Which posts in MetaFilter from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 are the longest?

2012-08-2782386JHarrisHigh Weirdness By Mail
2012-11-0165816BlasdelbCoronet Instructional Films
2012-10-2460738RhaomiThe best free games from across the web
2012-09-1753227BlasdelbAnnotated Filmography of Charlie Chaplin
2012-01-2346517BlasdelbAnimating Medicine
2012-01-1046350hippybearDon't Be Afraid Of The Art Of Noise
2012-04-0939013Z303Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms
2012-12-0934040BlasdelbDeciphering the Tools of Nature’s Zombies
2012-12-1632784ocherdracoThe Board Games Women Make
2012-10-1628456BlasdelbProvirophages and transpovirons as the diverse mobilome of giant viruses
2012-08-1228354filthy light thiefOrbital, 23 years after Chime
2012-08-2623744NomyteExit wound in a foreign nation.
2012-03-1622224BlasdelbYou know what every kitchen needs? A Bloonderbooss or a Boomashootn, and Swedish Chef shows us why.
2012-12-0122086subject_verb_remainderThe Video Games Women Make
2012-10-2520695IridicWe are for the dark
2012-04-2820679hippybearThe Art And Activism Of Jimmy Somerville
2012-10-2520073RhaomiEvery Year of the Twentieth Century, Lampooned by the Onion
2012-06-0120027JHarrisAgricola Lite
2012-05-1619450filthy light thiefOut of This World and Out of the Unknown: bringing science fiction to the small screen
2012-09-0119212HerodiosThe Man Who Would Be King (of the Guitar)
2012-12-1718214zarq"""You can't get un-famous. You can get infamous, but you can't get un-famous."""
2012-11-0318095BlasdelbThe cosmos is also within us, we're made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos, to know itself.
2012-05-0417831NomytePeasant culture and Russian folklore in Soviet animation.
2012-06-1617282RhaomiSing us a Song to Keep us Warm, There's Such a Chill
2012-08-2316918filthy light thiefCamel Corps of the US Army: bringing a bit of the Middle East to the Southwest
2012-09-2116337ersatzAre you a bad enough dude?
2012-03-0215711hippybearU2's POP
2012-11-0515667RhaomiConvince me. Convince me. Convince me.
2012-11-1215652NomyteThe bandura (або, «Яка в бісу арфа, янголи грають на бандурах!»).
2012-12-0915520codacorollaWriting About Games
2012-06-0815130kliulesssovereignty and taxation
2012-08-2214980the man of twists and turnsIn heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here
2012-09-0414827kliuless"""Distribution is the core of the problem we face."""
2012-08-1014802dirtdirtHowdy neighbor, howdy!
2012-08-2314757zarqG B S
2012-07-0514153filthy light thiefMore music from Mishka
2012-12-3014114RhaomiCities and the Soul
2012-09-1613921BlasdelbUse the enemy's own films to expose their enslaving ends. Let our boys hear the Nazis and the Japs shout their own claims of master-race crud—and our fighting men will know why they are in uniform.
2012-12-1413567hat291 diseases and injuries + 67 risk factors + 1,160 non-fatal complications = 650 million estimates of how we age, sicken, and die
2012-05-0913567koeselitzcrank up that old Victrola and put on your rockin' shoes
2012-01-2713200filthy light thiefFingathing: glitchy astral-funk crafted from a turntable and a double bass
2012-12-0213168flexprivilege-checking and call-out culture
2012-09-0713014Westringia F."""A continuous slaughter which could be of no avail either to the French or the Russians."""
2012-08-2912919Egg Shen"Sound on Sound's ""Classic Tracks"""
2012-08-3112425kirkarachaLe Radeau de la Méduse (The Raft of the Medusa)
2012-01-1112395mediated selfIf you can read this you are now a pope
2012-08-2412286MezentianFreitag! Freitag! Goth musst unten am Freitag!
2012-03-1012149filthy light thiefThere are neither beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.
