Which comments by fingersandtoes were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-30There's no place like home
2021-11-17Let me know.
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2021-10-18Talking with teenagers about existential angst
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2021-10-01Cost/Benefit of United Club Pass
2021-08-29Dealing with my father
2021-07-27How do I slow down at talk?
2021-07-12The Cake Is (Not) A Lie!
2021-05-12How can I grow out my bad haircut faster?
2021-05-07How to focus on reading?
2021-05-02South Bay Area Outdoor Dining (In two months)
2021-04-19Friend tried to hire our nanny without consulting me. What next?
2021-04-18Is stability and consistency relevant in determining visitation?
2021-04-12Relationship Expectations - What does a couple need to have in common?
2021-03-27What would you differently in decorating your kids rooms?
2021-03-23Choosing between unlimited time off and ... unlimited time off.
2021-03-15Name change to a chosen last name - anecdotal experiences?
2021-03-15Name change to a chosen last name - anecdotal experiences?
2021-03-02It rubs the lotion on its skin...
2021-03-01How do I get an orthodontist to stop ghosting us?
2021-02-24"How do I manage a ""timid"" disposition in the working world?"
2021-02-24Should I get the vaccine right now?
2021-02-16sprucing up the home office
2021-02-06What good is a story without any things I can picture and illustrate?
2021-02-05How do I learn to sound less angry?
2021-01-28Everything is absurd? Arrested development?
2021-01-27Are my male acquaintances being inappropriate towards women?
2021-01-18A surfeit of feta...
2021-01-14Lowering blood pressure without medication
2021-01-14Lowering blood pressure without medication
2021-01-03Can I eat this? Room temperature pork edition