Which comments by plonkee were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-11-21Who gets the Thanksgiving invite
2021-11-17How to find someone in Australia in the late 90s
2021-10-28What is life like with a large dog in central London?
2021-10-14Unconventional/quirky London school for girls.
2021-10-13Became alienated from many friends over the past 5 years
2021-10-13Became alienated from many friends over the past 5 years
2021-10-01[also uk] one hour without car insurance - problem?
2021-09-20need help with courthouse wedding attire, difficulty level: bride
2021-09-17Advice for bowel dysmotility (long-shot, I know)?
2021-08-20How to handle dissatisfaction with interior designer?
2021-08-182020 Olympics Best-Of, No Spoilers Edition
2021-08-09How accurate is the Hollywood stereotype of what mathematicians do?
2021-08-02Family Reunion: fair, just, or equitable? Or all three?
2021-07-12How do you financially manage your college freshman?
2021-05-14Underwear tracking device for dementia patient?
2021-05-14So if you can't get the vaccine. No, really...
2021-05-06F&*king Pregnancy Tests, How Do They Work?
2021-05-01Shame and trauma in academia
2021-04-29US Civil War: former slave-holder joined the Union Army? True or trope?
2021-04-19What can I do to not think too much about the fear of uncertainty?
2021-03-11Most minimalist paint job
2021-03-10Please help us renovate our tiny kitchen
2021-03-10How to Reality Check Covid Concerns?
2021-03-08How long will the British Royal Family continue?
2021-02-28it's pareve! it's pesadic! new ??? is both
2021-02-23Workshop my dining room design
2021-02-21I need historical fiction about hard-to-sympathize-with protagonists.
2021-02-21Scholarships for non-trad or older students
2021-02-21Scholarships for non-trad or older students
2021-02-20Learning to adult in middle age
2021-02-12How to kill it at work when my boss is trying to kill me
2021-01-22Showerhead attachment for bathtub faucet
2021-01-11Forget frizz management, I need detangling!