2012-12-0111954the man of twists and turnsFiscal-Cliff-Diving
2012-04-1711852filthy light thiefSkinning: Computer Interface Customization
2012-08-1611796filthy light thiefCharles de Thierry: man of many lands, king of none
2012-04-0411770zarq"""To find out more, take a voyage down to your public library. It's all in books!"""
2012-09-1311521NomyteTime, Forward!
2012-05-1011511quartzcity"""It didn’t bother you to see the world tiny and unprotected, surrounded by darkness?”"
2012-07-2211441BrashTechWhere will U go next?
2012-09-1711400hippybearChess: A Musical
2012-07-2711240Rory MarinichA Most Tubular Guy
2012-04-0511073reenumThere Is Joy In Mudville Again!
2012-04-0210930zarqFrom Days of Long Ago...
2012-06-1010912nicebookrackIt's Sunday night, I am curled up in my room / The TV light fills my heart like a balloon
2012-08-0410898ddbeckOh man look at those cavemen go
2012-09-2510799filthy light thiefThe Proclaimers, a lot more than I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
2012-11-2510673Homeboy Trouble100th Grey Cup / 100e Coupe Grey
2012-10-0310508filthy light thiefGreat White Wonder: Bob Dylan and the birth of Rock Bootlegs and Album Leaks
2012-09-0110454mintcake!113 Super Smash Mega Fantastic Dynamic Sensual Explosive Electrifying Spectacular Hits
2012-05-0510340not_on_displayAdvertising Jingle Earworm Transmission Begins Now
2012-08-0810267filthy light thiefIshi, last of the Yahi: of two worlds, and in three centuries
2012-07-1410164yourcelfO'er the land of the free...
2012-12-0710132y2karlFarewell Angelina by Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Nana Mouskouri, among others
2012-04-1710100NotMyselfRightNowWelcome to the Jungle
2012-10-2210080BlasdelbThe players in a mutualistic symbiosis: insects, bacteria, viruses, and virulence genes.
2012-09-2210049hippybearA Breath Of Fresh Aire
2012-08-319998filthy light thief"""Iwerks is Screwy spelled backwards"" -- Chuck Jones"
2012-07-069977MezentianWe've finished our news, homo sapiens have outgrown their use, all the strangers came today, and it looks as though they're here to stay
2012-02-269918flexThe Victorian Kitchen Garden & a metric butt-ton of historical reconstruction series
2012-10-059863ersatzThe Kids Are Alright - The Elder Scrolls mods
2012-01-049859kittenmarloweNot Quite Stalag 13
2012-01-249844filthy light thiefPitchfork, 1995–present: What did we do to deserve Pitchfork?
2012-12-069759zarq"""Something so intensely nerdy that it we can’t help but dedicate some serious time to it."""
2012-03-139742zamboniThe Devil's Auction
2012-12-249684y2karlDiabaram, diabaram, diabaram, nena dou ko baye...
2012-12-119677Bunny UltramodI'm Going Straight
2012-07-019648blueberryHe’s documenting history, one Asian movie theater at a time
2012-07-099632dgaicunActors and Directors Name Their Top 5 Movies
2012-08-309608gariusAn Empire of Stars
2012-05-319590flexfinding the right bra size and best fit
2012-02-149577orthicon haloOne Chicago hotel's story
2012-05-099319hippybearThe Distinctive Look and Music of Dick Tracy
2012-05-109285orthicon haloA striking amount of gutter talk from this bunch of holy rollers.
2012-11-049237the man of twists and turns"""The company at this point isn’t just a key purveyor of lower labor standards and a globalized and concentrated supply chain, it is a key tell for policymakers."""
2012-03-289226filthy light thiefKUOW, KCMU and KEXP: a brief history of college(type) radio from University of Washington
2012-04-119148scodyA Dream Passing By In The Sky: the Small Faces and the Faces enter the R&R Hall of Fame
2012-09-159013hippybearPet Shop Boys B-Sides
2012-01-088883kliulessthe new humanism and socialism? developing human and social 'capital'...
