from me. What should I do?
2012-05-036588AnonymousHow should I deal with this medical bill?
2012-11-056570aecorwinI know not EVERYONE is a micromanager...help me act like I know it!
2012-10-236547windykitesUnless guys are all dunderheads, I should be able to ask them out, right? Or not?
2012-11-156511AnonymousPut me out of my misery please
2012-03-236509satori_movementHow do I make a clean break?
2012-02-256508AnonymousHow much time should I give my relationship?
2012-11-196507VikingSwordCan't find Dr. Doolittle, and the cat won't talk.
2012-10-316507AnonymousEternally unhappy parents with a stagnant and unhealthy marriage--I am in the middle. How to deal?
2012-02-206506Anonymousomgwtfbbq mefi, i can haz gay boyfriend, plz?
2012-07-206496AnonymousPin the tail on the donkey
2012-05-046494hungry hippoWhether and how to tell my shy, older friend I like-like him?
2012-08-226487AnonymousIs there anything I can do to help my ill friend?
2012-11-296485ohmyHow to cope with the holiday blues?
2012-11-1964725_buck_sock_pupHelp me learn to get over the past and learn to like how I look.
2012-07-076469AnonymousHelp me come up with some unorthodox ideas to help my blocked 22 year old son
2012-12-076461under_petticoat_ruleHow to navigate end-of-life communications between estranged family members?
2012-09-086453pinetreeCook and cook and keep on cooking
2012-05-166435AnonymousHelp Me Do Better At Personal Ads
2012-11-086433Anonymousmy life is a ball of chaos
2012-11-036416galenkaHow to keep this friend of a friend away from me?
2012-05-196415christiehawkCrush Hooked Up With Someone Else
2012-03-166400AnonymousAm I really this shallow?
2012-10-116386AnonymousIs there a way I channel my Marijuana use positively?
2012-10-176354curious-mindI keep getting rejected or ignored and want to quit trying to date
2012-07-136332jpritchaHow can I feel happy about being a skinny male (125 pounds, 6 feet tall) when I have never felt comfortable in my own skin?
2012-02-296325forzaCloning is beginning to seem a reasonable option
2012-05-296322AnonymousHelp me stop gaslighting myself.
2012-02-086297BlackWalnutDo I own this stuff left in my basement?
2012-05-316271el_yucatecoI can't ADD
2012-09-116253PuppetMcSockersonA first dance is not unreasonable!
2012-08-086246AnonymousHow do I share my abusive childhood experience with my in-laws?
2012-12-196241Autumn How do you deal with knowing that the person's friends hate you for how you've hurt them?
2012-10-226237Autumn89How can I become more healthy and fit?
2012-03-066225AnonymousBreaking up is hard to do when it's family.
2012-10-056224assasinatdbeautyI took the plunge...but still can't struggle to the surface!
2012-09-106219AnonymousDisposable income--for the first time ever. What's normal?
2012-07-246216rhombusPoop chronicles: there is blood in my stool, and I am skeptical of my doctor's explanation.
2012-10-306202Autumn89I feel trapped from being too different?
2012-09-146196summerteethAfter a bunch of trips to mechanics, my car engine is hesitating/missing intermittently, and I would love a second opinion.
2012-04-136184AnonymousLet well enough alone?
2012-06-136182ribboncakeIs there hope?
2012-09-136172violetkeverything but…?
2012-10-316166AnonymousHow do I stop being so negative and gossipy?
2012-11-056158chasethecarrotI need a short term solution to homelessness of a four person family (2 adults, 2 children) in the Los Angeles area?
2012-04-146132grumblebeeThe Mystery of the Folding Chair
2012-02-116125marbleGuidance regarding a tween's internet usage
2012-02-236123AnonymousBye-bye bulimia?
2012-12-276122dean winchesterHelp me fake it until I make it.
2012-09-136104peripatetic007How do you tell someone who is cute to stop reminding people that they are cute?
2012-09-126095supernaturelleHow to resolve rational/emotional conflict over temporary LDR?