Which posts in MetaTalk from 2012-01-01 through 2012-12-31 are the longest?

2012-05-1623305mrs holdkris99This is how I tell it, ohhhhhhhhhh but it's long
2012-01-0214700mathowie68: Best Post Contest Results
2012-04-1113719mathowie70: phylactery, gegenschein, narthex, miasma & catarrh
2012-09-068700mathowie72: Best Post Contest Results
2012-06-128458mathowie71: Best Concert Ever
2012-11-128216cortexAll about sockpuppets, privacy accounts, Brand New Day, and other multiple-mefi account things
2012-10-047826mathowie73: Direct to DVD
2012-02-156061cortex69: Internet History Whooshing Over My Head
2012-10-266018rebentsort the beans into four categories, decide each one is the less-preferred option.
2012-04-275884charlie don't surfMeta MetaCensorship
2012-03-205823BrocklesWild guesses do not fix cars.
2012-11-125781julenSecret quonsar 2012: Signups Are Open. Let the quonsing begin!
2012-12-065567mathowie75: goodnewsfortheinsane interview
2012-01-175349mathowieSOPA/PIPA blackout
2012-12-255238segatakaiMost popular AskMe posts of 2012
2012-07-255060DrexenEasy on the ostracism
2012-05-034658hincandenzaPlease stop deleting my comments
2012-08-224587syntaxfreeCrazy people are crazy, throw rocks at them
2012-10-194581cairdeasRecommending involuntary commitment is going too far here
2012-06-034456carsonbMeFiSwap 2012-2 The Swappening
2012-09-024344carsonbOK MetaFilter
2012-05-223933cortexholdkris99's death was a hoax.
2012-11-123873jphIt Gets Better II: Electric Boogaloo
2012-11-063850mathowie74: LobsterMitten interview
2012-11-023775PCupI didn't even ask for this pony, but I'll take it!
2012-07-233718robocop is bleedingMetafilter Fantasy Football Challenge 2012/2013
2012-03-223662ScientistFirst Metafilter BDSM Symposium
2012-10-053657andoatnpQuestions About Moderation in Boy Scouts post
2012-10-103602WordshoreHappy 40th birthday, user #1 (Mathowie)
2012-08-113574stebulusHighlighted terms in search results
2012-01-013528MonkeyToesLooking Forward to Looking Backward: Best Comments of 2011
2012-06-013432SnyderYou're not Freud, you're not Sidney Friedman, you're not even Lucy Van Pelt
2012-05-043387xarnopHow hurtful do we go?
2012-10-083237ScientistHow can we improve access to primary research on MetaFilter?
2012-08-223073iamkimiam2012 MetaFilter Survey & Research Discussion Thread
2012-03-023014-"""trolling philosophers"""
2012-06-142978ScientistCan we maybe start trying to label video links in posts?
2012-12-102903jsturgillPonies for everyone!
2012-09-202902mishaThe Cabal just lost Doc Marten
2012-01-182754kdernSpotify playlist from music post.
2012-01-1226602bucksplusClean Slate
2012-05-042636Foci for AnalysisThe Favorites Experiment
2012-04-232615EstravenHow to tell when it is or isn't okay for a FPP to contain a single link?
2012-05-012609JHarrisPony request: Place to put unasked-for tips
2012-06-062592smokeCan we give a little more charity to anons?
2012-11-142543jessamynHanukkah is early this year and so is the MeFi Mall!
2012-12-242473restless_nomadMefites' Choice 2012 winners, week three
2012-05-212470royalsongThe blockquote tag is awesome! Let me show you how to use it.
2012-04-202461mishaChests are good, butts are bad, mmmkay? Bingo!
2012-08-092383FaintdreamsDoes Meta/Ask have a 'Trigger' etiquette for posts?
2012-06-062315ADentThank you
2012-08-082300stavrosthewonderchickenMefight Club 4.0
2012-02-082293ricochet biscuitDTDTMFA
2012-08-082245jbenbenAnother AsMe Moment
2012-09-052227gmanUse Your Words
2012-11-212216ThePinkSuperheroMefi Holiday Gift Drive for Children!
2012-09-172174Michele in CaliforniaWhat's my problem?
2012-12-072172WordshoreThe Joy of FPPing
2012-10-232166Shit Paradeand god damn you for suggesting I should just suck that up
2012-11-052150julensecret quonsar 2012 planning time
2012-03-022148ScientistThere are a lot of us!
2012-06-192146almsTwo new tags: Updated and ReAsk
2012-02-032146marcusessesWhy the snark, MetaFilter?