2012-07-248863DiablevertHumans: Be Interested
2012-02-218647MeatbombBrief Overview of our Reptilian Overlords
2012-05-088635zarqWhiz Kids
2012-10-278551y2karlTHe Forbidden Planet Soundtrack by Luis and Bebe Barron
2012-08-058440flextwo Erics summarize SCIENCE! for life improvement & greater understanding
2012-12-138433Bunny UltramodWe're all Irish
2012-11-198381filthy light thiefUp through Los Angeles came a bubblin' crude: Southern California was the Kuwait of the Jazz Age, turning a religious piano teacher into an oil baroness
2012-10-278335hippybear25 Years Of Keeping The Faith
2012-09-138328the man of twists and turnsThere's still a war going on
2012-01-148309KeterFalling STAR*D?
2012-01-178264NomyteAleksandr Petrov, Russian paint-on-glass animator.
2012-09-148221themadthinkerIt's a symphonic lock out
2012-08-308094filthy light thiefSylvia Robinson: from rhythm and blues singer to hip-hop legend
2012-12-257942beshtya"Why the Middle East is in Torment by Patrick Seale
2012-12-277900flapjax at midniteThe N word, set to music
2012-10-037900SleeperElectronic surveillance skyrockets in the US
2012-04-307865Westringia F.May Day in Chicago: then and now
2012-12-037785the man of twists and turns"""If I was to die, today or tomorrow, I do not think I would die satisfied till you tell me you will try and marry some good, smart man that will take care of you and the children"""
2012-12-217774y2karly2funkysoultrainlive ( or, at least... lip synced )
2012-05-117726gariusThe Forgotten Prime Minister
2012-02-237701cashmanConsumer Privacy Bill of Rights
2012-08-127674MezentianWe will decide who comes to fish here, and the circumstances under which they fish
2012-12-307624JHarris"""All hands, prepare for MULTIBALL."""
2012-08-167539zamboniMann Gulch
2012-08-147480codacorollaVillage, village, village, village, village... buy a village. Done.
2012-11-297444nTeleKyThe Soundscapes of Ancient Cultures
2012-11-147273flex"Public Policy Polling: ""Do you have enough Santorum in your life, or not?"""
2012-09-017140kliulessuse value vs. exchange value
2012-06-047106justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow"""If you believe in a principle, never damage it with a poor impression. You must go all the way."" Charles Parsons"
2012-11-207093flexsocial impact bonds
2012-11-196998flex"""challenging Casanova"""
2012-02-296978lemuringGirls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills...
2012-11-146942the man of twists and turnsThe Corporatization Of Higher Education
2012-08-266894the cydonianParched is the Land, Thirsty is the Desire, Thirsty is the Sky
2012-07-226861PalindromedaryA MetaFilter Post In Which YOU Become The Hero!
2012-11-186851flex"Jenn Frank: ""I was one of the guys. I was always one of the guys."""
2012-10-226781orange swan"You've got an old computer, your're crafty, and you spent way too much time watching ""Transformers"" as a kid."
2012-07-226772hydrophonicVeteran singer Kelly Hogan finally gets her due
2012-12-246721the man of twists and turnsTHE EXPIATORY CHURCH OF THE HOLY FAMILY
2012-08-096716Mezentiandesperate deranged talking in my sleep again eyes twitch retain a sentimental something looked lorn and we burned and burned
2012-08-316701the_artificer...Mitchells do fly I.M.C.
2012-03-116694BlasdelbHow Corporations Corrupt Science at the Public's Expense
2012-03-296693quinAstronaut with a camera - an amazing combination
2012-01-236693russilwvongBarack Obama, Post-Partisan, Meets Washington Gridlock
2012-10-156689flexif the shoe fits
2012-02-136652flexbe mine
2012-12-136651legospacemanAll the footprints you've ever left, and the fear expecting ahead
2012-09-236642filthy light thief"Jan Svankmajer: ""Succumb totally to your obsessions; Keep interchanging dream for reality and vice versa"""
2012-07-166624outlierNot like the Queen, but like John Hurt
2012-12-106532MonkeyToes"""Boris""... Why Always ""Boris""?"
