Which comments by citygirl were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-23Grandparents & great aunt exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID. Next steps?
2021-10-17Reduce water pollution: School Art & Design classroom
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2021-09-24Vax * 2 + COPD + COVID + 76 =
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2021-08-11Pottery hobbyist in need of books on design principles
2021-08-02How to approach this type of work
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2021-06-25Nutmeg novice needs nutritional (k)nowledge
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2021-04-15What should I cook in my giant new pan?
2021-03-23Can you take the blood from my hand, please?
2021-03-15Looking for help with finding vaccine in Philadelphia
2021-02-26Outcomes from incisional hernia repair
2021-02-16Channel for pitching programming to smaller market orchestras?
2021-02-10Am I having an allergic reaction?
2021-01-04Is it time to cancel my term life insurance policy?