2012-12-102130cortexMefites' Choice 2012 winners, week one
2012-09-262111knoyersOverzealous comment deletion
2012-01-282032carsonbMeFiSwap Mailing Deadline Reminder - SATURDAY FEB 4TH
2012-06-172030BetelgeuseSelf links are like wire hangers: None. Ever.
2012-12-161991ahecklerData Wankery Inside
2012-04-191981TangerineGurlTranscribing is Love
2012-12-171961jessamynMefites' Choice 2012 winners, week two
2012-12-291959beagleCurvy arrow pony
2012-03-191959drlithBest of the Web (except cnn.com?)
2012-01-301941cortexInfodump update: files relocated, new postlength data
2012-05-241914anigbrowlHabeas factus
2012-05-081893TarumbaOh no, my dirty laundry!
2012-06-061863GnomeChompskyWhat does (or doesn't) MeFi do well?
2012-08-261839plaSLYT, ROFLWTFBBQ!
2012-07-021828unSaneHey, that's my song!
2012-05-271822jeudiWhat Is This Creepy Site Advertising? A book, perhaps?
2012-01-231809AchemanBored now
2012-06-231789flexpornographic photos of women directly linked in FPPs
2012-03-051748philipyWant to know what books fellow Mefites like? Come participate in a mass Goodreads enfriending
2012-02-031747DrexenPlease be aware of the implications of the language you're using.
2012-07-201712carsonbMeFiSwap 2012-2 The Swappening Mailing Deadline is Saturday July 21! Do it!
2012-10-161677schmodMarkup Markdown Mark It All Around
2012-09-271677phaedonI watch really trashy tv stations.
2012-03-131658carsonbDisabled Contacts
2012-09-181654Jeff HowardUnofficial MetaFilter Apps
2012-11-261647griphusThe Buddy System Works
2012-01-271639ocherdracoDoctor, eventually.
2012-07-011628Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell"Moving the ""Older"" and ""Newer"" navigation bar to the top?"
2012-01-291619paduasoyHealth Month - February
2012-09-171606EmpressCallipygosHis Name Will Be Sung In Valhalla
2012-04-061601nanojathThere may not be fifty ways but there are more than one.
2012-07-221595Betelgeuse"Malformed URLs get ""fixed"" in a weird way."
2012-08-221593nolnacsDoes Mefi take respect seriously?
2012-09-041592griphusKickstarter Etiquette
2012-11-121574rcade2012 Presidential Prediction Contest Winner
2012-01-261574SkepticIt Is Time to Stop Linking to the Same Bloody Article.
2012-08-091570andrewesqueTravel overkill?
2012-02-121528litnerdThanks, Mefites
2012-06-191526FirstMateKateI plant this flag in the name of...
2012-04-111516unixratFitness, Not Hateness
2012-07-181506sparrowsFinding out which airline has this issue
2012-01-061502Foci for AnalysisIt was very sweet while it lasted
2012-11-261501DarlingBriMy Penis is Anonymous But Yours Isn't
2012-07-251492Eyebrows McGeeHealth Month August 2012
2012-10-221482XMLiciousMormon temple ceremonies
2012-12-011464jessamynMeFites' Choice Contest For December
2012-07-311460k8tTina is rescued!
2012-07-141447jessamynTHIS Is when it starts to get awkward? Oh my....
2012-11-261433disclaimerPony Request: Stop a scaled up inline YT player from snapping to the centered position
2012-01-031433shipbreakerLocked Out... ... and erased from the Internet!
2012-10-011420mathowieNew Mod Monday
2012-04-151417hazyjaneAn ugly debate
2012-02-271417mreleganzaDon't presume, it makes a pre out of you and me
2012-07-191415168Metafilter: More people have been to Russia than we have
2012-09-231412PercussivePaulDon't blame the victim
2012-07-301411Wretch729Interesting Profiles?
2012-07-081410jessamynBatman tickets in NYC
2012-06-191406the man of twists and turnsMetaFilter naming culture and conventions
2012-08-131401mrbillTen years - of thanks.
2012-03-101396codacorollaFavorite categorization revisited
2012-06-221393yellowbinderDid you DTMF? Did you eat it? What's its name?
2012-02-181382y2karlKevin Drum, by extension, shouts out to codacorolla
2012-01-181367kittensofthenight7th grade booty party
2012-08-291361gerryblogI bet this goes well
2012-04-131358steinsaltzThe Semite Subset
2012-07-271343lurietewhere do i belong
2012-02-011332ShourakuDating IS important
2012-05-021325nangarMalicious AskMe
2012-04-241322mathowieBest of Blog launch is a go
2012-07-051316Jon44"Does responding to a comment automatically make something ""chat""?"
