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2011-12-229691You can hear the whistle blow, across the Nile
2013-02-098325UK Report: Notions of identity will be transformed in the next decade
2013-01-125939Ibn Battuta, Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354
2013-06-075629Jadu Ghar: The house of magic in the heart of Calcutta
2011-10-294381Grabbing A
2015-03-014302March First, Then Win
2011-12-034281In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree
2011-11-154153Great Zimbabwe: An African empire
2010-04-173876words fail me
2012-12-243723A Chinese Princess and a magic well
2011-11-253598Waiting for justice
2012-01-073594Reality of India
2011-08-233521I am troubled. The question is obscure
2012-08-063437Sat Sri Akal, Sardarji
2007-02-093297What do I want to do when I grow up
2011-11-303291Precious Loss
2008-08-273136If information is power, then access is empowering
2017-07-073108One Belt, One Road (OBOR) to gird the world
2010-06-303006not those kind of mods
2016-07-082941Globalization before Its Time: Kutchi traders
2011-09-052872Bob Geldorf Goes PEU
2013-06-142862A life in focus
2014-08-102838A chassis in stasis
2011-12-312781An unusual coup d'etat
2008-11-262775Tear me apart at the seams
2006-11-232748In the eyes and mouth
2012-08-312728Von Daniken of the Puranas
2007-02-192725Is there anybody out there...
2014-02-072713How can nothing can be something?
2012-12-262677Airfix - Making History
2011-01-292632Just one planet like it
2015-03-312540African Game Development
2010-04-202523patently obvious
2011-12-262510Make it yellow
2010-04-102450colours of passion
2014-01-302386Year of the Wood Horse and other trojan's tales
2016-09-232383'A welcome rebuke to dead white men'
2011-08-082381Anywhere you like it
2015-03-232350Dulce et Decorum est
2012-04-192345I married adventure
2012-11-182339"""I went to the root of things, and found nothing but Him alone."""
2005-08-142332Freedom at Midnight
2010-06-122283got mny in yr pkt? kthxbai
2010-07-142283Visionary of the British Empire
2015-10-242282The biggest raise our mothers will ever receive
2009-08-022267An August Month
2007-01-262251Tiger tiger burning bright
2015-04-042244Geopolitics of Finance
2014-07-052194Walter Tull, on the new UK £5 coin
2009-12-302191creative dissatisfaction, that elusive fire in the belly
2013-06-222173Search the memory of The Netherlands
2012-04-212121Colonial sunset
2008-08-232117First among equals
2009-12-192108To dye for
2016-06-122098Bera, ek Club Sandwich aur ek Chota Peg lao, jaldi!
2013-06-162096Keep the LiDAR on it
2018-12-292070The global history of stuffed triangular pastry
2014-07-112057'that's so stupid that one can only cry at the foolishness of it.'
2007-02-142056Love, Bollywood style
2011-09-182032The 6th Force
2014-12-262013The Tsunami: 10 Years Later
2015-12-241977Making the history of 1989
2008-03-311928PROUTLY collapsing
2011-09-071903Hungry for justice
2016-03-221853Beyond the languages I claim as my own
2011-11-071835A Diamond is Forever, but stock ownership is whole different ballgame
2006-11-151832True courage, seeking justice
2012-09-081828Operation Flood
2015-03-281827Amelia is an intrepid name
2006-11-051824Immortal Illustrated Stories
2008-08-021817insert extremely clever title here
2011-03-011817The little Maharajah that could
2014-04-061812Unrecognized state continues to exist anyway
2014-06-131796Kenya’s biggest elephant killed by poachers
2014-04-151780Supreme Court of India recognizes transgenders as 'third gender'
2012-01-211772Enter the Black Water Dragon
2006-10-211758Happy Diwali
2014-02-061752The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean
2014-02-031734Flipping the corruption myth
2017-07-221716Syria’s refugees are feeding the world
2011-06-121716100% Cows Milk
2012-09-151705Uncle Sam's shopping cart rolls into India
2008-03-101700my grandma married an engineer, so did my mom, oh and I'm one too
2012-01-151700An African in Guangzhou
2019-01-051666How Nur Jahan ruled Mughal India as the only female emperor
2017-12-031648The story of the Rastafarians
2016-05-191647Oyasumi nasai (sleep well!, おやすみなさい!, お休みなさい!)
2008-05-181645Love comes arranged
2015-08-221640World Jollof Rice Day, you say?
2007-03-121626Pitching woo
2017-06-041600The Chinese factory workers who write poetry on their phones
2015-12-101588Outsourcing, exploitation and the new reality of work
2018-10-241588Treaty of Westphalia signed on 24th October 1648
2006-03-071587March 8 is International Women's Day.