2012-03-146507katinka-katinkaSnake Whacking Days.
2012-12-296464zarqiTunes Music Festival
2012-05-176457PinkMooseAmbition dies Hard
2012-03-196452filthy light thiefMurphy Ranch: the faded dreams of a Nazi Shangri La, just outside of Hollywood
2012-08-146451zarqHappy Birthday, Julia
2012-08-136422MezentianIf I could turn back the boats I'd give them all to you
2012-08-096420sendai sleep masterWorld Citizen
2012-05-206382ocherdracoMarriage may have changed, but love has not. It still makes people say crazy things. And it’s still a glue that no one has control of.
2012-04-036379AceRockNational Magazine Awards 2012
2012-06-186360Partial LawTrouble in the Old Dominion
2012-11-156341flexNiza Yanay - the ideology of hatred: the psychic power of discourse
2012-03-316341filthy light thiefResponse Records: Answers to Hit Songs
2012-02-026333AnythingChess with no opening book
2012-05-086297SomaSodaOur Concert Could be Your Life
2012-04-066287filthy light thiefThe Etymological Evolution of Dude, from Dandy Man to Anyone
2012-10-146270flex"Christopher Kimball: ""He may be the sole person associated with food journalism to remark, 'There’s something about pleasure I find annoying.'"""
2012-12-236198flexthe return of pantyhose
2012-12-096196flex"""Where sex is work, sex may just work differently"" & ""the WEIRDest people in the world?"""
2012-06-236192Currer BelfryRare songbirds of the world.
2012-08-116144RhaomiPaul Ryan as Romney's running-mate
2012-03-036143oneswellfoopSaturday Morning Cartoons/Breakfast Danish
2012-08-086125codacorolla120 Megabytes
2012-10-236122flex"teenage girls: ""...they haven’t been living, they’ve been performing."""
2012-09-256103PhilD66Disruptive innovation and the publishing business
2012-12-146060zarqJeff Victor Redux
2012-09-296059k8tRags to Riches to President: Meet the eccentric candidate for President of Georgia
2012-06-246050happyroachthe Slayers Guide to an Internet Controversy
2012-06-056044flexWisconsin recall election: Gov. Scott Walker
2012-06-105987suburbanbeatnikWatch out for that volcano!
2012-06-265986MonkeyToesFDA Moves to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Livestock
2012-11-025936flexmelodysheep - remixes for the soul & symphony of science
2012-12-125921DUi could do it all day
2012-12-135916MuffinManThat's me in the corner
2012-11-165912flexTV show recaps, recappers, and TWoP
2012-10-085850zarqThe iEconomy
2012-10-065765filthy light thiefHelike, a possible Atlantis, found in 2001
2012-07-275764filthy light thiefFrank Ocean was not the first
2012-08-085745flexIrish Olympic Sailing Commentary & the Hardy Bucks
2012-10-305742filthy light thiefThe Foulest Stench Is In The Air, The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years
2012-04-035723cortexTime To Corner The Market On Passenger Jet Wing Assemblies!
2012-12-305707Bunny UltramodPain don't hurt
2012-06-295677MezentianYour hair is falling out and your teeth have gone, your legs are still together but it won't be long
2012-12-275673Potomac AvenueA big kick, as high as I could
2012-06-115654flexvintage children's books online
2012-10-255643the man of twists and turns"""Crossroads possess a certain dangerous potency."""
2012-12-255632segatakaiMost popular AskMe posts of 2012
2012-10-135616Hollywood Upstairs Medical College"""The Senate is an unknowing world."""
2012-01-275571zarqPresent Tense!
2012-10-095522HerodiosWhen you live in Cleveland it's hard to transcend
2012-12-035482Copronymus"""But more important than mere longevity was the fact that he had lived through and been a part of more baseball history than almost any other man."""
2012-11-095461MezentianI love a sun-powered country, A land of deepening mines, of ragged nuclear plants, of biomass and hydropower
2012-02-175457filthy light thief"Jamie Woon, making ""the new pop music"" with layered and looping vocals, a laptop computer, a guitar, and sometimes a live band"