2012-07-111304Michele in CaliforniaCan we get notifications for deletions?
2012-12-111302sgt.serenityfur aw that
2012-10-071301hermitosisSuicide Prevention By Committee
2012-05-291296corbShe asked for help getting rid of shame, we gave her more.
2012-10-201288[insert clever name here]The best thread on eating well?
2012-09-271275StynxnoTim Gunn reads Ask.Metafilter
2012-10-231268dfanDeadpan links to satire sites considered harmful
2012-12-061254zarqWhat's Next?
2012-06-051248MeiraVHIV+ = history of poor decisions?
2012-06-081241anigbrowlIt's not fundraising if you're not asking for donations
2012-04-251236Narrative PrioritiesThese threads are already difficult enough.
2012-06-191217zarqWhy aren't we doing this topic well?
2012-11-051210rcadeElection 2012: Domo Arigato, Larry Sabato
2012-10-301206WordshoreMetaFilter covering election day, vote counting, subsequent wrangling
2012-08-081195cavalierFacebook's Edit feature looks mighty perty; can I has edit comments plox?
2012-05-271192LanarkSite Search
2012-01-191185tylerkaraszewski"Why can't I jump directly to a comment in a thread from the ""activity"" page?"
2012-12-201182TwelveTwoNow you can close the comments.
2012-02-251177DeathaliciousHow about a cookbook?
2012-08-141173Balonious AssaultJust-clicked link colors
2012-02-151160gingerestIt's Sea S-H-E-P-H-E-R-D
2012-12-031153stavrosthewonderchickenDONATION STATION
2012-03-271152satori_movementResume / cover letter review group
2012-10-301141Trivia Newton JohnGISHWHES scavenger hunt team 2012
2012-05-151136peachfuzzmobile me, mobile you
2012-10-301135gilrainMy friends have real names?
2012-12-111134GenjiandProustNo, *You* Are a First World Problem
2012-04-291133oneswellfoopApril Last!
2012-02-261126MeatbombReminder to FIAMO, people.
2012-03-031122marbleDid the text size on the blue get shrunk?
2012-05-131100The ____ of JusticeFair Deletion?
2012-03-151086hydrophonicMythbuster museum exhibit takes off
2012-03-261083j03Topical Topics
2012-12-011079marienbadNanoWrimo 2012 - How was it for you?
2012-09-141078WordshoreGetting good at writing FPPs
2012-06-051078denriguezMeFi Post Differentiator es broken.
2012-09-111077xingcat"""Speaking of Personal Experience"" isn't a citation."
2012-05-121077TomorrowfulThe Popular Tags cloud on ask.me just doesn't
2012-11-271075MuffinManGreasemonkey hacks
2012-09-301069nickrussellPhear of the Dark Green.
2012-04-111066unSaneMy Little Musical Pony
2012-10-191062specialk420Post about limits to online education out of bounds?
2012-08-131055b1tr0tMobile Fail
2012-06-181051Effigy2000The Metafilter iOS/Android App Request
2012-03-071050namewithhe1dEnhancement Suite for MetaFilter?
2012-07-201042tulip-socksGreatest weakness is baloney or bacon or actually a thoughtful answer
2012-06-281042Kraftmatic Adjustable CheeseFind that Zoom & Enhance MeFite
2012-05-091035Blue_VillainIf you cannot say anything nice, quote somebody famous. [citation needed]
2012-08-241034ilanaYou Found My Bubbleship!
2012-08-231032Megamitl:dr you special snowflake
2012-04-041029moammargaretIs Metafilter sex-negative?
2012-06-131028DeathaliciousDoubles of deleted doubles are also doubles
2012-03-271028Elly VortexDuplicate posts on Ask Metafilter?
2012-10-081027trinity8-directorAskMe saved me. Seriously.
2012-03-291024solarionYou say you want a resolution, well...
2012-05-101021flabdabletPop goes the www
2012-08-301017nickrussellAww shucks you guys...
2012-08-051004speicusMagical musical singing ponycorn
2012-05-141001a_girl_irlAnother Bad Deletion - It Ain't What U Post, It's How U Say It
2012-07-18992wolfdreams01Whoops! You've Been Flagged!
2012-12-10987dougrayrankinIt's ok... you can do it, you can make a decision by yourself.
2012-09-04987jillithdSocial Media and the Fight Against Homelessness
2012-08-22979Foci for AnalysisA Mefi profile guide: recommending web hosting, domain registrar, cms, e-mail services