2007-04-151571More than just profits, part two
2011-12-081566Sharing is caring, isn't it?
2006-11-111564sex, scotch, and scholarship
2007-07-061547Stranger in a Strange Land
2011-08-141535Yahoooooo RIP
2014-07-141522Dance of life and death
2008-05-251515Puss puss puss
2008-08-311502Better red than dead
2018-07-271497Japan’s Y2K problem
2011-09-011489float like a butterfly
2016-08-181481Our show is 100 percent African
2015-01-071480Baby with the bathwarter
2011-07-161476Hair today...
2010-05-131473FAST and cheap
2008-04-091461Building mighty dreams
2016-06-071458Childhood's end
2009-01-161451Are we still the world?
2014-02-131449Eye of the beholder
2006-02-121444The School of the Air
2015-11-071440The word algorithm derives from his name.
2014-03-051432Sketchbooks del Toro
2015-06-191417RIP, a Great Indian architect
2009-05-251411Sach's Attack
2012-01-171411Christiania goes Wall Street
2020-07-311407"""pastoral interlude"""
2012-12-161406World Bank Owes People of African Heritage Apology
2018-12-261397All cats
2012-06-031397The elephant moves
2014-02-121387Money and finance: For an anthropology of globalization
2008-11-281371Retail therapy
2018-02-101369How Black Panther is bringing out the global African
2012-04-231353The 3 African Samurai
2006-06-291347Can we abolish war?
2008-07-121325We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.
2014-07-191321Currency Wars
2006-01-241305Is it time to look at Renewable Energy sources again?
2021-01-111294Dulce et Decorum
2016-11-141292Bal Diwas
2010-01-091279amateurs do it for love
2016-12-171269The Forbidden Music of the Cape Verde Islands
2006-08-051259Collateral damage from the cola wars?
2012-07-141259Russian Pussy Riot
2018-01-241228Tcuzu Joao
2012-08-201227Terra Nova, formerly Incognito
2007-08-251214Yeh Hum Naheen
2007-04-211186Nasa shooting
2013-05-041172Imagining and sharing desires and fears about the future is a way for
2013-04-281166The Top 10 Fears of African Diaspora About Africa
2011-12-101161Learning Space at Open University
2012-01-281147Yugo Lada
2012-11-081145They deserve better
2019-01-011140Happy 60th Birthday
2017-05-271140Global Urban History
2013-01-191134Be true to thine ownself
2007-07-221132Mother India?
2014-11-301129Winter War
2012-01-221123Twilight of the Yahoo-Yahoo Boys
2014-01-291118"""It's black, like me."": Black dolls and politics"
2011-08-301097The next billion eyes
2012-08-071092The memo platform is burning
2012-01-121079The rest of the blogs
2010-04-121077Cross my palm with silver and your future I shall see
2012-07-291068The sun continues rising
2012-04-041061Once upon a time, consumption meant you were thin and sick
2015-10-281057Its time to have a talk about your bacon habit
2013-03-091048Maha Kumbh Yatra
2014-06-301047Blog of the Centre for Imperial and Global History-University of Exeter
2012-02-181026Disproportionate influence
2015-01-091021How Women of Color Are Driving Entrepreneurship in the US
2014-03-031020Science is beautiful...
2009-06-051009found: keys to davy jones' locker
2021-01-121006The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya
2013-01-111005Ecstatic surface design
2016-03-311005“Would they call me a diva if I were a guy?”
2015-05-151002Context Collapse: A Literature Review
2013-01-29994Why should women accept this picture of a half-life, instead of a share?
2014-09-08989Americanah's Ifemelu returns to life on her blog
2019-01-14988Renewable Energy To Remodel World Dominance Patterns
2015-02-11983Indigenous Science Fiction narratives
2014-12-13975Nothing new under the sun
2012-09-07974Design is first and foremost a philosophy, a system of values
2011-05-30970Rocking Chair
2012-12-29970Old Hansa
2011-12-23969Angle poise
2013-02-27965Anthropologist denounces militarization
2012-02-11947State of Denmark
2015-07-19945Who eats what
2011-11-23937#fail #whale #tale
2014-03-31926Building hope
2013-03-07925The Minerva Controversy
2012-07-08924Aye mere watan ke logo
2012-03-29921“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”
2012-07-23920You still eat with your hands?
2011-08-05915unleashing killer blood-sucking zombies
2014-05-26911With reference to the recently leaked NYT memo
2014-12-12907Mother of the Sea
2014-10-29906Putin on the ritz