Which comments by mskyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-30Could a window treatment be screwed into metal patio door . . .
2021-12-29COVID notification from a state I wasn't in... or was I?
2021-12-24Emergency Hummingbird Feeder Heater Needed
2021-12-23Need quality crime documentaries
2021-12-23Why is the tab key skipping these links?
2021-12-21Masks suddenly triggering gag reflex. Help!
2021-12-16Where do I go after Wells Fargo? Looking for a new brokerage.
2021-12-10Products to Ease Caring for Terminal Elderly Mother
2021-12-10Products to Ease Caring for Terminal Elderly Mother
2021-12-06For various book genres, what really upsets their readers?
2021-11-30Need new bank for household use
2021-11-27Reflective and stylish?
2021-11-23Where does the employment verification information come from?
2021-11-19How to organize a live performance of Reich's _Music for 18 Musicians_?
2021-11-17Why do I sign up for stuff and never follow through properly?
2021-11-09Books by Mail for Elderly Parents?
2021-11-03Etsy stores drop shipping non-handmade goods. Worth reporting?
2021-11-03So uh, who pays for your eye-related medical care?
2021-11-01How to choose the right maid of honor with some conflicting factors...
2021-10-26Help us script lease break communication with old and new landlords
2021-10-01Cost/Benefit of United Club Pass
2021-10-01[also uk] one hour without car insurance - problem?
2021-09-22Phone in the US for just two weeks (WA)
2021-09-16Suggest a gift for new boat owner
2021-09-14IKEA Ceramic Bird Mystery
2021-09-11Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
2021-08-25Two slightly rainy days in Chicago during Covid
2021-08-24Wild swimming in the US
2021-08-18Standup mylar pouches
2021-08-11Where's a _good_ place to which I can donate glasses?
2021-08-06What to see when visiting east coast colleges, esp. scenic driving route
2021-07-27Pursuit Race Riders
2021-07-23Past and Present
2021-07-16Audiobook desperation
2021-07-15Audiobook desperation
2021-07-02How would you break this move into manageable chunks?
2021-07-01I may need to revaccinate for legal reasons. Where can I get advice?
2021-06-28Car-free vacations in the Mid-Atlantic?
2021-06-27How should I go about planning my arrival to Canada?
2021-06-24Not breaking a lease so much as a conscious uncoupling
2021-06-23How to check (and repair) US credit as an American living abroad?
2021-06-18Should I go to this provider?
2021-06-11Contract Research Position and Unemployment
2021-06-08Hearing aids on a Plane
2021-06-08Seeking Conventional Wisdom
2021-06-08Rewind, and Erase?
2021-06-03Can you identify these thrift-store foam/rubber sandals?
2021-05-27Last ditch attempt: can I get my husband’s 1987 cross pen working again?
2021-05-26What are these brackets and where would I find them online
2021-05-07Looking for weird Twitter accounts to follow
2021-04-27Parents are leery of the C19 vaccine. Help.
2021-04-14Help me copycat these green beans!
2021-04-06checklist for care of bed-bound patient
2021-04-05What's going on with the second COVID shot?
2021-04-04How much should I worry? Oven air in face/eyes.
2021-03-29COVID-19 shortly after vaccination - better/worse/same?
2021-03-22"Looking for the most ""unforgettable"" wallet"
2021-03-04Is it reasonable to ask a serious string player to use a mute?
2021-02-14Cover an appraisal gap?
2021-02-12The grossest of the gross
2021-02-07Sometimes a dress isn't just a dress. It's also a plate of beans.
2021-02-03Hanging a tapestry/quilt in an exceptionally sturdy manner
2021-02-03Do I have to pay taxes on cash from a mortgage refinance?
2021-02-01Another shopping hunt: Ace bandage edition
2021-01-29Help me bust out of a recursive thought / reaction loop
2021-01-28Trying to learn more about the Puritans and received wisdom about them.
2021-01-24Tell me how you disengage your anxiety spiral
2021-01-18A surfeit of feta...
2021-01-09Question about a worrying article re: vaccine-produced Covid antibodies
2021-01-08Staying afloat while working for a narcissist